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Religions teach peace and prosperity. Dec 29, 2020 183
Le Maroc, un modele singulier de convergence de civilisations, de cultures et de religions. Dec 28, 2020 636
Awqaf min.: Sisi's speech on respecting religions contributes to supporting world peace. Egypt Today staff Dec 8, 2020 526
Full speech: Sisi, Macron discuss Egyptian-French cooperation, tolerance among religions, cultures. Egypt Today staff Dec 7, 2020 1340
Insecurity: Govt 'chasing rat' when Nigeria is on fire, says Interfaith Dialogue Forum. Nov 30, 2020 652
Sisi presses for unified efforts to boost co-existence, tolerance among different religions. Egypt Today staff Nov 8, 2020 252
Abdallah ben Bayyah souligne le role des adeptes des religions abrahamiques dans la promotion de la paix. Nov 2, 2020 349
Aswan, Cairo children visit Religions Complex on 4th day of "People of Egypt" project. Egypt Today staff Oct 29, 2020 250
French President sabotaged endeavours of interfaith harmony, interreligious dialogue: religious leaders. Oct 27, 2020 497
Jigawa JIBWIS varsity to admit all religions, raises N5 billion for take-off. Oct 27, 2020 226
EU envoys discuss interfaith dialogue with CII chairman. Oct 22, 2020 228
Religions and faiths in province through promotion of sports. Oct 19, 2020 460
Religions faiths in province through promotion of sports. Oct 18, 2020 503
NCPC Boss, Revd Yakubu, Pam, Advocates Interfaith Dialogue Forum For Peace Leaders. Oct 10, 2020 355
FM cautions world against rising Islamophobia, urges 'building bridges among religions'. Oct 1, 2020 393
FM cautions world against rising Islamophobia, urges 'building bridges among religions'. Oct 1, 2020 390
The Sins and Virtues of New Religions: Occultists, social justice warriors, and techno Utopians may not look like the Christians of yore, but they're more religious than they realize. Wolfe, Liz Oct 1, 2020 1418
STRANGE RITES: New Religions for a Godless World. Kehoe, Lucy Oct 1, 2020 292
Sarawak's Unit for Other Religions to set up mission schools committee. Sep 29, 2020 337
Chairman Israel Empowerment Lobby: Azerbaijan tolerates all religions. Sep 25, 2020 168
Bittersweet relations between politics and religions. Aug 30, 2020 964
In drink driving debate, PAS MP insists his studies show all religions forbid liquor. Aug 26, 2020 485
Interfaith dialogue kicks aggressive campaign against spread of COVID-19 in Plateau, 9 States. Aug 1, 2020 547
Perak Sultan says mutual understanding between races, religions vital to ensure unity. Jul 31, 2020 318
Palestinian bishop named member of Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Jul 10, 2020 338
'Rights of minorities protected in Pakistan' Muslims respect the followers of all religions, minority leader assured. Jun 22, 2020 219
Aregbesola Urged To Use Office To Promote Traditional Religions. Jun 12, 2020 203
Minority Commission has equal representation of all religions: FM. Jun 1, 2020 162
Music, food and fun for all religions. May 23, 2020 177
How Eugene, Italian beau live in harmony despite different religions. May 4, 2020 815
How religions are coping with no services or congregations. LEWIS SMITH Reporter Interview Apr 17, 2020 1309
Religions pause to contemplate during coronavirus. Apr 14, 2020 744
Harmony of Religion. Mar 31, 2020 1114
Religious Neutrality is Not Enough. Rand, David Mar 22, 2020 3984
Religions must decide how they should adapt worship. Mar 19, 2020 328
Violence Against India's Christians Reaches Record Levels. Mar 9, 2020 336
Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion; Volume 10: Interreligious Dialogue: From Religion to Geopolitics. Book review Mar 1, 2020 160
Bahrain 'committed to interfaith dialogue'. Feb 4, 2020 158
Call to respect all religions, sects. Feb 1, 2020 234
Bangladesh safe place for all religions, says Abdullah. Jan 18, 2020 270
Anany: Egyptian government cares about heritage of all religions. Egypt Today staff Jan 11, 2020 359
Respect all religions: Mayawati extends New Year greeting. ANI Jan 1, 2020 145
I respect all religions: Farah Khan apologies for hurting sentiments through TV show. ANI Dec 27, 2019 124
All religions teach lesson of peace, love, harmony: Qasim Naveed. Dec 18, 2019 159
Governments should not favour religions. Dec 17, 2019 256
All religions teach and give us the message of peace, love, harmony and brotherhood:Syed Qassim Naveed Qamar. Dec 17, 2019 211
Pakistan, a proud land of cultural heritage homing world's great religions: Ambassador Asad Khan. Dec 5, 2019 182
Religions should not meddle in politics; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Nov 27, 2019 779
Deputy Mufti of Russia calls on mutual dialogue between religions. Nov 21, 2019 104
Patriarch Kirill: 'Real war is underway against traditional religions'. Nov 14, 2019 216
Clergy warn ICPD against ignoring African cultures, religions. Nov 11, 2019 966
Scriptural Reasoning as a Method of Interreligious Dialogue in China. Huawei, Li; Ruokanen, Miikka; Ford, David Nov 1, 2019 5012
Christian ethics and modern challenges to religions in South Sudan. Oct 28, 2019 688
Happy Diwali 2019! What is Diwali and how is it celebrated in the UK? Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is a vital religious holiday for Hindu worshippers and other religions; Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is a vital religious holiday for Hindu worshippers and other religions. By, Lewis Knight Oct 27, 2019 294
Religions unite to condemn poverty. Oct 13, 2019 211
Pakistan calls for stepped up efforts to counter unjust defamation of religions). Oct 12, 2019 209
Pakistan calls for stepped up efforts to counter unjust defamation of religions. Oct 12, 2019 212
Pakistan urges stepped up efforts to counter defamation of religions. Oct 12, 2019 504
First two-day national conference on "Interfaith Dialogue in 21st Century" concludes. Conference news Oct 11, 2019 383
I respect people of all religions, says Nusrat Jahan after playing 'Sindoor Khela'. ANI Oct 11, 2019 230
Dipl: (Pakistan calls for stepped up efforts to counter unjust defamation of religions). Oct 11, 2019 209
Vaccination: Why It's A Moral Dilemma For Some Religions. Johnny Vatican Oct 10, 2019 674
First national conference on "Interfaith Dialogue in 21st century" organized at FJWU. Conference news Oct 10, 2019 534
FJWU organises national conference on interfaith dialogue. Conference news Oct 10, 2019 522
Keep the faith: When talking about God's salvation, do some religions or denominations get closer to saying it right? Camille, Alice Oct 1, 2019 1253
Interpreting Interreligious Relations with Wittgenstein: Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 114
Hamdok Participates in Event on Freedom of Religions in New York. Sep 24, 2019 193
What's Next in the Interdisciplinary Study of Religions? Sep 22, 2019 113
Minorities completely free to follow their religions: Governor. Sep 19, 2019 897
Dariga Nazarbayeva holds number of bilateral talks with representatives of leaders of world and traditional religions. Sep 19, 2019 213
Dariga Nazarbayeva holds number of bilateral talks with representatives of leaders of world and traditional religions. Sep 19, 2019 174
Nur-Sultan hosts 18th session of Secretariat of Congress of World and Traditional Religions. Sep 18, 2019 188
Nur-Sultan hosts 18th session of Secretariat of Congress of World and Traditional Religions. Sep 18, 2019 146
UAE highlights tolerance, interfaith dialogue as key elements in fostering 'culture of peace'. Sep 14, 2019 629
King Hamad's Chair for Interfaith Dialogue programme launched. Sep 11, 2019 183
Religions in focus with visit. Sep 7, 2019 161
Is it war manifesting? Many religions, one God. Sep 2, 2019 454
Peace Charter for Forgiveness and Reconciliation adopted by 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau, Germany. Aug 27, 2019 504
Peace Charter for Forgiveness and Reconciliation adopted by 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau, Germany. Aug 26, 2019 504
Forget Perceptions Of Different Tribes, Religions, Embrace Unity, Ganduje Charges Corps Members. Aug 22, 2019 400
Nabila Makram to attend Religions for Peace World Assembly in Lindau. Aug 20, 2019 292
Followers of all religions have equal rights in Pakistan: minister. Aug 19, 2019 187
Ladakh a land of all religions: Ram Madhav urges people not to heed rumours. Aug 15, 2019 411
Quand les trois religions monotheistes cohabitent en symbiose - ALBAYANE. Aug 15, 2019 886
Religious education could improve US' foreign relations. Jul 30, 2019 922
Foreigners visit Sirkap to study interfaith harmony among religions. Jul 30, 2019 145
Mubariz Gurbanli: Azerbaijan is one of major countries, promoting dialogue between religions and civilizations. Jul 20, 2019 201
Irish nun recognised for teaching, promoting interfaith relations in Pakistan. Jul 18, 2019 265
A place where religions coexist beautifully. Jul 7, 2019 277
Kenyatta enjoys Ramadan. Jul 1, 2019 301
In Utah, Catholics, Mormons have 'positive, cordial relationship'. Petersen, Linda Jun 14, 2019 1010
California interfaith movement bolsters support for migrants. Benevento, Maria Jun 14, 2019 1288
In face of attacks, faith groups collaborate on security. Khan, Aysha Jun 14, 2019 1276
Sisi: religions can be weakened by their believers' practices. Jun 2, 2019 309
Malaysia will reap rewards if kids can discuss religions in primary school, groups suggest. May 24, 2019 798
"Tunisia gives good example of tolerance and respect for all religions" (Donald Blome). May 22, 2019 182
Jakim backs Maszlee, fears lessons on other religions will negatively impact Muslims. May 21, 2019 306
Francis vs. Benedict writ small: At St. Joseph in Indiana, parishioners petition to oust Latin Mass institute. Feuerherd, Peter May 17, 2019 1309
UAE convenes interfaith dialogue. May 5, 2019 842
Respect for other religions is vital for peaceful coexistence: MWL chief. May 5, 2019 522
UAE convenes interfaith dialogue in New York. May 4, 2019 830
Not hate, stupid! It's war on religions! The art of cover-up. May 3, 2019 105
PAS assemblyman urges Penang govt to have law to curb spread of non-Muslim religions to Muslims. May 1, 2019 271
Interfaith Marriages in Modern India: Obstacles Remain. Kaul, Ajay May 1, 2019 1598
Religions have so much in common; WMVIEWS OF WALES. Apr 30, 2019 120
Sri Lankan attacks part of scheme using religions in kindling wars: Al-Azhar. Apr 27, 2019 279
All religions preach respect of humanity. Apr 25, 2019 198
All religions preach respect of humanity. Apr 25, 2019 194
Aoun welcomes World Forum of Religions, German delegation: dialogue at United Nations peace on paper. Apr 25, 2019 369
Easter Day Terror In Sri Lanka. Apr 24, 2019 719
The Cabinet Approves BGN 20.7 million Subsidy For Religions for 2019. Apr 24, 2019 120
We owe it to all our kids... of all colours, creeds, religions, sexual orientations... to support equality teaching or go back 30 years, driven by fear. Apr 2, 2019 1140
Morocco's King, Vatican Pope stress need of interfaith dialogue. Mar 30, 2019 216
Preachers of Hate: Arab News launches series to expose hate-mongers from all religions. Mar 25, 2019 510
Making Marquette's campus ministry more inclusive. Lipo, Sarah Mar 22, 2019 1091
ISLAM AS A RELIGION OF TOLERANCE AND DIALOGUE: A CRITICAL APPRAISAL. Elius, Mohammad; Khan, Issa; Bin Mohd Nor, Mohd Roslan; Bin Mohd Yusoff, Ohd Yakub Zulkifli; Bin Noo Report Mar 22, 2019 5535
Observatory: Western churches' stance reveals innocence of religions from terrorism. Mar 20, 2019 505
Interfaith dialogue centre holds second youth forum. Mar 17, 2019 287
King Abdullah World Center for Interreligious, Interfaith Dialogue Participates, in Religions Conference, on Sustainable Development Goals. Conference news Mar 15, 2019 189
People of all religions united against terrorism: Rajnath Singh. Mar 1, 2019 204
TEACHING OTHER FAITHS ABOUT ISLAM: A Transformative Journey. Alwani, Zainab Personal account Mar 1, 2019 5215
Bassil says Lebanon merits being a meeting point of religions. Feb 27, 2019 140
Common things of all religions should be promoted: Raja Yasir. Feb 20, 2019 458
MWL chief receives World's Religions Peace Award. Feb 20, 2019 231
UAE FM: Pope Francis, Al-Azhar Imam's meeting heralds new era for interfaith relations. Feb 11, 2019 299
An example of interfaith dialogue. Feb 10, 2019 701
UAE celebrates Pope Francis visit, calls for tolerance among religions. Feb 5, 2019 329
Saudi Ambassador Meets with Nigerian Interfaith Dialogue Platform. Feb 5, 2019 149
Un pasteur americain maronite salue le role des EAU dans le soutien du dialogue entre les religions. Jan 31, 2019 346
An Evolving Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar on Science and Religion. Shane, Joseph W. Essay Jan 1, 2019 4509
Mat Sabu: Don't instigate hostility between races, religions. Dec 23, 2018 329
THE HOLY LAND, THE ORIGINS OF THREE RELIGIONS. Ediger, Marlow Report Dec 22, 2018 814
Myanmar: Promoting Reconciliation between the Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists of Rakhine State. Weber, Katja; Stanford, Allison Report Dec 22, 2018 10812
Interfaith dialogue centre holds debate competition for Indian schools. Dec 12, 2018 305
Bishkek hosts interfaith dialogue event. Conference notes Dec 6, 2018 247
All religions teach lesson of human respect: Aijaz. Nov 28, 2018 145
Pak tells UN of Imran plan for campaign against religions' defamation. Nov 24, 2018 435
Pakistan informs UN about PM Imran's initiative against defamation of religions. Nov 23, 2018 827
Pakistan informs UN about PM Imran Khan's initiative against defamation of religions. Nov 23, 2018 844
Pakistan informs UN about PM Imran's initiative against defamation of religions. Nov 23, 2018 827
Pakistan informs UN about PM Imran's initiative against defamation of religions. Nov 23, 2018 825
Pakistan informs UN about PM Imran's initiative against defamation of religions. Nov 22, 2018 802
Pakistan to spearheads international campaign against defamation of religions: PM. Conference notes Nov 21, 2018 422
Pakistan to lead global campaign against defamation of religions. Nov 21, 2018 1013
DISCOURSE: Nigerian attends Parliament of World's Religions in Toronto, shares experiences. Nov 21, 2018 508
Kuwaiti official espouses interfaith dialogue. Nov 19, 2018 161
Jaffari Endowments praises King Hamad Chair in Interfaith Dialogue, Peaceful Coexistence launch. Nov 11, 2018 396
Qatar's 'Majlis-Cultures in Dialogue' expo hosts interfaith dialogue in Malta. Nov 6, 2018 378
HM King congratulated on King Hamad Chair in Interfaith Dialogue, Peaceful Coexistence launch. Nov 6, 2018 341
World Forum Interfaith Dialogue Ambassadors kicks off in Hammamet. Nov 5, 2018 235
King Hamad Chair in Interfaith Dialogue, Peaceful Coexistence inauguration held. Nov 5, 2018 523
State's responsibility to protect all religions: Shehryar Afridi. Nov 2, 2018 440
State's responsibility to protect all religions: Shehryar Afridi. Nov 1, 2018 301
snapshots 2019. Gottfried, Greg; Lebrun, Monique Oct 29, 2018 1416
ALL religions teach humanity. Oct 25, 2018 171
Austria's FM rules out a closure of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Int'l Center for Dialogue Among Followers of Religions and Cultures. Oct 25, 2018 185
Syria participates in the international forum of Dialogue of religions in Moscow. Oct 24, 2018 137
Pakistan safe place for followers of all religions: Noor-ul-Haq Qadri. Oct 21, 2018 248
Pakistan safe place for followers of all religions: Noor-ul-Haq Qadri. Oct 21, 2018 128
People of all religions living with communal harmony: Sherif. Oct 20, 2018 363
Speakers suggest constructive role of all religions for peace. Oct 19, 2018 443
Speakers suggest constructive role of all religions for peace. Oct 18, 2018 436
Karnataka: This Dargah's door is open for all religions. Oct 1, 2018 245
L'OPM oeuvre pour le rapprochement des religions par le biais de la musique. Sep 30, 2018 433
DIVIDED BRITAIN? Paul Weller is regarded as one of the most influential British musicians of his generation. He speaks to ANDREW ARTHUR about turning 60, his tribute to David Bowie and why he thinks the UK is ready for political change That's just a tool of the Tories now. are better "People I think, there "idea think united, religions. "I think. Sep 28, 2018 932
German scholar: Azerbaijan - place combining cultures and religions. Sep 23, 2018 1603
Interfaith dialogue 'vital to curb extremism,' says Islamic researcher. Sep 21, 2018 305
VISIONS OF BEAUTY: Exploring Aesthetics as a Starting Point for Meaningful Inter-Religious Encounter, True-Seeing, Truth-Seeking, and Personal Transformation. Mohammed-Ashrif, Fatimah Sep 1, 2018 5343
WRITING THE SUBLIME: Visual Hagiography and the Promotion of Interreligious Understanding. Mosher, Lucinda Allen Essay Sep 1, 2018 4151
BEING THERE: What do Students Learn by Visiting Houses of Worship? Goldschmidt, Henry Essay Sep 1, 2018 6653
AT THE THRESHOLD: Tobi Kahn's Interfaith Spaces. Rosen, Aaron Essay Sep 1, 2018 5701
Le Reverend Andy Thompson et le Pasteur Jeramie Rinne:"Aux EAU, les gens de toutes les religions sont encourages a pratiquer librement leurs cultes". Jul 28, 2018 708
Bill protects all religions from insults - Mujahid. Jul 25, 2018 189
Rahi meets Jordanian ranking officials, highlights importance of dialogue between religions. Jul 24, 2018 236
Nagar Kirtan: People, sounds and colour filled the streets as Middlesbrough hosted parade; The Sikh festival celebrates love, happiness and peace and involves people from all backgrounds and religions. Jul 22, 2018 250
Father Chito continues to engage in interreligious dialogue, work for peace. Jul 20, 2018 285
King Abdullah Interfaith Dialogue World Center's Chief Takes Part, in Swiss CAUX Forum. Jul 14, 2018 443
Complaint filed against Nawal el-Saadawi for defaming religions. Jul 10, 2018 454
'Jerusalem belongs to all religions': Pope Francis. Jul 8, 2018 378
Public Lecture by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at the World Council of Churches, Geneva, February 2018. Jul 1, 2018 5073
Jew, Christian, Muslim: 'See the Beloved everywhere'. Coffey, Kathy Column Jun 29, 2018 971
Imposing Particular Identities: The Balkans as a Meeting Place of Ethnicities and Religions. Krijestorac, Mirsad Essay Jun 22, 2018 10626
Religions enjoy special privileges. Jun 21, 2018 195
Le Centre des droits de l'homme de Geneve presentera la "Conference mondiale sur les religions" aux ambassadeurs des pays africains a Geneve. Conference news Jun 12, 2018 225
Ramazan, moderation and religions. Jun 8, 2018 786
UAE Foreign Minister Meets with President of Vatican's Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Jun 5, 2018 105
Denmark bans burqa and niqab but government insists new face veil law doesn't target any religions; A [pounds sterling]115 fine will be handed to first-time offenders, although the penalty can increase to more than [pounds sterling]11,000 for further violations. May 31, 2018 194
Head of King Abdullah International Center for Dialogue among followers of religions and cultures addresses Oxford conference. Conference news May 13, 2018 190
Interfaith Dialogue. May 9, 2018 505
Al Azhar workshop to encourage interfaith dialogue opens Tuesday. May 7, 2018 172
Hakim Assures The Delegation Of Christian Evangelical Churches In The Middle East The Importance Of Dialogue Between Religions. May 2, 2018 101
Free to believe? The drive to globalize religious freedom prioritizes some religions over others. Hurd, Elizabeth Shakman May 1, 2018 1357
President of Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue Visits Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. Apr 19, 2018 346
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Receives Pontifical Council President for Interreligious Dialogue in Vatican. Apr 18, 2018 146
Foreign Minister Receives Pontifical Council President for Interreligious Dialogue in Vatican. Apr 18, 2018 121
Learn about 'Major Religions of Asia'. Apr 13, 2018 137
The Religious Regions of the U.S. Survey Apr 6, 2018 1084
How Big A Number? Rhodes, Scoba Report Apr 1, 2018 843
Aoun requests support of Holy See rendering Lebanon international center for interfaith dialogue. Mar 16, 2018 432
Feeling of oneness among all religions in India. Mar 15, 2018 700
Second Session of International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue for Peace Starts in Vienna. Conference news Feb 27, 2018 186
Goa body promotes unity among religions for peace. Feb 25, 2018 383
Rahi heads Sunday to Vienna to partake in peace conference on dialogue between religions. Conference news Feb 24, 2018 198
Conference on Interfaith Dialogue calls for preserving human dignity. Conference news Feb 20, 2018 515
VP Affirms Sudan keenness to peaceful co-Existence, tolerance and Freedom of Religions. Feb 18, 2018 151
Nahyan Bin Mubarak: UAE encourages people of all faiths to practice religions openly. Feb 12, 2018 350
King Hamad's Global Centre for Interfaith Dialogue highlighted. Feb 8, 2018 1189
Interfaith dialogue to discuss religion and human rights. Feb 4, 2018 312
Zahid: Muslims must respect other religions. Jan 14, 2018 186
13th Interfaith Dialogue conference tofocus on religion and human rights. Conference news Jan 4, 2018 256
13th Interfaith Dialogue meet to focus on religion & human rights. Jan 3, 2018 257
History and Victimhood: Engaging with Rohingya Issues. Leider, Jacques P. Essay Jan 1, 2018 7992
Azerbaijan is a unique country contributing to interfaith dialogue, Islamic solidarity. Dec 27, 2017 134
In pics: Egyptians from all religions celebrate Christmas 2017. Dec 25, 2017 274
In photos: Egyptians from all religions celebrate Christmas 2017. Dec 24, 2017 274
World greatly needs interfaith dialogue today: Gurbanli. Dec 22, 2017 150
OIC Secretary General Underscores OIC Commitment to the Promotion of Interfaith Dialogue and Peace-Building in the Interreligious Dialogue Conference in Bangkok. Conference news Dec 19, 2017 468
Church needs a little Christianity; All religions should heed law. Dec 17, 2017 371
Russian Orthodox Church: Jerusalem Must Remain Center of 3 Major Religions. Dec 17, 2017 279
No peace among nations, unless there is peace among the religions. Dec 16, 2017 733
Be the Christmas you celebrate. Hermes, Kathryn James Dec 15, 2017 1043
Conversation, scrutiny and tea on the house. Dec 15, 2017 1062
Jerusalem belongs to all religions. Dec 13, 2017 607
UNGA adopts Pakistan's sponsored resolution stressing interreligious dialogue. Dec 13, 2017 463
Jerusalem: One City, Three Religions. Dec 12, 2017 602
Doha interfaith dialogue centre deplores US move on Jerusalem. Dec 8, 2017 267
Preparing teachers in a divided society: Lessons from Northern Ireland: In a region that has endured many generations of intense sectarian conflict new teachers must be prepared to handle controversial topics productively in the classroom. Pace, Judith L. Dec 1, 2017 3542
Louvre Abu Dhabi: Universal Religions. Nov 18, 2017 434
Methodist experience in closing congregations offers lessons to Catholics. Feuerherd, Peter Nov 17, 2017 1148
Make films on other religions: Giriraj Singh tells Bhansali. Nov 5, 2017 150
Secretary General of King Abdullah International Center for Interreligious and Interfaith Dialogue commends Saudi leaders' financial, moral support for center. Nov 5, 2017 425
Secretary General of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Dialogue: Kingdom has provided leading global model for dialogue among followers of religions and cultures. Nov 5, 2017 216
TEACHING, not PREACHING: Studying world religions can foster tolerance, but public schools must also respect students' rights. Goral, Tim Nov 1, 2017 1227
India's Invisible Jihad. Swami, Praveen Nov 1, 2017 14688
2018 Snapshots: Eight colorful graphs and charts capture current global statistics--from religions of the world to cities with the most Starbucks locations. Oct 30, 2017 683
Guy Fawkes ye olde jihadist; Children need to learn how religions can lead to terror. Oct 29, 2017 368
Tunisia is a land of peace and co-existence between religions (Chief Rabbi and Archbishop of Tunis). Oct 26, 2017 491
Parliamentarians, scholars unanimous on promoting culture of tolerance, acceptance of other religions. Oct 25, 2017 446
Parliamentarians, scholars unanimous on promoting culture of tolerance, acceptance of other religions. Oct 25, 2017 446
Different religions never an issue among the two communities, Syllouris says. Oct 15, 2017 259
Old theological battles matter little today. Tammeus, Bill Column Oct 6, 2017 693
More than 20% of countries have official state religions -- survey. Oct 4, 2017 394
The Monk's Daughter and Her Suitor: An Egyptian Shadow Play of Interfaith Romance and Insanity. Guo, Li Report Oct 1, 2017 10208
MWL Head Meets with the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Dialogue with Religions. Sep 25, 2017 215
Rethinking Our Objectives and Strategies. Narain, Vir Sep 22, 2017 2560
Bahrain Declaration is a reminder of our achievement in promoting interfaith dialogue. Sep 14, 2017 1512
Bahraini Global Centre for Interfaith Dialogue and Peaceful Coexistence Launched in Los Angeles. Sep 14, 2017 126
The healing truth behind all our great religions: the goal of the world wisdom bible is not to create a world religion, but to create peace, 12 coffee cups at a time... Shapiro, Rami Sep 1, 2017 2296
Edmonton priest is new ecumenical, interfaith relations staff person. Folkins, Tali Sep 1, 2017 226
Aoun in front of Lebanese Diaspora: For supporting Lebanon's quest to be center for dialogue of civilizations, religions. Aug 30, 2017 112
Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue slams violence against Rohingya. Aug 28, 2017 234
Franciscans build interreligious bridges with Buddhists. Guidos, Rhina Aug 25, 2017 554
KAICIID aims to launch first network of followers of religions, cultures in Arab world. Aug 5, 2017 160
OIC seeks interfaith dialogue to settle Rohingya issue. Aug 4, 2017 477
Reformed churches sign accord. Brief article Jul 28, 2017 128
Israel needs to accept other religions and cultures in the holy land. Jul 15, 2017 870
Cross-cultural efforts welcome refugees. Wachter, Dana Jun 30, 2017 1316
Ancestry, goodness, and the relationship with Christianity as ecodomical aspects of decolonization in indigenous African religions. Simut, Corneliu C. Essay Jun 22, 2017 6138
Military recognizes more faiths. Brief article Jun 1, 2017 228
Trump, Pope discuss Mideast, interfaith dialogue. May 24, 2017 149
To Promote Co-existence And Constructive Tolerance Between Different Countries, Religions And Cultures. May 22, 2017 233
Catholics, Buddhists and peace. Brief article May 5, 2017 103
Pope Francis visit to Egypt promotes dialogue between religions, presidency. Apr 30, 2017 182
King Abdullah Center for Dialogue Among Followers of Religions and Cultures holds terror crime followers culprits responsible. Apr 28, 2017 105
EP chief, Egypt Mufti discuss enhancing dialogue between religions. Apr 27, 2017 174
Pakistan's Descent into Religious Intolerance. Ispahani, Farahnaz Essay Mar 1, 2017 6982
Harmony Of Religions. Feb 13, 2017 1143
Prince Charles Warns Of 'Evil Persecution' Against Religions. Dec 22, 2016 339
Years Of Education Vary Among Religions. Dec 14, 2016 374
"Tunis Declaration against Terrorism and for Tolerance and Solidarity among Peoples, Cultures and Religions". Nov 18, 2016 951
Islamic Cultural Centre in London holds a meeting between representatives of followers of religions. Nov 17, 2016 126
Grand Mufti meets Pope Francis for conference on commonalities in religions. Conference news Nov 6, 2016 168
Reformation reconsidered. Luxmoore, Jonathan Oct 21, 2016 2231
Catholic scholars challenge church's contraception ban. Manson, Jamie L. Oct 7, 2016 937
Without teaching about all religions there will be no religious tolerance. Oct 2, 2016 433
Harvard launches free online course on world religions. Folkins, Tali Oct 1, 2016 638
Our intelligence is a gift from a generous creator. Carney, Tom Sep 23, 2016 986
Indian Muslim leaders urge sensitivity, tolerance for all religions. Sep 12, 2016 529
Patriarch: Stop 'cancer' of ISIS. Brief article Sep 9, 2016 166
Saudi Arabia Stresses Importance of Spreading Culture of Peace and Consolidating Dialogue Mechanisms among Followers of Different Religions and Cultures. Sep 2, 2016 169
Sisters nurse South Sudan's fragile peace: interfaith coalition warns about possible escalation of ethnic conflict. Herlinger, Chris Aug 26, 2016 1873
Dialogue between religions urged. Aug 21, 2016 111
Dialogue among religions necessity for global peace -- Italy. Aug 19, 2016 178
I believe in all religions. Aug 2, 2016 1051
Conflict Of Religions. Aug 1, 2016 1235
Keep faith in mind: a dose of faith is good for the mind, body, and soul. Scobey, Annemarie Aug 1, 2016 1194
French religions call for unity to defeat so-called Islamic State. Jul 27, 2016 435
Postwar American evangelicals and world religions: a case study of Intervarsity's Urbana Student Missionary Conventions. Thomas, Amber R. Jul 1, 2016 5404
My pilgrimage in mission. Boyd, Robin Jul 1, 2016 4572
Sorrow, anger and determination heard in Orlando's pulpits. Pinsky, Mark I. Jul 1, 2016 2062
Trump Not Yet Generating Evangelical Republican Zeal. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 27, 2016 733
Going beyond Nostra Aetate: the way forward for interreligious dialogue. Aihiokhai, Simon Mary Asese Essay Jun 22, 2016 6299
Minister assures minorities to exercise religions' practices freely. Jun 21, 2016 307
India urged to respect religions. Jun 18, 2016 178
Strangers to neighbors. Rohde, Marie Jun 17, 2016 1298
OIC Attends UNGA High-Level Meeting on Religions for Peace 2 Jeddah. May 8, 2016 172
OIC Attends UNGA High-Level Meeting on Religions for Peace. May 8, 2016 206

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