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Regular Weekly Cabinet Meeting.

Manama, October 2nd -- (BNA) His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the Prime Minister chaired the regular weekly cabinet meeting this morning (Sunday October, 2, 2011) at Gudaibiya Palace.

Below are exerpts from the statement made by the Cabinet Minister Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammedd after the meeting:- His Royal Highness the Prime Minister emphasized the noble intentions of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for the country and citizens and his keenness to find solutions to all issues as His Majesty explored all good means, spared no efforts, and showed keenness for the sake of security and stability of the country and the of the people and worked more than any other leader and this proves to Bahraini people and the whole world His Majesty's sincerest intentions and transparency when tackling all issues failry and justly; and we hereby would like to express our gratitude to His Majesty the King for the achievements he has realized for his Kingdom and people); and with divine success we will achieve all of His Majesty's ambitions for the sake of the welfare and prosperity of the country and citizens.

This statment was made on the occasion of the governmental committee's completion of its task assigned by His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, of follow up and implementation of the national dialogue views. The committee presided over by Deputy Premier His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa completed its mission of following up implemention of the recommendaitons of the political views of the national consensus dialogue and submitted its report.

The cabinet, approved taking necessary constitutional and legal actions to implement the agreed views in the political theme of the national dialogue including swapping the national assembly presidency from the Shura Council's chairman to the House of Representative's speaker and re-consideraiton of constituencies, setting criteria for selection of memebers for the Shura council, increasing legislative and supervisory powers of the House of Representatives, obligatory summoning of ministers to attend the House of Representatives' meetings for discussion of matters concerning their ministry, and developing a mechanism to expedite legislations.

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister expressed utmost gratitude and appreciation to Deputy Premier His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa chairman of the governmental commitee and its members for their laudable efforts in following up implementation of conceded views of the national consensus dialogue.

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister lauded the successful by-elections which he considred as strong evidence of the inherent success of the Bahraini people in their various spectrums who supported democracy and boosted popular participation in order for the reformative process to continue and hailed candidates and electorates who played a huge role in making a success of the elections which brought women into parliament who scored an unprecedented 10% in the House of Representatives.

His Highness the Prime Minister emphasized that great popular participation reflected the people's commitment to democracy as their strategic choice to ensure a better future.

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister lauded the effective role of the oil and gas industry in boosting growth and development and said that the government continues its strategic plans to ensure exploitation of oil and gas resources to speed up development, citing significance of attracting more expos for this sector.

His Royal Highness informed the cabinet about the Middle East Oil & Gas Conference and Expo (MEOS 2011) and emphasized that the numbers of participants in the Expo and Conference reflects the trust they placed on the Kingdom's economic and investment capabilities, and praised the preparations and organization, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Minister of Energy who, in turn, submitted a report accompanied with statistics that included participating countries and registration of companies who would like to partake in the conference as exhibitors and working papers scheduled to be presented during the conference.

The cabinet welcomed the selection of the Kingdom of Bahrain as the Arab Capital for Tourism for the year 2013AD that reflects the Kingodm of Bahrain's distinguished regional and international place.

The cabinet then considered during its meeting agenda the following agenda: First: The Prime Minister instructed that while implementing health projects to carefully choose the locations of health and medical centers.

Second: Th cabinet approved and referred to the legislative authority a bill of law for modification of some provisions of the Municipal Act issued by the Decre-by-Law No. (35) for the year 2001.

Third: The cabinet approved and referred to the legislative authority a bill of law for modification of some provisions of Act No. (22) regarding the protection of copyright and associated rights to ensure that the provisions of said law are in harmony with the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United States of America.

Fifth: The cabinet approved and referred to the legislative authority a bill of law for approval of the Kingdom of Bahrain's joining the treaty of cancellation of diplomatic and consular ratification conditions pertaining to foreign documents (the Hague Treaty of 1961AD) that aims at cancellation of ratificaiton conditions pertaining to public foreign documents.

Sixth: The cabinet approved the introduction of a Technical Directorate in the Tender Board and tasked the concerned authorities to take the necessary legal and technical actions.

Seventh: The cabinet approved to re-registation of the (Islamic Call Organization) and taking the Kingdom of Bahrain as base for its General Secretariat office, upon perusal of the memorandum submitted in this regard by Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Eighth: The cabinet instructed the Ministry of Education to expedite transferring all prefabricated classrooms into academic buildings and to lay down a timechart for implementaiton thereof so as to realize comfortable and encouraging ergnomics for students commensurate with the proposal submitted in this repsect by the House of Representatives.

The cabinet also approved a proposal submitted by the House of Representatives regarding the formation of investigaiton committees and the selection of members thereof.


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Publication:Bahrain News Agency
Date:Oct 2, 2011
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