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Relevant Announces MRP by Item Condition with INFIMACS II; New Feature Enables Detailed Costing -- Crucial for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul.

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SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 16, 2002

Relevant Business Systems has announced a major new feature in the INFIMACS II(R) ERP solution that allows its Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) customers to run MRP (Materials Resource Planning) based on inventory item condition. Created especially for aircraft and related maintenance organizations, as well as other businesses that deal with the service, repair and overhaul of their customers' items, the inclusion of Item Condition Code Capability addresses the need of those companies that stock by item condition. This functionality allows for demand by item condition to be matched against inventory by item condition. It also allows for inventory management and MRP supply planning by condition code.

"The operational flow of an MRO business is very different from the typical manufacturing company," explained Chuck Stevenson, Relevant Business Systems' vice president of Marketing. "Condition Code Capability for both planning and costing is critical to properly manage and represent costs, determine pricing and portray margins in an MRO company. Without Condition Code Capability by item there is no way to maintain multiple item costs for the same item or plan appropriately."

According to Stevenson, when a system does not have Condition Code Capability the MRO operation will need to use multiple item numbers. This work-around has significant problems in terms of planning, work order supply/demand management and it creates a big opportunity for mistakenly using the wrong item condition in a customer's repair if work order substitutions are not always carried out precisely. It virtually invalidates the initial reason the company purchased the system in the first place.

"With the Condition Code Capability there is no need for work-arounds in regards to item planning or costing," noted Stevenson. "When a single item with multiple conditions such as new, used or overhauled exists within the system, it allows each item/condition to be uniquely planned and inventoried, as well as carry its own cost."

The Condition Code Capability is available now.

About Relevant

Since 1983, Relevant Business Systems has provided extensive ERP capabilities for MRO operations, Aerospace and Department of Defense manufacturers and contract manufacturers with sales from $10 million to several billion. Relevant Business Systems' INFIMACS II is a second-generation, full-featured ERP solution that takes complete advantage of client/server, graphical user interface and object-oriented technologies in both the UNIX and Microsoft/Intel environments to integrate all departments, within an organization. Relevant Business Systems is headquartered at Two Annabel Lane, Suite 215, San Ramon, CA, 94583. Phone is 925/867-3830. Fax is 925/867-3840. Email is Website is
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 16, 2002
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