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Release coatings. (Brochures).

Literature reviews the complete line of Loctite Frekote release coatings for rotomolding in an effort to help end users select the appropriate product for a given application. The Frekote rotomolding line consists of three products ranging from solvent-based mold release agents for quick evaporation to water-based coatings that ensure a safe working environment. The literature provides product descriptions, benefits and application information on Loctite Frekote Rotolease, 44-NC, 770-NC, B-15 sealer and PMC. The brochure also provides a chart outlining each product's compatibility with different molding compounds, and a troubleshooting guide that describes common problems encountered during rotomolding and the associated solutions. (Henkel Loctite)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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