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Religion and the law in America; an encyclopedia of personal belief and public policy; 2v.


Religion and the law in America; an encyclopedia of personal belief and public policy; 2v.

Merriman, Scott A.



577 pages




Constitutionally codified, albeit a bit vaguely, in the First Amendment, freedom of religion is a core facet of American governance and law. This encyclopedia by Merriman (U. of Maryland) explores the legal and political history of freedom of religion as established by the First Amendment. He first provides a timeline, followed by 15 thematic essays discussing such topics as church-state religions, important organizations in the development of religion and the law, issues of taxation and funding and religious groups, personal issues of religion and state, prayer and Bible reading in public schools, religion and issues of employment, religion in times of war, religion and politics in the framing of the Constitution, and the Supreme Court and the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. However, the bulk of the two-volume set is dedicated to the presentation of 250 A-to-Z entries describing significant concepts, legislative acts, court cases, organizations, controversies, and individuals relevant to the legal history of religious freedom In the United States. Each entry includes a bibliography of further reading.

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