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Creation of a Grants Database Highly Customized for College Level Reporting. Oestreich, Julie H.; Heersche, Kimberly K. Report Sep 22, 2018 2598
Evaluation of the Ontological Method of Integrable Data Inconsistency Identification. Kropotin, Alexander A.; Bidulya, Yuliya V.; Ivashko, Alexander G. Report Jan 1, 2018 2295
Data Model Integration. Nassiri, Hassana; Machkour, Mustapha; Hachimi, Mohamed Report Apr 1, 2017 2513
Querying XML and Relational Data. Nassiri, Hassana; Machkour, Mustapha; Hachimi, Mohamed Report Apr 1, 2017 2643
Realization of the Ontologically Based Method for Checking Structural Inconsistences of Relational databases. Kropotin, Alexander A.; Grigoryev, Andrei V.; Bidulya, Yuliya V.; Ivashko, Alexander G.; Durynin, Ni Report Jan 1, 2017 3386
Database architecture for specifying and modeling spatio-temporal relations. Salibekyan, Sergey; Panfilov, Peter Report Jan 1, 2015 6324
Organizing and querying the big sensing data with event-linked network in the Internet of Things. Sun, Yunchuan; Yan, Hongli; Zhang, Junsheng; Xia, Ye; Wang, Shenling; Bie, Rongfang; Tian, Yingjie Report Jan 1, 2014 7410
An algorithmic approach to database normalization. Demba, M. Report Apr 1, 2013 4496
MULER: building an Electronic Resource Management (ERM) solution at York University. Lupton, Aaron; Salmon, Marcia K. Report Oct 1, 2012 5146
Knowledge management of 1D SDS PAGE gel protein image information. Ramaswamy, Gomathy; Wu, Bing; MacEvilly, Ursula Report Aug 1, 2010 5865
An approach for matching schemas of heterogeneous relational databases. Karasneh, Yaser; Ibrahim, Hamidah; Othman, Mohamed; Yaakob, Razali Report Aug 1, 2010 7015
A query-oriented XML fragment search approach on a relational database system. Keyaki, Atsushi; Hatano, Kenji; Miyazaki, Jun Report Jun 1, 2010 5808
Similarity measures for relational databases. Hajdinjak, Melita; Bauer, Andrej Report May 1, 2009 5207
Information modeling and relational databases. Halpin, Terry; Morgan, Tony Jun 1, 2008 10912
Oracle and the sales side of contract management. Mahoney, Ted Product/Service Evaluation Aug 1, 2005 921
Building the black box: how understanding your business can improve your IT investment. (Information Technology). Colman, Robert Apr 1, 2003 1441
Relational Database Management Systems IBM's DB2 or Oracle 9i? (Network Products). Oct 1, 2002 348
InterSystems ships new post-relational database offering. Brief Article Sep 26, 2002 90
Impedance mismatch in databases: Mary Finn - Intersystems Corp. (Database Systems). Dec 1, 2001 2061
Relational Database Right Size for Arizona College. STRINE, ANN Oct 15, 2001 1461
Analytics and the Data Warehouse. Hallick, John N. Jun 1, 2001 920
When querying databases, you've got to ask the right question. Hunton, James E. Feb 1, 2001 3017
A Relational Database of Astronomical Images. Thomas, Gerard; Sadighi, Jafar Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 92
Beyond Intratransaction Association Analysis: Mining Multidimensional Intertransaction Association Rules. LU, HONGJUN; FENG, LING; HAN, JIAWEI Oct 1, 2000 13671
Database Design for Incomplete Relations. LEVENE, MARK; LOIZOU, GEORGE Mar 1, 1999 28515
Deductive Database Languages: Problems and Solutions. LIU, MENGCHI Mar 1, 1999 19588
Active Database Systems. PATON, NORMAN W.; DIAZ, OSCAR Mar 1, 1999 21274
Systems design. Langford, Michael R. Apr 1, 1998 1243
A probabilistic relational algebra for the integration of information retrieval and database systems. Fuhr, Norbert; Rolleke, Thomas Jan 1, 1997 16294
Object-oriented database systems: an implementation plan. Waltz, Timothy J.; Yen, David; Lee, Sooun Jun 1, 1995 6828
Spreadsheet or relational database software: which to choose? Linn, James D. Feb 1, 1995 2191
Formal query languages for secure relational databases. Winslett, Marianne; Smith, Kenneth; Qian, Xiaolei Dec 1, 1994 11503
An approach for reverse engineering of relational databases. Premerlani, William J.; Blaha, Michael R. Tutorial May 1, 1994 4667
Portable wireless data saves police time and sweat. Weilbacher, Michael Oct 1, 1993 769
First normal form reconsidered. Dekleva, Sasa; Martens, Stanley Technical Oct 1, 1993 1291
Next-generation database systems. Cattell, R.G.G. Oct 1, 1991 2072
The POSTGRES next-generation database management system. Stonebraker, Michael; Kemnitz, Greg Oct 1, 1991 10199
Extensions to Starburst: objects, types, functions, and rules. Lohman, Guy M.; Lindsay, Bruce; Pirahesh, Hamid; Schiefer, K. Bernhard Oct 1, 1991 11372
Cornell develops interactive relational database for chefs. Aug 1, 1991 1542
Laptops help collar criminals. Wolfe, Thomas A. Dec 1, 1990 465
An object-oriented relational database. Premeriani, William J.; Blaha, Michael R.; Rumbaugh, James E.; Varwig, Thomas A. Nov 1, 1990 6519
Natural language system tracks high school students at-risk. Bleed, Ron Sep 1, 1990 1163
Object subclass hierarchy in SQL: a simple approach. Kung, Chenho Jul 1, 1990 5656
Local Networking and Overseas Data Links Employed By GMC's Environmental Staff. Oct 1, 1984 2442

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