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Regulators likely to force Interbrew to sell beer brands.

European brewing industry analysts say Interbrew N.V. will probably have to sell some brands to gain approval for its $3.4 billion acquisition of Bass PLC's brewing unit. British regulators have asked for oversight on the deal, and although a decision had not been made at press-time, analysts expect the European Commission to grant the British request.

There had been speculation the Interbrew would have to sell the Tennent's Lager brand, because it would give Interbrew a 50% market share in Scotland. Interbrew has said that it does not intend to sell Tennent's.

According to industry watches in Britain, however, U.K. regulators are likely to judge the deal on a Britain-wide rather than regional market share basis. This would allow Interbrew to sell some smaller more wildely-distributed brands.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Aug 28, 2000
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