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Region report: Region V.

Region V Policy Committee Members

Region V Policy Committee members play an important role in the leadership and guidance of our organization. They provide a link between the states and the regional policy board. The following are our Policy Committee members.

Jenniene Kauer from Idaho serves as the vice chair of the policy committee as well as liaison to the nominations committee, State of the States program session and the states of Nebraska, Wyoming, and California.

Jerry Balistreri from Alaska serves as recording secretary, and liaison to Alaska, Kansas and Hawaii.

Kevin English from Arizona serves as liaison to the resolutions committee and the states of Arizona and Nevada.

Dennis Wallace from Washington serves as liaison to the legislative committee and to the states of Washington and Oregon and to Guam and Micronesia.

Judy Whitaker from Utah serves as liaison to the membership committee and to the states of South Dakota, North Dakota and Utah.

Bill Jimmerson from Montana serves as liaison to the professional development committee and to the states of Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Vern Chandler from Washington continues to serve as chair of the Innovative Career and Technical Program Award.

Region V has been very active in ACTE throughout the years. Many of the past presidents have come from this region, and Mike Gillispie is proud to be part of this great organization. The region has focused on leadership development and membership development during the past two years. Under the direction of Tom Lopp, each state in Region V developed a strategic plan designed to increase and retain membership in our association. At each leadership conference and national conference, we ask for state-by-state updates. Arizona has introduced a legislative fellowship program under the guidance of Lois Lamer. This program focuses on leadership development, legislative advocacy and developing active membership in ACTE. Region V will be hosting our Professional Leadership Development Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, on May 2-4 2002. You may find information regarding ACTE Region V Professional Leadership Development Conference on the ACTE Web site under Region V.


As a youngster growing up in southeastern Arizona, Mike D. Gillispie always wanted to travel. Growing up on a farm and working in a variety of agricultural fields, such as custom wheat harvesting, gave him the opportunity to travel. He enjoyed meeting people and finding out about the world. Gillispie attended the University of Arizona where he majored in agriculture education.

Gillispie's first job landed him in Glendale, Ariz., at Deer Valley High School. He taught there for four years before moving to Peoria High School in Peoria, Ariz., where he taught for 11 years. Gillispie and his teaching partner, John Mulcahy, worked to modernize the school's agriculture program and align its focus to the needs of the community. Many new programs were developed over that time period, including biotechnology and golf and turf grass management. Gillispie's personal major achievement while at Peoria High School was designing, constructing and maintaining a one-acre golf course on the campus. He and his partner applied for and won the grant that provided them with the means to implement the facilities and curriculum for the golf course management classes. At Peoria, Gillispie's classes took care of the golf course and the baseball fields for their training in the golf and turf grass management classes.

Gillispie has also worked with Arizona Machinery-John Deere in their golf and turf equipment sector. Working with and developing a partnership with John Deere over the past 15 years also helped him win one of five national awards sponsored by the Wall Street Journal and Employment Management Company. This award recognized Arizona Machinery and the Peoria High School golf course management class as one of the top five business/industry and education partnerships in the United States. Gillispie and his wife, who is the coordinator for secondary curriculum for the Peoria Unified School District, teamed up to help students receive up to 18 dual enrollment credits for taking agriculture education classes at Peoria High School. He has also been a contributing member of the National Council for Agriculture Education, which produced instructional resource materials for golf and turf grass management courses across the nation.

Mike Gillispie has served as president for both the Arizona Agricultural Teachers Association and the Association for Career and Technical Education of Arizona. He has also spent the past five years serving as the legislative affairs chairman for Arizona ACTE. He was elected as Region V vice president in 2000. Serving as Region V vice president has allowed Gillispie to realize his childhood dream of traveling around the world. He traveled to Australia twice with groups of students. Gillispie and his students served as American agricultural ambassadors. He also had the opportunity to travel to Morocco as part of the ACTE delegation of consultants to Morocco's career and technical education system. His term as Region V vice president will be completed in 2003. Gillispie's vision is to have career and technical education teachers become the leaders for all educational programs. He believes that career and technical educators offer a perspective of innovative teaching and learning that provides students with a solid foundation for future education and work opportunities. Gillispie sees career and technical education as an avenue to provide relevancy for academic knowledge and skills and unparalleled opportunities for learning.
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