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Rehman Malik's India visit 'lies' fully exposed Pakistan's double speak: Editorial.

Islamabad, Dec. 18 ( ANI ): The statements made by Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik during his latest visit to India has some revelations for Pakistan too, an editorial in a Pakistani daily has said.

Malik, during his visit, said that Indian security agencies are to blame for the 'failure' to prevent the Mumbai attacks in 2008 and that Indian non-state actors were involved in the massacre, said the editorial in The Express Tribune.

He also said that Pakistani-American terrorist David Headley had conspired with Al-Qaeda terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri - a retired major of the Pakistan Army to plot the terror attack.

By his assertion, the government of Pakistan has admitted that Ilyas Kashmiri was a major of the Pakistan Army who had defected to the LeT. So far, the Pakistan Army has denied that he was, the editorial said.

What Malik did not add was that the Mumbai operation was mounted by Al-Qaeda to bring about an India-Pakistan war - judging from the Indian reaction to an earlier attack on the Indian parliament by another affiliate of al Qaeda, Jaish-e-Muhammad, it said.

Malik's remarks on Abu Jundal, that he was an operative for Indian intelligence, did not go down well in India, the editorial said. Perhaps, he was treating the Indian terrorist Abu Jundal and Zabiullah as two persons whereas Zabiullah carried the alias of Abu Jundal when he crossed over to Pakistan and attended briefings near Karachi where he has confessed some Pakistani officials were also present.

According to the editorial, Malik's assertion that non-state actors belonged to both sides may not be accurate. Indian Muslim terrorists cannot qualify as non-state actors in the same way as Pakistani non-state actors - simply because Pakistan used its non-state actors as mujahideen against India and is now suffering their onslaughts as affiliates of Al- Qaeda. India did not use Abu Jundal as a non-state actor against Pakistan, the editorial said.

The editorial said that Malik has to explain to the citizens of Pakistan about the terrorist who killed the prayer leader of a mosque in Karachi and was caught in Karachi. He had confessed before the police that he was an employee of the Taliban and was trained at a terrorist camp at Mansehra near Abbottabad. Pakistan says there are no training camps of terrorism in Mansehra. It is difficult after that to understand how the Taliban are still able to train their killers there, the editorial said. ( ANI )


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Publication:Asian News International
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Date:Dec 18, 2012
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