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Registration of Guichao 2 eui rice genetic stock.

The Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture released rice genetic stock Guichao 2 eui (GSOR 11) (Reg. no. GS-1, PI 634574) in 2004. The Guichao 2 eui genetic stock carries the recessive tall eui (elongated uppermost internode) gene in an indica background, as opposed to eui mutants previously found in japonica rices. The eui plant type is potentially useful for better pollen transfer in hybrid rice seed production by raising the male line panicles above female line panicles or by obtaining better panicle exsertion of female line panicles from the flag leaf boot.

The Guichao 2 eui genetic stock was found in a gamma ray-mutagenized (200 Gy) [M.sub.2] population of the semidwarf indica cultivar Guichao 2 (PI 615013), grown at Stuttgart, AR in 1996. Among approximately 1000 [M.sub.1] panicle-to-[M.sub.2] rows, 5 out of 16 plants in a single row were observed to have the eui phenotype, which is characterized by near doubling in length of the uppermost internode (Rutger and Carnahan, 1981), resulting in the panicle being noticeably extruded above the flag leaf. Progeny tests of the 5 eui plants showed then to be true-breeding for the eui phenotype. Progeny tests of the remaining 11 normal semidwarf plants, conducted in the greenhouse in 2002-2003, showed that 5 were true-breeding for the normal semidwarf plant type, while the other 6 segregated for normal and eui plant type. The composite segregation was 103 normal:24 eui, a satisfactory fit (0.10 < P < 0.25) to the 3:1 ratio also observed for japonica eui stocks (Rutger and Carnahan, 1981; Mackill et al., 1994). In height measurements of 20 eui and 20 normal plants in these populations, the eui plants averaged 107 cm tall compared to 76 cm for the normal plants. Much of the height difference was due to the elongated uppermost internode in the eui plants, 39 cm versus 22 cm in the normal plants

Being inherited as a recessive tall plant type, the first eui (CI 11055, found in California japonica germplasm) was postulated as being useful in the male parent in hybrid seed production fields, in order to facilitate transfer of pollen from tall males to short females in crossing blocks (Rutger and Carnahan, 1981). Subsequently three groups have transferred the eui gene into indica rice (Virmani et al., 1988; He and Shen, 1991; Yang et al., 2000). The eui gene has been shown to be a recurring mutation in California japonica rice (Mackill et al., 1994). In the cross CI 11055/Guichao 2 eui, four [F.sub.1] plants had the tall eui phenotype, as did all 119 resulting [F.sub.2] plants, indicating that this new eui also is allelic to the previous source. Having eui in an indica background is useful in that this circumvents the need to cross and backcross the japonica source into indicas. A composite of approximately 100 eui panicles from a 2002 AR planting was made to form the Guichao eui release

Genetic stock amounts (about 1 g) Guichao 2 eui have been placed in the Genetic Stocks-Oryza (GSOR) collection and are available for distribution to geneticists, breeders, and other research personnel upon written request to: J. Neil Rutger, Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center, USDA-ARS, P.O. Box 1090, Stuttgart, AR 72160. Genetic stock also will

be deposited in the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation, 1111 S. Mason Street, Ft. Collins, CO 80521-4500. If this genetic stock contributes to the development of new genetic information or germplasm, it is requested that appropriate recognition be given to the source.


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USDA-ARS, P.O. Box 1090, Stuttgart, AR 72160. Registration by CSSA. Accepted 30 June 2004. * Corresponding author (jnrutger@
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Title Annotation:Registrations Of Genetic Stocks; elongated uppermost internode
Author:Rutger, J.N.
Publication:Crop Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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