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Collaborating with faith communities can promote health. Jordan, Atasha A. Report Nov 1, 2020 1073
Knowledge Is Power. Marcus, Benjamin P. Apr 1, 2020 1028
Unchurched, Uncharitable: How "losing our religion" will devastate Americas generous spirit. Andersen, Ericka Nov 1, 2019 2027
Religious education could improve US' foreign relations. Jul 30, 2019 922
Americans Love Jews but Don't Know Much about Judaism. Jul 24, 2019 831
Poll Shows Most Americans Oppose Religion-Based Denials Of Service. May 1, 2019 265
Doubting Disbelievers: A New Approach to Measuring Religious Uncertainty. Cox, Daniel A. Apr 1, 2019 3694
Attack on religious freedom. Aug 24, 2018 140
The Religious Regions of the U.S. Survey Apr 6, 2018 1084
A Half Century of Defiance: WHAT AMERICAN CATHOLIC VIEWS TELL US ABOUT THE VATICAN'S BAN ON BIRTH CONTROL. Russonello, John Survey Mar 22, 2018 828
The Religiously Distinct States of America. Survey Feb 9, 2018 1029
2017 Update on Americans and Religion. Survey Dec 22, 2017 610
Religious Giving Down, Other Charity Holding Steady. Survey Dec 21, 2017 634
Americans Have Double Standards On Religious Violence. Feb 18, 2017 397
Americans View Religious Groups More Favorably. Feb 16, 2017 440
America Getting Less Religious. Dec 23, 2016 363
Faith in war: The American roots of global conflict. Daddis, Gregory A. Dec 22, 2016 5545
Americans and religion. May 11, 2015 477
Three-Quarters of Americans Identify as Christian. Newport, Frank Dec 24, 2014 740
New poll suggests more Americans want to see religion mixed with politics. Nov 1, 2014 433
In U.S., Support for Daily Prayer in Schools Dips Slightly; Many Americans still support proposals concerning religion in schools. Riffkin, Rebecca Sep 25, 2014 892
Gumption grown here: how adventure camps help adults and youth to toughen. Howard, Thecla Helmbrecht; Howard, Anthony H. Jul 1, 2014 2029
Report: Americans hold different views of what 'religious' means. Markoe, Lauren Aug 2, 2013 466
Being American is a spiritual state of mind. Leach, Michael Column Jul 5, 2013 666
Gay Atheists: Facing Religious Hostility, LGBT Americans Abandon Faith: Pew Study. Jun 18, 2013 570
Faithful risk management. Clumpus, Ande Jun 1, 2013 886
Most Americans Say Religion Is Losing Influence in U.S. But 75% say American society would be better off if more Americans were religious. Newport, Frank Survey May 29, 2013 899
Faith leader want Americans to pray for collegiality. Jan 18, 2013 401
In U.S., Rise in Religious "Nones" Slows in 2012; The 17.8% who reported no religious identity in 2012 is on par with 2011. Survey Jan 10, 2013 979
Bad news. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 119
Why are Americans walking away from religion? Roberts, Tom Nov 8, 2012 574
How Do Religious Americans Vote? According to These Charts, That Depends On Their Race. Sep 11, 2012 381
Texas Politician Louie Gohmert Blames Colorado Shooting On Attacks On Christianity; Boutique Apologizes For Promotional Tweet. Jul 21, 2012 494
In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins; Highly religious Americans most likely to believe in creationism. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 1, 2012 1004
Americans want less religion in politics, pew poll finds. May 1, 2012 331
Santorum Soaring in the Midwest and With Weekly Churchgoers; GOP support for Santorum differs sharply by ideology, religion, and region. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 22, 2012 892
Religious Americans Enjoy Higher Wellbeing; Relationship holds when controlling for key demographics. Newport, Frank; Witters, Dan; Agrawal, Sangeeta Survey Feb 16, 2012 1124
Christianity Remains Dominant Religion in the United States; Majority still says religion is very important in their lives. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 23, 2011 767
Church attendance declining among less educated Americans. Aug 22, 2011 267
Churches across America read from the Quran. Jul 8, 2011 734
Conservative religious groups who oppose contraception may be surprised to learn that their policies do not reflect Americans' actual behaviors and health care needs. Jul 1, 2011 158
Heaven and hell. Smith, Gary Scott Jul 1, 2011 889
"Written in the Style of Antiquity": Pseudo-Biblicism and the Early American Republic, 1770-1830. Shalev, Eran Dec 1, 2010 12707
Atheists and agnostics understand religion best. Nov 1, 2010 370
Islamophobia: America's new fear industry. Schwartz, Stephen Sep 22, 2010 2164
Day of prayer 'unconstitutional'. Brief article Apr 30, 2010 167
8 in 10 people depend on God for help: US study. Mar 10, 2010 225
Growing number of Americans are 'spiritual but not religious'. Oct 26, 2009 499
ARIS reports U.S. Roman Catholic population shift to Southwest. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 156
Given the evidence. Jul 1, 2009 378
Majority of Americans call themselves 'pro-life'. May 29, 2009 366
This Easter, Smaller Percentage of Americans Are Christian; Americans more likely now than in previous decades to say they have no religious identity. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 10, 2009 1187
Despite Recession, No Uptick in Americans' Religiosity; Self-reported importance of religion and church attendance have remained steady. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 23, 2009 594
McCain Still Dominant Among the Highly Religious; Key question is strength of McCain's support, turnout. Newport, Frank Survey Aug 20, 2008 588
'Nondogmatic,' 'pragmatic' describe religious Americans. Coday, Dennis Jul 11, 2008 1311
Damning America right and left: in America, condemnation of sins is as old as the puritans. Ruether, Rosemary Apr 18, 2008 842
Changing faiths: more Americans than ever are leaving childhood affiliations behind and making their own decisions about religion. Banerjee, Neela Cover story Apr 14, 2008 1488
The book of numbers, revised: ranks of the mostly faithful. Brief article Mar 22, 2008 147
Easter Season Finds a Religious, Largely Christian, Nation; Over 75% of Americans are Christian. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 21, 2008 446
Study finds fluid religious affiliation: a new survey of more than 35,000 adult Americans by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life captures the depth and breadth of religious America. Banks, Adelle M. Mar 7, 2008 980
Americans reject pulpit politicking, new poll shows. Jan 1, 2008 176
The identification, assessment, and amelioration of barriers to America's acceptance of evolutionary theory. Firenze, Richard F. Report Dec 22, 2007 11062
An Abiding Relationship: Republicans and Religion; Regardless of gender, Republicans more religious. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 14, 2007 1333
GALLUP: Nearly 1 in 3 Believe Bible is Literal Word of God. Staff, E&P Brief article May 25, 2007 202
Is It Necessary for Highly Religious Americans to Change Society? Most seem content to be personally religious or do individual conversion attempts. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 23, 2007 912
America's design for tolerance: religious conflicts in multi-faith America are mild compared with those in countries that have only one faith or virtually no faith at all. Clausen, Christopher Jan 1, 2007 3298
One nation, under four Gods. Falk, William Brief article Jan 1, 2007 160
The pursuit of science in a Christian context. Isaac, Randy Organization overview Jan 1, 2007 3224
One nation under four gods. Cones, Bryan Brief article Nov 1, 2006 97
Cross purposes: do we really want our Christian symbols to "lord" it over everyone else? Cones, Bryan Oct 1, 2006 766
Poll shows Americans split over role of religion in politics. Oct 1, 2006 634
Some Americans see an unwavering ally in God. Diamant, Jeff Sep 29, 2006 497
Canadians modest about their religion while Americans prone to exaggeration. Jun 1, 2006 469
Arkansas Gov. Huckabee says too many are 'spiritually disconnected'. May 1, 2006 341
Epilogue. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2006 1022
And the survey says ... Mar 1, 2006 199
The war against pluralism. Roszak, Theodore Mar 1, 2006 1404
Public opinion at "tipping point" on Iraq. Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 304
Air Force should not promote religion, says Americans United. Dec 1, 2005 720
Research methods in the study of U.S. Catholics. D'Antonio, William; Hoge, Dean Brief Article Oct 14, 2005 207
Incorporating spirituality into core counseling courses: ideas for classroom application. Briggs, Michele Kielty; Rayle, Andrea Dixon Oct 1, 2005 6012
Spirit wars: the spectacular resurgence of evangelical Christianity has obscured the fact that there's another side to the American religious coin. Spiritual seekers, from New Age animists to sober U.S. senators, have a long and honorable lineage in American life--and the potential to inspire a rebirth of liberal politics. Schmidt, Leigh E. Sep 22, 2005 3171
American Catholicism and Polish Americans. Sep 1, 2005 651
The Christian paradox: how a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong. McKibben, Bill Aug 1, 2005 4382
Remember that you were slaves Deuteronomy 5:15, 15:15, 16:12, 24:18, 22: winning sermon in the 2005 Baptist heritage preaching contest: when we celebrate the Fourth of July, we are reminding ourselves as Americans that we have not always been free. Hollaway, Steve Jun 22, 2005 2580
Prayer alive at Rodeo. Mass, Warren Brief Article May 30, 2005 107
Officials should not compromise beliefs. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 319
Battling bias: Americans United challenges 'faith-based' job discrimination at federally funded program in Pennsylvania. Boston, Rob Apr 1, 2005 2073
They, like, so believe. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 256
Dharma and diversity: the changing face of U.S. Buddhism has raised issues of race and privilege within a spiritual practice that includes new immigrants, communities of color and the trendy elite. Andrade, Kara Mar 22, 2005 1278
Church-goers less likely to back compromise, new poll indicates. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 262
The good book promotes good business. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 206
Religion and Civil Rights : Judge Roy Moore and his allies believe that the United States is a community constituted by a religious commitment that shapes the identities of its citizens. SAMPLES, JOHN Jan 1, 2004 2202
Americans don't really believe in the Ten Commandments. Westacott, Emrys Jan 1, 2004 2231
Display commandments, but not Koran verses, Americans tell Pollsters. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 301
Religious wrong: a higher power informs the Republican assault on the environment. Scherer, Glenn May 1, 2003 3028
Separation and faith: a good combination. (Editorials). Feb 1, 2003 382
Paradoxical poll on religion. (Up Front). Fogg, W. Larry Jan 1, 2003 562
Why is there so much Christianity in the United States? A reply to Sommerville. Hollinger, David A. Dec 1, 2002 2716
Half of Americans unchurched, study finds. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Oct 11, 2002 198
Fading dreams. Brief Article Sep 22, 2002 160
Under God divides the indivisible. Dority, Barbara Sep 1, 2002 1535
Proportion of those preferring no religion doubled in 1990s. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Jun 7, 2002 203
Does American religion have a center? Porterfield, Amanda Jun 1, 2002 1886
American religious history--decentered with many centers. Stein, Stephen J. Jun 1, 2002 2442
Is there a center to American religious history? Vance Trollinger, William, Jr. Jun 1, 2002 2254
"Does American religious history have a center?" reflections. Williams, Peter W. Jun 1, 2002 1958
Survey: Nonreligious more than doubled since 1990. (Front Lines). Flynn, Tom Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 262
Temples, Shrines, Mosques, and Churches. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 102
A New Commandment For Politicians: Thou Shalt Not Be A Hypocrite. Lynn, Barry W. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 874
Charting faith's geography in rough-and-tumble history. JONES, ARTHUR Jun 29, 2001 1819
The Curious Attitude Toward Religion in America. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 811
The Bible Belting of America. Sloan, Gary Jun 22, 2000 1369
Catholicism in 20th-century America. Brief Article May 1, 2000 417
Let my people stay. CLARKE, KEVIN Brief Article May 1, 2000 725
America in focus as bishops, theologians confer at Notre Dame. SCHAEFFER, PAMELA Oct 29, 1999 1313
American Catholics still seeks greater role. Brief Article Oct 29, 1999 344
A farewell to faith. Dec 22, 1996 635
Beat Zen, square Zen, and Zen. Watts, Alan Jun 22, 1996 3341
In America, a unique spirituality grows. Gibeau, Dawn Dec 8, 1995 2251

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