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Mufti of Kyrgyzstan participates in Summit of World Religious Leaders in Baku. Nov 15, 2019 138
Need stressed for religious harmony. Nov 6, 2019 227
Social Development collaborates with churches for women empowerment. Aug 5, 2019 276
Denial of women inheritance right should be declared as crime: Religious Scholars. Nov 20, 2018 573
Empowering For Empowerment. Aug 13, 2018 2139
Supporting women is key to pro-life agenda. Editorial Jul 27, 2018 1046
U.S. religious freedom delegation visits North Darfur. Jun 26, 2018 400
Women allowed to watch Cup on TV in stadiums. Jun 22, 2018 406
Reclaiming the Eclipsed Female in the Sacred: Semai Women's Religious Knowledge and Its Connection to Their Rights to the Land, in Malaysia. Thambiah, Shanthi; Chopil, Tijah Yok; Lian, Rosalind Leong Yoke Report Apr 1, 2018 11430
Top religious scholar in plea to fast-track adoption of Family Law. Apr 26, 2017 555
Religion and politics: posing challenges to women's rights. Thanenthiran, Sivananthi Mar 1, 2017 2776
Religious rights can align with women's. Reese, Thomas Oct 21, 2016 1097
CSW Endorses Declaration of Southeast Asia Conference on Religious Freedom. Conference news Oct 9, 2015 455
Women's rights organizations denounce religious marriage ruling. Jun 2, 2015 487
Afghan religious power 'challenged for first time'. Apr 6, 2015 270
International Women's Day Event held at Vatican. Brief article Mar 22, 2015 240
Rwadari festival in Sukkur pledges for religious tolerance. Mar 14, 2015 492
Gender in the midst of change: examining the rights of Muslim women in predominately Muslim countries. Ilo, Saidat; Seltzer, Richard Report Jan 1, 2015 8382
The religious and social significance of self-assigned religious affiliation in England and Wales: comparing Christian, Muslim and religiously-unaffiliated adolescent males. Francis, Leslie J.; Robbins, Mandy Nov 1, 2014 7777
Women's rights in Islam. Nicolau, Ingrid Report Jan 1, 2014 4073
Models of courage. Oct 25, 2013 602
Balancing Women's Rights and Religious Rights: the issue of bus segregation. Feldheim, Miriam Essay Jan 1, 2013 8722
Male guardians of women's virtue: a dharmasastric theme and its Jain variations. Stuart, Mari Jyvasjarvi Report Jan 1, 2013 12668
Arab Women and Men See Eye to Eye on Religion's Role in Law; Religious Arabs more likely to support women's right to initiate divorce. Mogahed, Dalia Survey Jun 25, 2012 600
An open letter to my readers. Chesler, Phyllis Viewpoint essay May 9, 2012 101
Deception in North Dakota: 'religious liberty' amendment on June ballot would jeopardize rights of women, taxpayers and minorities, critics say. Joseph L, Conn Mar 1, 2012 1196
Prayer leaders to peach women's rights. Nov 21, 2011 844
Conservative catholic leaders, feminists form unlikely alliances. Allen, John L., Jr. Jul 8, 2011 1279
Women reach out to devadasis. Meroff, Debbie Sep 22, 2010 597
Military maneuvers: a new day for religion in the armed forces? Lynn, Barry W. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 912
In violation of human rights. Jul 1, 2010 467
Rabbis stand with women. Brief article Jan 22, 2010 173
The Mulasarvastivada Bhiksuni has the horns of a rabbit: why the master's tools will never reconstruct the master's house. Trinlae, Bhiksuni Lozang Report Jan 1, 2010 5581
Draft law on 'society' causes stir among Syrian religious authorities and public. Jun 24, 2009 501
Placing women in the blind spot: the Vatican's support for international development has a gaping hole at its center. Crossette, Barbara Report Jun 22, 2009 2281
Faith-based organizations discuss population issues in Istanbul. Oct 1, 2008 123
Macho attitude challenging. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 126
Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). 2008. Religious Fundamentalisms on the Rise: A Case for Action. May 1, 2008 118
How do women's rights groups define "religious fundamentalisms"? May 1, 2008 258
Regional efforts to defend sexual and reproductive rights. Apr 1, 2008 1231
Theological observations on visiting an abortion clinic: early in 2008, members of Catholics for Choice's European advisory group visited an abortion clinic. In what follows, Catholic theologian Anthony Padovano provides an overview of the visit and group members share their thoughts about the experience. Padovano, Anthony T.; Harth, Elfriede; Grzywacz, Anka; Baneke, Frans; Baars, Henk Essay Mar 22, 2008 5984
Foreword. Shameem, Saira Work overview Jan 1, 2008 707
Convergences on religious exceptionalism: a synthesis of the arrow symposium on religious fundamentalisms on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Tan, Michael L. Jan 1, 2008 1157
Religious fundamentalisms in India: the impact of Hindu fundamentalisms on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Dasgupta, Jashodhara Jan 1, 2008 6449
Religious fundamentalisms in Muslim societies: the impact of the religious right on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Kasim, Zaitun Mohamed Jan 1, 2008 3103
Roman Catholic conservatism and fundamentalism in the Philippines and their disparate impact on women. Aguiling-Pangalangan, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2008 8451
Challenging religious fundamentalisms: ways forward. Abdullah, Rashidah Jan 1, 2008 1181
G-spot. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 222
Among the other sisterhood: reflections on encounters with the women's wing of the Jamaat-i-Islami (Pakistan). Hussein, Shakira Oct 1, 2006 8340
Strategies of resistance: women contesting Islamist movements in the Arab world. Hessini, Leila Jun 22, 2006 2495
Asra Nomani. Beiser, Vince Jan 1, 2006 866
A cautionary tale: has progressive religion moved far enough away from patriarchy to do women and democracy much good? Kissling, Frances Sep 22, 2005 3536
The paths not taken: Pope John Paul II chose not to engage all catholics, and leaves a tragic legacy of missed opportunities that damaged the church. Kissling, Frances Jun 22, 2005 1122
The politics of Jim Wallis: Jim Wallis substitutes ideological hubris for reasoned political discourse. Payson, Aaron Jun 22, 2005 2030
Peace-building for women and children in Asia. Antone, Hope S. Apr 1, 2005 2425
Women's movement assessed. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Oct 10, 2003 179
Women's perspectives on human rights in the Catholic Church. (Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights). Orozco, Yury Puello Jan 1, 2003 2256
A recipe for reform? Power to the pastry chef! Can a kolachky crisis teach the church how great a contribution women make? Arbogast, Celeste Column Jul 1, 2002 1132
"Let's respect women's right to make decisions over their own bodies". Cordoba, Piedad Apr 1, 2002 766
Unveiling hijab. (Mosaic). Seymour, Richard Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 1026
Hearing women speak: Antoinette Brown Blackwell and the dilemma of authority. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 152
Woman's Fate. French, Marilyn Sep 22, 2000 1073
Vatican, Muslim States Block Women's Rights Drive At United Nations. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 453
T H E F E M I N I S T A T T A C K O N R E L I G I O N: How gender justice is shaking down religion at the U.N. Sabom, Diane Jun 1, 1999 3856
What "choice" has wrought. STOCKLAND, PETER Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 724
"Our Struggle is for all Life": The Theosophist/Unitarian Feminist Pioneer Matilda Joslyn Gage (1826-1898 CE). Derr, Mary Krane Biography Sep 22, 1998 7442
WOW! Women's ordination network now worldwide. Fiedler, Maureen Column Sep 13, 1996 650
Calling the church to account: African women and liberation. Oduyoye, Mercy Oct 1, 1995 6250
Vatican quiet on final document in Beijing. Wooden, Cindy Sep 22, 1995 739
Women's awareness rooted in church. Briggs, Kenneth A. Jun 30, 1995 669
U.N. document on women source of discord. Jun 30, 1995 691
Inside NCR. Fox, Tom Editorial Mar 31, 1995 450
Jesuits pledge solidarity with women. Pimentel-Pinto, Francis Mar 31, 1995 797
Police protect church from onslaught of women praying for church justice. Chittister, Joan Column Dec 23, 1994 988
Beijing: an opportunity waiting to happen. Editorial Dec 16, 1994 853
I'm not a man of God. Piwowarski, Linda Oct 1, 1994 2068
Women react in anger and pain: Pope's statement called 'arrogant, patronizing.' (papal document, 'Ordinatio Scaerdotalis')(includes related article of women's quotations on the document) (Cover Story) Jones, Arthur Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 1655
Some welcome letter as 'unchangeable forever.' (papal document against women's ordination) (Cover Story) Edwards, Robin T. Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 793
One, two, three strikes, you're out in the ol'boys game. Chittister, Joan Cover Story Jun 17, 1994 792
Inside NCR. Fox, Tom Editorial Jun 3, 1994 419
Strange omission of key women in the lectionary. Fox, Ruth May 13, 1994 3172
Bishops will allow altar girls, some freely, some grudgingly. Gibeau, Dawn May 6, 1994 1140
Inside NCR. Fox, Tom Editorial Apr 22, 1994 429
Vatican authorizes altar girls; says this not related to women's ordination. Thavis, John Apr 22, 1994 902
Altar girls late and only 'crumbs,' critics say. Gibeau, Dawn Apr 22, 1994 637
Beyond women's ordination, the church as Babel. Haughton, Rosemary Column Apr 1, 1994 991
Speaker canceled for liturgical trespass: Edwina Gateley gets several disinvitations for appearing on altar. Gibeau, Dawn Biography Feb 18, 1994 1326
Religious life is still alive, but far from the Promised Land: ten questions get to heart of what future might hold. Chittister, Joan Cover Story Feb 18, 1994 4759
Religious women, hierarchy at odds in synod preparation. Vidulich, Dorothy Nov 5, 1993 454
Women in Washington: clear 'windows' onto the church. Vidulich, Dorothy Column Sep 10, 1993 579
Like Bread, Their Voices Rise! Global Women Challenge the Church. McBrien, Richard P. Book Review Aug 27, 1993 716
Pope: reject 'extreme' feminism. Thavis, John Jul 16, 1993 710
U.S. bishops isolated as women weep; it's over - nobody wins. Drinan, Robert F. Cover Story Dec 4, 1992 1056
Women's pastoral buried after 10 years. Vidulich, Dorothy Cover Story Dec 4, 1992 1900

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