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Rehabilitation Of External Water Mains - Power Gate 3 And Quay Place 17-2, Pilot Station , Restoration Of Fire Hydrants And Plumbing Shafts, Port Varna-west.

Contract notice: "rehabilitation of external water mains - power gate 3 and quay place 17-2," pilot station ", restoration of fire hydrants and plumbing shafts, port varna-west"

The following types of construction and assembly works are planned: geodetic recording of the water pipeline route and drawing of executive drawings in the three sections of the water transport network of varna-west harbor. cutting of asphalt concrete and reinforced concrete flooring with fuselage over the route of the new water supply. technological milling of asphalt concrete flooring up to 6 cm thick, including transport of landfill and landfill tax. dismantling of existing concrete panels measuring 0,5 / 2,0 / 0,20 meters, incl. transporting, sorting and sorting a landfill up to 200 meters. deburring existing crushed stone, including loading and transport of landfill and landfill. manual and mechanized breakdown of reinforced concrete elements, loading and removal of landfill, incl. landfill tax. drilling a plumbing shaft with a hydraulic excavator, loading and removal of a dump, incl. landfill fee size 2.0 / 2.0 / 1.7. a manmade trench to uncover existing communications, prior to making the trenches along the waterway route, all subsurface communications must be permanently identified and signaled on the ground in order to preserve them when carrying out the excavation work. hand and machine excavation in soil soils up to 1.2 m in width and depth up to 1.5 m, incl. loading and unloading a landfill up to 2 km. and a bulldozer. machine excavation of soil soils on a sludge to be carried out, backfilling of the trench after laying the sanding pad and filling of the pipe. non-sealing and excavation of the trench during the construction and assembly works. strengthening cables in a trench. mud drilling and pulling of a metal tube f219x4, including welding and anticorrosive coating - the role of this pipe is to serve as a siege during the passage of the pipeline under the railway tracks. supply and fitting of hdpe pipes with diameters of 90 - 160 pe 100 pn 16 sdr 11 and their fittings (flanged ends, steel flanges, tees, reducers, electro-welding sleeves, etc.). supply and installation of cast iron valve dn 80-dn 150 pn 16 with rubber wedge. supply and installation of overhead hydrant dn80 pn16 with fifth valve, sealing valve with rubberized wedge f4 dn80, ff piece dn80 / l300, safety pot and telescopic skein for dn80 / l1550. construction of the inspection shaft 1000 from concrete rings up to 2.0 m depth with cast iron cover f700 (type d400) with reinforced base. supply, laying and sanding of sand and padding with a minimum of 15 cm below and above the laid pipes. piling narrow trenches and tamping layers over 0.2 m on soil soils with manual ramming. lay a signal strip in the trench about 50 cm below ground level. construction of new plumbing shafts with dimensions 2,0


Address : Klon Tp Pristanishte Varna


Pl. Slaveykov No. 1



Contact Person: Ivelin Ivanov

Country :Bulgaria

Email :

Tender notice number : 82108-2019

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2019-03-25

Tender documents : T442192138.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 21, 2019
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