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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (April 1, 2013)

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"An insect view of its plain"; insects, nature and God in Thoreau, Dickinson and Muir. Brief article 151
"By our own strength"; William Sherrill, the UNIA, and the fight for African American self-determination in Detroit. Brief article 182
"Don't be so gay!"; queers, bullying, and making schools safe. Brief article 107
"Hands-on" musicology; essays in honor of Jeffery Kite-Powell. Brief article 113
"I hate to write!"; tips for helping students with autism spectrum and related disorders increase achievement, meet academic standards, and become happy, successful writers. Brief article 150
"Ten Little Niggers"; racial discrimination in children's books. Brief article 132
"Tsar and God" and other essays in Russian cultural semiotics. Brief article 157
'Thank you for your business'; the Jewish contribution to the British economy. Brief article 131
(Re-)writing the radical; enlightenment, revolution and cultural transfer in 1790s Germany, Britain and France. Brief article 144
100 people who changed 20th-century America; 2v. Brief article 141
2011 benchmarking; performance indicators for water and wastewater utilities; survey data and analyses report. Brief article 109
2012 world investment and political risk; world investment trends and corporate perspectives, sovereign default and expropriation, the political risk insurance industry. Brief article 104
21st century C. Brief article 114
30 days to virtual productivity success; the 30-day results guide to making the most of your time, expanding your contacts, and growing your business. Brief article 134
8 keys to stress management; simple and effective strategies to transform your experience of stress. Brief article 111
A better way to build; a history of the Pankow companies. Brief article 137
A call for engaged leadership. Brief article 116
A cameo from the past; the prehistory and early history of the Kruger National Park. Book review 330
A case-based approach to PET/CT in oncology. Brief article 164
A Civil War campaign through Missouri; recollections of a German soldier; including the original German transcript. Brief article 141
A Civil War correspondent in New Orleans; the journals and reports of Albert Gaius Hills of The Boston Journal. Brief article 138
A common wealth of learning; millennium goals revisited. Brief article 128
A concise introduction to existential counselling. Brief article 162
A cop doc's guide to understanding terrorism as human evil; healing from complex trauma syndromes for military, police, and public safety officers and their families. Brief article 163
A course on statistics for finance. Book review 123
A day in the life of a happy worker. Brief article 187
A Frenchwoman's imperial story; Madame Luce in nineteenth-century Algiers. Brief article 109
A fury in the words; love and embarrassment in Shakespeare's Venice. Brief article 111
A gentle introduction to support vector machines in biomedicine; v.1: Theory and methods. Brief article 144
A guide to IT contracting; checklists, tools, and techniques. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 132
A history of a cGMP medical event investigation. Brief article 243
A history of the Hadiyya in southern Ethiopia. Brief article 153
A literary map of Spain in the 21st century. Brief article 106
A mine of beauty; landscapes by William Trost Richards. Brief article 142
A mutation-selection model with recombination for general genotypes. Book review 128
A new Southern woman; the correspondence of Eliza Lucy Irion Neilson, 1871-1883. Brief article 150
A people's history of the U.S. military; ordinary soldiers reflect on their experience of war, from the American Revolution to Afghanistan. Brief article 176
A place we call home; gender, race, and justice in Syracuse. Brief article 175
A practical approach to large-scale Agile development; how HP transformed laserjet futuresmart firmware. Brief article 224
A practical guide to optical metrology for thin films. Brief article 114
A retrospect on the dust-laden history; the past and present of Tekong Island in Singapore. Brief article 121
A spectacular failure; Robinson Crusoe I, II, III. Brief article 148
A streetwise guide to litigation. Brief article 142
A student's guide to education studies, 3d ed. Brief article 166
A study of singularities on rational curves via syzygies. Brief article 126
A study of two classics; a cultural critique of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin. Brief article 160
A Sumerian Chrestomathy; with the collaboration of Silvano Votto and Jessica Baldwin. Brief article 142
A Swedish field trip to the Outer Hebrides, 1934; in memory of Sven T. Kjellberg and Olof Hasslof. Brief article 121
A theory of grocery shopping; food, choice and conflict. Brief article 179
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about qualitative research, 2d ed. Book review 176
A womb with a view; America's growing public interest in pregnancy. Brief article 117
A world connecting; 1870-1945. Brief article 165
A world in emergence; cities and regions in the 21st century. Brief article 157
A world of words; revisiting the work of Renward Brandstetter (1860-1942) on Lucerne and Austronesia. Brief article 159
Abandoned women; Scottish convicts exiled beyond the seas. Brief article 124
ABC foundations for young children; a classroom curriculum. Brief article 128
ABC of emergency radiology, 3d ed. Brief article 119
Ability profiling and school failure; one child's struggle to be seen as competent, 2d ed. Book review 121
Aboriginal peoples and forest lands in Canada. Brief article 155
About Europe; philosophical hypotheses. Brief article 110
Abraham Lincoln; beyond the American icon. Brief article 141
Accessibility analysis and transport planning; challenges for Europe and North America. Brief article 158
Accidental occidental; economics and culture of transition in Mitteleuropa, the Baltic and the Balkan Area. Brief article 140
Achieving ethical competence for public service leadership. Brief article 141
Achieving lean changeover; putting SMED to work. Brief article 109
Act your age!; a cultural construction of adolescence, 2d ed. Brief article 288
Action research in education; learning through practitioner enquiry. Brief article 172
Action research; a guide for the teacher researcher, 5th ed. Brief article 156
Actions and insights; Middle East North Africa, v.3: East meets west. Brief article 136
Acute topics in sport nutrition. Brief article 170
Adaptive, active and multifunctional smart materials systems; select papers. Book review 164
Adobe Flash CS6 revealed. Book review 210
Adobe master class; Photoshop; inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists. Brief article 121
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5; the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 138
Adolescent development and school achievement in urban communities; resilience in the neighborhood. Book review 127
Adoration; the deconstruction of Christianity II. Brief article 134
Adorno. Brief article 117
Adult and paediatric ALS; self-assessment in resuscitation. Brief article 122
Advanced composite materials and manufacturing engineering; proceedings. Brief article 125
Advanced health assessment and diagnostic reasoning, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 182
Advanced literacy practices; from the clinic to the classroom. Brief article 202
Advanced manufacturing focusing on multi-disciplinary technologies; proceedings. Brief article 164
Advanced materials and information technology processing II; proceedings. Brief article 156
Advanced materials and process technology; proceedings; 3v. Brief article 194
Advanced materials engineering and technology; proceedings. Brief article 121
Advanced materials for applied science and technology II; proceedings. Brief article 140
Advanced materials forum VI; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 166
Advanced materials in machine design; special topic volume. Brief article 131
Advanced nanoelectronics. Brief article 124
Advanced optical communication systems and networks. Brief article 105
Advanced powder technology VIII; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 210
Advanced research on environmental science and material application; proceedings. Brief article 150
Advanced x-ray characterization techniques; select papers. Brief article 173
Advances in civil engineering II; selected papers; 4v. Brief article 158
Advances in computing, control and industrial engineering; proceedings. Brief article 139
Advances in dairy ingredients. Brief article 103
Advances in design technology; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 138
Advances in engineering materials, product and systems design; special topic volume. Book review 127
Advances in engineering plasticity XI; select papers. Brief article 111
Advances in FDTD computational electrodynamics; photonics and nanotechnology. Brief article 141
Advances in genomic sequence analysis and pattern discovery. Brief article 125
Advances in industrial and labor relations. Brief article 147
Advances in industrial engineering, information and water resources. Brief article 262
Advances in library administration and organization. Brief article 146
Advances in manufacturing technology; proceedings; 4v. Book review 190
Advances in mapping from remote sensor imagery; techniques and applications. Brief article 141
Advances in materials and processing; challenges and opportunities; proceedings. Brief article 162
Advances in materials development; a festschrift honouring professor Subrata Ray; special topic volume. Brief article 197
Advances in mergers and acquisitions. Book review 145
Advances in printing and packaging technologies; proceedings. Book review 146
Advances in sintering science and technology II; select papers. Brief article 150
Advances in textile engineering and materials; proceedings. Brief article 147
Advances in the dyeing and finishing of technical textiles. Brief article 111
Advances in therapeutic engineering. Brief article 180
Advancing medicine with food and nutrients, 2d ed. Brief article 130
Advertising and anthropology; ethnographic practice and cultural perspectives. Brief article 153
Aerotech IV; recent advances in aerospace technologies;. Brief article 183
Aesthetics, empathy and education. Brief article 174
Affiliation and transmission in Daoism; a Berlin Symposium. Brief article 129
African children at work; working and learning in growing up for life. Brief article 167
African egalitarian values and indigenous genres; a comparative approach to the functional and contextual studies of Oromo national literature in a contemporary perspective. Brief article 127
Ageing and youth culture; music, style and identity. Brief article 154
Aggression in humans and other primates; biology, psychology, sociology. Brief article 128
Aging, economic growth, and old-age security in Asia. Brief article 140
AIDS literature and gay identity; the literature of loss. Brief article 120
Airfield safety and capacity improvements; case studies on successful projects. Brief article 116
Albania; family, society and culture in the 20th century. Brief article 138
Alcohol and drug misuse. Brief article 121
Alfred Russel Wallace's 1886-1887 travel diary; the North American tour. Brief article 129
Algebraic and geometric ideas in the theory of discrete optimization. Brief article 113
All the birds of Nova Scotia; status & critical identification. Brief article 150
All was done with measure, number and weight; a story of numbers and geometry linked with contemporary physics. Brief article 117
Allured's flavor and fragrance materials buyer's guide 2013; worldwide reference list of materials used in compounding flavors and fragrances. Brief article 233
Alpha teach yourself algebra 1 in 24 hours. Brief article 121
Alter-nations; nationalisms, terror, and the state in nineteenth-century Britain and Ireland. Brief article 157
Alternative forms of knowing (in) mathematics; celebrations of diversity of mathematical practices. Brief article 121
Always looking; essays on art. Brief article 219
Alzheimer's diagnostic guideline validation; exploration of next steps; workshop summary. Brief article 219
America's space sentinels; the history of the DSP and SBIRS satellite systems, 2d ed. Brief article 138
America; a narrative history, 9th ed. Brief article 215
American Indians in British art, 1700-1840. (reprint, 2005). Book review 117
American politics today, 3d ed. Brief article 131
American politics today, 3d essentials ed. Brief article 153
Amino acids, peptides and proteins in organic chemistry; 5v. Brief article 275
An aesthetics of narrative performance; transnational theater, literature, and film in contemporary Germany. Brief article 191
An analysis of the inter-dependency of the prominent motifs within the book of Qohelet. Book review 126
An Anglican hermeneutic of the transfiguration. Brief article 128
An aristocracy of color; race and reconstruction in California and the West, 1850-1890. Book review 176
An autobiography of General Custer. Brief article 129
An encyclopedia of American women at war; from the home front to the battlefields; 2v. Brief article 123
An English odyssey; the Pendleburys of Lancashire and London; nine generations of a working family. Brief article 123
An essential handbook of women's sexuality, 2v. Brief article 249
An introduction to counselling and psychotherapy; from theory to practice. Book review 125
An introduction to derivative securities, financial markets, and risk management. Brief article 104
An introduction to design and culture; 1900 to the present, 3d ed. Brief article 136
An introduction to optimization, 4th ed. Book review 120
An introduction to scientific research methods in geography & environmental studies, 2d ed. Book review 127
An introduction to statistics; an active learning approach. Brief article 109
An invitation to health; choosing to change, brief, 7th ed. (with Personal Wellness Guide). Brief article 260
Analysing Muslim traditions; studies in legal, exegetical and Maghazi hadith. Brief article 107
Analysis and geometry of metric measure spaces; lecture notes. Brief article 161
Analytic methods of analysis and differential equations; proceedings. Brief article 120
Anchorage design for petrochemical facilities. Book review 124
Ancient Maya pottery; classification, analysis, and interpretation. Brief article 119
Ancient worlds in film and television; gender and politics. Brief article 176
And freedom became a public-square; political, sociological and religious overviews on the Arab Christians and the Arabic Spring. Brief article 166
And the crooked places made straight; the struggle for social change the 1960s, updated 2d ed. Brief article 118
Androids and intelligent networks in early modern literature and culture; artificial slaves. Brief article 169
Anesthesia and the fetus. Brief article 173
Anesthesia for otolaryngologic surgery. Brief article 137
Angus & Robertson and the British trade in Australian books, 1930-1970; the getting of bookselling wisdom. Brief article 116
Animal husbandry regained; the place of farm animals in sustainable agriculture. Book review 139
Animal welfare in veterinary practice. Brief article 125
Annual report on development of Hong Kong (2012). Book review 112
Annual review of entomology; v.58, 2013. Brief article 116
Annual review of fluid mechanics; v.45. Brief article 125
Annual review of marine science; v.5. Brief article 141
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.53, 2013. Brief article 158
Annual review of psychology; v.64, 2013. Brief article 141
Answerable style; the idea of the literary in medieval England. Brief article 139
Anthropology and political science; a convergent approach. Brief article 185
Anthropology from Asian missiological insights. Brief article 120
Anti-foreign imagery in American pulps and comic books, 1920-1960. Brief article 104
Antioxidants and the skin. Brief article 136
Anton Chekhov; a life in four acts. Brief article 116
APA handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality; 2v. Brief article 197
APA handbook of testing and assessment in psychology; 3v. Brief article 188
Applications of ATILA FEM software to smart materials; case studies in designing devices. Brief article 138
Applications of environmental aquatic chemistry; a practical guide, 3d ed. Brief article 134
Applications to regular and bang-bang control; second-order necessary and sufficient optimality conditions in calculus of variations and optimal control. Brief article 145
Applied ethology; quality of life in designed environments?; proceedings. Brief article 195
Applied mechanics and industrial technologies; proceedings. Brief article 135
Applied psychology; research, training and practice, 2d ed. Brief article 146
Applied radiological anatomy, 2d ed. Book review 112
Approaches and strategies in next generation science learning. Brief article 131
Approximation by singular integrals. Brief article 106
Approximation theory and approximation practice. Brief article 104
Archaeological sites; conservation and management. Brief article 136
Architectural theories of the environment; posthuman territory. Brief article 167
Architecture and hagiography in the Ottoman Empire; the politics of Bektashi shrines in the classical age. Brief article 165
Architecture and interpretation; essays for Eric Fernie. Brief article 140
Architecture and nationalism in Sri Lanka; the trouser under the cloth. Book review 125
Architecture, power, and religion; Hatshepsut, Amun & Karnak in context. Brief article 120
Archival arrangement and description. Brief article 136
Are we being watched?; the search for life in the cosmos. Brief article 192
Arms makers of Massachusetts, 1610-1900. Book review 129
Art and authenticity. Book review 187
Aspiration and ambivalence; strategies and realities of counterinsurgency and state building in Afghanistan. Brief article 222
Assessing sanitary mixtures in East African cities. Brief article 106
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXI; proceedings. Brief article 114
Atlas of anatomy, 2d ed. Brief article 181
Atmospheric pressure plasma for surface modification. Book review 105
Attachment and psychoanalysis; theory, research, and clinical implications. Book review 121
Attacking faulty reasoning; a practical guide to fallacy-free arguments, 7th ed. Brief article 313
Attitudes to modern foreign language learning; insights from comparative education. Brief article 107
Attraction and danger of alien religion; studies in early Judaism and Christianity. Brief article 149
Augmentative and alternative communication; supporting children and adults with complex communication needs, 4th ed. Brief article 156
Australia and appeasement; imperial foreign policy and the origins of World War II. Brief article 153
Australia and Taiwan; bilateral relations, China, the United States, and the South Pacific. Brief article 103
Autism; recognition, referral, diagnosis and management of adults on the autism spectrum. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 124
Automatic item generation; theory and practice. Brief article 117
Automating with SIMATIC S7-300 inside TIA Portal; configuring, programming and testing with STEP Professional V11. Brief article 118
Automotive lubricants and testing. Brief article 149
Autonomous learning systems; from data streams to knowledge in real-time. Brief article 144
B2B digital marketing. Brief article 155
Backcountry lawman; true stories from a Florida game warden. Brief article 117
Bacterial gene regulation and transcriptional networks. Book review 129
Bacterial integrative mobile genetic elements. Brief article 118
Bad Indians; a tribal memoir. Book review 144
Balancing between trade and risk; integrating legal and social science perspectives. Brief article 171
Balkan transitions to modernity and nation-states; through the eyes of three generations of merchants, (1780s-1890s). Brief article 171
Baltimore's bygone department stores; many happy returns. Brief article 140
Band aids; a program guide for the new band director. Brief article 150
Basic criminal procedure, 6th ed. Brief article 114
Basics of quantum electrodynamics. Brief article 125
Basics of stage combat; single sword. Book review 130
Be a free range human; escape the 9-5, create a life you love and still pay the bills. Book review 171
Bearing steel technologies; v.9; advances in rolling contact fatigue strength testing and related substitute technologies; select papers. Brief article 165
Bearings; an essay on fundamental philosophy. Brief article 116
Becoming a published therapist; a step-by-step guide to writing your book. Brief article 110
Becoming Europe; economic decline, culture and how America can avoid a European future. Brief article 127
Becoming rivals; the process of interstate rivalry development. Brief article 147
Before daybreak; "After the Race" and the origins of Joyce's art. Book review 206
Behavior management; principles and practices of positive behavior supports, 3d ed. Brief article 135
Beijing's power and China's borders; twenty neighbors in Asia. Brief article 154
Belfast; the emerging city 1850-1914. Brief article 124
Beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, food and the environment; safety assessment and regulation. Brief article 190
Benjamin Fondane; a poet-philosopher caught between the Sunday of history and the existential Monday. Brief article 151
Bernard Shaw; slaves of duty and tricks of the governing class. Brief article 140
Best books for children; preschool through grade 6, supplement to the 9th ed. Brief article 200
Best movie scenes; 549 memorable bank robberies, car chases, duels, haircuts, job interviews, swearing scenes, window scenes and others, by topic, 2d ed. Brief article 126
Best practices in community mental health; a pocket guide. Book review 134
Bestial traces; race, sexuality, animality. Brief article 133
Between philosophy and science. Brief article 156
Beverly Garland; her life and career. Brief article 114
Bewilderments of vision; hallucination and literature, 1880-1914. Brief article 121
Beyond civilization; society, culture, and the individual in the age of globalization. Book review 140
Beyond home plate; Jackie Robinson on life after baseball. Brief article 109
Beyond learning by doing; theoretical currents in experiential education. Brief article 122
Beyond stereotypes in black and white; how everyday leaders can build healthier opportunities for African American boys and men. Brief article 178
Big histories, human lives; tackling problems of scale in archaeology. Book review 114
Big Week; six days that changed the course of World War II. Brief article 101
Bio-nanotechnology; a revolution in food, biomedical, and health sciences. Book review 112
Bioactive heterocyclic compound classes; agrochemicals. Brief article 127
Bioactive heterocyclic compound classes; pharmaceuticals. Brief article 148
Biocatalysts and enzyme technology, 2d ed. Brief article 153
Bioceramics 24; proceedings. Brief article 151
Biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation; exploring the evidence for a link. Brief article 186
Biomechanics of human motion; applications in the martial arts. Brief article 143
Biomimetic approaches for biomaterials development. Brief article 116
Bioremediation of petroleum and petroleum products. Brief article 128
Bipoints before Clovis; trans-oceanic migrations and settlement of prehistoric Americas. Brief article 146
Black women in leadership; their historical and contemporary contributions. Book review 188
Blake's agitation; criticism and the emotions. Brief article 222
Blood and kinship; matter for metaphor from ancient Rome to the present. Book review 174
Blood for blood; the Black and Tan War in Galway. Brief article 149
Blood sisters; the women behind the Wars of the Roses. Book review 116
Bloody murder; the homicide tradition in children's literature. Book review 135
Blowtorch; Robert Komer, Vietnam, and American Cold War strategy. Brief article 278
Bluejackets in the blubber room; a biography of the William Badger, 1828-1865. Book review 193
Blueprints obstetrics & gynecology, 6th ed. (online access included). Brief article 106
Body area communications; channel modeling, communication systems, and EMC. Brief article 130
Body contouring and liposuction. (online access included). Brief article 119
Bone and biomaterials for bone tissue engineering; special topic volume. Brief article 158
Books, bullets, and burqas; anatomy of a crisis; educational development, society and the state in Afghanistan. Brief article 128
Bracket--goes soft--almanac 2. Brief article 175
Brand is a four letter word; positioning and the real art of marketing. Brief article 170
Breakthroughs; re-creating the American city. (reprint, 1993). Brief article 117
Brief calculus for the business, social, and life sciences, 3d ed. (online access included). Brief article 142
Britain and Portuguese Timor; 1941-1976. Brief article 127
Britain's black debt; reparations for Caribbean slavery and native genocide. Brief article 141
British and Irish women writers and the women's movement; six literary voices of their times. Brief article 194
Broadband wireless multimedia networks. Brief article 105
Broken hearts; the tangled history of cardiac care. Brief article 102
Bucking the railroads on the Kansas frontier; the struggle over land claims by homesteading Civil War veterans, 1867-1876. Brief article 114
Budgeting carbon for equity and sustainability; proceedings. Brief article 194
Buffalo Inc.; American Indians and economic development. (reprint, 2008). Brief article 104
Building classroom discipline, 11th ed. Brief article 201
Building Hawaii's innovation economy; summary of a symposium. Brief article 129
Building leaders; paving the path for emerging leaders. Brief article 157

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