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Reflex Security Ships Enhanced Reflex Command Center.

First solution to combine Identity Management, Security Information and Event Management, and Intrusion Prevention Management in a single appliance

ATLANTA & SAN FRANCISCO -- Today, at the RSA Conference (Booth 2631), Reflex Security ( pioneer and innovator in intrusion prevention systems (IPS), announced shipment of the Enhanced Reflex Command Center (ERCC), the industry's first enterprise security management solution to combine the functionality of identity management, security information and event management (SIEM), ID-based Network Access Control (ID-NAC), and IPS management into a single appliance.

News of the Enhanced RCC coincides with availability of another "industry first" for enterprise networking security. Today, Reflex Security also announced that it has added hardware-accelerated firewall support to its IPS MG Family of high performance, high availability IPS systems delivering up to 10 Gigabits of throughput. The consolidation of a "fast firewall" and high performance IPS protection into an enhanced security management platform is a unique security solution for high-capacity enterprise networks. See the press release entitled "Reflex Security Ships High-Performance Enterprise IPS Solutions with Firewall Support" at

Today's CSOs, CISOs, and network managers increasingly have to do more with less. Ensuring IT security in the midst of an ever-evolving threat model, while facing tight budgets, staffing restrictions and directives for consolidation and maximizing legacy investments is a constant challenge. The new Enhanced Reflex Command Center has been designed with this in mind--by combining what would otherwise be four separate security appliances into a single, integrated, high performance appliance.

Reflex Security has integrated these applications into a single appliance by leveraging its experience with security virtualization. "Much in the same way that server consolidation has been driven by virtualization, Reflex Security has delivered the industry's first security management consolidation platform," said Hezi Moore, President and CTO of Reflex Security. Our enterprise customers tell us they'll see significant benefits through security management consolidation: increased manageability and efficiencies, lower capital equipment costs, and scalability."

"By virtualizing our security management platform, Reflex has created a foundation that will allow future 3rd party management applications (e.g. security analyzers and vulnerability assessment tools) that complement our IPS Everywhere[TM]strategy to easily be plugged into the system," said John Peterson, Vice President of Product Management at Reflex Security.

Extending the capabilities of the company's current Reflex Command Center, The Enhanced Reflex Command Center delivers the following essential security functions:

1) IP to ID Identity Management

IP to ID Identity Management built into the Enhanced RCC maps IP address information into name identities of network users. This capability allows a security administrator to know which user's computer is spreading worms and viruses onto the network. This is far more superior than just knowing the IP addresses of offending computers--which are always changing in dynamic enterprises, and especially in universities, hospitals, financial and services environments where laptop use is prevalent and users are highly mobile. Another use case for the integration of identity management with IDS/IPS is to identify which users are violating corporate policy. An example is using the system to pinpoint which specific user is running an unauthorized web server, Peer 2 Peer server or performing file transfers out of the network.

2) Security Information and Event Management Consolidation (SIEM)

The integration of SIEM functionality into the Enhanced RCC helps network administrators consolidate the management of current and future security products operating within their infrastructure. In a world of corporate mergers and decentralized purchasing, individual departments may run networks independently, creating headaches for IT staff to integrate a range of security products, from a multitude of different vendors. Using the Enhanced RCC, in addition to managing their Reflex products, network managers can now monitor products from Tipping Point, ISS, Cisco, and other security vendors.

3) Identity-Based Network Admissions Control and Post-Admissions Control

a) Identity-based Network Admissions Control

The system monitors for successful logins and will only allow users to have network and application access upon successful logins. While identity has long controlled access to applications, now network access will also be controlled by identity for the first time. When a user logs into the network the identity manager informs the Reflex IPS system to open the doors and allow traffic to flow from the IP address assigned to the authenticated user. If a user does not successfully login to the network his IP address is not allowed to flow. Furthermore, each IP address that is allowed to flow is inspected for malicious content.

b) Identity-based Post-Admissions Control

The Reflex IPS sensor provides additional protection by inspecting users' traffic after they have been authorized and admitted to network resources. Thus Reflex Security can inspect malicious activity within the network-- not solely at the point when offending threats originate prior to admittance.

Reflex's IPS Everywhere platform provides enterprise-wide real-time visibility into exposure. The new security capabilities delivered by the Enhanced RCC will also give public companies a further benefit in the way of a solution for compliance. Compliance is facilitated through reporting based on correlation of Reflex data with other data (e.g. firewall) via the SIEM functionality, and through identity-based recording of attempts to access resources.

4) IPS Management

With compliance initiatives becoming increasingly important and the need to retrieve and compute massive amounts of historical data, the Enhanced RCC is sufficiently powered for the task. The RCC Enhanced operates on dual processor, quad core (8 CPU cores), has over a terabyte of redundant / hot swappable disk drives.

The Reflex IPS and the Enhanced Reflex Command Center combine a powerful, centralized configuration and management console, comprehensive reporting tools, and ease-of-use in a unified solution for efficiently managing and preventing network attacks. The Reflex Command Center's real-time and forensic reports deliver actionable information and are designed to prevent managers from being overwhelmed by cryptic or redundant data. Efficient 3D graphical displays of attack data make for quick and easy navigation. Intuitive charting and plain-language explanations make it easy to understand network activity and events. This helps avoid false alarms, document compliance and make informed security responses.

A Powerful Combination

In the Enhanced Reflex Command Center, Reflex Security has integrated powerful 3rd party security applications into a virtualized platform. Building on its established alliance with virtualization vendors such as VMWare, Reflex Security has partnered with Apere ( to provide Identity Management, and with eIQnetworks ( for Security Information and Event Management.

About Reflex Security, Inc.

Reflex Security, Inc., a pioneer in network intrusion prevention delivers real-time network security through its innovative products and IPS Everywhere[TM] approach to enterprise-wide security. By unifying discovery, deep-packet inspection and a comprehensive prevention engine, the company's IPS solutions block internal and external security threats to prevent today's most serious network attacks. With products that are adaptable, reliable and easy to use, Reflex Security simplifies enterprise security for business networks and virtualized networks of all sizes. Positioned as a "Visionary" in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, Reflex Security has garnered an impressive collection of awards including SC Magazine's coveted "Best Buy" honor and selection as top performer in its Group Test of IPS vendors. For more information visit, call 888-872-7555, or contact any authorized channel partner.

Reflex Security is a registered trademark, and IPS Everywhere is a trademark of Reflex Security, Inc.

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Date:Feb 5, 2007
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