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Regional reports.

Western Region (Rick Luscombe)

All regions this period report the summer has flown by and due to vacations, the status quo has been maintained with few changes or initiatives.


* Wishing good luck to two long-term

employees in their retirement, from Health Science Centre. Sandra Macleod,

CRN at the Central dialysis unit, and Pat Hill, renal nutritionist Health Sciences Centre.

* Congratulations to the renal program for its success, pregnancy and short daily dialysis; outcome two healthy babies. The experience was highlighted in a presentation at CANNT.

* Satellite units are expanding - Selkirk in October, Thompson in January and Gimli possibly getting a new unit in the next couple of years.

* Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) is looking at expanding its facilities from 24 to 28 stations. BTHC now has a central bicarb machine since December, reducing operational costs, but not without its troubleshooting challenges.


* St. Paul's Hospital opened a new community renal health clinic with 18 stations. The facility takes transient patients as well.

* Saskatchewan Nephrology and Western Peritoneal Dialysis Conference in September was a success. Shad Ireland, dialysis patient who completed the Ironman challenge, spoke of his life and experiences.

Southern Alberta

* Biannual newsletter, "Kidney Clips", in the June edition printed articles on:

* Treatment options

* "CKD clinics and what they can do for you" - services provided by CKD clinics

* "Please take me off early"- reviewed impact of shortening dialysis treatments

* "Living and abundant life" - patient perspective of nocturnal dialysis

* "Innovation" - new projects that have been initiated; group modality education and a renal-specific exercise program.

Thanks to Albert Perreault and Doris Wu for their ongoing dedication in producing "Kidney Clips".

British Columbia

* Children's Hospital has doubled its number of transplants from last year.

* B.C. Nephrology Days were held Oct. 11-12, 2007.

* St. Paul's Hospital is undergoing renovations.

* Provincial Vascular Access Service Team is in its second year.

* The province is working on a provincial disaster plan.

* St. Paul's would like to recognize two long-standing employees. Trevor Wilson, RN, is starting a new journey, retirement, and Patty Hanegan Dunn, after many years as the renal nurse educator, has moved to Alberta. You'll both be missed!

Ontario (Jane Alfarero)

* We are fortunate to have new liaisons willing and eager to help disseminate CANNT activities and initiatives. There are now 35 liaisons across Ontario.

We are just waiting for the College of Nurses of Ontario on their decision regarding the inclusion of nephrology as a primary area of practice on the College Annual Membership Renewal (AMR) form. We hope to see nephrology as one of the primary areas in this year's renewal form.

* The second CANNT supper club symposium will be held at University Health Network (UHN), Toronto, on November 19. Further details to follow.

* September 19 was the first Nephrology Healthcare Professional Day. Many units celebrated it across the region in different ways. Some units celebrated the day with coffee/tea plus cakes, cookies, muffins and fresh fruits. There was a "count kidney beans" contest and each staff member received a small treat to brighten their day. Another unit celebrated the day by having dinner and in-service on New Research in

Buttonhole Technique. All nephrology staff (nurses, technologists, dietitians, social workers, pharmacists and nephrologists) enjoyed the day.

* Several units have expanded and have already reached their capacity.

* At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, home dialysis recently opened a training area with a meeting room and two training rooms for patient teaching.

* It is surprising there are still many nephrology nurses who are not wellinformed of CANNT. They confused CANNT as the body of certifying nephrology nurses instead of CNA. Question like, "Can I be a member of CANNT even though I don't have my CNeph(C)?" This will be an excellent opportunity for the liaisons to clarify.


* CANNT corkboards are being utilized by all units across the region. For most units, the corkboards became the "did you know" sections and CANNT membership applications are being hung, and for some units they are used as an information corner for any CANNT initiative. One suggestion was to hang a CANNT Journal so those who are not CANNT members will be convinced to join.

* October is a busy month for most units in preparation for hospital-wide accreditation.

* Supper clubs and other education sessions continue throughout the region to keep current and up-to-date with dialysis practices.

* Please visit the CANNT website for a more detailed report from the unit liaisons.

Quebec (Lisette Lafreniere).

The summer is already over, autumn is knocking at the door and Christmas will be here in no time. I hope that those who had the opportunity to take holidays found them restful. It was a little harder to reach our members during the summer, but we will get around to it eventually. September 19 was nephrology health care professionals day; I am very sorry that the Francophone centres received the information in English only. In future, I will try to have the document translated. If you celebrated the day in any particular way and would like to share your experience with the journal, just let me know about it. In a totally different vein, I hope to have the chance to hold discussions with you during the Winnipeg convention from October 25 to 28 or during the REINQ provincial convention on October 18. Hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lanaudiere South CSSS--Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital

The clientele continues to grow both in our Renal Substitution Unit and in the prevention clinic. Last September 14, Dr. Isabelle Letourneau, nephrologist, gave us a superb presentation on kidney transplants. Many members of the team were in attendance, both professionals and care givers, our clerk, etc. It was greatly appreciated and more importantly, very informative.

Sorel-Tracy CSSS

We celebrated nephrology health care professionals day on September 19 with a delicious meal--a sushi buffet. The multidisciplinary team was well represented and we all had a great time. It should be noted that two nurses from our hemodialysis unit will attend the CANNT convention in Winnipeg.

Vallee de l'Or, Val D'Or CSSS

The Val D'Or dialysis unit has been in operation since 1987, that is 20 years already. At present, we have 30 patients in hemodialysis. That means we are at full capacity given the number of nurses we have. For peritoneal dialysis, we have 6 patients, and 28 are being followed in the predialysis clinic. On the technical side, the "buttonhole method" is progressing at a good rate.

We were very happy to learn that we will soon have new dialysis armchairs. We would like to thank the Paul Giroux Foundation for its contribution; it provided the funding required for 5 electric armchairs, a stretcher scale for obese people and an electric bed. We really needed those items!

Recently, two of our nurses retired, Nicole Gauthier et Micheline Pepin. We would like to wish them a happy retirement.

In early September, two nurses from Ville-Marie will be given their orientation training. Indeed, we are happy to inform you that a brand new dialysis unit will probably open its doors between now and Christmas. What a beautiful gift for the clientele of the sector!

Have a pleasant autumn. I am looking forward to meeting you all at the REINQ convention on October 18.

Atlantic Report (Sherry MacPhee)

CANNT Atlantic has been active in the past year. My term draws to a close with Colleen Wile taking over as CANNT Atlantic VP for the following two years. The following outlines the Atlantic region in terms of membership and activities.

Total membership is 96, with the following breakdown: Newfoundland 19, Nova Scotia 37, New Brunswick 37, and Prince Edward Island 3. This is down from the previous year, but will likely rise as people register for the national symposium in Winnipeg. Please encourage your colleagues to join the organization to partake of the benefits offered.

Saint John, Newfoundland

* An Education Day took place in November.

* Several attended CANNT Winnipeg

* Staff is training and a new unit in the Burin Peninsula is due to open.

* Nocturnal dialysis continues to grow.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

* Two staff members plan to write CAN nephrology certification.

* Two staff members attended Transplant Atlantic.

* Two RNs attended CANNT Winnipeg.

* Four patients successful with buttonhole technique and all staff is now trained.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

* Six RNs attended Peritoneal Dialysis Education Day in Moncton, New Brunswick, entitled, "Giving peritoneal

dialysis its rightful place".

* Dr. Hirsh of the Halifax program presented Nephrology Diseases.

* West Prince dialysis unit has expanded four stations.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

* Four members attended CANNT Winnipeg.

* Review of CANNT Journal education series has aided ongoing review and in-services.

* Hemodialysis machine module added enabling online recirculation testing.

* An evening with an update on CQI with a motivational speaker was held September 19 to help celebrate Nephrology Healthcare Professional's Day. Door prizes were given out and 57 nephrology team members attended. An excellent evening!

Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

* Evening education session held on Primary Nursing in Hemodialysis, presented by Gail Barbour and Jane Ridley from London, Ontario, and a session on vascular access presented by Allison Thomas, Ontario.

* Main in-centre hemodialysis unit is looking at initiating an exercise program for the dialysis patients. (We had a spring presentation on bicycle exercise while on dialysis from the Saint John Hospital.)

* Starting to maximize the scope of practice for LPNs. They have begun caring for the tunneled hemodialysis catheters in our stable predictable hemodialysis patients.

* Main unit is embarking a project entitled, "Changing the way we work" -looking at scopes of practice and scopes of employment to ensure the right person is doing the right job to best meet the needs of our current patient population.

* The Halifax centre presented two poster presentations at the national CANNT conference in Winnipeg. One on Diabetic Foot Care and the other on Promoting Professional Competencies and Educational Development within a diverse renal program.

Edmunston, New Brunswick

* Struggling with RN shortages.

* Continues working with skill mix in hemodialysis.

Bathurst, New Brunswick

* Initiated Anemia Algorithm with positive outcomes of target HGB 90-119 increasing from 45% to 70%.

* Implementing pilot E-Charting project in hemodialysis.

* Continue to work with steering committee to produce plan for home dialysis support.

Moncton, New Brunswick

* Continues to work with steering committee to produce plan for home dialysis support.

* The team celebrated its pride on September 19 by participating at a lunch conference by Mike Black on the importance of living life to its fullest. A presentation on basic PD and special refreshments were provided for dialysis patients. The team would like to extend its thanks to the Kidney Foundation - Moncton Chapter for its contribution and support to make this day special.

* We continue training in the home hemodialysis program (traditional or nocturnal).

* The expansion of the satellite unit in Miramichi is going well. It was expected construction would start in November. This unit will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2008.

Saint John, New Brunswick

* Continues to work with steering committee to produce plan for home dialysis support.

* Recently welcomed Sandra Allen, MN, PHCNP, as Nephrology Nurse Practitioner. Sandra will work predominantly with Stage 2 patients in PHC areas and chronic disease management.

* Atlantic Health Science Corporation is preparing for accreditation following Canadian Council Health Standards Accreditation's new standards and process.

* New satellite dialysis unit in Waterville Hospital opened in November. Temporary unit in Bath, N.B., will close.

* Program celebrated Nephrology Healthcare Professional's Day and Dr. S.P. Handa Excellence in Nephrology Nursing Award September 20, 2007, with an invited speaker, program review and dinner. Faye Clark was recipient of the award. Hence, the day late in celebrating Nephrology Healthcare Professional's Day as Faye was in Italy.

* CANNT Atlantic will be held in Saint John, N.B., May 30-31, 2008. Details will follow. Lastly, as I close out my two-year term as Atlantic Vice-President, I would like to thank each liaison for all their support. Great things are happening in the Atlantic region. I know you will continue to support Colleen in the future. I am saddened to part, but will remain an active member of CANNT and encourage each of you to consider offering for CANNT board positions, submitting journal articles and supporting the website. Thank you.

Technical Report (Marc Heroux)

* This fall, we have been recruiting CANNT members to review, via teleconferencing, the technical standards for approval in 2008. With the big revision last year we will be looking at broadening the standards.

* Standards for home dialysis will be incorporated within the Technical Standards. These will be standards for technical practice within the home setting, not the regulations, as CANNT does not have that mandate.

* The CSA is pending a discussion on home dialysis standards. The CSA is looking to broaden it members. More information will be posted on when it becomes available.

* Opportunities for technical members who want to be heard and be part of the discussions in nephrology exist in: n The technical standards review n Technologist vice-president position for 2008-2010 n Or you can write a technical article for the journal to share your knowledge.


* A four-station unit is slated to open in November on the Burin Peninsula. The unit will provide service for the approximately 21,000 residents located within this region.

Thunder Bay Regional

* Has received approval to start our home hemodialysis program. We will be spending the next few months forming groups and making the decisions about which equipment to use, setting up policies and procedures, training the nurses and technical staff. We are hoping to have our first two patients on the program by March 31, 2008.

* The New Sioux Lookout Hospital has broken ground and everything is coming along quickly with that project. With the new hospital, we have designed a new satellite unit to support six stations with an isolation room. Expected opening is for 2010.
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