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Reflective roof. (Product Watch).

StressPly[R] EUV Mineral with Starburst[TM] Mineral Surfacing, an energy-saving modified bitumen roofing system, combines the superior tensile (700 lbs.) and tear (1,400 lbs.) strength of a high-performance membrane with the energy-saving benefits of highly reflective surfacing. Standard white minerals typically provide 25 to 30% reflectivity, with corresponding rooftop temperatures around 1600 F. Garlands Starburst mineral provides 50 to 60% reflectivity, which can decrease rooftop temperatures to about 1200 F, significantly reducing urban heat-island effect and extending the working life of the roof. In addition, the Starburst super-bright, high-albedo mineral surfacing retains 50% of its initial reflectivity years after installation, for even greater energy savings over time.

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Publication:Nursing Homes
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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