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Reference notes.

Names of countries (areas) and stations are those used in WMO Publication No. 9, Vol. A - Stations, except that long names may be shortened. Only those stations authorized as contributors by the WMO in VOLUME A are published. "Means" and "totals" mentioned below are monthly summary means and totals. Units abbreviations: celsius = C, degrees = o, geopotential meters = gpm, meters = m, hectopascals = hPa, millimeters = ram, minutes = ', percent = %.

The long term surface data AVERAGES required for these tables were calculated for 1961 - 1990 from data received at the National Climatic Data Center during those years. Six years of data were considered to be the minimum for calculations.

Departures are differences between data and the AVERAGES for that month. Precipitation departure of "T" or "-T" indicates a difference less than 0.5 mm from AVERAGE.

Provisional upper air normals, although not published in this bulletin, can be obtained from WMO Pub. No. 170. A description of procedures used by Members appeared in Monthly Climatic Data for the World, 1967 Supplement--computation of CLIMAT TEMP values.

Late reports and corrections are published when received, except that data more than five years old are not published. The Corrections sections include corrections to past data. In these, "D" indicates the data should be deleted. Some late reports of pre-1987 data appeared in the Corrections sections during the 1987 Data Year.

The data received by the publisher often contain errors. A reasonable effort is made to correct errors; but some may appear in the publication, especially if the errors are subtle or were part of a large group of errors.

The station list appears at the back of the publication. In January and July, all CLIMAT (C) and CLIMAT TEMP (T) stations from WMO Pub. No. 9, Vol. A are listed. This is the complete published station set. In other months, the list contains only those stations from which data no more than two months old have been recently received.

Included in this publication, on an interim basis, are a group of Antarctic and USA stations that are not in WMO No. 9. These stations will be sponsored as CLIMAT and/or CLIMAT TEMP stations in the near future.
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Publication:Monthly Climatic Data for the World
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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