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Reflection Systems multifunction optical drive.

Reflection Systems Multifunction Optical Drive

A new 5.25-inch multifunction optical disk drive has been unveiled by Reflection Systems, Inc. This unique subsystem accommodates both write-once and phase-change erasable media.

Reflection Systems' RF-7010 multifunctional drive combines the high capacity of optical disk storage systems (up to 1 GB) with a choice of the security of write-once media or the convenience of erasable media. The drive's multifunctional capabilities make it the perfect solution for virtually any large data or image storage application.

In addition to its multifunctional capabilities, the RF-7010 incorporates a positive filtered air pressure design for longer head life, lower maintenance and improved performance. The drive is also built with a pushbutton SCSI switch that makes daisy chaining units effortless.

The multifunction drive is available as a stand-alone or built-in drive. The industry standard SCSI interface permits easy integration with most MS-DOS, Macintosh, OS/2 or LAN-based systems.

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Publication:Information Today
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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