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Relaxation skills increase immunity.

Relaxation Skills Increase Immunity

The importance of relaxation in keeping the immune system strong has been demonstrated by psychologist James Kiecolt Glaser and his research group at Ohio State University. They found tht medical students had decreases in helper T-cells on the day of examinations. But when half the group were taught relaxation exercises, their T-cells increased. The percentage of their helper T-cells' growth could be predicted by how frequently the students practiced relaxation.

The researchers suggest: "these data provide further evidence that relaxation may be able to enhance at least some component of cellular immunity, and thus perhaps ultimately might be useful in influencing the incidence and course of the disease."

Other studies have shown that stress hormones, such as cortisol and the catecholamines, decrease after relaxation. Because our immune defenses tend to weaken when we generate stress hormones, relaxation exercises may be one way to keep our resistance up.
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Author:Justice, Blair
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1990
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