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Regulator needs a strap: M113-series FOV ...

Mechanics, there are two different types of 200-amp regulators for M113-series vehicles. One has a built-in internal ground and the other requires an external ground strap.

Both regulators come under NSN 2920 01-300-3737 and that's where the problem begins.

Suppose you're replacing a bad regulator that happens to be one of the internally grounded ones. You order a new one expecting to receive the same type, but instead get one that requires an external ground strap. Since there are no installation instructions or ground strap included in the package, you have no idea that it's any different from the one being replaced. So, you install it just like the one you removed.

You've now got an ungrounded regulator that's going to burn up.

TACOM's fix is a requirement that all new regulators he installed with an external ground strap, The external ground strap won't hurt internally-grounded regulators and is essential for externally grounded ones.

Attach the ground strap, NSN 6150-00-999-2100, to the regulator with lock washer, NSN 5310-00-550-1130, and nut, NSN 5310-00-761-6882. The other end of the strap connects to the regulator mounting plate with two lock washers, NSN 5310-00-067-6357, and screw, NSN 5305-00068-7837.
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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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