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Reilly, Carmel (text) Liz Alger & Melissa Webb (illus.): Domestic Servants.

[a] ** REILLY, Carmel (text) Liz Alger & Melissa Webb (illus.) Domestic Servants ISBN 9781420293630 SCIS 1600280

[a] ** REILLY, Carmel (text) Andrew Hopgood & Melissa Webb (illus.) Convict Labourers ISBN 9781420293623 SCIS 1600278 Macmillan Education (Colonial People), 2012 32pp $31.99


These thoughtfully created books show the working lives of young and diverse colonial children in Australia. Each follows a similar format, explaining life at the grand house (for the domestic servant Maude) and the penal settlement (for the convict boy Billy). There are double-paged sections devoted to daily activities, what was eaten, clothes worn, and leisure activities of the time. One 'big event' (washing day for Maude, assignment for Billy) is outlined in detail. Using a combination of illustrations, photographs, recipes and games, and a cartoon story, the books depict much of the day to day occurrences for these young people. Bolded words are explained, and an index helps for quick reference. Highly recommended.

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Title Annotation:Convict Labourers
Author:Harvey, Pam
Publication:Reading Time
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2013
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