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Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry Undersecretary / Statement.

Muscat, June 7 (ONA)--- The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources continues its efforts in the Al Sharqiah Southern Region with the participation of 600 persons to clear the damage caused by the adverse weather conditions which affected the Sultanate last Thursday & Friday. The waste truck loads collected daily in each wilayat range between 80 to 100 trucks.

Hamad bin Sulaiman al Ghuraibi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources for Regional Municipalities Affairs said that a work plan has been developed. The plan distributed the tasks and constituted work teams comprising a number of specialists from the first day after clearance of the cyclone. The teams were assigned with the tasks of surveying the damage and taking the required quick measures to restore conditions to normal.

He added that the major damage surveyed included sliding of a number of internal roads, fall of a number of trees resulting in blocking access and exit to and from some residential quarters, deep water marches in residential areas and damage to the remainder of construction materials and trees on the public road which jeopardize passers-by and road users to danger and hamper smooth traffic flow.

He added that the Ministry in collaboration with the private sector and local teams availed heavy equipment to substantiate the Ministry's efforts to carry out its tasks.

As for the efforts undertaken in Sur, al Ghuraibi added that 9 work teams were formed and distributed into the affected areas by the cyclone. They were delegated with the task of cleaning, removing debris, opening the roads that were flooded with water and drain the accumulated water. The teams finished a large portion of its work. The main entrance for the wilayat, from Al Bilad roundabout to Sabakh village has been re-opened. The sand and falling trees that hampered traffic were removed. Al Bilad / Al Junah road, Hasiniyah fort, as well as, Al Jazir , Qarn Bu Abbas, Al Shabiyah Al Jadidah , Souq Bilad and Sabakh area roads were opened. They also drained a number of water marches at the roads and residential quarters as they jeopardize the health of resident to dangers.

He added that in the wilayat of Ja'alan Bani Bu Hassan and Ja'alan Bani Bu Ali and the wilayat of Al Kamil & Al Wafi, the Ministry continues its efforts to alleviate the impact of the adverse weather conditions. The four work teams which were constituted succeeded during the last period in re-opening a number of affected internal roads.

As for the wilayat of Masirah, he added that the team completed large part of its tasks as it re-opened the blocked roads and dumped the dead animals.

In the field of intensifying audit on the foodstuff shops to ensure that they avail foodstuff that meet health requirements , he added that the health inspectors visit these shops to ensure that the displayed items meet health requirements and were not spoiled by the power cut. 'The inspectors already dumped spoiled foodstuffs and sprayed insecticides over the water collection areas and marches to avoid any health risks.

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Publication:Oman News Agency
Date:Jun 7, 2010
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