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Reliability resolutions.


It concerns me to read of customers having reliability problems with new handguns. I handle quite a few new handguns every year. Test guns for articles and others bought for personal use. I rarely encounter reliability problems. There seems to be a suspicion magazines get specially prepared and tested samples. It's ego pleasing to think of a factory preparing a "special" just for me, with everyone from the company president to the file clerk fretting over the test gun, and anxiously awaiting for the article to appear.

In reality it's more like this: I send my request and FFL to the media contact of a company. The media person sends a note to whoever handles shipping saying "send a SKU#44756-A2/3L to this FFL on a 90-day consignment." The president has never heard of me; most likely the file clerk hasn't either.

Nonetheless these standard production guns generally function reliably. One reason is most handguns these days are pretty good. Modern CNC manufacturing makes for close tolerances and good parts fit. The other reason is I give them a chance to work.

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Title Annotation:BETTER SHOOTING
Author:Anderson, Dave
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jul 1, 2010
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