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Reflection time for GAS countries.

Reflection Time for GAS Countries

Today, 35 million households in German-speaking countries are looking into the sky for their TV programs. With cable penetration now reading the 24 per cent mark, many GAS (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) officials are worried about the "traditional" services: ORF (Austria), ARD, ZDF and DFF (Germany), and SSR's DRS (Switzerland). Next year DFF (formerly DDR in East Germany) will be incorporated into ARD.

GAS countries are now watching SAT1, RTL Plus, Pro7, Tele5 and the pay TV service, Premier. This is in addition to the cable sports channels, CNN and other European TV broadcasters.

The cost of a dish antenna to receive "sky" programs is the equivalent of $400.

Last year, over 200,000 dish antennas were in operation throughout GAS countries.

Today is a time of reflection and new approaches for the "traditionalists," while they weigh the merits of HDTV, multiplexing, stereo sound, closed captioning and multi-language transmissions.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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