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Reforms in PDSH.

Following the visit to the office of PDSH in Saraj, Zijadin Sela, Struga Mayor, plans to continue with the "agenda" for reforming the party. It has been learned that Sela will in the upcoming days visit the party's arms in Kumanovo and Lipkovo that supported him publically. Sela stated that he has no intention of destroying PDSH but strengthen and reform it. This process, in his view, should end at a congress at which new rules will be adopted. According to him, leader Menduh Thaci was the one who stirred up the clashes inside the party before the parliamentary elections. He accused the current government for today's role of the Albanian opposition, whose place is among the people. Yet, Sela has his own opponents, who are close to leader Thaci, who accused him that he had the chance to present his stance on the candidates running for MPs at the party's assembly but he did not attend the meeting. Analyst Ismet Ramadani said that all this will affect the party because Sela has his own image as MP and as a mayor.

"If Sela leaves the party, this will mostly be felt by his fellow party members. However, the party should be unanimous in order for a new disunion not to occur," said Ramadani. For Alajdin Demiri, the clashes in PDSH stemmed because Thaci did not show understanding for the demands of Struga's PDSH office.

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Title Annotation:Zurnal (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jun 23, 2014
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