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Regional brewing comes to Austin as Celis breaks ground.

Regional brewing comes to Austin as Celis breaks ground

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new Celis Brewery in Austin, TX, took place November 28 on the site that will be producing three beers by the end of 1991, according to brewery's owners.

Located in the Walnut Creek Business Park, the future facility will be located on a seven-acre site and will cost approximately $2.9 million to build. Not since City Brewing Co., which went out of business in 1878, has a brewery chosen Austin for its headquarters.

The production of the facility's white beer, brewed in the Belgian tradition, will have the potential to meet or exceed 84,000 barrels per year. Initially, over 14 new jobs will be created at the plant.

"It is the vision of the Celis Brewery to utilize the European brewing tradition in producing this quality American-made beer," stated Michael Tassin, vice president of an Austin-based beer importing company, who played a key roll in luring Celis to the city.

"Key to the decision was Austin's central positioning statewide for distribution purposes," Tassin said.

PHOTO : AN ARTIST RENDITION of the Celis Brewery, which broke ground on November 28. The $2.9 million Austin-based plant will begin production in 1991, with a capacity of 84,000 barrels.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 3, 1990
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