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Release coatings. (Brochures).

Release coatings. Literature provides information on the complete line of Frekote release coatings for rubber molding applications. The line includes seven release coating products designed to meet the requirements of the rubber molding industry. The literature offers information on the seven Frekote rubber mold release coatings available under the Aqualine brand name. Products featured include Frekote Aqualine R-110 for general molded rubber goods; R-120 for molding difficult rubber-to-metal bonded parts; R-150 for high aspect ratio rubber goods, fluoropolymers and tire treads; R-500 for highly filled elastomers; R-550 for demanding molding applications; RC-321, an economical dilutable concentrate coating; and Frekote S-20 for heat cured molded silicones. (Loctite)

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Title Annotation:Frekote release coatings for rubber molding applications
Comment:Release coatings. (Brochures).(Frekote release coatings for rubber molding applications)
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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