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Rehab on the green: DAV joins VA as co-host for national adaptive golf clinic. Edgar, Charity Nov 1, 2017 1026
Intravenous regional antibiotic perfusion therapy as an adjunctive treatment for digital lesions in seabirds. Brief article Sep 1, 2017 251
Rehabilitation through humanism. Thomas, Adam S. Column Sep 1, 2017 1026
Role of pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD patients. Bharathi Babu, K.; Rathinam, Prabhakaran; Elamparithi, S.; Saravanavasan, R. Report Aug 14, 2017 2687
Protect yourself by learning the truth about 10 common stroke myths. Jun 1, 2017 988
Always the right time for the right words. Klein, Martin E. Report May 1, 2017 1665
La reintroduction des orangs-outans: recit, figure et construction de l'animalite (note de recherche). Louchart, Frederic May 1, 2017 7645
McArdle tanili iki hastada dusuk siddette, kisa sureli aerobik egzersizin fonksiyonel kapasite ve yasam kalitesine etkisi. Cakir, Tuncay; Filiz, Meral Bilgilisoy; Otag, Burcu; Toraman, Naciye Fusun Report Mar 1, 2017 2891
Kistik fibrozis hastalarinda pulmoner rehabilitasyon/Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with cystic fibrosis. Saygi, Evrim Karadag; Coskun, Ozge Kenis Report Mar 1, 2017 4459
Development and evaluation of tip pinch strength measurement on a paretic hand rehabilitation device. Kim, Jung-Yeon; Cha, Ye-Rin; Lee, Sang-Heon; Jung, Bong-Keun Report Feb 1, 2017 6684
The climate of job satisfaction: The relationship between extrinsic job factors and satisfaction among community rehabilitation program professionals. Zheng, Lisa X.; Talley, William B.; Faubion, Clayton W.; Lankford, Gail M. Report Jan 1, 2017 5972
Pakistan Fights Militant Extremism [Operation Zarb-i-Azb] and the Challenge of Internally Displaced Persons: A Threat to Human Security. Javaid, Umbreen Report Dec 31, 2016 7656
Effectiveness of an individual physical rehabilitation programme in a group of patients with Hansen's disease. Serrano-Coll, Hector; Velez, Jose David; Trochez, Diana; Beltran, Juan Camilo; Suanca, Daniela; Mons Report Sep 1, 2016 5431
Disability, rehabilitation and rehabilitation psychology: an overview. Awasthi, P.; Yadava, V.; Pandey, R.P. Report Sep 1, 2016 5962
Mastering technology through practice and process, regardless of age and experience. Erin, Jane N. Report Sep 1, 2016 569
Service system collaboration in transition: an empirical exploration of its effects on rehabilitation outcomes for students with disabilities. Fabian, Ellen; Simonsen, Monica; Deschamps, Ann; Dong, Shengli; Luecking, Debra M. Jul 1, 2016 6372
Impact of integrated supported employment program on people with schizophrenia: perspectives of participants and caregivers. Yu, L.B.; Tsui, Man C.M.; Zhang, G.F.; Lu, Aisia J.B.; Li, D.; Tsang, Hector W.H. Survey Jul 1, 2016 4824
An analysis of factors influencing drinking relapse among patients with alcohol-induced psychiatric and behavioral disorders. Zeng, Rongbin; Wang, Lili; Xie, Yinghong Report Jun 1, 2016 3915
Improving your care of patients with spinal cord injury/disease. Mishori, Ranit; Groah, Suzanne L.; Otubu, Oritsetsemaye; Raffoul, Melanie; Stolarz, Katherine Report May 1, 2016 4549
Low vision rehabilitation in older adults. Tunay, Zuhal Ozen; Idil, Aysun; Petricli, Ikbal Seza; Ozdemir, Ozdemir Report May 1, 2016 2906
Rehabilitation of the combat casualty: lessons learned from past and current conflicts. Pasquina, Paul F.; Shero, John C. Apr 1, 2016 6430
Confidence in sober homes: a Massachusetts law will block referrals to some sober-living sites. Knopf, Alison Mar 22, 2016 1076
Mineral strategy falls short: watchdog group: Mining Watch Canada calls for special levy to finance mine rehabilitations. Migneault, Jonathan Feb 1, 2016 367
Sex differences between Veterans participating in interdisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation. Murphy, Jennifer L.; Phillips, Kristin M.; Rafie, Samantha Report Jan 1, 2016 8218
Identifying the referral process, practices, knowledge, training and technical assistance needed for quality transition assessments. Tidwell, Paige; Kraska, Marie; Fleming, Christine; Alderman, Lee Ann Report Jan 1, 2016 7124
Individuals with disabilities: critical factors that facilitate integration in Christian religious communities. Hobbs, Richard; Bonham, C. Elizabeth; Fogo, Jennifer Report Jan 1, 2016 8376
Rehabilitation counselor ethical considerations for end-of-life care. Case, Jan C.; Sprong, Matthew E.; Blackwell, Terry L. Report Jan 1, 2016 9048
Control strategies and artificial intelligence in rehabilitation robotics. Novak, Domen; Riener, Robert Report Dec 22, 2015 5959
Stay grounded during holiday recovery. Dec 1, 2015 383
Report on a month course in clinical and surgical leprosy for undergraduate students of physiotherapy. Gupta, Pankaj Report Dec 1, 2015 1706
Integrating narrative therapy within rehabilitative programming for incarcerated adolescents. Ikonomopoulos, James; Smith, Robert L.; Schmidt, Claudia Report Oct 1, 2015 7290
The federal government is giving $275,000 to veterans' organizations for a study on the effects of horses on the rehabilitation of traumatized veterans. Peate, Les Brief article Sep 1, 2015 182
A stiff person case admitted phsysical medicine and rehabilitation outpatient clinic with low back pain/Bel agrisi sikayetiyle fiziksel tip ve rehabilitasyon poliklinigine basvuran bir stiff person sendromu olgusu. Karaoglan, Belgin; Ote, Seyda; Koseoglu, Ebru; Balevi, Elif Report Sep 1, 2015 2333
Herpes zoster infection manifesting with sciatalgia/Siyatalji ile ortaya cikan herpes zoster enfeksiyonu. Boluk, Huma; Karabay, Ilkay; Ozturk, Gokhan Tuna; Tunc, Hakan; Ersoz, Murat Report Sep 1, 2015 587
Follow-up of N400 in the Rehabilitation of First-episode Schizophrenia. Du, Xiang-Dong; Zhang, Guang-Ya; Yang, Yong; Li, Zhe; Pan, Wen; Yin, Guang-Zhong; Dong, Ri-Xia; Gai, Report Aug 20, 2015 3346
Planning post-employment support for people with psychiatric disabilities. Waghorn, Geoffrey; Hielscher, Emily; Shield, Jason Report Jul 1, 2015 7299
Building relationships with businesses: recommendations from employers concerning persons who are blind/visually impaired. McDonnall, Michele Capella; Crudden, Adele Report Jul 1, 2015 6512
Dynamics of changes in performance indicators in the application of physical rehabilitation to students with flaccid paresis. Makarova, Elena Vladimirovna; Shmeleva, Svetlana Vasilievna; Kartashev, Valery Panteleevich; Karpova Report Jul 1, 2015 4004
But what about the other six days in the week? Erin, Jane N. Report Jul 1, 2015 567
Using a group approach to motivate adults to learn braille. Farrow, Kendra R. Report Jul 1, 2015 2137
Provision of multidisciplinary rehabilitation services by qualified, experienced personnel under one roof makes IPMandR a unique institution in Pakistan. Report Jun 30, 2015 2044
Turkish version study of "Parkinson's Disease Quality of Life Questionnaire" (PDQL). Dereli, Elif Elcin; Yaliman, Ayse; Colaka, Tugba Kuru; Cakmak, Aycan; Ozdincler, Arzu Razak; Demirba Report Jun 1, 2015 4367
The effects of cognitive rehabilitation on relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients. Altun, Ilknur Guclu; Kirbas, Dursun; Altun, Deniz Utku; Soysal, Aysun; Sutlas, Pakize Nevin; Kuscu, Report Jun 1, 2015 5043
Rehabilitation and quality of life in stroke patients. Tastekin, Nurettin Editorial Jun 1, 2015 814
Understanding contextual influences of community reintegration among injured servicemembers. Hawkins, Brent L.; McGuire, Francis A.; Linder, Sandra M.; Britt, Thomas W. Report May 1, 2015 9665
Self-management & recovery training--a SMART humanistic approach to addiction recovery. Goemans, Deborah June May 1, 2015 3630
Research and practical considerations for rehabilitation transition collaboration. Oertle, Kathleen Marie; Seader, Kathleen J. Report Apr 1, 2015 11729
Cross-sectional study of alteration of phantom limb pain with visceral stimulation in military personnel with amputation. Rafferty, Michael Report Apr 1, 2015 102
Interrater reliability of mechanical tests for functional classification of transtibial prosthesis components distal to the socket. Major, Matthew J. Report Apr 1, 2015 107
Immediate video feedback on ramp, wheelie, and curb wheelchair skill training for persons with spinal cord injury. Wang, Yong Tai; Limroongreungrat, Weerawat; Chang, Li-Shan; Ke, Xiang; Tsai, Liang-Ching; Chen, Yu-P Report Apr 1, 2015 6177
The role of hope in predicting supported employment success. Waynor, William R.; Gill, Kenneth J. Report Apr 1, 2015 4331
Ethics and the family in rehabilitation counseling. Barros-Bailey, Mary Report Apr 1, 2015 5134
Excellence is within your reach: the importance of planning for performance in the state-federal vocational rehabilitation program. Groomes, Darlene A.G.; Shoemaker, Michael; Vandergoot, David; Collins, Steven W. Report Apr 1, 2015 5006
Weight reduction after severe brain injury: a challenge during the rehabilitation course. Aadal, Lena; Mortensen, Jesper; Nielsen, Jorgen Feldbaek Report Mar 25, 2015 4658
Demographic and clinical features of hospitalized multiple sclerosis patients undergoing a rehabilitation program at our clinic/Klinigimizde yatarak rehabilitasyon programi uygulanan multipl skleroz hastalarinin sosyodemografik ve klinik ozellikleri. Onat, Sule Sahin; Delialioglu, Sibel Unsal; Ozisler, Zuhal; Ozel, Sumru Report Mar 1, 2015 4103
Factors affecting the functional independence measure gain of patients with stroke/Inmeli hastalarin fonksiyonel bagimsizlik olcum kazancini etkileyen faktorler. Cakir, Tuncay; Sarier, Rahime Nur; Dogan, Sebnem Koldas; Toraman, Naciye Fusun Report Mar 1, 2015 4803
Spina bifida and rehabilitation/Spina bifida ve rehabilitasyonu. Ozaras, Nihal Report Mar 1, 2015 3289
Dehabilitation in the era of elimination and rehabilitation: a study of 100 leprosy patients from a tertiary care hospital in India. Seshadri, Divya; Khaitan, Binod K.; Khanna, Neena; Sagar, Rajesh Report Mar 1, 2015 5874
Effects of repetitive low-level blast exposure on visual systems and ocular structures. Capo-Aponte, Jose E.; Jurek, Gina M.; Walsh, David V.; Temme, Leonard A.; Ahroon, William A.; Riggs, Report Mar 1, 2015 7621
Efficacy of simple integrated group rehabilitation program for patients with knee osteoarthritis: single-blind randomized controlled trial. da Silva, Flavio S.; de Melo, Flavio E.S.; do Amaral, Marcelo M.G.; Caldas, Vinicius V.A.; Pinheiro, Report Mar 1, 2015 8069
Effects of physical therapy delivery via home video telerehabilitation on functional and health-related quality of life outcomes. Levy, Charles E.; Silverman, Erin; Jia, Huanguang; Geiss, Meghan; Omura, David Report Mar 1, 2015 5807
Identifying contextual influences of community reintegration among injured servicemembers. Hawkins, Brent L.; McGuire, Francis A.; Britt, Thomas W.; Linder, Sandra M. Report Feb 1, 2015 7896
A rhetoric of rehabilitation: Dorothea Dix's prison reform arguments. Malsin, Mikaela J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 9074
Attitude towards desire for implant treatment among outpatients of a teaching dental hospital, Khammam. Venkata, Ramana; Pratap, K.V.N.R.; Madhavi, Padma T.; Siva, Kalyan V.; Bhargava, A.S.K.; Surya, Chan Report Jan 1, 2015 2177
Prosthodontic rehabilitation of a patient with combination syndrome. Shanthi, Priya K.; Reddi, Narasimha Rao M.; Raja, Reddy N.; Sunil, M. Report Jan 1, 2015 1378
Rehabilitation of surgically failed anterior teeth using bioactive material and monoblock effect. Jain, Rachit; Thomas, Manuel S.; Pai, Vivekananda A.R. Report Jan 1, 2015 2183
Rehabilitation of completely edentulous patient with implant supported full arch fixed prosthesis. Pratyusha, Lakshmi K.; Ravi, Kumar C.; Sunil, G.; Chalapathi, Rao D. Report Jan 1, 2015 1627
Training with robot-applied resistance in people with motor-incomplete spinal cord injury: pilot study. Lam, Tania; Pauhl, Katherine; Ferguson, Amanda; Malik, Raza N.; Krassioukov, Andrei; Eng, Janice J. Report Jan 1, 2015 9977
Virtual coaching for the high-intensity training of a powerlifter following coronary artery bypass grafting. Adams, Richard; Adams, Jenny; Qin, Huanying; Bilbrey, Tim; Schussler, Jeffrey M. Report Jan 1, 2015 1499
The ethics and practice of social media advocacy in rehabilitation counseling. Hartley, Michael T.; Johnston, Sara P.; Tarvydas, Vilia M. Report Jan 1, 2015 8164
Severe substance use disorder viewed as a chronic condition and disability. Goodwin, Lloyd R., Jr.; Sias, Shari M. Report Oct 1, 2014 6476
Cementation lands salt mine rehabilitation contract. Sep 1, 2014 325
Rehabilitation and recovery. Siu, Bonnie Wei-Man Editorial Sep 1, 2014 1583
Contemporary mental health rehabilitation. Killaspy, Helen Report Sep 1, 2014 4382
Recovery entails bridging the multiple realms of best practice: towards a more integrated approach to evidence-based clinical treatment and psychosocial disability support for mental health recovery. Rosen, Alan; O'Halloran, Paul Report Sep 1, 2014 4521
Beyond the clinical model of recovery: recovery of a Chinese immigrant woman with bipolar disorder. Kwok, Caroline Fei-Yeng Report Sep 1, 2014 3461
Awareness and utilization of rehabilitation services among physically disabled people of rural population of a District of Uttar Pradesh, India. Srivastava, Dhananjay K.; Khan, Javed A.; Pandey, Sanjay; Pillai, Divya S.; Bhavsar, Amit B. Report Sep 1, 2014 2621
Whole body vibration exercise protocol versus a standard exercise protocol after ACL reconstruction: a clinical randomized controlled trial with short term follow-up. Berschin, Gereon; Sommer, Bjorn; Behrens, Antje; Sommer, Hans-Martin Report Sep 1, 2014 8655
Training protocol for powered shoulder prosthesis. Resnik, Linda; Klinger, Shana Lieberman; Korp, Kathryn; Walters, Lisa Smurr Guest editorial Aug 1, 2014 6242
Family care map: sustaining family-centered care in polytrauma rehabilitation centers. Ford, James H., II; Wise, Meg; Krahn, Dean; Oliver, Karen Anderson; Hall, Carmen; Sayer, Nina Report Aug 1, 2014 9087
Novel balance rehabilitation and training apparatus to improve functional balance. Koceja, David M.; Greiwe, Jeffrey S. Report Aug 1, 2014 3804
Comprehensive versus consultative rehabilitation services postacute stroke: outcomes differ. Stineman, Margaret G.; Xie, Dawei; Kurichi, Jibby E.; Kwong, Pui L.; Vogel, W. Bruce; Ripley, Diane Report Jul 1, 2014 8408
Vision-based approach for long-term mobility monitoring: single case study following total hip replacement. Dolatabadi, Elham; Taati, Babak; Mihailidis, Alex Report Jul 1, 2014 7329
Evaluation of "quality of life" in patients with myocardial infarction during the complex medical rehabilitation. Magomedova, Saida; Malamagomedova, Saniyat; Damadaeva, Angela; Magdieva, Natella Report Jul 1, 2014 3559
Natural ways of health rehabilitation through health workshops. Ustinova, Olga Ivanovna Report Jul 1, 2014 2800
Polytrauma in veterans: what does it mean for the medical-surgical nurse? Bridgeland, Hannah J.; Hartenberger, Kylie E.; Poppen, Amanda N.; Zobrist, Kacey C.; Steinwedel, Cyn Report Jul 1, 2014 3439
The effectiveness of life skills training on increasing the level of work life quality of Parastoo rehabilitation center employees. Hodayi, Seyed Mostafa; Hoseinzadeh, Davood; Pakdaman, Azar Report Jun 1, 2014 3550
Optimizing medical care to facilitate and sustain employment after spinal cord injury. Thomas, Florian P.; Goetz, Lance L.; Dixon, Thomas; Ho, Chester; Holmes, Sally Ann; Sandford, Paul; Report Jun 1, 2014 6537
Neurorehabilitation at patients with Parkinson's disease. Anca, Gogu; Oana, Glavan Report Jun 1, 2014 4112
The role of mirror therapy in the improvement of upper limb function in post-stroke patients--case study. Marinescu, Gabriela-Adriana; Cordun, Mariana Clinical report Jun 1, 2014 2641
The study of the metabolic syndrome in geriatrics, in the context of cardiovascular, psychosocial and spiritual rehabilitation/Studiul sindromului metabolic in contextul reabilitarii cardiovasculare, psihosociale si spirituale a pacientilor geriatrici. Grozdan, Ana-Minodora; Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria; Ghiuru, Rodica; Chirita, Roxana; Manea, Paloma; Pandel Report Jun 1, 2014 4121
Canadian Occupational Performance Measure performance scale: validity and responsiveness in chronic pain. Nieuwenhuizen, Mieke G.; de Groot, Sonja; Janssen, Thomas W.J.; van der, Lia C.C.; Beckerman, Heleen Report May 1, 2014 11974
Passive prosthetic ankle-foot mechanism for automatic adaptation to sloped surfaces. Nickel, Eric; Sensinger, Jonathon; Hansen, Andrew Report May 1, 2014 5385
Extraction of spatial information for low-bandwidth telerehabilitation applications. Tan, Kok Kiong; Narayanan, Arun Shankar; Koh, Choon Huat; Caves, Kevin; Hoenig, Helen Report May 1, 2014 6847
Post-amputation rehabilitation in an emergency crisis: from preoperative to the community. Chawda, Rajesh; Kataria, Yogita Report Apr 1, 2014 1531
Use and validation of the balance outcome measure for elder rehabilitation in acute care. Kuys, Suzanne S.; Crouch, Tom; Dolecka, Urszula E.; Steele, Michael; Low Choy, Nancy L. Report Mar 1, 2014 4406
Clinical and morphological changes following 2 rehabilitation programs for acute hamstring strain injuries: a randomized clinical trial. Silder, A.; Sherry, M.; Sanfilippo, J.; Tuite, M.; Hetzel, S.; Heiderscheit, B. Report Mar 1, 2014 822
Revising RICE. Mar 1, 2014 707
Prosthetic management of partial mandibulectomy patient: a case report. Tabassum, Rubina; Borse, Anuradha; Parab, Sheetal; Shetty, Omkar Clinical report Feb 10, 2014 1687
A case report of rehabilitation of a subject with post-polio syndrome. Sharma, Srishti S.; Sheth, Megha S.; Vyas, Neeta J.; Patel, Pankaj R. Clinical report Feb 1, 2014 1357
Sports & etc. Feb 1, 2014 685
School-to-work barriers as identified by special educators, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and community rehabilitation professionals. Riesen, Tim; Schultz, Jared; Morgan, Robert; Kupferman, Scott Report Jan 1, 2014 9270
Neuropsychology in multidisciplinary stroke care: clinical feasibility of the NINDS-CSN vascular cognitive impairment harmonization standards. Han, Dong Y.; Anderson, Amelia J.; Jones, Jana E.; Hermann, Bruce P.; Sattin, Justin A. Report Jan 1, 2014 3986
Clinical and radiographic assessment of secondary bone graft outcomes in cleft lip and palate patients. Khalil, W.; de Musis, C.R.; Volpato, L.E.R.; Veiga, K.A.; Vieira, E.M.M.; Aranha, A.M. Report Jan 1, 2014 5354
Functional performance testing and patient reported outcomes following ACL reconstruction: a systematic scoping review. Almangoush, Adel; Herrington, Lee Report Jan 1, 2014 8887
Psychiatrists can be a part of the team dealing with mental disorders but cannot manage them alone - Norman Sartorius. Conference notes Nov 30, 2013 594
Both genders should become accommodative to improve Global Women Mental Health-Dr.Unaiza Niaz. Conference notes Nov 30, 2013 581
Complete recovery from psychiatric illness is possible with effective medications and psychosocial support- Brig. Mowadat Rana. Conference notes Nov 30, 2013 1024
Drugs treat disorders not behaviours and even Right drugs do not fix the wrong environment - Dr. Shujat Ali Naqvi. Conference notes Nov 30, 2013 943
Psychiatry faces numerous challenges stemming from socioeconomic development, changes of medicine and unresolved issues among psychiatrists-Prof.Norman Sartorius. Conference notes Nov 30, 2013 1430
Proceedings of the Second National Rehabilitation Conference held at Isra University Islamabad. Mansoor, Sahibzada Nasir Conference notes Nov 15, 2013 557
Application of low vision aids and the ratios of telescopic glasses usage/Az gorenlere yardim cihazi uygulamalari ve teleskopik gozluk kullanma oranlari. Altinbay, Deniz Report Nov 1, 2013 2708
Results of application of rigid gas permeable contact lenses in patients with keratoconus/Keratokonuslu hastalarda gaz gecirgen sert kontakt lens uygulama sonuclarimiz. Yazar, Esin; Alacayir, Figen; Altinok, Ayse Asyali; Serdar, Kurtulus; Ozturk, Faruk Report Nov 1, 2013 3017
The latest advances in technology for people with spinal cord injury. Oct 1, 2013 623
Veterans affairs Rehabilitation R&D Service awards funding for research on IDA Motivational Tools. Oct 1, 2013 357
Proposal for an organizational model for the rehabilitation assistance of breast operated women/Proposta di un modello organizzativo dell'assistenza riabilitativa per le donne operate al seno. Coradazzi, Catia; Marchet, Francesco Report Oct 1, 2013 9096
Low level laser therapy: healing at the speed of light. Ahmed, Samith; Bewsh, Gregory; Bhat, Shankaranarayana; Babu, Ramesh Report Sep 30, 2013 11216
Reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the Berg Balance Scale in patients with stroke/Berg denge olcegi'nin Turkce versiyonunun inmeli Hastalarda Gecerlilik ve guvenilirligi. Sahin, Fusun; Buyukavci, Raikan; Sag, Sinem; Dogu, Beril; Kuran, Banu Report Sep 1, 2013 4285
Rehabilitation professionals' expectations for transition and interagency collaboration. Oertle, Kathleen Marie; Trach, John S.; Plotner, Anthony J. Survey Jul 1, 2013 7483
Nursing roles and functions in the inpatient neurorehabilitation of stroke patients: a literature review. Aadal, Lena; Angel, Sanne; Dreyer, Pia; Langhorn, Leanne; Pedersen, Birgitte Blicher Report Jun 1, 2013 7889
Opportunities in rehabilitation research. Ommaya, Alexander K.; Adams, Kenneth M.; Allman, Richard M.; Collins, Eileen G.; Cooper, Rory A.; Di Editorial Jun 1, 2013 15489
Interaction effects between rehabilitation and discharge destination on inpatients' functional abilities. Badriah, Fase; Abe, Takeru; Miyamoto, Hidekazu; Moriya, Megumi; Babazono, Akira; Hagihara, Akihito Report Jun 1, 2013 8641
Outcome analysis of posterior stabilization of thoracolumbar spine fractures in a rural tertiary care centre--an experience. Mandal, Prasanta Kumar; Ray, Dibakar; Majhi, Fagu Ram; Tirkey, Somnath; Ray, Mrinal Kanti Clinical report May 6, 2013 2509
A long, painful journey. May 1, 2013 815
The implementation of conductive education in the treatment of a five year old girl with cerebral palsy: a case report. Smith, Jill; Washington, Robin; Kuchler, Roberta Clinical report Mar 22, 2013 4636
Developing a research agenda to address health disparities in rehabilitation: findings from a national HBCU conference. Chesbro, Steven B. Conference notes Mar 22, 2013 4104
The influence of epidemics on the role of physiotherapists in rehabilitation. Skinner, Margot A. Report Mar 1, 2013 3135
Effect of pulmonary rehabilitation programme on patients of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Bhaskar, Ravi; Kant, Surya; Chaudhary, Rakesh Kr; Tayal, Nitesh; Chandra, Alok; Mahmood, Tariq; Verm Report Jan 7, 2013 3504
Don't judge. Jan 1, 2013 716
Employment outcomes of community rehabilitation providers. Suarez-Balcazar, Yolanda; Lukyanova, Valentina V.; Balcazar, Fabricio; Ali, Asma; Morton, Douglas; A Jan 1, 2013 4865
Opening the outdoors for therapy. Chenelly, Joseph R. Jan 1, 2013 563
Rehabilitative treatment of a Ehlers-Danlos syndrome borderline patient: case report/Trattamento riabilitativo di una paziente borderline per Sindrome di Ehlers-Danlos: case report. Bonandrini, Marta; Pisati, Jacopo; Ravaglia, Sabrina; Ferrari, Silvano Clinical report Jan 1, 2013 5408
In the pipeline for MS: rehab by phone. Dec 22, 2012 456
Eritrea : Ginda sub-zone - More than 4 million Nakfa paid in benefit scheme to families of martyrs. Brief article Dec 6, 2012 159
Home-based stroke rehabilitation using computer gaming. King, Marcus; Hijmans, Juha M.; Sampson, Michael; Satherley, Jessica; Hale, Leigh Report Nov 1, 2012 5688
Colombia : Rehab projects is decreased in Columbia. Brief article Oct 22, 2012 151
Nigeria : FG starts food distribution plan. Brief article Oct 18, 2012 151
China : MORE THAN 80,000 rehab centers in China. Brief article Oct 8, 2012 133
Coping and adaptation in adults living with spinal cord injury. Barone, Stacey Hoffman; Waters, Katherine Report Oct 1, 2012 8843
Eccentric viewing training and its effect on the reading rates of individuals with absolute central scotomas: a meta-analysis. Howe, Jon Clinical report Sep 1, 2012 7043
Rehabilitation research: changing focus from outputs to outcomes. Jahrami, Haitham; Hubail, Suad Guest editorial Sep 1, 2012 697
When My Al-Anon Meeting Incorporated the Lord's Prayer, I Felt Left Out as a Jew. Saval, Malina Brief article Aug 24, 2012 188
Servicemembers and veterans with disabilities: addressing unique needs through professional rehabilitation counseling. Sporner, Michelle L. Guest editorial Aug 1, 2012 2943
Age-related changes in consonant and sentence processing. Woods, David L.; Doss, Zoe; Herron, Timothy J.; Yund, E. William Report Aug 1, 2012 8532
Gait disorder rehabilitation using vision and non-vision based sensors: a systematic review. Ali, Asraf; Sundaraj, Kenneth; Ahmad, Badlishah; Ahamed, Nizam; Islam, Anamul Report Aug 1, 2012 8318
Speakers discuss measurers to promote the specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Jun 14, 2012 800
Whole-body vibration and rehabilitation of chronic diseases: a review of the literature. Chanou, Konstantina; Gerodimos, Vassilis; Karatrantou, Konstantina; Jamurtas, Athanasios Report Jun 1, 2012 15330
Decomposing racial and ethnic disparities in the use of postacute rehabilitation care. Holmes, George M.; Freburger, Janet K.; Ku, Li-Jung E. Jun 1, 2012 8320
Eritrea : ENWVA branch in the Northern Red Sea region rehabilitates 18 members. Brief article May 4, 2012 198
Train through pain: wounded warriors learn to work through pain from injuries in their physical training and rehabilitation. Roughton, Randy Apr 1, 2012 1048
Prosthetic rehabilitation for congenital defect of the ear. Burhanpurwala Murtuza, A.; Kotipalli Madhavi, S.; Magar, Swaroop Kumar; Bhandari Aruna, J.; Gangadha Clinical report Apr 1, 2012 1256
Mixing mercy with justice: Barbour had a point. Peirce, Neal Column Jan 23, 2012 827
The cognitive apprenticeship model: implications for its use in psychiatric rehabilitation provider training. Bates, Francine M.; Waynor, William R.; Dolce, Joni N. Jan 1, 2012 4362
Rehabilitation Research and Development state-of-the-art conference on outcome measures in rehabilitation. Elliott, Timothy R. Guest editorial Jan 1, 2012 1792
Issues in defining and measuring veteran community reintegration: Proceedings of the Working Group on Community Reintegration, VA Rehabilitation Outcomes Conference, Miami, Florida. Resnik, Linda; Bradford, Daniel W.; Glynn, Shirley M.; Jette, Alan M.; Hernandez, Caitlin Johnson; W Jan 1, 2012 9876
Mental health assessment in rehabilitation research. McQuaid, John R.; Marx, Brian P.; Rosen, Marc I.; Bufka, Lynn F.; Tenhula, Wendy; Cook, Helene; Kean Jan 1, 2012 11625
Measurement of social participation outcomes in rehabilitation of veterans with traumatic brain injury. Stiers, William; Carlozzi, Noelle; Cernich, Alison; Velozo, Craig; Pape, Theresa; Hart, Tessa; Gulli Report Jan 1, 2012 10284
Activity and participation after spinal cord injury: state-of-the-art report. Ullrich, Philip M.; Spungen, Ann M.; Atkinson, Darryn; Bombardier, Charles H.; Chen, Yuying; Erosa, Report Jan 1, 2012 12858
Small N designs for rehabilitation research. Barnett, Scott D.; Heinemann, Allen W.; Libin, Alexander; Houts, Arthur C.; Gassaway, Julie; Sen-Gup Jan 1, 2012 7343
Telephone accessibility for individuals with dual sensory impairments: a case study. Evers, Paul; Barber, Paul; Wittich, Walter Clinical report Jan 1, 2012 1788
Ramping up rehab research. Coetzee, Timothy Nov 29, 2011 468
SUDAN : Vice President Affirms Support of DDR Commission. Brief article Nov 23, 2011 130
Rory Cooper. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 318
The role of sanctions in intensive support and rehabilitation: rhetoric, rationalities and realities. Flint, John Report Sep 22, 2011 6013
Effects of type and mode of propulsion on hand-cycling biomechanics in nondisabled subjects. Faupin, Arnaud; Gorce, Philippe; Meyer, Christophe Report Sep 1, 2011 6740
Effect of depression on actual and perceived effects of reading rehabilitation for people with central vision loss. Grant, Patricia; Seiple, William; Szlyk, Janet P. Report Sep 1, 2011 3927
Effect of position feedback during task-oriented upper-limb training after stroke: five-case pilot study. Molier, Birgit I.; Prange, Gerdienke B.; Krabben, Thijs; Stienen, Arno H.A.; van der Kooij, Herman; Report Sep 1, 2011 4154
Hematologic parameters in raptor species in a rehabilitation setting before release. Black, Peter A.; McRuer, David L.; Horne, Leigh-Ann Report Sep 1, 2011 6147
Hand immobilisation and rehabilitation. Solomons, Michael Sep 1, 2011 689
Residential treatment for homeless female veterans with psychiatric and substance use disorders: effect on 1-year clinical outcomes. Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan; Rosenheck, Robert A.; Desai, Rani Report Aug 1, 2011 5662
Bilateral upper-limb rehabilitation after stroke using a movement-based game controller. Hijmans, Juha M.; Hale, Leigh A.; Satherley, Jessica A.; McMillan, Nicole J.; King, Marcus J. Report Aug 1, 2011 4775
ZAMBIA : Government to rehabilitate over 130 bridges to improve accessibility of goods. Brief article Jul 11, 2011 279
Evaluation of a multi-site transition to adulthood program for youth with disabilities. Brewer, David; Karpur, Arun; Pi, Sukyeong; Erickson, William; Unger, Darlene; Malzer, Valerie Report Jul 1, 2011 8110
Consumers with a bipolar bisorder: a theory-based approach to explore beliefs impacting job placement. Hergenrather, Kenneth C.; Rhodes, Scott D.; Gitlin, David J. Report Jul 1, 2011 8315
Economic impacts of West Virginia division of rehabilitation services on consumers with significant disabilities: realistic return-on-investment models for state-federal VR programs. Bua-Iam, Pisnu; Bias, Thomas K. Jul 1, 2011 3984
Practical Wisdom: Positive Rehabilitation Psychology and the Legacy of Beatrice Wright. Herrick, Samantha J. Jul 1, 2011 811
Award winners. Awards list Jul 1, 2011 399
Understanding traumatic brain injury: an introduction. Trudel, Tina M.; Scherer, Marcia J.; Elias, Eileen Disease/Disorder overview Jul 1, 2011 2795
Upper-limb robot-assisted therapy in rehabilitation of acute stroke patients: focused review and results of new randomized controlled trial. Masiero, Stefano; Armani, Mario; Rosati, Giulio Report Jul 1, 2011 8202
Outcomes of teaching mental health recovery processes to persons in recovery through an education and mentoring program. Silver, Thelma; Bricker, Donna; Schuster, Pamela; Pancoe, Theresa; Pesta, Z. Report Jul 1, 2011 4673
Physiotherapy is an important segment of Rehabilitation Medicine - Education of patients to take precautions and adopt preventive measures can arrest erosion of joints and improve patient's quality of life - Ch. Sajid Rashid - Listening to the patient carefully while taking history and physical examination is extremely important to come to correct diagnosis. Jun 14, 2011 1134
Using virtual reality environment to facilitate training with advanced upper-limb prosthesis. Resnik, Linda Brief article Jun 1, 2011 105
Development and testing of new upper-limb prosthetic devices: research designs for usability testing. Resnik, Linda Jun 1, 2011 6506
Rehabilitation: a crucial component in the future of HIV care and support. Nixon, Stephanie; Forman, Lisa; Hanass-Hancock, Jill; Mac-Seing, Muriel; Munyanukato, Norbert; Myezw Report Jun 1, 2011 2866
Learning from lingering angst. Mukherjee, Debjani Column May 1, 2011 1751
Rebound to wings. Frantom, Todd May 1, 2011 2356
EAAT training for injured brains: Brandy, who has been coping with a traumatic brain injury for the past 10 years, participated in a research study to see if EAAT could help with chronic impairments from TBI. Flynn, Perry; Lundgren, Kristine; Mankoff, Lyn; Johnson, Leslie May 1, 2011 1250
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Effects on beneficiary employment and earnings of a graduated $1-for-$2 benefit offset for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Tremblay, Tim; Porter, Alice; Smith, James; Weathers, Robert Report Apr 1, 2011 5320
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Short-term ankle motor performance with ankle robotics training in chronic hemiparetic stroke. Roy, Anindo; Forrester, Larry W.; Macko, Richard F. Report Apr 1, 2011 7848
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A portable powered ankle-foot orthosis for rehabilitation. Shorter, K. Alex; Kogler, Geza F.; Loth, Eric; Durfee, William K.; Hsiao-Wecksler, Elizabeth T. Report Apr 1, 2011 7956
MALAWI : One Million Malawians to Benefit from Irrigation Schemes. Mar 18, 2011 461
GHANA : MiDA guarantees to provide $3m for Bontanga Irrigation Project. Mar 4, 2011 360
Unmet needs: service issues for persons who are blind or have low vision. Crudden, Adele; Sansing, William Report Mar 1, 2011 5007
Calendar. Calendar Mar 1, 2011 668
New rehab program is fostering Independence. Wilborn, Thorn Mar 1, 2011 845
Optimizing interoperability between video-oculographic and electromyographic systems. Navallas, Javier; Ariz, Mikel; Villanueva, Arantxa; Agustin, Javier San; Cabeza, Rafael Report Mar 1, 2011 7469
Telerehabilitation assessment using the Functioning Everyday with a Wheelchair-Capacity instrument. Schein, Richard M.; Schmeler, Mark R.; Holm, Margo B.; Pramuka, Michael; Saptono, Andi; Brienza, Dav Report Feb 1, 2011 5939
Esiti della riabilitazione residenziale e non residenziale in pazienti operati per frattura di femore: studio di coorte retrospettivo/Outcomes of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation in patients with femoral fracture: retrospective cohort study. Albino, Antonio Report Jan 1, 2011 3785
Development of finger-motion capturing device based on optical linear encoder. Li, Kang Brief article Jan 1, 2011 144
Pain neurophysiology education improves cognitions, pain thresholds, and movement performance in people with chronic whiplash: a pilot study. Van Oosterwijck, Jessica; Nijs, Jo; Meeus, Mira; Truijen, Steven; Craps, Julie; Van den Keybus, Nick Report Jan 1, 2011 8732
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Epidemiology of Chronic Respiratory Diseases in Turkey and World/Dunyada ve Turkiye'de kronik solunum hastaliklarinin epidemiyolojisi. Dogan, Asuman Report Dec 1, 2010 4251
The importance and physiological effects of exercise in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation/ Kardiyopulmoner Rehabilitasyonda Egzersizin Onemi ve Fizyolojik Etkileri. Aydemir, Koray Report Dec 1, 2010 3426
Stages of cardiac rehabilitation/Kardiyak rehabilitasyon basamaklari. Sarikaya, Selda Report Dec 1, 2010 2975
Indications for pulmonary rehabilitation, patient selection and contraindications/Pulmoner rehabilitasyon endikasyonlari, hasta secimi ve kontrendikasyonlar. Sutbeyaz, Serap Tomruk Report Dec 1, 2010 2056
Pulmonary rehabilitation applications/Pulmoner rehabilitasyon uygulamalari. Koseoglu, Belma Fusun Report Dec 1, 2010 5340
Efficiency of pulmonary rehabilitation/Pulmoner rehabilitasyonun etkinligi. Taskiran, Ozden Ozyemisci Report Dec 1, 2010 3170
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Rehab program deferred cartilage repair surgery. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Nov 15, 2010 321
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Structuring of the Bakirkoy Rehabilitation Form for patient with chronic mental illness/Bakirkoy kronik ruhsal hasta rehabilitasyon formu'nun yapilandirilmasi. Yazici, Ayla; Saatcioglu, Omer; Coskun, Sibel; Yanik, Medaim Report Sep 1, 2010 4788
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Concurrent planning (2): the rollercoaster of uncertainty'. Kenrick, Jenny Report Jun 22, 2010 7108
Cityscape Jeddah to unveil prime projects that complement Gateway City's sustained growth plan. May 27, 2010 555
Rochester Wellness Clinic brings to Oman state-of-the art speech facility. Speech Apr 8, 2010 380
Clinical applications of hypnosis in the physical medicine and rehabilitation setting: three case reports. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 122
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Meet the new and improved Section 504. Cortiella, Candace; Kaloi, Laura Feb 1, 2010 1164
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Rehab, quick: when private insurers interfere with good medicine. Waskow, Arthur Nov 1, 2009 397
No stopping now: winter rehabilitation clinic shows veterans' potential. Mattox, Ryan Nov 1, 2009 1281
Eye and visual function in traumatic brain injury. Cockerham, Glenn C.; Goodrich, Gregory L.; Weichel, Eric D.; Orcutt, James C.; Rizzo, Joseph F.; Bow Report Nov 1, 2009 5546
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Introduction to geriatric rehabilitation/Geriatrik rehabilitasyona giris. Turhan, Nur; Yagci, Ilker; Okumus, Muyesser Report Oct 1, 2009 3526
Rehabilitation of an aged hemiplegic patient/Yasli hemiplejik hastanin rehabilitasyonu. Ceceli, Esma Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 1403
Challenges in transition from sheltered workshop to competitive employment: perspectives of Taiwan social enterprise transition specialists. Hsu, Tsu-Hsuan; Ososkie, Joseph; Huang, Ying-Ting Oct 1, 2009 6055
Rehabilitation services in the United Arab Emirates as perceived by parents of children with disabilities. Dukmak, Samir Oct 1, 2009 6100
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Central nervous system and musculoskeletal medication profile of a veteran cohort with blast-related injuries. French, Dustin D.; Bair, Matthew J.; Bass, Elizabeth; Campbell, Robert R.; Siddharthan, Kris Report Jul 1, 2009 3711
Musculoskeletal model of trunk and hips for development of seated-posture-control neuroprosthesis. Lambrecht, Joris M.; Audu, Musa L.; Triolo, Ronald J.; Kirsch, Robert F. Report Jul 1, 2009 8221
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Diagnosis and treatment of anterior knee pain/on diz agrilarinda tani ve tedavi yaklasimlari. Kuran, Banu; Dogu, Beril Report Apr 1, 2009 3262
Postoperative rehabilitation in patients with hip fracture/kalca kirikli hastalarda cerrahi sonrasi rehabilitasyon. Sindel, Dilsad Report Apr 1, 2009 5620
Effectiveness of assistive technologies for low vision rehabilitation: a systematic review. Jutai, Jeffrey W.; Strong, J. Graham; Russell-Minda, Elizabeth Report Apr 1, 2009 6004
The effect of an educational program for persons with macular degeneration: a pilot study. Smith, Theresa Marie; Thomas, Kimberly; Dow, Katherine Report Apr 1, 2009 3354
Early use of constraint induced therapy (CIT) following a CVA: a case study examining this treatment during the acute rehabilitation phase of recovery. Thorne, Andrea J. Report Mar 22, 2009 4719
Early rehabilitation outcome and demographic and clinical features of patients with traumatic tendon injury/ Travmatik tendon yaralanmali hastalarin erken rehabilitasyon sonuclari ve demografik, klinik ozellikleri. Oz, Bengi; Bal, Serpil; Demirdoven, Cenk; Memis, Asuman; Gurgan, Alev; Sahin, Bans; Oztan, Hasan Yuc Report Mar 1, 2009 3364
Rehabilitation needs of patients with cancer/ kanser hastalarinin rehabilitasyon gereksinimi. Aras, Meltem; Delialioglu, Sibel Unsal; Atalay, Nilgun; Taflan-Selcuk, Selin Report Mar 1, 2009 2729
Spontaneous rupture of extensor pollicis longus tendon: a case report/ ekstansor pollisis longus tendonunun spontan rupturu: vaka sunumu. Durmus, Dilek; Ilhanli, Liker; Cengiz, Kivanc; Canturk, Ferhan; Piskin, Ahmet Case study Mar 1, 2009 1873
MGH study indicates rehabilitation is possible many months after stroke; Patients use robotic technology to regain brain function. Mar 1, 2009 427
Teaching a reluctant adult reader: a case study. Houston, Charla Rose Feb 1, 2009 1250
The domains of stroke recovery: a synopsis of the literature. Vanhook, Patricia Report Feb 1, 2009 8757
The editor's column. Editorial Jan 1, 2009 4398
A proposed orthotic model for locomotor rehabilitation. Barbu, Daniela Mariana; Dumitriu, Adrian; Lache, Simona; Barbu, Ion; Druga, Corneliu Report Jan 1, 2009 1377
Use of inertial sensors in lower-limb rehabilitation device. Dumitriu, Adrian; Barbu, Daniela Mariana Report Jan 1, 2009 1708
Conservative treatment of a tibialis posterior strain in a novice triathlete: a case report. Howitt, Scott; Jung, Sarah; Hammonds, Nicole Case study Jan 1, 2009 4494
Comparison of efficacy between traditional and video game based balance programs. Brumels, Kirk A.; Blasius, Troy; Cortright, Tyler; Oumedian, Daniel; Solberg, Brent Report Dec 22, 2008 3725
Lessons from the South Carolina RSAT evaluation: the role of drug testing in aftercare. Miller, J. Mitchell Dec 1, 2008 1043
Functional disability level in patients with stroke in early stage: the relationship with functional gain/Erken donem inmeli hastalarda fonksiyonel ozurluluk duzeyi: fonksiyonel kazanc ile iliskisi. Karatepe, Altinay Goksel; Gunaydin, Rezzan; Demirhan, Aylin; Kaya, Taciser; Gedizlioglu, Muhtesem Report Dec 1, 2008 3337
Post polio syndrome/Post polio sendromu. Yagiz On, Arzu Report Dec 1, 2008 7284
Ability to read medication labels improved by participation in a low vision rehabilitation program. Markowitz, Samuel N.; Kent, Christine K.; Schuchard, Ronald A.; Fletcher, Donald C. Report Dec 1, 2008 2288
Black Diamond Sports Therapy team members attend training. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 103
The plight of children with disabilities. Casabal, Gloria T. Report Dec 1, 2008 4340
The effect of a task-oriented intervention on arm function in people with stroke: a randomised controlled trial. McGregor, Lesley Report Nov 1, 2008 898
Cyclone rehabilitation slow. Brief article Oct 31, 2008 149
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Evaluation of lontophoresis and rehabilitation outcomes of patients with hand tendon injuries/El tendon yaralanmali hastalarda lyontoforez ve rehabilitasyon sonuclarinin degerlendirilmesi. Umay, Ebru; Demirel, Alev Cevikol; Gurcay, Eda; Unlu, Ece; Noyan, Sema; Cakci, Aytul; Sanli, Elif; T Report Sep 1, 2008 3164
Electromyographic measurement of muscle relaxation time in myotonia: effect of rehabilitation program on muscle relaxation time in a myotonic dystrophy case/Miyotonide gevseme zamaninin elektromiyografik olcumu: miyotonik distrofili bir olguda rehabilitasyon programinin gevseme zamanina etkisi. Ozsarac, Gonen Mengi; Erdogan, Zeynep; Beyazova, Mehmet Report Sep 1, 2008 1633

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