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Reforming a school for girls.

Pakistan, July 14 -- City's old Government Girls' High School Begum Shahabuddin has once again been in the news and not so for good reasons. According to a report carried by our sister publication, daily Mashriq, the 45 lady teachers working in the school suggested to the principal that before assigning them exam duties she had better do some prior consultation with her staff members even if as a democratic exercise. Strangely enough, the honourable head of school became furious and taking it as a personal insult decided to take disciplinary action against them. The higher authorities nominated as intermediary an equally sadistic administrative officer who told all the staff members to go down on their knees and apologise to their immediate boss not just verbally but in writing. The pressure from above was so strong that 42 of the teachers felt compelled to submit their written apologies to the arrogant, self-willed and egotistic principal. What appalled the parents, students and neutral newspaper readers was that three of the remaining self-respecting teachers - Sabeeha Malik, Sabeena Malik and Mah Jabeen - who refused to fall in line and did not submit any written apology were penalised in a disgraceful manner by the higher authorities by ordering their immediate transfers to schools located in far-flung areas. There are unprintable stories of how some directors of education in the past have abused their powers in identical circumstances and stooped to the lows of moral turpitude. Some time back, the enraged parents of girls protested against the arrogant attitude of the school administration by making bonfires on the main road and temporarily blocking the vehicular traffic outside the school.

No one in his senses would subscribe to the fact that 45 educated women were wrong and one woman, unduly pampered by some one among her seniors, was right in the absolute sense. We honestly believe that the transfer orders of the three affected teachers should be withdrawn forthwith and if anyone really deserves a transfer, it should be no other than the principal herself. Meanwhile, it is high time that Peshawar High Court took a suo motu notice of the highhandedness and deliver justice wherever it is being denied.

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Publication:The Statesman (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 14, 2010
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