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Joan Tortorici, RN, BSN Honored as a Professional of the Year for Two Consecutive Years by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Jul 11, 2018 359
One NHS family. Jul 8, 2018 446
Buffalo Grove High alumnus died on the verge of attaining his dream. Jul 8, 2018 393
Suburbanite was close to attaining his dream. Jul 8, 2018 393
Avant Healthcare Professionals Launches New Website. Website overview Jul 2, 2018 253
Junior nurse flop. Jul 1, 2018 132
Hospital offers support, education programs. Jun 29, 2018 521
State healthcare apprenticeship program adds skilled workers in Idaho hospitals. Jun 27, 2018 672
Drugs shortage hits Naama Clinic in Bong. Jun 26, 2018 374
JCDecaux Continues Buyout Talks with Australia's APN Outdoor. Jun 25, 2018 196
APN: adoption du projet de loi organique relatif a l'Academie algerienne de la langue amazighe. Jun 25, 2018 664
JCDecaux Continues Buyout Talks with Australia's APN Outdoor. Jun 25, 2018 195
La projet de LFC 2018 a l'APN des lundi. Jun 17, 2018 821
United States : Pivot Point Consulting Announces Jenn Bula RN, MSN as Director, Advisory Services. Jun 16, 2018 159
Part-time nursing degree for health support workers. Jun 12, 2018 347
Marshall Browning Hospital to offer two sports physical clinics -BYLN- submitted by Pam logan. Jun 5, 2018 232
United States : Madigan nurse earns Army secretary's top valor award for saving train crash victims. Jun 5, 2018 924
LSU Health, Delgado announce new joint nursing program. Jun 4, 2018 347
L'APN adopte le projet de loi sur la justice militaire. Jun 4, 2018 949
Phobia sufferer is left pole-axed over mast; nurse terrified of lightning is distraught about new pole outside home. Jun 1, 2018 440
State of GRACE: Grace VanderWaal's world is exactly like you'd expect it: creative and incredibly chaotic--yet surprisingly chill. Before she crisscrosses the States on tour this summer, get a look inside the 14-year-old singer/songwriter's life RN. Adamson, Sydney Jun 1, 2018 1120
New parish-based program offers care to caregivers. Dearie, James Jun 1, 2018 1071
Nurse Staffing Patterns and Patient Experience of Care: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Hospitals. Oppel, Eva-Maria; Young, Gary J. Jun 1, 2018 6805
Nursing in a Pacific way: A small Pacific provider in Christchurch delivers nursing care to patients with chronic conditions, many of whom have high and complex needs. O'Connor, Teresa Jun 1, 2018 1624
Enrolled nursing: Making diverse teams work. Hurst, Maree; Handisides, Debbie Report Jun 1, 2018 518
Primary health care: Variation ratified. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 293
Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 232
Gertrude B. Hutchinson, DNS, RN, MA, MSIS, CCRN-R Honored on the Reuters Billboard in Times Square by P.O.W.E.R.. May 30, 2018 517
Avant Healthcare Professionals Awarded Gold in Best Healthcare Social Media Campaign by the 2018 Aster Awards. May 24, 2018 353
Nick Vera Perez ready for more charities. May 24, 2018 573
One Tech table sur un RN de 46,292 MD en 2018. May 23, 2018 309
Take charge of your diabetes at workshops. May 23, 2018 249
Mother-daughter duo shares ADN program and pinning ceremony Duo -BYLN- By ReAnne Palmer RLC Public Information. May 23, 2018 2051
Valedictorian: Grace Knop. May 23, 2018 226
Hazmat medical training offered. May 22, 2018 113
Le projet du reglement interieur decrie a l'APN par les majorite et l'opposition. May 22, 2018 1143
Le projet de loi portant Code de justice militaire devant l'APN. May 20, 2018 636
Three RN advocates honored. May 18, 2018 275
Your Views. May 15, 2018 313
Trauma nurses teaching lifesaving skills in schools. May 15, 2018 455
Mary P. Lodato, RN Acknowledged as an Honored Member by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. May 15, 2018 393
New Zealand : Health Minister marks International Nurses Day. May 12, 2018 258
LOOK: Carol Banawa set to attain nursing degree with highest honor. May 12, 2018 207
PINCKNEYVILLE -- Ten local students received Safe Sitter Certification at Pinckne. May 11, 2018 195
UMD nursing school gifted record $10M to fund Conway Scholars. May 10, 2018 280
Wellness Family Medicine RN, Betty Abernathy, Approved with Aetna. May 10, 2018 182
McMahon: I support law to aid rape victims. May 9, 2018 316
Betty Abernathy, RN at Wellness Family Medicine, Now Accepts First Choice by Select Health of South Carolina. May 9, 2018 205
Journee sur le tourisme a l'APN : le saharien, un atout majeur. May 7, 2018 1420
Nurse encourages people to be aware. May 6, 2018 604
Advocate Sherman nursing leaders recognized by Pentagon. May 6, 2018 249
Tunisie : 4,643.5 MDT de remunerations aux dirigeants, pour un RN de 23,9 MDT. May 4, 2018 250
FROM THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS. Rome, Vincent; Sengupta, Manisha; Harris-Kojetin, Lauren May 4, 2018 163
Open Applications To Join The Flexible Contracting Arrangement For Care Homes With And Without Nursing Services For Persons Under The Age Of 65 - Dps. May 3, 2018 428
P0471 - Open Applications To Join The Flexible Contracting Arrangement For Care Homes With And Without Nursing Services For Persons Under The Age Of 65 - Dps. May 3, 2018 432
Advocate Good Samaritan partners with national organization to teach life-saving skills. Lurz, Nathan May 2, 2018 432
An Evolving Workforce. London, Adam May 1, 2018 833
PHELPS. May 1, 2018 305
EMBRACING LIFE: Peruse these picks from S&H to unearth the power and wisdom of your own humanity. Wagner, Kathryn Drury May 1, 2018 2788
Aged care: Deals ratified, bargaining initiated. May 1, 2018 606
Honouring a district nursing leader. May 1, 2018 817
All Dressed Up and No Place to Go. Rollins, Judy A. May 1, 2018 818
Standing Offer Arrangement For Nursing And Midwifery Services. Apr 30, 2018 144
Lutte contre le terrorisme : Le vice-president de l'APN appelle a la coordination des efforts des pays mediterraneens. Apr 29, 2018 597
Developing improved tissue-engineered buccal mucosa grafts for urethral reconstruction. Simsek, A.; Bullock, A.J.; Roman, S.; Chapple, C.R.; MacNeil, S. Report Apr 28, 2018 6470
Jenna Rene Doerr and Shane Michael Carlton. Apr 24, 2018 167
Le projet de loi relatif a la sante presente demain a l'APN: A la recherche d'autres sources de financement. Apr 21, 2018 1041
United Kingdom : UK to establish global nursing partnership with Jamaica. Apr 21, 2018 323
Lancement du chantier des 2 ponts de la X2, entre les RN 9 et 10. Apr 19, 2018 123
Rightnowar honored with DAISY award. Apr 18, 2018 364
Advocate Sherman nursing leaders recognized by Pentagon. Apr 11, 2018 251
Lecturer lied to university bosses that she had cancer. Apr 3, 2018 611
Spirit of team nursing is still alive. Baillie, Margaret Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2018 311
Harnessing midwifery and nursing skills: As midwife numbers in hospitals continue to fall, it is time to develop a collaborative and multidisciplinary model in which nurses work alongside midwives. Weston, Kate Report Apr 1, 2018 834
Nurse censured for relationship with former prisoner. Apr 1, 2018 633
Registration cancelled for altering APC. Kaur, Prabhdeep Apr 1, 2018 402
'Entangled' finances lead to suspension of registration. Report Apr 1, 2018 605
Notice to APRNs Regarding Balance Billing. Apr 1, 2018 748
Opioid Use Disorder and Nursing Care. Report Apr 1, 2018 994
INF President's Report. Inman, Lorinda Apr 1, 2018 605
When Nurses Speak, Washington Listens. Apr 1, 2018 620
ANA's Case for Evidence-Based Nursing Staffing: Essential for cost-effective, high-quality hospital-based care and patient safety. Apr 1, 2018 595
ANA President Pamela Cipriano Interviewed for Documentary. Apr 1, 2018 151
NURSING: A CLOSER LOOK AT WORKFORCE OPPORTUNITIES, EDUCATION AND WAGES. Carnevale, Anthony P.; Smith, Nicole; Gulish, Artem Report Apr 1, 2018 12643
Russian Federation : The head of administration of Morgaushsky district RN Timofeev met with representatives of the Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (branch) of the Russian University of Cooperation. Mar 28, 2018 303
Celebrate skills, devotion of nurses. Mar 23, 2018 353
Celebrate skills, devotion of nurses. Mar 23, 2018 230
du joins Amazon Partner Network (APN) as a consulting partner. Mar 20, 2018 149
PONTE HEALTH Has Selected and Announces Lydia Hendrix as Executive Director of Operations of VERTICAL MEDICAL CITY in Downtown Orlando. Mar 19, 2018 294
Top PMAyer graduates, gets house, marries - in one day. Mar 19, 2018 240
Russian Federation : The head of the district administration RN. Timofeev visited the "Shomikov Psychoneurological Boarding School". Mar 17, 2018 424
Russian Federation : The head of the district administration RN. Timofeev and Chairman of the State Committee for Civil Defense and Emergencies Chuvashia VI. Petrov got acquainted with the activities of the Bolshesundyr school. Mar 17, 2018 605
Russian Federation : Meeting of the head of Morgaushsky district administration RN Timofeev with power engineers of the district took place. Mar 16, 2018 493
Seven Democrats seek nod in 14th Congressional District Primary: Dist. 14 candidates discuss immigration. Mar 16, 2018 2829
Most memorable day: Farmer's son top graduate of PMA. Mar 15, 2018 665
2018 PMA topnotcher is a nurse and farmer's son. Mar 15, 2018 623
Russian Federation : The head of the district administration RN Timofeev visited the Cheboksary Crushing and Screening Machine-Building Plant and got acquainted with his activities. Mar 14, 2018 448
Russian Federation : The head of the district administration RN Timofeev and the director of the branch of Rosgosstrakh LLC in the Chuvash Republic AGPirozhkov met with the team of the insurance department of the branch of Rosgosstrakh LLC in the Chuvash. Mar 14, 2018 480
Registered nurse is top cadet at PMA. Mar 14, 2018 368
Children's hospital adds nurses. Mar 13, 2018 119
Russian Federation : The head of the district administration RN. Timofeev took part in the reporting meeting of the Kh. Ilyich: "There is your merit in the achievements of the region". Mar 9, 2018 534
du Announces It Has Joined Amazon Partner Network as a Consulting Partner. Mar 7, 2018 163
VA Hospital recruiting nurses in New Orleans. Mar 6, 2018 144
Tunis : La voie reliant l'Av. Y. Arafat a la RN 9 est inaccessible. Mar 5, 2018 130
APN : propositions de sanctions contre l'absenteisme. Mar 4, 2018 708
Russian Federation : Head of the district administration RN Timofeev at a meeting with the labor collective of the Municipal Housing and Utilities Morgaushskoe:" In the Address of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assem. Mar 3, 2018 587
Russian Federation : The head of the district administration RN. Timofeev and Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic - Chairman of the Committee AI Fedotov met in the sellers of the Bolshesundyr District: "Thank you for your contribu. Mar 3, 2018 636
Registered Nurses (cms Nurse Ed Er). Mar 3, 2018 120
Nursing crisis predicted in NSW. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 241
Preparing for RN prescribing: Family Planning nurses were well prepared to participate in the Nursing Council prescribing initiative for registered nurses working in community health. Stewart, Rose Mar 1, 2018 745
Making room for ageing nurses: Ageing nurses need choices and new career paths so they can continue working safely, and their knowledge is retained. Blockley, Colette Report Mar 1, 2018 1697
Enrolled nursing: List of barriers being compiled. Hewlett, Robyn Mar 1, 2018 419
Child health: Framework helps build resilience in youth. Bigsby, Margaret Brief article Mar 1, 2018 279
Deregistered because of indecent assault. Mar 1, 2018 655
Providing false references leads to suspension. Mar 1, 2018 657
Deregistration for misappropriating patient's funds. Mar 1, 2018 518
Is your church dementia-friendly? Folkins, Tali Mar 1, 2018 837
Assessing and Screening for Delirium: Information for Nurses. Santos, Carole Clinical report Mar 1, 2018 841
Cost Effectiveness of Anesthesia Providers and Implications of Scope of Practice in a Medicare Population. Cintina, Inna; Hogan, Paul F.; Schroeder, Caryl; Simonson, Brian E.; Quraishi, Jihan A. Report Mar 1, 2018 3901
Opportunities for Nurses to Lead Quality Efforts Under MACRA. Ma, Yumi; May, Nancy; Knotts, Courtney; Dabbs, Annette DeVito Report Mar 1, 2018 2983
Staffing: It's Getting Scary Again. Ulrich, Beth Mar 1, 2018 738
The Health and Safety of Nephrology Nurses and the Environments in Which They Work: Important for Nurses, Patients, and Organizations. Ulrich, Beth T.; Kear, Tamara M. Mar 1, 2018 14210
North Central Educational Service District adds to team. Mar 1, 2018 221
Nurses' experiences caring for patients surgically treated for oral cavity cancer/Nga wheako o nga tapuhi i te tiakitanga turoro e mahia ana mo te mate pukupuku kowhao waha. Kell, Anne-Marie; Gilmour, Jean; van Wissen, Kim Mar 1, 2018 6697
Toileting Habits of Nurses. Shannon, Megan B.; Tjaden, Anne; Adams, William; Brubaker, Linda; Brincat, Cynthia Mar 1, 2018 4927
Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner, 2nd Edition. Book review Mar 1, 2018 114
Ruth Husel Joins RE/MAX Alliance Group. Feb 28, 2018 321
Lutheran General nurse receives top award for work. Feb 28, 2018 477
Lombard RN wins 2018 Advocate Nurse award. Feb 28, 2018 523
Aspen University enters pre-licensure nursing degree program business. Feb 27, 2018 176
Nurse, 84, retires after 66 years in NHS. Feb 26, 2018 206
Registered Nurses (cms Nurse Ed Er). Feb 25, 2018 116
Marcia L. Goodman, Ph.D. Chosen as the Biography of the Month by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Feb 23, 2018 411
Purchasing System For Apprenticeship Training Provision, Salisbury Are Acting For The Member Trusts Of The Dorset Sustainability & Transformation Partnership In Conducting A Further Competition For Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeships (st0293). Feb 23, 2018 110
SIC nursing program earns top honors Program ranked No. 1 in state for graduates passing licensing exam Nursing. Feb 21, 2018 380
Ireland,United Kingdom : Launch of Nursing Assistant Resources. Feb 21, 2018 286
SIC nursing program earns top honors Program ranked No. 1 in state for graduates passing licensing exam Honor: SIC nursing program gets top rank. Feb 16, 2018 380
Le CAMRA sera recu par la commission de la sante de l'APN. Feb 12, 2018 642
The Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized Honors Claudette Betty, RN as an Outstanding Author. Feb 10, 2018 498
'A win for everybody' Fellowship: Program offers in-depth experience, offers qualified nurses. Feb 9, 2018 647
Local briefs. Feb 7, 2018 327
Debat a l'APN sur le e-commerce. Feb 7, 2018 418
Eating raw chicken linked to potentially fatal dog paralysis - study. Feb 6, 2018 395
Are you looking for a new opportunity in your nursing career? YOUR VIEW Emma Roberts, assistant director of nursing, workforce and professional standards, at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. Feb 6, 2018 148
Davao City police official tops Napolcom exams. Feb 5, 2018 393
Angeles cops help deliver baby in jail. Feb 3, 2018 216
Circulating levels of adiponectin and extent of coronary artery disease in patients undergoing elective coronary angiography. Souza, R.A.; Alves, C.M.R.; de Oliveira, C.S.V.; Reis, A.F.; Carvalho, A.C. Report Feb 1, 2018 4475
'Look after your staff and they will look after you'. Flint, Val Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2018 370
InterRAI RNs sought for study. Sharma, Mona Brief article Feb 1, 2018 183
Commonwealth fund winds up after 73 years. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 220
Aged care: Members consider proposed deals. Feb 1, 2018 430
Membership increases. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 203
The effects of occupational licensing on labor market outcomes. Gittleman, Maury B. Report Feb 1, 2018 461
Auxis gets advanced consulting partner status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Jan 31, 2018 235
Auxis gets advanced consulting partner status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Jan 31, 2018 219
Auxis gets advanced consulting partner status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Jan 31, 2018 235
'Healthcare Job Fair' February 1. Jan 31, 2018 302
Healthcare job fair. Jan 31, 2018 102
New route to a nursing career. Jan 30, 2018 291
Nursing by the numbers. Jan 23, 2018 311
PhilHealth: Nurses may now apply for accreditation as healthcare providers. Jan 22, 2018 292
United States : Recognition is a testament to cloud security expertise. Jan 20, 2018 267
A comeback story for the ages. Jan 12, 2018 542
A 2017 comeback story for the ages. Jan 12, 2018 726
Survey Finds Approximately 20% of Healthcare Professionals Have Experienced Patient Data Breaches. Jan 12, 2018 386
Nursing 'exchange' helps Ghanaian healthcare [...]. Jan 9, 2018 326
Nursing 'exchange' helps Ghanaian healthcare. Jan 9, 2018 326
National award for hospice team. Jan 5, 2018 344
United States : Proposed Pennsylvania Legislation Affecting Nurse Practitioners Likely to Benefit Competition and Consumers while Promoting Principles of Economic Liberty. Jan 5, 2018 312
ANAI: Cultivating Nurse Advocacy. Chesterman, Carol Jan 1, 2018 321
Central Region 4. Deichmann, Pam Jan 1, 2018 116
2017 INF Scholarship Recipients. Jan 1, 2018 1769
Apply for Loan Forgiveness via Iowa College Aid Commission. Jan 1, 2018 279
The role of psychiatric APRNs. Jan 1, 2018 2029
Holding Steady: Maintaining normothermia with heat reflective technology in the perioperative environment and beyond. O'Connor, Angie Jan 1, 2018 1445
Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) Increases Access to Care. Jan 1, 2018 525
IMPOSTER WARNING. Jan 1, 2018 527
A Descriptive Study of How Nurses Can Engender Hope. Stavarski, Debra Haas Report Jan 1, 2018 5331
Diabetes, Health Literacy, and the Importance of Care Coordination. May, Angelica J. Report Jan 1, 2018 1118
Attending Registered Nurses: Evolving Role Perceptions in Clinical Care Teams. Fishman, Gayle A. Report Jan 1, 2018 4523
Lessons Learned from Nurse Practitioner Independent Practice: A Conversation with a Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur. Hahn, Joyce A.; Cook, Wesley Report Jan 1, 2018 3691
Expanding the Scope of Practice of APRNs: A Systematic Review of the Cost Analyses Used. Fraser, Marsha Amoy; Melillo, Christine Report Jan 1, 2018 4118
Transition to Practice--Part 3: Implementing an Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program: RN Residency and Transition to Professional Practice Programs in Ambulatory Care--Challenges, Successes, and Recommendations. Jones-Bell, L. Jessie; Halford-Cook, Cathryn; Parker, Nancy Weaver Report Jan 1, 2018 4907
No Fear: Be Proactive to End Workplace Violence and Bullying. Hellebrand, Alice M. President's page Jan 1, 2018 1005
Burnout and empowerment in hemodialysis nurses working in Quebec: A provincial survey. Dore, Christina; Duffett-Leger, Linda; McKenna, Mary; Breau, Myriam; Dorais, Marc Report Jan 1, 2018 9861
"We are developing a Sidra way of working". Dec 30, 2017 1242
L'APN adopte la loi sur les competences du Conseil d'Etat. Dec 18, 2017 787
Parquantix Joins AWS Partner Network. Dec 17, 2017 292
40eme anniversaire de la diplomatie parlementaire. Dec 17, 2017 468
Louh a l'APN, Conseil d'Etat et organisation penitentiaire. Dec 11, 2017 701
The gift of care over Christmas. Dec 6, 2017 337
Mary P. Lodato, RN, Recognized as a Top 100 Healthcare Professional by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Dec 5, 2017 333
Equinix gets AWS networking competency status. Dec 5, 2017 193
Equinix gets AWS networking competency status. Dec 5, 2017 203
AWS revamps AWS Partner Network, introduces new competencies. Dec 3, 2017 977
Geriatric care manager. Barton, Sheila Dec 1, 2017 217
Supervision of Nursing Students in Rural Environments: Engaging Learning by Teaching the Teachers. Marlow, Annette H.; Mather, Carey A. Report Dec 1, 2017 7146
Unhappy with advert. Head, Marilyn Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2017 244
A daughter's tribute. Makiha-Reihana, Linda Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2017 265
Hawke's Bay DHB boosts staff. Dec 1, 2017 550
Lord joins ministry. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 129
Mental health nurse develops app. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 295
There is Life after nursing: Two ex-nurses are experiencing a new lease of life, as bingo babes Ethel and Bethel, after quitting the profession. O'Connor, Teresa Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2017 1551
Nursing: a Mills family affair: Pride in nursing permeates the Mills family, from the mother, whose nursing skills helped her bring up 11 children in financial deprivation, to the seven 'Mills girls', who tell their stories here. Mills, Clare Dec 1, 2017 1957
Hospice members ratify deal. Dec 1, 2017 235
NURSES AWARD 2010. Statistical data Dec 1, 2017 1951
PRIVATE ACUTE HOSPITALS. Statistical table Dec 1, 2017 434
The non-medical surgical assistant in Australia: who should contribute to governance? Hains, Toni; Turner, Catherine; Strand, Haakan Dec 1, 2017 3125
United States : Ixia Achieves AWS Networking Competency and APN Advanced Technology Partner Status with CloudLens Visibility Platform. Dec 1, 2017 402
Minimum not maximum. Kiejda, Judith Brief article Dec 1, 2017 144
Penarth nurse is nominated for national award. Nov 23, 2017 443
Joan Tortorici, RN, BSN Recognized as a Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Nov 23, 2017 395
Betty Abernathy, FNP, MSN Credentialed by United Healthcare. Nov 22, 2017 249
APN-Commission des finances: contre l'impot sur la fortune. Nov 19, 2017 500
Heroes in MRT-3 freak accident cited for kindness, concern for others. Nov 19, 2017 521
Avant Healthcare Professionals Awarded Bronze in Social Media for Modern Healthcare's 2017 IMPACT Awards. Nov 12, 2017 244
Eugene teachers, district inch toward pact. Nov 3, 2017 2003
No detriment to patient care. Nov 2, 2017 184
Here We Go Again--AMA Seeks to Restrict Nursing Practice. Ulrich, Beth Nov 1, 2017 795
Experiences of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Their Family Members in an Advanced Practice Nurse-Led Counseling Service. Zala, Patrizia; Arampatzis, Spyridon; Rutti, Gisela; Spichiger, Elisabeth Nov 1, 2017 7023
Grandparents weave their magic for marriage equality. Pitt, Megan Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2017 381
US nurses pitch in to help Puerto Rico: The United States government didn't do much to help Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria but a large delegation of American nurses did. Nov 1, 2017 221
Backfilling absences. Kiejda, Judith Nov 1, 2017 113
Extreme overtime. Kiejda, Judith Nov 1, 2017 156
An appraisal of aged care. Nov 1, 2017 331
Palliative Care. Harmon, Diana Report Nov 1, 2017 1346
Improving Nursing Workforce Forecasts: Comparative Analysis of the Cohort Supply Model and the Health Workforce Simulation Model. Auerbach, David I.; Chattopadhyay, Aprita; Zangaro, George; Staiger, Douglas O.; Buerhaus, Peter I. Report Nov 1, 2017 9009
A Multihospital Survey on Effective Interventions to Prevent Hospital Falls in Adults. Tzeng, Huey-Ming; Yin, Chang-Yi Report Nov 1, 2017 8012
Transition to Practice--Part 2 Implementing an Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program: Competency--It's Not Just a Task. More, Laurel Nov 1, 2017 2595
Enhancing the New Nurse Experience: Creation of a New Employee Training Unit. Maryniak, Kim; Markantes, Tim; Murphy, Colleen Nov 1, 2017 2809
Life in the round and aged care: A theoretical exemplar for research with marginalized populations in institutional settings/Ko te noho i te ao whaiti, me te tiaki kaumatua: He tauira rangahau mo nga taupori e parea ana ki te taha i roto i nga horopaki whare okawa. Burrow, Maria; Cook, Catherine; Gilmour, Jean Report Nov 1, 2017 4724
Readiness for providing primary palliative care in regional Aged Residential Care: Partnering with SEQUAL specialist palliative care nurses/Te takatu kia hora i te tiaki whakamama i te mate taumaha i nga Mahi Tiaki Kaumatua i nga Whare Kaumatua: Te mahi kotui me nga tapuhi whakamama i nga mate taumaha SEQUAL. Rodgers, Vivien; Marshall, Bridget; Hey, Frances; Blackwell, Anna; Lewer, Pip Report Nov 1, 2017 4577
Elder abuse 'rampant' in New Zealand. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 307
Residents' behaviour changes. Nov 1, 2017 345
In the heart of rural nursing: A nursing student finds herself caught up in a life-and-death situation that teaches her the importance of teamwork and community. Keane, Puti Nov 1, 2017 1591
Experience in aged care inspires story. Nov 1, 2017 388
Negotiations begin at two Ryman sites. Nov 1, 2017 299
Voting on hospice deal this month. Nov 1, 2017 394
- Said Bouhadja: [beaucoup moins que] La fidelite a la Revolution est un devoir [beaucoup plus grand que]. Oct 31, 2017 341
JOBS BOARD. Oct 26, 2017 322
Tunisie : Le trafic routier interrompu sur la RN 1 a Bouficha. Oct 21, 2017 137
Dulce E. Fernandez, RN, BSN, PHN, DHCS-CMT Recognized as a Professional of the Year and a Woman of Excellence by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Oct 19, 2017 573
Uni's plan to tackle shortages. Oct 19, 2017 283
United States : Cardinal Stritch University signs deal with Milwaukee Area Technical College. Oct 17, 2017 231
Tackling the skills gap; university to set up new degree apprenticeships. Oct 16, 2017 425
Sing Sing Standby Nursing. Oct 15, 2017 131
Maria Cristina Diaz, Ed.D.(c), MS, RN, CNOR Honored as a VIP Member by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Oct 12, 2017 300
$800 m approved for CAREC corridor - RN in Sindh, Punjab, KP to be rehabilitated. Oct 12, 2017 290
Adoption par l'APN du projet de Loi sur la monnaie et le credit. Oct 8, 2017 463
Le projet de loi sur la monnaie et le credit jeudi a l'APN. Oct 4, 2017 364
Stressed out hospital nurses leave their shifts in tears. Oct 2, 2017 480
Pride of Philippines coronation in Dubai. Oct 2, 2017 475
NZNO members honoured for their services. Oct 1, 2017 217
Supporting teens with cancer. Oct 1, 2017 160
Cancer survivor's battle for herceptin. Oct 1, 2017 366
How and why nurses' direction and delegation skills should be improved: A recent study has highlighted the need for greater clarity about the skills needed for successful direction and delegation interactions between nurses. Hughes, Margaret; Kirk, Ray; Dixon, Alison Oct 1, 2017 2228
Fast-track degree attracts more men: A fast-track route into nursing, via a new hybrid postgraduate degree, has attracted much higher rates of men than does the usual bachelor degree. Longmore, Mary Oct 1, 2017 674
Iowa Nurses Foundation. Oct 1, 2017 628
BON Staff Respond to Hurricane Harvey Approvals. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 202
Concern over lack of nurses. Sep 30, 2017 129
Tory: Nurses already earn more than hairdressers. Sep 23, 2017 211
United We Can Build a Strong Future for RNs & NPs. Frenette, Karen Sep 22, 2017 463
WHAT IS Professionalism? Why does it matter? Priest, Susanne Report Sep 22, 2017 753
Nursing Practice in Rural and Remote Canada II. Report Sep 22, 2017 415
Can RNs Administer Medical Marihuana to Patients Who Have an Appropriate Prescription From a Physician? Torpe, Dawn Brief article Sep 22, 2017 210
Public Assurance: NANB is given the authority by mandate to regulate registered nurses and nurse practitioners in New Brunswick to ensure the provision of safe, competent and ethical care in the interest of the public. Report Sep 22, 2017 742
Is there a difference between "pronouncing death" and "certifying death"? Guitard, Virgil Report Sep 22, 2017 471
The Road to NCLEX-RN Success. Blozen, Barbara B. Report Sep 22, 2017 4628
Too tired to function: nurse fatigue. Brunt, Barbara Sep 21, 2017 2573
Hospitals urged to take action over unqualified staff. Sep 21, 2017 175
Le Plan d'action du gouvernement adopte a la majorite par l'APN. Sep 21, 2017 118
United States : FTC Upgrades RN Webpage for Labels on Clothing and Other Textile or Fur Products. Sep 16, 2017 212
Warm up with RN Williams at the Fire & Stove Show 2017 this weekend; DEMONSTRATIONS, DISCOUNTS, AND DELICIOUS FOOD, MAKE THIS YEAR'S SHOW A MUST-VISIT EVENT. Sep 8, 2017 379
Tunisie : Amen Bank fait de bons chiffres, son RN progresse de 40%. Sep 5, 2017 393
The kaiwhakahaere comments. Nuku, Kerri Editorial Sep 1, 2017 536
Registered Nurse and Patient Care Technician Perceptions of Toileting Patients at High Fall Risk. Barrett, Maureen B.; Vizgirda, Vida M.; Zhou, Ying Sep 1, 2017 4511
Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis. Frazer, Cynthia A. Sep 1, 2017 643
Systematic Review Of Turnover/Retention and Staff Perception of Staffing and Resource Adequacy Related to Staffing. Shimp, Kevin M. Report Sep 1, 2017 8885
Strategies for Managing Alarm Fatigue in the PICU Setting. Jubic, Kayla L. Sep 1, 2017 2465
PREVALENCE OF SMOKING AMONG NEW ZEALAND NURSING STUDENTS 2017. Walker, Leonie; Willis, Jinny Report Sep 1, 2017 3060
HOW TO WRITE A RESEARCH ARTICLE: Publishing your research is important, to inspire other nurses and improve practice. Tiaki, Kai; McClunie-Trust, Patricia Report Sep 1, 2017 1256
The International Assoc. of Who's Who Nominates Kathleen Urban as Professional of the Year. Aug 27, 2017 361
Lower staffing levels of registered nurses 'putting lives at risk'. Aug 24, 2017 409
SendGrid Recognized as Advanced Tier Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. Aug 18, 2017 270
SendGrid Recognized as Advanced Tier Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. Aug 18, 2017 286
People should have a passion for this... not just want to make a quick buck; NURSE TURNED SKIN THERAPIST NOW HAS AWARD-WINNING SALON. Aug 16, 2017 821
Miette injects fresh thinking into multicultural hair care. Aug 14, 2017 823
Avant Healthcare Professionals Response to H. R. 3351 Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act of 2017. Aug 9, 2017 316
5 countries with highest salaries for expat nurses. Aug 8, 2017 672
WHAT DO THEY DO? District/community [. Aug 7, 2017 116
WHAT DO THEY DO? District/community nurse. Aug 7, 2017 116
Clinician perspectives of barriers to effective implementation of a rapid response system in an academic health centre: A focus group study. Rihari-Thomas, John; DiGiacomo, Michelle; Phillips, Jane; Newton, Phillip; Davidson, Patricia M. Report Aug 1, 2017 8387
Mental health underfunded. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2017 329
RN nurse prescribing trial starts. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 266
Establishing a nurse-led model. Aug 1, 2017 626
Sharing stories should be part of aged care. Aug 1, 2017 450

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