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New Scottish independence 'taskforce' announced by SNP; An SNP plan to create a new "independence taskforce" to kickstart a grassroots campaign and prepare for a second referendum has been criticised by opposition parties for taking the focus of tackling the Covid pandemic. Gina Davidson Jan 17, 2021 571
Referendum only solution to Nigeria's problems -Kanu. Jan 16, 2021 477
Give us Referendum or we pay any sacrifice for freedom - Kanu. Jan 15, 2021 482
Boris Johnson dismisses second referendum and insists public want to focus on tackling coronavirus; Boris Johnson has again dismissed holding a second independence referendum. Alexander Brown Jan 13, 2021 428
A 'divisive referendum' is not the way forward; Labour leader Starmer rejects idea of IndyRef2 but John Swinney says it's 'essential' for Scotland. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Jan 11, 2021 373
Swinney: Referendum 'essential priority' for coronavirus recovery. Jan 11, 2021 408
Nicola Sturgeon urged to set March 31 independence referendum deadline; The Scottish Government should set Boris Johnson a March 31 deadline to agree to an independence referendum or press ahead with a Holyrood-sanctioned vote, it has been claimed. Scott Macnab Jan 11, 2021 605
Why Keir Starmer's dismissal of independence referendum was a poor show - Lesley Riddoch; Who was Sir Keir Starmer hoping to impress in his first major interview of 2021? Lesley Riddoch Jan 11, 2021 930
People's vote referendum only used when needed; YOU SAY. Jan 10, 2021 330
SNP told to ditch plans for independence referendum by Sir Keir Starmer; Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said SNP demands for a referendum on independence should be ditched because it is not a priority for the people of Scotland. Scott Macnab Jan 10, 2021 635
Scotland could skip referendum and follow Irish route to independence, says Joanna Cherry; Scotland could follow the Irish route to independence, according to a senior Nationalist MSP, who says a referendum is not the only way to leave the union with England. Scott Macnab Jan 8, 2021 570
Scottish Independence: Mike Russell told Australians he wants Indyref2 in 2021; The Scottish Government is facing fresh calls to pause plans for an independence referendum, after it emerged the Constitution Secretary told foreign diplomats he wants a vote later this year. Scott Macnab Jan 7, 2021 557
Opposition parties call for Covid-19 crisis to be put ahead of referendum. Jan 6, 2021 240
Rare photo exhibit organizes by YKF marks 72nd anniversary of UN Resolution on Kashmir referendum. Jan 6, 2021 710
Nicola Sturgeon urged to suspend 'absurd' independence campaign due to new lockdown; Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to cancel plans for a second independence referendum as Covid-19 rips through the country for a second time. Conor Matchett Jan 5, 2021 562
Bong county: Women Boycotted the Referendum to Teach Government a Lesson. Jan 5, 2021 808
Envoy: No referendum necessary, Sahrawis identify with Morocco. Jan 4, 2021 651
Liberian voters did not understand the referendum. Jan 4, 2021 855
Boris Johnson dismisses referendums as 'not jolly' and suggests Indyref2 could not happen til 2055; Boris Johnson today dismissed referendums as "not jolly" and suggested any second independence vote could not happen til 2055. Alexander Brown Jan 3, 2021 408
THE Brexit referendum vote on [...]; Checks will make your life easier as NIGEL THOMPSON finds out. NIGEL THOMPSON Jan 2, 2021 840
Uhuru, Ruto set stage for BBI battle ahead of June referendum. Jan 1, 2021 1274
Done: Now ow let's move on; BREXIT VOTE: BRITAIN LEAVES THE EUROPEAN UNION AFTER 48 YEARS Johnson's hope for harmony as MPs back his deal Warnings pact does not honour referendum vows. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Dec 31, 2020 1078
Regional constitutions: Igbo group proposes June 2021 for referendum. Dec 30, 2020 294
Scottish independence: Why SNP should abandon its plan for divisive second referendum - Pamela Nash; After a dark year, the start of 2021 brings with it hope for the future. Pamela Nash Dec 30, 2020 1122
'Maternity leave for ministers to be law' Taoiseach says a referendum on issue a possibility. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Editor Dec 28, 2020 416
Nicola Sturgeon accused of planning 'Brexit 2' with independence referendum despite global pandemic; Nicola Sturgeon was accused of being "oblivious to the irony" of planning an independence referendum while calling for an extension to the Brexit transition period by the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Conor Matchett Dec 23, 2020 430
Reduce cost of planned referendum, ODM says. Dec 22, 2020 603
Liberian voters did not understand the referendum. Dec 22, 2020 851
Referendum formula unveiled. Dec 17, 2020 727
Scottish independence: SNP must not let Boris Johnson set the timing and terms of Indyref2 - Kenny MacAskill; Douglas Ross's and the Tories' refusal to participate in a Holyrood-initiated independence referendum isn't insurmountable but it should still cause the SNP leadership to rethink its current strategy. Kenny MacAskill Dec 17, 2020 603
Uhuru, Raila face referendum timeline nightmare. Chronology Dec 16, 2020 1006
MP seat new 'coveted bride' in post-referendum line-up. Dec 15, 2020 1216
Clergy association to campaign for NO in referendum. Dec 12, 2020 435
After turmoil of Brexit, is Scotland really ready for bitterness of a second independence referendum? - John McLellan; Retailers are stockpiling, tailbacks of trucks are already snaking towards Channel ports, British-based car manufacturers are downing tools because they have run out of parts from European suppliers. John McLellan Dec 12, 2020 1075
L'autre referendum. Dec 11, 2020 348
Leading aristocratic families paid [pounds sterling]14m in EU subsidies since referendum; Six of Scotland's wealthiest aristocratic families received more than [pounds sterling]14 million in EU agricultural subsidies in the three years after the Brexit referendum, with the Queen's Scottish estate also recouping a six-figure sum over the same period. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 11, 2020 1880
Plaid leader Price in referendum pledge. Dec 11, 2020 189
Plaid Cymru in pledge for independence referendum. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large > Plaid Cymru leader Adam Pri Dec 11, 2020 551
Scottish independence polls: how opinion has changed since the 2014 referendum - and impact of Brexit and Covid; Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and, more crucially, the latest polling suggest that Scotland favours independence. Finlay Greig Dec 9, 2020 1405
Roselle board pulls home-rule referendum off April ballot. Trey Arline Dec 9, 2020 369
DC requested to reschedule referendum of HDA workers union. Dec 8, 2020 260
Ruto camp's new strategy on referendum question. Dec 7, 2020 579
SNP 'wanting to get rid of community togetherness' with independence referendum: Douglas Ross; Douglas Ross has accused the SNP of wanting to "get rid" of the community togetherness seen during the Covid-19 pandemic to "divide" Scotland with a second independence referendum. Elizabeth Arnold Dec 7, 2020 398
Scots would vote to stay in UK in Scottish independence referendum - Gordon Brown; Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has insisted that Scots would vote to stay in the UK if another referendum was staged on independence, but says it would be a "hard battle". Scott Macnab Dec 6, 2020 469
Revealed: [pounds sterling]2.8m in EU subsidies received by Tory politicians in Scotland; Conservative politicians across Scotland have recouped nearly [pounds sterling]3 million in European agricultural subsidies since the Brexit referendum, with some multimillionaire MSPs receiving several hundred thousand pounds a year thanks to the scheme, an investigation by The Scotsman can reveal. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 5, 2020 1879
Kenyans keen on referendum, Raila says. Dec 4, 2020 222
Mutua tells off Ruto for proposing a multi-choice referendum. Dec 4, 2020 545
British empire demise may point to way ahead in referendum stand-off; Historic precedents from the demise of the British empire may point to a more pragmatic approach from the UK Government over demands for an independence referendum, it has been suggested. Scott Macnab Dec 4, 2020 998
UK Government plans to redraw constituency map 'make a mockery' of promises made after independence referendum, SNP MP says; UK Government plans to redraw the constituency map "make a mockery" of promises made after the 2014 independence referendum, an SNP MP has claimed. Alexander Brown Dec 4, 2020 426
3 days to referendum. Dec 3, 2020 340
Liberia Rising Project sensitizes citizens on referendum. Dec 3, 2020 451
Khalistan referendum on India's Independence Day. Dec 3, 2020 449
Lawmaker to boycott referendum. Dec 2, 2020 445
Why Ruto wants referendum pushed to 2022. Dec 2, 2020 866
Ruto wants referendum in 2022, calls for further BBI amendments. Dec 2, 2020 468
Will Scotland get a second independence referendum? Latest poll as Nicola Sturgeon pushes ahead with Indyref2 plans; Could Scotland be heading for another independence referendum? Finlay Greig Dec 1, 2020 879
BBI debate: Ruto camp demands multiple referendum questions. Dec 1, 2020 1414
A Referendum in the Moroccan Sahara Is 'Obsolete and Unworkable' - Ambassador. Dec 1, 2020 308
Referendum blues: Diaspora Liberians want compatriots vote yes to all. Dec 1, 2020 1370
Referendum not about me. Dec 1, 2020 422
Nicola Sturgeon refuses to rule out court challenge if second referendum blocked by Westminster; The SNP could challenge the decision to refuse permission for a second referendum by the UK Government through the courts, Nicola Sturgeon has reiterated. Conor Matchett Nov 30, 2020 587
Drive to a second independence referendum looks unstoppable - Lesley Riddoch; The drive towards a second independence referendum now looks unstoppable - and public disagreement over strategy at the SNP conference is, strangely enough, one of the surest signs. Conference news Nov 30, 2020 852
Supreme Court to decide maintainability of referendum pleas on Wednesday. Nov 30, 2020 649
Revealed: [pounds sterling]2.8m in EU subsidies received by Tory politicians in Scotland; Conservative politicians across Scotland have recouped nearly [pounds sterling]3 million in European agricultural subsidies since the Brexit referendum, with some multimillionaire MSPs receiving several hundred thousand pounds a year. Martyn McLaughlin Nov 30, 2020 1708
Would you vote for Brexit if there was a referendum held today? It's four-and-a-half years on from the EU referendum and we still don't have a deal -we want to know how you feel about Brexit now; It's four-and-a-half years on from the EU referendum and we still don't have a deal -we want to know how you feel about Brexit now. By, David James Nov 29, 2020 578
Switzerland Holds Referendum On Tougher Global Business Ethics Rules. Nov 29, 2020 248
Divisive referendum shockingly evident but we need consensus - Ruto. Nov 29, 2020 425
You will be in for a rude shock, Kiunjuri says over referendum. Nov 28, 2020 516
Ruto to continue push for a non-contested referendum. Nov 28, 2020 690
Fix electoral agency before referendum. Nov 27, 2020 415
Scotland's Sturgeon pushing for independence referendum in 2021. Reuters News Service Nov 27, 2020 401
Sturgeon keen on early referendum. Nov 27, 2020 314
Let's hold our referendum soon says FM. Nov 27, 2020 482
Nicola Sturgeon should ignore Boris Johnson and 'press ahead with Scottish independence referendum', says Jo Cherry; Nicola Sturgeon should press ahead with plans to stage an independence referendum without agreement from Westminster - and prepare for a Supreme Court showdown, a leading SNP politician has warned. Scott Macnab Nov 27, 2020 553
Bill should be voted section by section during referendum. Nov 26, 2020 416
Nicola Sturgeon wants second independence referendum early in next parliament; The First Minister of Scotland has said she hopes to hold Indyref2 in the early part of the next Parliament. Katharine Hay Nov 26, 2020 562
ANP terms Peshawar rally referendum against govt. Nov 24, 2020 386
Referendum not cancelled. Nov 24, 2020 966
Contested referendum will divide Kenyans, warns NCIC. Interview Nov 23, 2020 1195
Contested referendum will divide Kenyans, warns NCIC. Interview Nov 22, 2020 1255
LMD Fellow: Grand Bassa Joins Call to Postpone December 8 Referendum. Nov 22, 2020 2025
SNP may face same fate as Quebec's separatists: three referendum defeats and out - Brian Wilson; Scottish Tories might have concluded this week that there is no bad situation which Boris Johnson cannot make worse. Brian Wilson Nov 21, 2020 771
What contested referendum means for Uhuru, Raila, Ruto. Nov 21, 2020 1210
Boris Johnson reveals the truth about 'devolution disaster' comments; Boris Johnson has urged the SNP to withdraw demands for an independence referendum next year and work with the UK Government in the battle against Coronavirus. Scott Macnab Nov 21, 2020 588
Scottish independence: Plan to hold second referendum next year before we've healed from Covid is unbearable - Susan Dalgety; I can't have been the only person to raise a cheer round the breakfast table yesterday morning when reading The Scotsman's front page headline. Susan Dalgety Nov 20, 2020 1069
'Ambition and democracy' behind drive to hold Scottish independence referendum in 2021; Constitution Secretary Michael Russell has said "ambition and democracy" is behind the SNP's push to potentially hold a second independence referendum in 2021. Conor Matchett Nov 19, 2020 339
Khalistan referendum date today Dane Waters to head Non-govt Commission. Nov 18, 2020 342
UK Cabinet minister says SNP 'frankly mad' for wanting Scottish independence referendum now; A Cabinet minister has denied the Prime Minister considers devolution to have been "a disaster", but stressed he was "very troubled" by Scottish nationalists' attempts to split up the United Kingdom. Patrick Daly Nov 17, 2020 392
Scottish Independence Referendum: Trade Union call 'greatest possible choice' for Scots in any new referendum; The people of Scotland should be given the "greatest possible choice" over the country's future if there is a second independence referendum, the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has said. Rachel Mackie Nov 17, 2020 597
Will it ever be the 'right time' for Scottish independence referendum, Gordon Brown? - Lesley Riddoch; What's the new argument to kill the case for independence - the old one. Now is not the time for a second divisive referendum, Gordon Brown told Andrew Marr yesterday because Scotland must heal from Covid and the associated recession. Lesley Riddoch Nov 16, 2020 940
Gordon Brown warns 'now not the right time' for Scottish independence referendum as he refuses to rule out leading No campaign; Gordon Brown has warned "now is not the right time" for another Scottish independence referendum as he refused to rule out leading the No campaign. Alexander Brown Nov 15, 2020 593
Scotland should get third choice of 'devolution max' alongside independence or the status quo in any second referendum - Neil Findlay MSP; The deep divisions in American society have been fuelled by a politics that made zero effort to understand those who disagreed with Donald Trump's world view. Neil Findlay Nov 15, 2020 640
Scottish independence: Holyrood could stage referendum without Westminster approval under two-vote plan; Holyrood may have the power to stage an opening referendum on independence as part of a two-vote process on Scotland leaving the UK, a constitutional expert has claimed. Scott Macnab Nov 15, 2020 1026
Dominic Cummings: The political maverick who delivered Brexit; To his admirers Dominic Cummings is the maverick genius who overturned conventional wisdom to deliver one of the biggest political shocks in decades in the Brexit referendum. Gavin Cordon Nov 13, 2020 996
Ela Township Road District Referendum Passes. Ela Township Nov 13, 2020 378
MCAs list demands to support BBI referendum push. Nov 13, 2020 542
Two referenda on independence? You either commit to change or you don't. Alex Bell Nov 12, 2020 815
BBI referendum bill could be gazetted by Monday. Nov 12, 2020 940
Scottish Independence: Michael Gove says generation must pass before another referendum; Michael Gove has insisted a generation must pass before a second Scottish independence referendum can be considered. Scott McCartney Nov 12, 2020 285
SNP MPs compare Alister Jack to Donald Trump over independence referendum stance; The Scotland Office has been compared to the Trump administration during a heated row about independence. Alexander Brown Nov 11, 2020 581
Insults uttered during Scottish independence referendum could be prosecuted as hate crime, MSPs warned; The "hotbed of insults" generated during constitutional campaigns such as Scottish independence and Brexit could be prosecuted under proposed new hate crime legislation, it has been claimed. Gina Davidson Nov 11, 2020 1098
Referendum is people's call. Nov 10, 2020 213
Governors: What we want before referendum go-ahead. Nov 10, 2020 523
indyref2 backed; Supporters agree with renewed referendum bid. KATRINE BUSSEY Nov 9, 2020 210
CEMESP hold community Media Forums on 2020 referendum. Nov 9, 2020 845
Referendum sur la revision constitutionnelle : Proclamation sous peu des resultats officiels. Nov 9, 2020 317
Scottish independence: Referendum over two votes backed by ex-Tory PM John Major; Westminster could agree to Scottish Government demands for an independence referendum - with a second "confirmatory" vote part of the deal, ex-Prime Minister Sir John Major has said. Scott Macnab Nov 9, 2020 653
Scottish independence: Majority of pro-independence MSPs should trigger indyref2, reveals new poll; Scots support holding a second referendum if pro-independence MSPs win a majority at Holyrood by a margin of almost two to one, a new poll has suggested. Katrine Bussey Nov 9, 2020 568
BBI Holy Grail referendum quest will be arduous for Uhuru and Raila. Nov 6, 2020 1474
We should demand referendum on Wexit. Nov 5, 2020 237
MCAs threaten to scuttle BBI referendum push. Nov 5, 2020 662
Independence support remains steady as Scottish Tories slip to third place in Holyrood poll; A new poll has suggested support for independence is holding steady in favour of Yes should there be a second referendum. Conor Matchett Nov 5, 2020 442
Voters in several US states back drug legalisation in referendums. Nov 4, 2020 312
Referendum roundup. Eric Peterson Nov 4, 2020 578
Referendum roundup. Katlyn Smith Nov 4, 2020 575
Referendum roundup. Kevin Schmit Nov 4, 2020 574
Referendum roundup. Steve Zalusky Nov 4, 2020 582
Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsa to be a referendum: Sana. Nov 4, 2020 342
PDM's Minar-e-Pakistan rally to be referendum against rulers: Rana Sanaullah. Nov 4, 2020 528
PDM's Minar-e-Pakistan rally to be referendum against rulers: Sanaullah. Nov 4, 2020 342
Disband IEBC before referendum. Nov 3, 2020 691
Ruto isolated as Uhuru, Raila hammer June 2021 referendum. Nov 3, 2020 1155
Sahara: Referendum "Is by No means Principle of International Law" (Omar Hilale). Nov 3, 2020 334
Uhuru, Raila plan for June referendum. Nov 3, 2020 518
Rift Valley to take lion's share of new seats if referendum passed. Nov 3, 2020 914
Uhuru, Raila rule out changes to BBI report ahead of referendum. Nov 3, 2020 932
House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Nov 3, 2020 203
A summary of Daily Herald endorsements House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Nov 3, 2020 239
Au lendemain du Referendum constitutionnel : Quel devenir pour les partis politiques ? Nov 3, 2020 307
Les resultats du referendum dominent les Une des journaux de l'est du pays. Nov 3, 2020 245
Top lawyer rejects referendum 'plan'. DAN O'DONOGHUE, WESTMINSTER REPORTER Nov 2, 2020 527
A look at the referendums on the ballots in Kane, McHenry counties. Susan Sarkauskas Nov 2, 2020 407
We are ready for referendum, MPs say after Uhuru, Raila meet. Nov 2, 2020 608
House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Nov 1, 2020 200
A summary of Daily Herald endorsements House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Nov 1, 2020 236
Sur les reseaux sociaux Le referendum, minute par minute. Nov 1, 2020 450
Raila, IEBC dig in as referendum row rages. Oct 31, 2020 791
Leave IEBC alone! Ruto tells off Raila over Sh2bn referendum. Oct 30, 2020 490
Group wants referendum to decide future of Nigeria. Oct 30, 2020 375
YSG Backs ACF's Demand Seeking Referendum On One Nigeria. Oct 29, 2020 745
IEBC's Sh14bn referendum budget fake, says Raila. Oct 29, 2020 773
Chebukati lashes out at 'disingenuous' Raila over referendum cost. Oct 29, 2020 673
Raila attacks IEBC over 'outrageous' Sh14bn referendum cost. Oct 29, 2020 417
BBI referendum to cost taxpayers Sh14 billion - IEBC. Oct 29, 2020 532
MPs slam brakes on DP allies' referendum check card. Oct 29, 2020 680
SNP must change tack, hope not fear will win Scottish independence - Kenny MacAskill; Hope over Fear was a Yes Campaign slogan from the 2014 referendum and was meant to encapsulate the differences between a cause seeking support through promoting a better land, as opposed to those seeking to retain control by generating fear. Kenny MacAskill Oct 29, 2020 493
Group calls for referendum to decide future of Nigeria. Oct 28, 2020 517
BBI referendum to cost Kenyans Sh14 billion - IEBC. Oct 28, 2020 476
Chileans vote overwhelmingly for new constitution. Oct 26, 2020 845
House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 26, 2020 211
House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 26, 2020 231
A summary of Daily Herald endorsements House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 26, 2020 222
A summary of Daily Herald endorsements House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 26, 2020 226
Couverture mediatique du referendum: l'hommage rendu aux journalistes par le president Tebboune largement repris par la presse nationale. Oct 24, 2020 822
Key Uhuru-Raila men tasked with delivering BBI referendum. Oct 24, 2020 984
Taoiseach rules out border poll for 5 years; No unity referendum on my watch, says Martin. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Editor Oct 23, 2020 356
Uhuru: BBI changes must go to referendum as a package. Oct 23, 2020 1505
6-day JI Karachi Rights referendum concludes. Oct 23, 2020 263
Four questions in BBI referendum. Oct 23, 2020 718
Scottish independence: Keir Starmer admits rise in support but 'coronavirus is priority'; Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said he cannot deny a recent increase in support for Scottish independence, but he believes coronavirus should take priority over another referendum. Angus Howarth Oct 23, 2020 367
Joanna Cherry calls for SNP strategy to deal with anti-IndyRef2 'dirty tricks' from Conservatives; The SNP should 'war game' its own strategy for dealing with "dirty tricks" by the Conservative party if they try to delay a second Scottish independence referendum, a leading SNP figure has said. Conor Matchett Oct 23, 2020 447
Scottish independence: Referendum 'could happen next year', says Mike Russell; A referendum on Scottish independence could take place before the end of next year, Scotland's Constitution Secretary has said. Scott Macnab Oct 22, 2020 590
Sweeteners in Uhuru, Raila referendum BBI deal. Oct 22, 2020 1433
Referendums. Oct 21, 2020 167
House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 19, 2020 212
House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 19, 2020 232
Our positions on referendums in Dundee, Elk Grove townships. Oct 19, 2020 522
A summary of Daily Herald endorsements House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 19, 2020 223
A summary of Daily Herald endorsements House of Representatives Senate Referendums. Oct 19, 2020 227
MPs under pressure to pass IEBC and referendum laws. Oct 19, 2020 693
Le Chef d'Etat-major de l'ANP : Assurer les conditions sereines au deroulement du referendum. Oct 18, 2020 323
Setif : caravane de sensibilisation a l'importance du referendum sur le projet d'amendement constitutionnel. Oct 17, 2020 310
Nicola Sturgeon 'paused indyref2 plans' due to Covid-19 and is 'frustrated' Boris Johnson did not do the same with Brexit; Nicola Sturgeon said any planning for a second Scottish Independence referendum was put on hold by her government when Covid-19 began to impact the country in March. Conor Matchett Oct 16, 2020 674
Constitution Bans Referendum On Tax Issues. Oct 15, 2020 261
Important local questions Top-ballot races hog the spotlight, but local referendums need your attention. Oct 13, 2020 455
Referendum was when 'politics became real' What inspires young people to take the plunge into the world of politics? That was among the questions we put to the 35 who make up Generation Next, providing some fascinating insight. Oct 12, 2020 865
'Cohort effect' causing a rise in young politicians; The 2014 independence referendum engaged young people in politics like no event before it. Six years on, the passions it provoked have kept many involved in public life. That is one of the key findings made by Calum Ross through our Generation Next project. Oct 12, 2020 529
'JI referendum will help Karachi get its rights'. Oct 10, 2020 407
Edo 2020 a referendum on Oshiomhole, not Ize-Iyamu. Oct 10, 2020 1271
Forward bill for introduction of referendum to NASS, YCE tells Buhari. Oct 9, 2020 241
Right to question referendum result. Oct 9, 2020 367
Le SG du PRA : La participation au referendum, une continuite de l'Etat. Oct 9, 2020 184
Saturday's Poll Will Be Referendum Between Philosopher Kings, Bush-League - Akeredolu. Oct 7, 2020 534
Mohamed Charfi, president de l'Anie : Pas d'observateurs etrangers lors du referendum. Oct 6, 2020 285
Referendum : Debut demain (mercredi ) de la campagne de sensibilisation. Oct 6, 2020 303
NEC unveils referendum symbols today. Oct 5, 2020 427
New Caledonia referendum: why the French overseas territory voted on independence from France - and results explained; Residents of the archipelago recently voted in the second independence referendum in recent years. Ethan Shone Oct 5, 2020 413
Scots pro-union business body bolsters advisors as independence referendum looms; A Scots pro-union business organisation has appointed three new members to its advisory council, it emerged today. Scott Macnab Oct 5, 2020 377
Nazih Berramdane, conseiller aupres du president de la Republique : Les lois sur la societe civile seront amendees apres le referendum. Oct 4, 2020 310
Minority Groups Weigh In On Call For Referendum. Oct 4, 2020 1027
'No' vote ahead in New Caledonia referendum on independence from France. Reuters News Service Oct 4, 2020 382
Future Of Nigeria: Yoruba, Igbo Leaders Back North's Call For Referendum. Oct 3, 2020 889
Uhuru insists on referendum even as time lapses. Oct 3, 2020 715
Campagne electorale pour le referendum : L'Anie fixe les criteres. Sep 29, 2020 647
Edo: Obaseki's victory a referendum for continuity, good governance, says Tenebe. Sep 29, 2020 392
Obaseki's Victory, Referendum For Continuity, Good Governance, Says Tenebe. Sep 29, 2020 422
Referendum has ushered in extremists. Sep 28, 2020 183
L'Anie a l'heure du referendum : Dans le feu de l'action. Sep 28, 2020 1082
Igbo Marginalization: We Want A Referendum, IPOB Tells Nigerian Government. Sep 27, 2020 733
IPOB, Yoruba group form alliance, demand referendum for Biafra, O'odua nations. Sep 26, 2020 824
MPs call for speedy release of BBI report to faciliate referendum. Sep 26, 2020 420
October 1: Biafra, Oduduwa Agitators Unite, Give FG Referendum Ultimatum 19. Sep 26, 2020 634
Referendum sur la revision de la Constitution : Les APC a pied d'oeuvre. Sep 25, 2020 442
'Sham' education debate to stop indyref Bill, stymied by SNP and Green MSPs; An attempt to derail the Scottish Government's plans for another independence referendum bill failed after a "sham" debate on education. Gina Davidson Sep 24, 2020 912
Sabah polls should not be seen as referendum on federal government. Sep 23, 2020 306
Demand for a referendum over plans to abolish local councils. CLAIRE HARRISON Sep 21, 2020 875
Keir Starmer says new independence vote is a 'decision for Scotland' if SNP win; Labour's leader said his party doesn't want 'another divisive referendum' -but wouldn't say if he would try to block it if the SNP win a majority. By, Dan Bloom Sep 20, 2020 528
Said Chanegriha a propos du referendum : L'ANP fournira tous les efforts pour une totale reussite. Sep 19, 2020 394
Westminster win in 2024 could act as referendum; Politics: Brexit and virus boosting support for independence, says Curtice. DEREK HEALEY Sep 18, 2020 502
Raila's Sh2 billion referendum impossible - IEBC. Sep 18, 2020 337
Covid, not Brexit or independence, is the priority - Scotsman comment; New polls shows 63 per cent of people in Scotland do not regard a second independence referendum as a priority. Scotsman Leader Comment Sep 18, 2020 622
Labour urged to stop 'phoney war' around indyref2; A former senior aide to Jeremy Corbyn has urged the Labour party to "stop the phoney war" around a second referendum on Scottish independence and instead pursue a strategy which "speaks to yes voters" if it wants to revive its fortunes. Martyn Mclaughlin Sep 17, 2020 654
Two-thirds believe IndyRef2 should not be a priority for the Scottish Government; A new poll, undertaken by Survation on behalf of Scotland in Union, said only 28 per cent of people viewed another referendum as a priority. Conor Matchett Sep 17, 2020 505
Home Rule for Scotland should be an option in any second referendum as well as Scottish independence and staying in the Union - Professor Ben Thomson; A second referendum on Scottish independence would be poorer without an alternative to leaving the UK or the status quo, writes Professor Ben Thomson. Ben Thomson Sep 16, 2020 1194
Preparatifs du referendum : Belhimer se reunit avec les responsables des chaines de television privees. Sep 15, 2020 175
Les medias mobilises : Une large diffusion en attendant le referendum. Sep 14, 2020 169
New Taipei City mayor defends referendum on US pork. Sep 14, 2020 318
DPP legislator supports Taiwan opposition's referendum on US pork. Sep 14, 2020 283
Independence 'the only way to protect Holyrood' says SNP as poll has Yes on 53%; The Scottish Government has ramped up calls for another referendum on independence as fresh polling evidence shows a sustained majority of people in Scotland would vote to leave the UK. Scott Macnab Sep 12, 2020 471
Scottish independence: New Survation poll finds majority of Scots would vote Yes; The majority of Scots would vote Yes in an independence referendum, according to a new poll. Jamie McKenzie Sep 11, 2020 392
FLN : Le parti se prepare au referendum et aux rendez-vous electoraux. Sep 11, 2020 398
Mohamed Charfi, president de l'Anie : La reussite du referendum mobilisera des energies qui developperont le pays. Sep 9, 2020 218
17 referendum questions will appear on DuPage ballots. Katlyn Smith Sep 8, 2020 947
Revision constitutionnelle : Signature d'un protocole sanitaire pour le referendum. Sep 8, 2020 308
Kuomintang launches referendum over US pork imports. Sep 6, 2020 376
Ruto can't afford to lose this referendum. Sep 6, 2020 987
Scottish independence referendum likely 'within two or three years' says Sir John Curtice; If the SNP win a majority, it would be difficult for the UK Government to refuse IndyRef2, the leading politics academic has said. Conor Matchett Sep 4, 2020 729
SNP Government urged to stop 'pushing independence'; The SNP Government has been urged to "stop pushing independence" after Jeane Freeman issued a call for unity among Nationalists campaigning for a repeat of the 2014 referendum. Scott Macnab Sep 3, 2020 375
UK 'could break up' if Scotland has referendum. Sep 3, 2020 374
We need pause over referendum; The Voice of the North. Sep 3, 2020 246
SC returns pleas for referendum on presidential form of govt. Sep 3, 2020 195
SC returns pleas for referendum on presidential form of govt. Sep 3, 2020 197
SC returns pleas for referendum on presidential form of govt. Sep 3, 2020 187
Nigeria needs referendum, not constitution amendment - ECF. Sep 3, 2020 398
SC refuses to entertain plea for referendum on presidential form of govt. Sep 3, 2020 368
Ruto tells clerics, politicians to desist from 'divisive' referendum talks. Sep 2, 2020 403
MPs in race against time to pass laws to guide polls, referendum. Sep 2, 2020 525
The Draft Constitution, The National Assembly And The Referendum. Sep 2, 2020 518
SC returns pleas for referendum on presidential form of government. Sep 2, 2020 197
SNP has broken the Covid truce over Scottish independence - Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP; Nicola Sturgeon insisted work on independence would cease during the coronavirus crisis, but the Scottish Government is now planning new legislation about a second referendum even though lives and livelihoods are still at risk, writes Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP. Alex Cole-Hamilton Sep 2, 2020 850
Nicola Sturgeon must focus on Covid, not independence - Scotsman comment; Nicola Sturgeon's annoucement of new legislation setting out the 'terms and timing' of second referendum on Scottish independence must not distract from her vital day job of dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Scotsman Leader Comment Sep 2, 2020 625
Bill to set out timing of Scottish independence referendum to be published within a year; Nicola Sturgeon has today unveiled plans to publish legislation setting out the "terms and timing" for a second independence referendum. Scott Macnab Sep 1, 2020 578
Independence referendum is not 'imminent' says SNP; A second vote on Scottish independence is not "imminent" Scottish Government ministers have said in a court submission. Scott Macnab Sep 1, 2020 440
Plea seeking referendum on presidential form of govt reaches SC. Nasir Iqbal Sep 1, 2020 480
Churches divided as Ruto plots Uhuru-Raila referendum battle. Sep 1, 2020 1402
Referendum: Kenyans will vote with politicians and not church. Sep 1, 2020 336
Why two-thirds gender rule will fire up referendum, 2022 politics. Sep 1, 2020 631
Referendum: Let's not repeat the 2005 mistake. Sep 1, 2020 730
SC moved for referendum on presidential form of govt. Aug 29, 2020 763
SC moved for referendum on presidential system. Aug 29, 2020 763
SC moved for referendum on presidential form of govt. Aug 28, 2020 763
SC asked for referendum on 'presidential system'. SHAHID RAO Aug 28, 2020 290
SC moved for referendum on presidential system. Aug 28, 2020 761
Referendum sur la revision de la Constitution : Le processus enclenche. Aug 28, 2020 191
Ruto: I need to be persuaded on need for referendum. Aug 27, 2020 327
60% Kenyans reject referendum calls, poll shows. Survey Aug 26, 2020 960
Avoid referendum at all costs, clerics urge state. Aug 26, 2020 514
Referendum sur la constitution: L'acte fondateur de l'Algerie. Aug 25, 2020 486
To the President, officials and members of PUL regarding our position on the December referendum. Aug 25, 2020 676
Algeria to hold referendum on constitution Nov. 1. Aug 25, 2020 269
REeVISION DE LA CONSTITUTION: Le referendum aura lieu le 1er novembre. Aug 24, 2020 158
How referendum changed political landscape. Aug 24, 2020 749
One last referendum on both sides. CM Reader's View Aug 23, 2020 295
Westminster accepts referendum claims Swinney; INDYREF. NEIL POORAN Aug 22, 2020 307
Why Uhuru should shelve BBI and referendum plan. Aug 22, 2020 340
Who should be eligible to vote in independence referendum? ANALYSIS. TOM PETERKIN Aug 21, 2020 460
Will referendum wait cost Mt. Prospect its recreational pot shop? Wait: 'We're losing $1 million a month,' shop owner says Wait: 'We're losing $1 million a month,' shop owner says. Steve Zalusky Aug 20, 2020 296
Will wait for Nov. 3 referendum cost Mount Prospect its pot shop? Steve Zalusky Aug 20, 2020 308
Independence referendum results reversed as latest poll shows nine point lead for Yes; A Panelbase poll for Business in Scotland shows Yes winning a referendum in an exact reversal of the 2014 referendum if undecideds are excluded. Conor Matchett Aug 19, 2020 489
'Most important poll in history' ? FM says next year's Holyrood vote is pivotal and gives a referendum pledge. KATRINE BUSSEY Aug 18, 2020 404
'Fit as a fiddle', Raila vows to push for BBI and referendum. Aug 16, 2020 796
Embu, Meru and Tharaka elders support Raila's referendum call. Aug 16, 2020 379
Referendum is for politicians, not wananchi, says Mudavadi. Aug 13, 2020 322
New paper proposes UN-supervised Kashmir referendum. Aug 13, 2020 776
Referendum on Avangrid's NECEC ruled unconstitutional by Maine Supreme Court. Aug 13, 2020 258
DuPage scraps plan for referendum on recorder's office. Robert Sanchez Aug 12, 2020 542
Will recorder office referendum get axed in DuPage? Robert Sanchez Aug 11, 2020 491
Raila rules out merging poll with referendum. Aug 8, 2020 1102
Referendum still possible by December - Raila. Aug 6, 2020 335
Majority voted for a second referendum. Aug 3, 2020 245
House must agree on referendum law. Jul 28, 2020 669
Dec. 8th, 2020 Midterm Senatorial Race:Is It A Referendum on Pres. Weah's Popularity, or A Challenged to Sen. Dillon's Western-Style Political Concepts? Jul 28, 2020 1444
Russia report: UK Intelligence and Security Committee's key findings - and if Russia influenced Brexit and the Scottish independence referendum; The inquiry covered a number of topics, and concluded that the UK is a 'top target' for Russia. Alex Nelson Jul 22, 2020 634
UK never investigated Russian interference in Brexit decision; UK ministers "actively avoided" investigating whether Russia might have interfered in the 2016 EU referendum, and were slow to recognise the risk posed by Moscow's disinformation and influence campaigns, yesterday's long-awaited Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) report states. Paris Gourtsoyannis Jul 22, 2020 958
Sturgeon backs calls for inquiry into Russian meddling in independence vote; A full inquiry into whether Russia influenced the Scottish independence referendum campaign would be welcomed by the Scottish Government Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday, as calls grew for a thorough investigation into potential interference by foreign agents in the 2014 vote. Gina Davidson and Paris Gourtsoyannis Jul 21, 2020 999
Scottish independence vote should have sounded alarm on Russia - report; The UK Government should have been aware of the risk from Russian disinformation and interference in the British democratic process following the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, the parliamentary intelligence watchdog has said. Paris Gourtsoyannis Jul 21, 2020 619
Scottish Independence: 'Russia attempted to influence 2014 referendum' reveals report; The full report on Russian interference in British democracy will be released on Tuesday. Rachel Mackie Jul 21, 2020 690
Boris Johnson refuses Russia report's demand to probe 'meddling' in Brexit vote; The long-awaited Russia report today refused to rule out Moscow interfering in the EU referendum -and called for a formal assessment. But the government has dismissed the calls out of hand. By, Mikey Smith & Dan Bloom Jul 21, 2020 970
William Ruto, Raila Odinga allies set for clash over referendum law. Jul 21, 2020 933
Russia denies meddling in Scottish referendum; TENSIONS. DAN O'DONOGHUE Jul 20, 2020 293
Russian envoy claims UK carried out cyber attacks on vote for Putin rule until 2036; Ambassador Andrei Kelin says attacks on a constitutional referendum in Russia came from the United Kingdom. By, Mikey Smith Jul 19, 2020 869
John Curtice: Yes side favourites to win Scottish independence referendum for first time ever; Polling expert SIr John Curtice found that recent polling indicates Scotland would vote to become independent if indyref2 was held now. Sam Shedden Jul 18, 2020 746
People power through RA 6735. Jul 17, 2020 854
Referendum proposition is defeated. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Jul 16, 2020 600

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