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Religion and the discourse on modernity.


Religion and the discourse on modernity.

Tremlett, Paul-Francois.

Continuum Publishing Group


159 pages



Continuum advances in religious studies


Debates about theory and method in the study of religions have been conducted in terms of the opposition of understanding to explanation, contends Tremlett (School of Oriental and African Studies and Institute of Ismaili Studies, London), that is, phenomenologists and their opponents from such backgrounds as anthropology, sociology, and psychology justify their approaches by denying the legitimacy of all others. Did they sleep through the triumph of post-modernism, he wonders, that they still believe in objective truth. Is the genome of the Easter Bunny next? He re-classifies theory and methods around the opposition of fact and value, grouping together theories in which fact and value are necessarily intertwined: the phenomenology of religion, post-modernism, and Marxism. Then he investigates which values are appropriate for furthering and developing the study of religions.

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Date:May 1, 2009
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