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South Dakota Requires Public Schools to Display "In God We Trust". Aug 19, 2019 328
Learning Right from Wrong: How to Teach the Bible in Public Schools. Newman, Emily Mar 1, 2019 1596
THE CASE FOR CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Scripture and church fathers clearly state that education should be God-centered, but God is banned from public schools. Wayne, Israel Feb 4, 2019 2308
CHRISTIANS GETTING OUT: After acknowledging that leftists control the content of public schools and are propagandizing the children to their views, Ray Moore decided to get the kids out. Newman, Alex Interview Feb 4, 2019 1283
New Florida Law: "In God We Trust" Must Be Placed in All Public Schools. Sep 17, 2018 324
Getting Schooled On Prayer: A New Americans United Lawsuit Challenges A Variety Of Unconstitutional Practices In A Louisiana Public School System. Boston, Rob Mar 1, 2018 1172
Ark. Requires Religious Motto In Public Schools. Oct 1, 2017 181
'Chastity' expert invited to speak to students in El Paso public schools. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 318
Santorum calls for more bible reading to cure public school Ills. Brief article May 1, 2015 184
Ohio drops faith-based requirement for schools. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 198
An honest recounting: the failed experiment of private school vouchers. Editorial Jan 1, 2015 385
Grinch or greater good? The war on the humanist image. English, James H. Jan 1, 2014 711
New public school policy: schools in this country, from the university level down, were generally meant to produce moral, literate leaders. Now they aren't. What changed and what can be done? Farmer, Brian Aug 19, 2013 3040
Gender bending in the golden state. Brief article May 1, 2013 266
Awesome anniversary: fifty years ago, official school prayer sent packing. Boston, Rob May 1, 2013 1132
Irish moving away from church control of schools. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 196
Russia mandates religion class in public schools. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 183
(Un)true confessions: don't believe all you hear about public schools. Editorial Feb 1, 2013 338
Proselytizing was inappropriate, Calif. school says. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 173
The ruling religion in schools. Williamsen, Kurt Jan 9, 2012 761
"Whosoever will, let him come": evangelical millennialism and the development of American public education. Wakefield, John Essay Jan 1, 2012 7678
Getting religion right in public schools: if we can't get this right in public schools, we have little hope of getting this right in the public square of what is now the most religiously diverse nation on earth. Haynes, Charles C. Report Dec 1, 2011 4117
Faith from the fringes: religious minorities in school: public schools should not support one religion over another, but the nation's Christian majority poses social and logistical challenges to students who are religious minorities. Abo-Zena, Mona M. Essay Dec 1, 2011 2549
Teachers and faith: public schools have been and will continue to be appropriate places for teachers of faith who respect the legal and ethical boundaries of this open forum. Eckert, Jonathan Essay Dec 1, 2011 2066
Teaching for religious tolerance in Modesto: just enough, but not too much. Lester, Emile Dec 1, 2011 3189
North Carolina public school reins in proselytizing after 'cowboy' preacher's sermon. Oct 1, 2011 432
Prayers in Ontario schools. de Valk, Alphonse Sep 1, 2011 713
Appeals court: NY can block school worship service. Jun 3, 2011 358
Americans misunderstand role of religion in public schools, survey finds. Nov 1, 2010 411
Courts allow N.J. public school to skip holiday carols. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 229
Let us prey: protecting public schools from "stealth evangelism". Boston, Rob Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2010 1100
Stealth evangelism and the public schools: Kansas Pastor David Jenkins stood up to improper fundamentalist proselytizing in schools - and you should too. Boston, Rob Jul 1, 2010 2593
'Stealth evangelism' croups to watch out for. Jul 1, 2010 773
The European Court of Human Rights' Lautsi decision: context, contents, consequences. Andreescu, Gabriel; Andreescu, Liviu Essay Jun 22, 2010 10078
Scripture classes lose out to ethics in Australia. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 222
Italy appeals crucifix ban. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 154
Crucifixes in Europe. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 257
Italian subjectivity in the era of Roma capitale (1870-2010): the embrace of the empty sign. Lerner, L. Scott Essay Jan 1, 2010 7113
Multicultural (mis)understanding. Zirkel, Perry A. Report Dec 1, 2009 1448
Massachusetts considers religion-in-schools bill. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 221
Court rules against crucifixes in Italian schools. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 191
AU, ACLU question N.Y. school directory. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 206
Berlin opposes religion classes in public schools. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 154
Commencement controversy: AU lawsuit says graduation in church is too much of a cross for students to bear. Bathija, Sandhya Jun 1, 2009 1908
Levitating over the church-state wall? Hollywood celebrities, ex-Beatles join forces to push transcendental meditation in public schools. Boston, Rob Cover story Jun 1, 2009 2286
Beyond the wall of separation: church-state concerns in public schools: religion has been one of the most contentious issues in public schools, and there are no signs that the disputes will disappear. Educators must know which activities are prohibited and which are protected by law. McCarthy, Martha Jun 1, 2009 3680
Public school law: what does it mean in the trenches? Being reasonable and prudent isn't enough to keep educators out of court these days. But the many legal developments in school law provide us with opportunity and incentive to better serve our students. Berlin, Lois F. Jun 1, 2009 2378
School spirit. Mates, Thomas May 1, 2009 3187
Special delivery: letters from AU's legal department solve church-state problems in public schools without going to court. Boston, Rob May 1, 2009 1775
Just say no to coercion: the proper place for religion in public schools. Editorial May 1, 2009 397
Texas school board member assails public ed. in book. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 224
Court removes crucifix from Spanish school. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 151
Evolving strategy: creationists promote "Academic Freedom" bills. Boston, Rob Sep 1, 2008 1144
Tenn. school can't promote religion, judge rules. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 260
Bible distribution was wrong, La. school agrees. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 258
Methodists oppose creationism in public school science classes. Bathija, Sandhya Jul 1, 2008 370
Transcendental meditation spreading in public schools, reports Newsweek magazine. Jul 1, 2008 461
Federal appeals court blows the whistle on New Jersey football coach's prayer play. Boston, Rob Jun 1, 2008 2397
Illinois could break silence. Miners, Zach Brief article Apr 1, 2008 121
States of confusion: Americans United confronts bills threatening church-state separation nationwide. Leaming, Jeremy Apr 1, 2008 2061
Americans United opposes Va. religion-in-schools bill. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 167
Anti-gay parents can't ban books, says court. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 236
Rebuilding Babel in Quebec City: La Belle Province substitutes ideology for religion in the classroom. Farrow, Douglas Mar 1, 2008 1776
Airing of evangelistic film at Alabama public school sparks AU complaint. Mar 1, 2008 441
Texas moment-of-silence law upheld by federal court. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 176
Bible handout at Mo. school struck down. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 316
60 years of controversy: what the Supreme Court has ruled on religion in public schools--and why. Boston, Rob Feb 1, 2008 1855
McCollum at sixty: Illinois decision paved the way for individual freedom. Feb 1, 2008 415
The hijab and systemic governance: transnational policy making and human rights. McIntyre, Janet J. Jan 1, 2007 12776
Prayer and pigskin: Americans United assists New Jersey public school district in battle over football coach's religious game plan. Jeremy Oct 1, 2006 1412
Britain may drop student worship requirement. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 174
Culture, religion and curriculum lessons from the 'three books' controversy in Surrey, BC. Collins, Damian Sep 22, 2006 10620
Southern Baptists plan to exert 'godly influence' over public schools. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 215
Oregon public school cancels noon-time clergy visits. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 211
AU protests creationist presentation at Mo. public school system. Jun 1, 2006 518
Moderate Baptists fend off SBC attacks on public education. Jun 1, 2006 511
After-Christmas tale: Dodgeville stands up to Religious Right bullies. Mar 1, 2006 361
Ohio school drops daily prayer after newspaper inquiry. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 253
The Bible makes a comeback in public schools. Boston, Rob Mar 1, 2006 1130
Religious Right's 'War On Christmas' is bogus, says Americans United. Jan 1, 2006 826
The Bible Literacy Project: Chuck Stetson's Trojan Horse? Conn, Joseph L. Jan 1, 2006 2173
Federal court strikes down public school pledge recitation. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 243
Fake ID: Pa. lawsuit should expose creationist foray into public schools. Editorial Oct 1, 2005 403
The free exercise of religion and public schools: the implications of hybrid rights on the religions upbringing of children. Lechliter, Michael E. Aug 1, 2005 16314
Revolution in evolution? The evolution vs. creationism controversy continues to influence public school curriculum. Vitaska, Sara May 1, 2005 1417
Maryland considers religious holiday leave for students. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 187
'Intelligent design': an evolving problem for America's public schools. Lynn, Barry W. Feb 1, 2005 876
Bad news. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 99
Targeting public schools: Religious Right groups are trying a back-door plan to evangelize public school students. Boston, Rob Sep 1, 2004 2147
Baptists to skip school. Clayworth, Jason Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 138
Schools may not coerce students to pledge belief in God, AU tells court. Mar 1, 2004 682
Public schools do not have to help evangelists, AU tells appeals court. (People & Events). May 1, 2003 327
Remedial civics: did Bennett and Paige skip diversity class? (Perspective). Lynn, Barry W. Brief Article May 1, 2003 890
Education Department issues new guidelines on religion in schools. (Last Month in Education). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 103
Tenn. Pagan parents sue over school promotion of religion. (Around The States). Apr 1, 2003 263
Supreme Court skips Columbine tile case. (In the Capital). Mar 1, 2003 245
Bush administration's religion guidelines push prayer in school, Americans United charges. (People & Events). Mar 1, 2003 560
Ohio town halts public school Bible distribution. (Around The States). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 160
The New Hanover, N.C., Board of Education has voted down. (People & Events). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 227
Taking the "public" out of our schools: the political, constitutional and civic implications of private school vouchers. Owens, Erik C. Sep 22, 2002 14304
Holidays in the public school kindergarten: an avenue for emerging religious and spiritual literacy: early childhood professionals were placing young children in the position of choosing between dishonoring their family's deeply held religious beliefs or feeling like outsiders. Myers, Barbara Kimes Dec 22, 2001 3466
Virginia Moment-Of-Silence Law For Schools Upheld. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 167
IN DON WE TRUST? Boston, Rob May 1, 2001 4129
CONGRESS BLUDGEONS FIRST AMENDMENT. Kirchhoff, Christopher Brief Article Sep 22, 1999 407
Public Education Needs Support Of Religion, Says Philly Supt. Jan 1, 1999 269
Nel Noddings replies. Noddings, Nel Jun 22, 1994 632

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