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Reign Season 2 Update: New Characters Don't Bring Good News for Francis and Catherine.

"Reign" Season 1 killed some key characters, including King Henry. The new season is set to introduce four new characters and some of these characters are bad news for Catherine and Francis.

One of the new faces is King Henry and Catherine's daughter called Princess Claude. She is not a little girl like Francis's younger brothers, Charles and Henry III. TV Line describes the character as someone who is "very sexually advanced." Claude, who is younger to Francis, will be getting into a lot of mischief.

Catherine will be getting a new "sparring partner" in the new season. According to TV Line, this sparring partner, called Narcisse, will be "much older." She is expected to fall in some trouble in the castle. Meanwhile, Reign Writers have teased on Twitter that Catherine will be back with vengeance this fall.

Francis, who is set to get crowned as King of France in the new season, will be seen making a new friend in Season 2. This character is called Conde and is known as "Prince of the Blood." TV Line reports that Conde will "strike up an unusual friendship with Francis."

In Season 1, for a while, Francis lost both the crown prince status and Mary to Bash because of Nostradamus prophecy that his death is imminent if he marries Mary. Francis may no longer have to fear or worry about Bash but he will have to watch out for a new character called Prince Thomas.

TV Line reports that Prince Thomas will be introduced as someone who "may be the next king of France sooner than he'd imagined."

The ( twitter page of Reign Writers has shared a part of the writers' white board. It features the names of the characters who are set to appear in Season 2 of the show. These characters include Mary, Francis, Bash, Catherine, Lola, Kenna, Greer, Leith, Castleroy, Yvette, Conde, Narcisse and Nosty [Nostradamus]. Yvette was introduced as Castleroy's daughter in the finale of "Reign" Season 1. She is likely to be seen as Leith's potential love interest.

The premiere episode of Season 2 is titled "The Plague." The filming of the new season is expected to begin in July.
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Date:Jun 30, 2014
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