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Reich, Herb. Lies, Half-Truths, and MoreLies.

Reich, Herb. Lies, Half-Truths, and More Lies. Skyhorse, September, 2017. 200p. $12.99 Trade pb. 978-1-5107-1604-9.

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In a world where "fake new" and lies are abundant in the media, Reich has deconstructed the truth behind 250 "facts" that are known by many and accepted at face-value. From debunking who was really the first man in space to evaluating whether Hawaii's native fruit really is pineapple, Reich challenges historical as well as humorous information. The book is broken into four sections. The first section takes up the majority of the text (over two-thirds), and is followed by smaller sections on misattributed quotes, false experts, and thoughts on politicians.

While this nonfiction work provides some humous and thought-provoking information on various historical, scientific, and biographical subjects, the book seems tedious with fact after fact. So many of the debunked "facts" are about the same subject (there are at least three different passages about George Washington and two about Aaron Burr), and a "quick one" that was repeated in the text is about what chalk is really made of (pages 22 and 60). Still, there are several passages that would make great conversation starters in classrooms and be of general interest for fans of history. Overall, young readers and fans of fact-like books such as this will enjoy it, but it should be considered a supplemental purchase for junior high and high school libraries where these books are popular.--Molly Dettmann.

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Author:Dettmann, Molly
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2017
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