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Relic of St. Camillus in QC parish.

By Michelle Guillang

The 404-year-old heart relic of Saint Camillus de Lellis, patron of the sick, nurses, and hospitals, was brought to a parish in Makati City where a mass for the sick was held Sunday.

After it arrived in the Philippines Saturday, it was transferred to the Our Lady of La Paz Parish, where most Camillian priests are.

Hundreds of devotees attended the mass at the parish and lined up to wipe their handkerchiefs and towels on the crystal glass containing the relic.

The relic will make the rounds today of several hospitals in Quezon City such as the Philippine Heart Center, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, and Lung Center of the Philippines.

Fr. Gabriel Garcia, M.I. of the Our Lady of La Paz Parish said Saint Camillus de Lellis was a priest in Rome who dedicated his life to treat and serve the sick. This served as the motivation for the Camillian priests around the world to also work as hospital chaplains and provide holistic therapy to the sick.

It is the second visit of the relic to the country. Its first was in 2013.


Devotees flock to touch and see the heart relic of St. Camillus de Lellis, patron of the sick at the Our Lady of La Paz Church in Makati City. The relic will be in the Philippines for two months. St. Camillus was a priest confessor and a miracle worker who treated and cared for the sick. (ALI VICOY / MANILA BULLETIN)

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Date:Feb 3, 2019
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