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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2013)

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"Li premerains vers"; essays in honor of Keith Busby. Book review 153
'The Army isn't all work'; physical culture in the evolution of the British Army, 1860-1920. Book review 194
10 steps to finding your happy place (and staying there). Book review 121
100+ ways to recognize and reward your school staff. Book review 147
1775; a good year for revolution. Book review 148
2119; the year global democracy will be realized. Book review 141
30th anniversary edition. Book review 153
35th anniversary retrospective. Book review 145
3D seismic survey design, 2d ed. Book review 133
50 gastrointestinal cases and associated imaging. Book review 115
50 top tools for coaching; a complete toolkit for developing and empowering people, 2d ed. Book review 115
57th Analysis Division symposium; proceedings. Book review 132
A collection of papers presented at the 72nd Conference on Glass Problems, proceedings. Book review 138
A combined MRI and histology atlas of the rhesus monkey brain in stereotaxic coordinates, 2d ed. Book review 189
A communist odyssey; the life of Jozsef Pogany/John Pepper. Book review 120
A companion to Guillaume de Machaut. Book review 106
A companion to Hrotsvit of Gandersheim (fl. 960); contextual and interpretive approaches. Book review 149
A companion to the philosophy of Robert Kilwardby. Book review 146
A concise history of the Middle East, 10th ed. Book review 151
A concise manual of pathogenic microbiology. Book review 158
A descriptive and comparative grammar of Andalusi Arabic. Book review 102
A documentary history of the American Civil War era; v.1: Legislative achievements. Book review 146
A focused issue on competence perspectives on new industry dynamics. Book review 187
A gateway between a distant god and a cruel world; the contribution of Jewish-German speaking scholars to international law. Book review 201
A glossary of reference on subjects connected with the Far East. Book review 139
A grammar of Domari. Book review 159
A guide to alternative medicine and the digestive system. Book review 121
A guide to southern Arizona's historic farms and ranches; rustic Southwest retreats. Book review 116
A guide to vocational assessment, 5th ed. (includes CD-ROM and workbook). Book review 117
A history of elementary social studies; romance and reality. Book review 158
A history of modern Lebanon, 2d ed. Book review 148
A history of opera. Book review 129
A history of spiritualism and the occult in Salem; the rise of witch city. Book review 126
A history of the modern Middle East, 5th ed. Book review 135
A history of the Negro troops in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865; preceded by a review of the military services of Negroes in ancient and modern times. Book review 240
A history of world order and resistance; the making and unmaking of global subjects. Book review 102
A lapidary of sacred stones; their magical and medicinal powers based on the earliest sources. Book review 123
A legal framework for emerging business models; dynamic networks as collaborative contracts. Book review 176
A military history of the Cold War, 1944-1962. Book review 117
A practical guide to entrepreneurship; how to turn an idea into a profitable business. Book review 146
A practical guide to equine colic. Book review 126
A practical guide to Linux commands, editors, and shell programming, 3d ed. Book review 138
A primer of ecological statistics, 2d ed. Book review 141
A road back from schizophrenia; a memoir. Book review 124
A Scotch spell; a Scots spelling book; English-Scots/Scots-English; Scots vocabulary used in Fons Scotiae books. Book review 159
A ship without a sail; the life of Lorenz Hart. Book review 390
A small-scale approach to organic laboratory techniques, 3d ed. Book review 153
A society in distress; the image of the Czech Republic in contemporary Czech feature film. Book review 134
A story as sharp as a knife; the classical Haida mythtellers and their world, 2d ed. Book review 151
A survey on classical minimal surface theory. Book review 109
A test of faith?; religious diversity and accommodation in the European workplace. Book review 213
A trader's first book on commodities; an introduction to the world's fastest growing market, 2d ed. Book review 115
A unified grand tour of theoretical physics, 3d ed. Book review 131
A whale for the killing. (reprint, 1972). Book review 126
A year of inquiry; a collection for elementary educators. Book review 120
ABC of ear, nose and throat, 6th ed. Book review 108
ABC of occupational and environmental medicine, 3d ed. Book review 180
Aboriginal peoples and sport in Canada; historical foundations and contemporary issues. Book review 140
About face; military resisters turn against war. Book review 177
Abrogation in the Qur'an and Islamic law; a critical study of the concept of "Naskh" and its impact. Book review 116
Abu Ghraib after the scandal; a firsthand account of the 344th Combat Support Hospital, 2005-2006. Book review 101
Academic and professional publishing. Book review 211
Academic leadership and governance of higher education; a guide for trustees, leaders, and aspiring leaders of two- and four-year institutions. Book review 138
Accelerated reclamation of alkaline argillaceous soils of Azerbaijan. Book review 128
Accounting in Africa. Book review 161
Across the North Sea; later historical archaeology in Britain and Denmark, c. 1500-2000 AD. Book review 182
ACSM's sports medicine; a comprehensive review. (online access included). Book review 200
AD/HD and the college student; the everything guide to your most urgent questions. Book review 137
Adaptation to a changing climate in the Arab countries; a case for adaptation governance and leadership in building climate resilience. Book review 129
Admiralty; cases and materials, 6th ed. Book review 120
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: introductory. Book review 147
Adobe Edge Animate Preview 7; the missing manual. Book review 104
Adobe Flash CS5 revealed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 110
Adobe Illustrator CS6 revealed. Book review 144
Adobe Illustrator CS6; digital classroom. (DVD included). Book review 150
Adolescent literacies and the gendered self; (re)constructing identities through multimodal literacy practices. Book review 117
Advanced designs and researchers for manufacturing; proceedings; 3v. Book review 133
Advanced engineering materials III; selected papers; 3v. Book review 135
Advanced materials and processes II; proceedings; 3v. Book review 184
Advanced multi-project management; achieving outstanding speed and results with predictability. Book review 168
Advanced quantum communications; an engineering approach. Book review 110
Advanced research on applied mechanics and manufacturing system; proceedings. Book review 170
Advanced sports nutrition, 2d ed. Book review 172
Advanced theory and practice in sport marketing, 2d ed. Book review 200
Advances in artificial intelligence and applications; proceedings. Book review 128
Advances in chemical engineering II; proceedings; 4v. Book review 200
Advances in environmental engineering; proceedings. Book review 116
Advances in environmental science and engineering; proceedings; 6v. Book review 204
Advances in financial economics. Book review 142
Advances in home care technologies; results of the MATCH project. Brief article 144
Advances in industrial and civil engineering; proceedings; 4v. Book review 167
Advances in intergroup contact. Book review 164
Advances in knowledge-based and intelligent information and engineering systems; 3v. Book review 188
Advances in power and electrical engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 177
Advances in science and technology of M+1AX phases. Book review 148
Advances in semantic authoring and publishing. Book review 107
Advances in small animal total joint replacement. Book review 115
Advances in taxation. Book review 108
Advances in Titicaca basin archaeology--III. Book review 148
Advancing ethnography in corporate environments; challenges and emerging opportunities. Book review 159
Aesthetic value in classical antiquity. Book review 174
Aesthetics beyond the arts; new and recent essays. Book review 139
Africa south of the Sahara; a geographical interpretation, 3d ed. Book review 197
Africa yearbook; politics, economy and society south of the Sahara in 2011; v.8. (online access included). Book review 164
Afro-Cuban costumbrismo; from plantations to the slums. Book review 253
After Vatican II; trajectories and hermeneutics. Book review 135
Aftermath; on marriage and separation. Book review 178
Agency, partnership, and the LLC; the law of unincorporated business enterprises; cases, materials, problems, 8th ed. Book review 120
Agile practices for waterfall projects; shifting processes for competitive advantage. Book review 124
Aging and the art of living. Book review 101
Aging and the macroeconomy; long-term implications of an older population. Book review 246
AGN winds in Charleston; proceedings. Book review 147
Agnessa; from paradise to purgatory; a voice from Stalin's Russia. Book review 232
Agriculture and sustainable development in India. Book review 168
Aim high, achieve more; how to transform urban schools through fearless leadership. Book review 102
Albania in transition. Book review 118
Alcohol and illicit drug use in the workforce and workplace. Book review 167
Alfalfa and relatives; evolution and classification of Medicago. Book review 206
Alfred's wars; sources and interpretations of Anglo-Saxon warfare in the Viking age. (reprint 2010). Book review 117
All the garden's a stage; choosing the best performing plants for a sustainable garden. Book review 105
Allied master strategists; the Combined Chiefs of Staff in World War II. Book review 152
Almanac of American military history; 4v. Book review 153
Almost a woman. (reprint, 1998). Book review 111
Alternative investment fund regulation. Book review 181
Aluminium alloy corrosion of aircraft structures; modelling and simulation. Book review 143
Ambiguous anniversary; the bicentennial of the international slave trade bans. Brief article 165
Ambiguous gender in early modern Spain and Portugal; inquisitors, doctors and the transgression of gender norms. Book review 229
America goes green; an encyclopedia of eco-friendly culture in the United States; 3v. Book review 197
America's Black Sea fleet; the U.S. Navy amidst war and revolution, 1919-1923. Book review 116
America's foreign policy toolkit; key instruments and processes. Book review 177
American cars, 1973-1980; every model, year by year. Book review 196
American government and politics today; 2012-2013, brief ed. Book review 137
American history through American sports; from colonial lacrosse to extreme sports; 3v. Book review 208
American philosophy and Rudolf Steiner; Emerson, Thoreau, Peirce, James, Royce, Dewey, Whitehead, feminism. Brief article 123
American silver eagles; a guide to the U.S. bullion coin program. Book review 159
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; a patient care guide for clinicians. Book review 113
An introduction to dynamical systems; continuous and discrete, 2d ed. Book review 104
An introduction to the philosophy of methodology. Book review 155
An introduction to the theory of groups. (reprint, 1959). Book review 119
An overture to philosophy of communication; the carrier of meaning. Book review 142
Analysis, geometry and quantum field theory. Book review 124
Anatomy and physiology study guide for speech and hearing, 2d ed. Book review 131
Anatomy of a patent case, 2d ed. Book review 165
Ancient Nubia; African kingdoms on the Nile. Book review 157
And no birds sang. (reprint, 1975). Book review 108
Anesthesia unplugged, 2d ed. Book review 119
Anesthesiology board review, 3d ed. Book review 117
Angels in the outback. Book review 126
Animal ethics; past and present perspectives. Book review 113
Animals and war; studies of Europe and North America. Book review 148
Animation under the swastika; a history of Trickfilm in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. Book review 151; vision and versatility in Swiss animated film. Book review 338
Annotating new genes; from in silico screening to experimental validation. Book review 139
Annual report on development of new media in China; v.1. Book review 124
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics, v.50, 2012. Book review 137
Annual review of cell and developmental biology; v.28, 2012. Book review 121
Annual review of ecology, evolution and systematics; v.43, 2012. Book review 110
Annual review of environment and resources; v.37, 2012. Book review 206
Annual review of financial economics; v.4, 2012. Book review 123
Annual review of golf coaching, 2012. Book review 119
Annual review of nuclear and particle science; v.62, 2012. Book review 133
Answers to essential questions about standards, assessments, grading, & reporting. Book review 134
Anti-Nietzsche. Book review 167
Antibacterial agents; chemistry, mode of action, mechanisms of resistance and clinical applications. Book review 140
Applied electromagnetic engineering for magnetic, superconducting and nano materials; proceedings. Book review 136
Applied ethics; strengthening ethical practices. Book review 104
Applied mathematics and modeling for chemical engineers, 2d ed. Book review 149
Arab Spring in Egypt; revolution and beyond. Book review 212
Archaeology and apprenticeship; body knowledge, identity, and communities of practice. Book review 121
Archaeology of Minnesota; the prehistory of the upper Mississippi river region. Book review 150
Archipelagos of sound; transnational Caribbeanities, women and music. Book review 115
Architectural guide Japan. Book review 164
Architectural guide Tokyo. Book review 150
Architecture and urban development; proceedings. Book review 170
Ardmore; we are because of others. Book review 154
Aristotle's psychology of signification; a commentary on De Interpretatione 16a 3-18. Book review 130
Armenian apocrypha relating to Abraham. Book review 158
Arms transfers, neutrality and Britain's role in the Cold War; Anglo-Swiss relations 1945-1958. Book review 139
Armstrong's handbook of reward management practice; improving performance through reward, 4th ed. Book review 111
Arnas Magnaeus Philologus (1663-1730). Book review 122
Aron Nimzowitsch; on the road to chess mastery, 1886-1924. Book review 134
Art and the relic cult of St. Antoninus in Renaissance Florence. Book review 142
Art as politics in late medieval and Renaissance Siena. Book review 130
Art therapy and health care. Book review 236
Artificial hells; participatory art and the politics of spectatorship. Book review 138
Artificial higher order neural networks for modeling and simulation. Book review 136
Artificial intelligence research and development; proceedings. Book review 139
Asante ntahera trumpets in Ghana; culture, tradition, and sound barrage. (CD included). Book review 123
Asian monetary integration; coping with a new monetary order after the global crisis. Book review 147
Asian popular culture in transition. Book review 116
Aspects of consciousness; essays on physics, death and the mind. Book review 105
Assessment as learning; using classroom assessment to maximize student learning, 2d ed. Book review 130
Assessment for intervention; a problem-solving approach, 2d ed. Book review 231
Assessment in counseling; a guide to the use of psychological assessment procedures, 5th ed. Book review 194
Assimilation and the gendered color line; Hmong case studies of hip-hop and import racing. Book review 139
Asymmetric synthesis II; more methods and applications. Book review 107
At home in Italy; under the summer sun. Book review 149
At the borders of sleep; on liminal literature. Book review 143
At the crossroads; the arts of Spanish America & early global trade, 1492-1850. Book review 150
Atheism and the case against Christ. Book review 124
Atlantic fever; Lindbergh, his competitors, and the race to cross the Atlantic. Book review 115
Atlas and synopsis of Lever's histopathology of the skin, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 201
Atlas of 3D echocardiography. (online access included). Book review 155
Atlas of advanced operative surgery. (online access included). Book review 122
Atlas of cone beam imaging for dental applications, 2d ed. Book review 109
Atlas of ear diseases of the dog and cat. Book review 115
Atlas of laparoscopic and robotic urologic oncological surgery. Book review 132
Atlas of peripheral nerve surgery, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 155
Atlas of surgical techniques for the colon, rectum, and anus. (online access included). Book review 128
Atlas of terrestrial mammals of the Ionian and Aegean islands. Book review 116
Atlas of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 140
Attachment to pets; an integrative view of human-animal relationships with implications for therapeutic practice. Book review 105
Auditory processing disorders; assessment, management, and treatment, 2d ed. Book review 145
Augustine and the functions of concupiscence. Book review 196
Australia's Asia; from yellow peril to Asian century. Book review 129
Author, reader, book; medieval authorship in theory and practice. Book review 108
Authoritative parenting; synthesizing nurturance and discipline for optimal child development. Book review 200
AutoCAD 2013 3D modeling. (CD-ROM included). Book review 166
AutoCAD and its applications: Advanced, 2013, 20th ed. Book review 143
AutoCAD and its applications: Basics, 2013, 20th ed. Book review 132
Automating with SIMATIC; controllers, software, programming, data communication operator control and process monitoring, 5th ed. Book review 111
Babel' in context; a study in cultural identity. Book review 265
Bacterial NanoCellulose; a sophisticated multifunctional material. Book review 125
Bacteriophages in health and disease. Book review 130
Bailout; an inside account of how Washington abandoned Main Street while rescuing Wall Street. Book review 192
Balancing the books; accounting for librarians. Book review 116
Balkan smoke; tobacco and the making of modern Bulgaria. Book review 120
Balthasar; a (very) critical introduction. Book review 158
Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel; a publishing history. Book review 133
Baseball and social class; essays on the democratic game that isn't. Book review 114
Baseball Hall of Fame autographs; a reference guide. Book review 117
Basic contract law for paralegals, 7th ed. Book review 133
Basic immunology; functions and disorders of the immune system, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 146
Basic legal writing for paralegals, 4th ed. Book review 105
Battle fight; RAF air defense projects and weapons since 1945. Book review 104
Bayesian methods in health economics. Book review 104
Becoming a secondary school teacher; how to make a success of your initial teacher training, 2d ed. Book review 129
Becoming a trustworthy leader; psychology and practice. Book review 109
Becoming and being a teacher; confronting traditional norms to create new democratic realities. Book review 170
Before Obama; a reappraisal of black reconstruction era politicians; 2v. Book review 140
Before the paper chase; the scholarship of law school preparation and admissions. Book review 175
Beginning C++ through game programming, 3d ed. Book review 108
Being human; psychological and philosophical perspectives. Book review 152
bell hooks; a critical introduction to media and communication theory. Book review 112
Beneath the veil of the strange verses; reading scandalous texts. Book review 173
Benedict Arnold in the company of heroes; the lives of the extraordinary patriots who followed Arnold to Canada at the start of the American Revolution. Book review 124
Benumof and Hagberg's airway management, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 159
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.10: The future of sustainability. Book review 143
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.7: China, India, and East and Southeast Asia; assessing sustainability. Book review 268
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.8: The Americas and Oceania; assessing sustainability. Book review 249
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.9: Afro-Eurasia; assessing sustainability. Book review 271
Between desire and passion; Teresa de Cartagena. Book review 196
Between Heschel and Buber; a comparative study. Book review 151
Between page and screen; remaking literature through cinema and cyberspace. Book review 131
Between the brown and the red; nationalism, Catholicism, and communism in twentieth-century Poland-- the politics of Boleslaw Piasecki. Book review 135
Beyond Habermas; democracy, knowledge, and the public sphere. Book review 147
Beyond human nature; how culture and experience shape the human mind. Book review 119
Beyond walls and cages; prisons, borders, and global crisis. Book review 184
Big events, small clauses; the grammar of elaboration. Book review 143
Biobanks; patents or open science? Book review 130
Biocompatibility and performance of medical devices. Book review 128
Biography today; profiles of people of interest to young readers. Book review 148
Biology and conservation of martens, sables, and fishers; a new synthesis. Book review 123
Biology education for social and sustainable development; proceedings. Book review 131
Biolubricants; science and technology. Brief article 133
Biomapping indigenous peoples; towards an understanding of the issues. Book review 219
Biomedical applications of mesoporous ceramics; drug delivery, smart materials and bone tissue engineering. Book review 128
Bionanotechnology; biological self-assembly and its applications. Book review 110
Biosequestration and ecological diversity; mitigating and adapting to climate change and environmental degradation. Book review 371
Biosociology and neurosociology. Book review 122
Bird habitats in Ireland. Book review 239
Black asset poverty and the enduring racial divide. Book review 179
Black firsts; 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events, 3d ed. Book review 133
Black males in the green mountains; colorblindness and cultural competence in Vermont public schools. Book review 123
Black recording artists, 1877-1926; an annotated discography. Book review 144
Black star, crescent moon; the Muslim international and black freedom beyond America. Book review 192
Black, white, and green; farmers markets, race, and the green economy. Book review 175
Blended learning in grades 4-12; leveraging the power of technology to create student-centered classrooms. Book review 162
Blinkers; scientific ignorance and evasion; the case for science. Book review 162
Blogging & tweeting without getting sued; a global guide to the law for anyone writing online. Book review 120
Body drift; Butler, Hayles, Haraway. Book review 119
Bolivia; refounding the nation. Book review 175
Bolzano & Kant. Book review 143
Book love; developing depth, stamina, and passion in adolescent readers. Book review 168
Borderline slavery; Mexico, United States, and the human trade. Book review 218
Botulinum toxin, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 172
Brain on fire; my month of madness. Book review 109
Breast imaging, 2d ed. Book review 127
Brill's companion to Greek and Latin epyllion and its reception. Book review 133
Brill's companion to Sophocles. Book review 139
Brill's encyclopedia of Hinduism; v.IV: Historical perspectives; poets, teachers, and saints; relation to other religions and traditions; Hinduism and contemporary issues. Book review 220
Bring it home with CorelDRAW; a guide to in-house graphic design. Book review 111
Bringing the Froebel approach to your early years practice. Brief article 139
British experimental combat aircraft of World War II; prototypes, research aircraft and failed production designs. Book review 147
Brochert's crush step 3; the ultimate USMLE step 3 CS review, 4th ed. Book review 114
Building a culture of support; strategies for school leaders. Book review 140
Building God's kingdom; Norwegian missionaries in highland Madagascar, 1866-1903. Book review 157
Building inclusive cities; women's safety and the right to the city. Book review 179
Building student resilience; strategies to overcome risk and adversity, k-8. Book review 124
Bukhara and the Muslims of Russia; Sufism, education, and the paradox of Islamic prestige. Book review 108

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