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Registration of alfalfa genetic stocks segregating for mutable alleles of the anthocyanin locus C2. (Registrations Of Genetic Stocks).

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) genetic stocks segregating for WI Mutable 2 (Reg. no. GS-1, PI 619433) and WI Mutable 3 (Reg. no. GS-2, PI 619434) were released by the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station on 26 June 2001. The mutable alleles behave like transposable elements and are useful for basic genetic studies. They express reversion during development from the recessive white flower condition to the dominant purple state. This reversion produces streaks and sectors of purple anthocyanin pigment in flower petals and seeds that are otherwise white. Reversion early in development results in large sectors whereas later reversion results in small sectors. Timing and frequency of reversion are under genetic control at the locus. The genetic designations of the stocks are c2-m2 and c2-m3, respectively (Bingham and Clement, 1989). Gene c2-m2 has been studied extensively (Bingham and Clement, 1989; Talbert and Bingham, 1989) and c2-m3 is known to behave like c2-m2 (Bingham and Clement, 1989). Both genes are allelic to c2-m1 (PI605704) (Bingham and Clement, 1989), allelic to c2-m4 which reverts only in tissue culture (Groose and Bingham, 1986), and allelic to c2-m5 and c2-m6 which have not been studied extensively (Bingham and Clement, 1989).

Seed of both genetic stocks was produced in cage isolation at Prosser, WA. Both stocks are segregating and contain about 75% white flowered plants, 20% expressing the respective mutable with streaks and sectors of purple pigment in otherwise white flower petals. The remaining ~5% are purple and could be due to reversion to purple during gametogenesis, or due to contamination. Both lines have `Vernal' (Graber, 1956) and `Saranac' (Murphy and Lowe, 1966) in their pedigrees and their fertility and adaptation are similar to those cultivars. Five grams of seed of each will be sent upon request until the Wisconsin supply is depleted. Send requests to E.T. Bingham, Agronomy Department, 1575 Linden Drive, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706.



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Dep. of Agronomy, 1575 Linden Dr., Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706. Research supported by College of Agric. and Life Sci. Univ. of Wisconsin. Registration by CSSA. Accepted 31 Jan. 2002. * Corresponding author (

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Author:Bingham, E.T.
Publication:Crop Science
Date:Jul 1, 2002
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