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Regus plans to triple business centers in Taipei within 3 years.

Despite the still uncertain global economic recovery, Taiwan has basked in relatively favorable business climate over the last four years, with the outlook continuing to be buoyant after pro-China Kuomintang's Ma Ying-jeou won on January 14 of this year a second term as president, which will see improving relationship with China to sow more business opportunities on the island.

Betting on the rosy business climate in Taiwan, Regus Group, the world's largest leaser of offices, registered in the United States but headquartered in Luxemburg, will raise investment in Taiwan to raise the number of its business centers to nine within three years from the current three.

Having established its first business center in Taipei in 2008 and added two more late last year, Regus boasts of having over 1,000 business centers in 450 cities across 75 countries, with products including full-time offices, branch offices, project offices, startup offices, team rooms, cubes, part-time offices, executive suites, office space rentals, fully-equipped offices etc.

Insiders indicate that Taiwan's instant office market emerged about a decade ago with about 30 business centers and instant offices mostly in the northern capital Taipei. Some are run by leading domestic property developers and construction firms such as Farglory Group, Pacific Construction Co., and Kee Tai Real Estate Co. and some by internationals as the Hong Kong-based TEC (The Executive Center) and Regus.

Currently business centers charge for offices according to needs of renters, with prices usually ranging NT$56-83 (US$66.66-100) to NT$278-556 ((US$333.33-666.66) per square foot a month.

Regus, for example, charges a minimum monthly rental of NT$10,000 (US$333.33) for an office with one desk, including electricity, tap water, hot drinks, Wi-Fi, but as much as NT$20,000 (US$666.66) if more amenities, services are needed, and currently offers small offices of 180 sq. ft. for three persons or 288 sq. ft. for six persons.

A senior manager at Regus Taipei says that the firm has witnessed annual occupancy rate averaging 90% in Taipei over the past three years and strong demand last year, hence motivating the decision to add more business centers here.

A recent survey by Regus shows 55% of the polled enterprises in Taiwan intend to hire more staff in the next two years, and half plan to hire more freelancers, which have the potential to drive demand for leased offices. (JL, March 2012)
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Author:Li, Judy
Publication:The Taiwan Economic News
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Date:Apr 3, 2012
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