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Releasing identifying information about sperm donors in Australia.

In the context of new legislation permitting mature donor offspring to obtain identifying information about their donors, research was carried out in Western Australia to assess the opinions of potential sperm donors, recipients and partners on issues relating to release of information about sperm donors. 45 potential donors attending a local fertility centre completed a questionnaire. Questionnaires were also completed by 33 women undergoing donor insemination or IVF with donor sperm, and 12 of their partners. 48.9% of donors agreed that children born as a result of sperm donation should be informed of the manner of their conception, and a high proportion would consider some form of contact with future offspring, bur more than half of potential donors indicated that they would not donate if their identity was revealed to future offspring. The vast majority of recipients and partners plan to inform their offspring about the manner of their conception and are in favour of providing identifying information about the donor. (1)

(1.) Godman KM, Sanders K, Rosenberg M, et al. Potential sperm donors', recipients' and their partners' opinions towards the release of identifying information in Western Australia. Human Reproduction 2006;21: 3022-26.
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Date:May 1, 2007
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