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Reflections on Psalm 23 for People with Cancer.

Reflections on Psalm 23 for People with Cancer

Reflections on the Lord's Prayer for People with Cancer

Reflections on the Beatitudes for People with Cancer

Dr. Ken Curtis

Founder, Vision Video and

Christian History Institute

Worcester, PA


Serious health issues are very personal. They fall into one's life and wreak havoc not only physically but emotionally, spiritually, interpersonally, and financially. When Ken Curtis was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, he felt its impact in each of those areas just like any other cancer patient. Instead of letting the illness take over his life however, he let his life and beliefs take over the illness.

During the next few years as his illness ran its course, Curtis utilized various types of treatment but felt his faith and spiritual foundation was the ultimate weapon to help him cope with his cancer. His personal journey led him to consider what others in similar situations might experience and feel. This video series includes meditations derived from scripture that speak of comfort, peace, and support, and offer inspiration, courage, and joy. Even though the meditations are reflections from Curtis's personal journey through cancer, each one can bolster the faith of anyone with any type of acute or chronic illness.

For You don't have to be afraid anymore: Reflections on Psalm 23, Curtis traveled to Israel to gain insight into what David may have been thinking and feeling when he wrote the Psalms. From the 23rd Psalm, he created thirteen 8-minute meditations where he shares an interpretation of the scripture and how it relates to the fear and feelings that are frequently experienced by those facing cancer. Using his experience, he shares the inspiration, comfort, and healing that he gained by studying the deeper meaning of the Psalms. Each segment was filmed in Israel's countryside to illustrate the words of the scripture and to remind others that Psalm 23 is full of support and hope.

In You don't have to feel alone anymore: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer, Curtis returned to Israel to film his reflections in the places where Jesus walked. This DVD focuses on the Lord's Prayer and the strength it can provide through ten 9minute segments. It walks the listener through a deeper understanding of the prayer beginning with the concept that God is our father and what that means to us as His children. Proceeding through the prayer, his thoughts focus on what God truly offers us physically, mentally, and spiritually every day of our lives. He speaks to how God cares for us as a true father should, no matter what the illness or trial. It is also suitable for personal use or with small groups such as a support for chronic illness or a Bible study

You don't have to feel angry anymore: Reflections on the Beatitudes, is again a series of reflections for people with cancer; but its words of hope and resiliency during times of great stress and hopelessness are appropriate for any illness. Curtis looks at the Beatitudes as a way for the reader to search for the important aspects of one's life, faith, and future. Curtis challenges those hurting from illness to look for the positives, the joy, and the blessings even though the negatives in life seem overwhelming. His ten reflections of 10-minutes each were filmed in Israel and can offer a patient, family, or small group a new way to view the future.

Here is the link to the DVDs if you are interested. /detail.taf? function=detail& a product id=35253&vv lin k=IPNRC&utm source=IPNR C&utm medium=partner&ut m content=link&utm campa ign=IPNRC

Reviews by

Mary Slutz, RN, BS, MHCA

Director of Symposium and Resources

International Parish Nurse Resource Center
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Author:Slutz, Mary
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
Date:Jun 22, 2011
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