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Rejuvenate! It's Never Too Late.

Rejuvenate! It's Never Too Late by Eartha Kitt and Tonya Bolden Scribner, May 2001, $24.00, ISBN 0-743-20224-4

Who would not know that voice ... the sultry, spicy catwoman, the dancer, the singer, the international luminary, Eartha Kitt. Life wasn't handed to Ms. Kitt on a silver platter and dance became her plateau. She landed in Paris and built herself into the eminent performer. She is a life-passionate woman who willingly shares her wisdom with us.

The longevity of Eartha Kitt's career is a testament to her endurance and stamina. And Eartha Kitt, now in her seventies, is still coming on strong. Her latest enterprise is a spiritual health book. Wonderfully conceived and written in conversational fashion about philosophy, beauty, fitness, anecdotes, history, and spiritual enlightenment, it's a sexy book of intriguing experiences, a journal, a workbook, and a book of humor all in one, with each of these ingredients sprinkled on for a delightful and quick read. The book is also wondrously illustrated in the unparalleled Eartha Kitt style.

Rejuvenate is not only a read for those of the older set, but it is also for the teenager, the thirty somethings, or the aspiring entertainer.

Through the Kahil Gibranesque walk through life that Kitt shares with us, shortcomings of nameless people are included with no holding back. I did wonder that if she was to meet me, a few of my blemishes might end up in a book of hers. Well that is the price to pay when you hobnob with a celebrity. But if this is of no controversy to you, you will be taken on a pleasant journey of life. Kitt challenges us to take care of ourselves and keep our spirit alive at any age.

Yasmain Broady-Soya, the author of the novel Tamika Jones' Adventure: A Reparation Story, works in Publisher Information Systems at John Wiley and Sons Inc. She is the Online Literary Editor for BWIP, and is studying for her Ph.D in Specialized African History.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Broady-Soya, Yasmain
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2001
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