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Reinforced wood structural member using cellulose bond line interface material. (Patents).

A reinforcement panel with a cellulose surface material improves adhesion of the panel to one or more wood segments in wood structural members such as laminated beams, wood I-beams, and trusses to provide a cellulose material-to-wood segment interface that withstands high shear stresses. The reinforcement panel is comprised of a purality of reinforcement fibers that are preferably arranged parallel to one another and aligned with the longitudinal direction of the panel, and accordingly the wood structure. The fibers are maintained in position by a resin encasement that completely encloses the fibers. A cellulose surface material is impregnated with a polyester resin and adhesively connected to a first side of the panel. The first side of the panel is adhesively affixed to the wood structure at an area of high stress such that the surface material is sandwiched between the resin encasement of the panel and the wood structure. Thus, the panel provides improved adhesion. The polyester resin provides dimensional stability and resistance to moisture degradation.

ISSUE DATE: 04/18/00. INVENTOR(S): Tingley; Daniel A., Corvallis, OR. NUMBER OF CLAIMS: 13. PATENT NUMBER 6051301.
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Publication:Forest Products Journal
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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