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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (October 1, 2012)

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!Santo!; varieties of Latina/o spirituality. Book review 221
"Accessus ad auctores"; studies in honor of Christopher Kleinhenz. Book review 112
'Regimental Practice' by John Buchanan, M.D.; an eighteenth-century medical diary and manual. Brief article 180
1 Esdras; introduction and commentary on the Greek text in Codex Vaticanus. Brief article 138
100 years of happiness; insights and findings from the experts. Book review 187
101 principles for positive guidance with young children; creating responsive teachers. Book review 212
21st century solicitor; how to make a real impact as a junior commercial lawyer. Book review 163
22 accessible road trips; driving vacations for wheelers and slow walkers. Book review 116
71st Conference on Glass Problems; proceedings. Book review 213
A biographical encyclopedia of contemporary genocide; portraits of evil and good. Book review 139
A biography in stone; typology, age, function and meaning of Early Neolithic perforated wedges in the Netherlands. Book review 117
A city in wartime; Dublin 1914-1918. Book review 120
A classical introduction to Galois theory. Book review 113
A common strangeness; contemporary poetry, cross-cultural encounter, comparative literature. Book review 115
A companion to angels in medieval philosophy. Brief article 104
A constructivist approach to the national educational technology standards for teachers. Book review 139
A delicate balance; constructing a conservation culture in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Brief article 175
A documentary history of modern Iraq. Brief article 177
A Europe made of money; the emergence of the European Monetary System. Brief article 121
A federal EEO couselor's manual, 2d ed. Book review 111
A fragmented history; a methodological and artefactual approach to the study of ancient settlement in the territories of Satricum and Antium. Brief article 151
A framework for geodesign; changing geography by design. Book review 103
A Frenchman's year in Suffolk; French impressions of Suffolk life in 1784; including a preliminary week in London, brief visits to Cambridge, Colchester, Mistley and Harwich and a fortnight's tour of Norfolk. Book review 164
A functional analysis framework for modeling, estimation and control in science and engineering. Book review 116
A global history of accounting, financial reporting and public policy; Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa. Book review 136
A grammar of Macedonian. Book review 142
A grand tour of gardens; traveling in beauty through Western Europe and the United States. Brief article 120
A guide to clinical assessment and professional report writing in speech-language pathology. Book review 150
A handbook of economic anthropology, 2d ed. Brief article 180
A harvest of reluctant souls; Fray Alonso de Benavides's history of New Mexico, 1630. (reprint, 1996). Book review 126
A haunted mind; inside the dark, twisted world of H.P. Lovecraft. Book review 114
A history of aerial photography and archaeology; Mata Hari's glass eye and other stories. Book review 151
A history of Yorkshire; "county of the broad acres", rev. ed. Book review 119
A lexicon of the Homeric dialect; expanded ed. Book review 143
A lover's quarrel with the past; romance, representation, reading. Brief article 126
A method for reusing and re-engineering non-ontological resources for building ontologies. Brief article 102
A new biology of religion; spiritual practice and the life of the body. Book review 101
A parent's guide to children's medicines. Book review 164
A plain sailorman in China; the life and times of Cdr. I.V. Gillis, USN, 1875-1948. Book review 173
A practical approach to performance interventions and analysis; 50 models for building a high-performance culture. Book review 135
A practical guide to the NEC3 professional services contract. Book review 177
A quiet victory for Latino rights; FDR and the controversy over "whiteness". Book review 163
A rebel act; Michael Hartnett's farewell to English. Book review 135
A shot in the dark; a creative DIY guide to digital video lighting on (almost) no budget. Book review 124
A stakeholder approach to corporate social responsibility; pressures, conflicts and reconciliation. Brief article 170
A survey of European astronomical tables in the late Middle Ages. Book review 154
A teacher's guide to working with children and families from diverse backgrounds; a CEC-TAG educational resource. Book review 108
A tour of the senses; how your brain interprets the world. Book review 124
A well-worn Tallis for a new ceremony; trends in Israeli Haredi culture. Brief article 128
A Yankee horseman in the Shenandoah Valley; the Civil War letters of John H. Black, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry. Book review 177
A Yankee in De Valera's Ireland; the memoir of David Gray. Book review 159
Abdullah al-Tall, Arab Legion Officer; Arab nationalism and opposition to the Hashemite regime. Book review 165
Abnormal psychology, 12th ed. Book review 146
Acceptance and commitment therapy. Brief article 108
Accounting theory; conceptual issues in a political and economic environment, 8th ed. Book review 101
Achieving a safe and reliable product; a guide to liability prevention. Book review 166
Acta conventus neo-Latini Upsaliensis; v.1: proceedings. Brief article 167
Acting as if tomorrow matters; accelerating the transition to sustainability. Book review 109
Acting is believing, 11th ed. Book review 145
ActionScript developer's guide to Robotlegs. Book review 126
Activism and the school librarian; tools for advocacy and survival. Book review 152
Adam and Eve after the pill; paradoxes of the sexual revolution. Book review 194
Addiction and the making of professional careers. Book review 122
Addiction treatment; a strengths perspective, 3d ed. Book review 184
Addie Joss on baseball; collected newspaper columns and world series reports, 1907-1909. Brief article 150
Administrative law, 2d ed. Book review 118
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 on demand. Book review 140
Adobe Edge Preview 5; the missing manual. Book review 136
Adobe Illustrator CS6 on demand. Book review 134
Adobe InDesign CS6 on demand. Book review 132
Adobe Muse on demand. Book review 126
Advanced building materials and structural engineering; proceedings; 4v. Book review 248
Advanced computational methods and experiments in heat transfer; proceedings. Book review 190
Advanced concepts in surgical research. Book review 136
Advanced hybrid powertrains for commercial vehicles. Book review 140
Advanced manufacturing technology; proceedings; 4v. Book review 128
Advanced materials processing for scalable solar-cell manufacturing; proceedings. Book review 148
Advanced materials XII; proceedings. Book review 150
Advanced quantum mechanics, 2d ed. Book review 138
Advanced research on architectonics and materials; proceedings. Book review 109
Advanced research on material science and environmental science; proceedings. Book review 252
Advanced solar cell materials, technology, modeling, and simulation. Book review 182
Advances in accounting behavioral research. Book review 149
Advances in algebraic structures; proceedings. Book review 133
Advances in applied and computational topology; proceedings. Brief article 105
Advances in applied human modeling and simulation. Book review 123
Advances in cognitive engineering and neuroergonomics. Brief article 166
Advances in computational astrophysics; methods, tools and outcomes; proceedings. Book review 133
Advances in computational dynamics of particles, materials and structures. Book review 121
Advances in control and automation of water systems. Book review 169
Advances in design for cross-cultural activities. pt.2. Book review 120
Advances in fluid mechanics IX; proceedings. Book review 152
Advances in hospitality and leisure. Book review 138
Advances in materials processing; proceedings. Book review 142
Advances in meat, poultry and seafood packaging. Book review 117
Advances in military textiles and personal equipment. Book review 129
Advances in polymer coated textiles. Book review 102
Advances in social and organizational factors. Book review 111
Advancing theory for kinetics and dynamics of complex, many-dimensional systems; clusters and proteins. Book review 155
Adventures in social research; data analysis using IBM SPSS statistics, 8th ed. Brief article 217
African American art; Harlem Renaissance, civil rights era and beyond. Brief article 146
African American women playwrights confront violence; a critical study of nine dramatists. Brief article 150
African responses to HIV/AIDS; between speech and action. Book review 168
After Mussolini; Jewish life and Jewish memories in post-Fascist Italy. Book review 192
After the history of sexuality; German genealogies with and beyond Foucault. Book review 173
After the spring; probation, justice reform, and democratization from the Baltics to Beirut. Book review 146
Afterglow of Empire; Egypt from the fall of the New Kingdom to the Saite Renaissance. Book review 284
Against obligation; the multiple sources of authority in a liberal democracy. Book review 200
Agatha Christie and the eleven missing days, rev.ed. Book review 161
Agency in the age of peer production. Book review 116
Agents and ambient intelligence; achievements and challenges in the intersection of agent technology and ambient intelligence. Brief article 163
Ahrends, Burton and Koralek; twentieth century architects. Book review 156
Ainsworth & Bisby's dictionary of the fungi, 10th ed. (reprint, 2008). Book review 120
Aircraft design; a conceptual approach, 5th ed. Brief article 111
Alan LeMay; a biography of the author of The Searchers. Book review 121
Almost free; a story about family and race in antebellum Virginia. Brief article 134
Alone together; why we expect more from technology and less from each other. (reprint, 2011). Book review 153
Alternative corporate re-engineering; building businesses through third party relationships and expansion into new markets; jurisdictional comparisons. Book review 133
Alternative schooling and school choice. Book review 221
Alzheimer's disease; targets for new clinical diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Book review 159
America; religions and religion, 5th ed. Book review 147
American diplomacy. Book review 260
American government and politics today; the essentials, Central Texas College ed., 2011-2012. Brief article 206
American literature on stage and screen; 525 works and their adaptations. Book review 193
American multicultural studies; diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. Book review 262
American mythologies; semiological sketches. Book review 126
American silent horror, science fiction and fantasy feature films, 1913-1929; 2v. Brief article 122
Americans in Egypt, 1770-1915; explorers, consuls, travelers, soldiers, missionaries, writers and scientists. Book review 138
Among the cottonwoods; the enduring Rio Abajo villages of Peralta and Los Pinos, New Mexico before 1940. Book review 137
Amphibians of Suriname. Book review 148
An air war with Cuba; the United States radio campaign against Castro. Brief article 150
An early start for your child with autism. Book review 133
An environmental history of Canada. Brief article 142
An evaluation of methodological options for grammar instruction in EFL textbooks; are methods dead? Book review 142
An international law perspective on the protection of human rights in the TRIPS agreement; an interpretation of the TRIPS agreement in relation to the right to health. Book review 160
An interpersonal approach to classroom management; strategies for improving student engagement. Book review 267
An introduction to British Arthurian narrative. Book review 135
An introduction to clinical emergency medicine, 2d ed. Book review 205
An introduction to cognitive behaviour therapy; skills and applications, 2d ed. Book review 157
An introduction to healthcare and medical textiles. Book review 124
An introduction to LTE; LTE, LTE-advanced, SAE and 4G mobile communications. Brief article 116
An introduction to the physiology of hearing, 4th ed. Book review 131
An introduction to the three volumes of Karl Marx's Capital. (reprint, 2004). Book review 149
An introduction to thermogeology; ground source heating and cooling, 2d ed. Book review 129
An introduction to travel journalism; on the road with serious intent. Brief article 319
An Irish century; studies 1912-2012. Brief article 122
Analysis of synchronous machines, 2d ed. Book review 102
Anatomy and physiology laboratory manual update; 7th ed. Book review 264
Anatomy of a duchy; the political and ecclesiastical structures of early Premyslid Bohemia. Book review 153
Ancient Egyptian technology and innovation; transformations in Pharaonic material culture,. Book review 135
Ancient Iran from the air. Book review 144
Android cookbook. Book review 123
Anesthesia for spine surgery. Book review 118
Animals confined for human benefit; a legal research guide. Book review 130
Animism in rainforest and tundra; personhood, animals, plants and things in contemporary Amazonia and Siberia. Book review 178
Anna Seward and the end of the eighteenth century. Brief article 115
Annual review of analytical chemistry; v.5, 2012. Brief article 110
Annual review of biochemistry; v.81, 2012. Brief article 117
Annual review of biomedical engineering; v.14, 2012. Book review 112
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering; v.3, 2012. Brief article 132
Annual review of neuroscience; v.35, 2012. Brief article 110
Annual review of political science; v.15. Book review 206
Annual review of the sociology of religion; v.3: New methods in the sociology of religion. Book review 108
Anonymous in their own names; Doris E. Fleischman, Ruth Hale, and Jane Grant. Book review 121
Answering teens' tough question. Book review 155
Antennas for global navigation satellite systems. Brief article 165
Anthropological practice; fieldwork and the ethnographic method. Book review 102
Antietam 1862; gateway to emancipation. Book review 147
Anyone; the cosmopolitan subject of anthropology. Brief article 177
APA dictionary of clinical psychology. Brief article 124
Apostolic and prophetic; ecclesiological perspectives. (reprint, 2011). Book review 143
Apple acre. Book review 112
Application of lightweighting technology to military aircraft, vessels, and vehicles. Book review 184
Applications of raman spectroscopy to biology; from basic studies to disease diagnosis. Book review 138
Applications, tools and techniques on the road to exascale computing. Book review 129
Applied Bohmian mechanics; from nanoscale systems to cosmology. Book review 181
Applied homogeneous catalysis. Book review 181
Applied mechanics and mechanical engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 166
Applied mechanics, materials, industry and manufacturing engineering; proceedings. Book review 155
Applied multivariate research; design and interpretation, 2d ed. Book review 159
Applied regression modeling, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 151
Approaching the Hunger Games trilogy; a literary and cultural analysis. Book review 230
Arab society in revolt; the West's Mediterranean challenge. Book review 156
Aram and Israel during the Jehuite dynasty. Book review 165
Archaeological theory today, 2d ed. Book review 232
Archaeology and environment in Northumberland. Brief article 146
Archangels & archaeology; J.S.M. Ward's kingdom of the wise. Book review 149
Architecture laid bare!; in shades of green. Book review 149
Archives, museums and collecting practices in the modern Arab world. Book review 267
Arctic voices; resistance at the tipping point. Book review 113
Arithmetic, geometry, cryptography and coding theory; proceedings. Book review 124
Arizona; a history, rev. ed. Brief article 190
Armenians in Hamburg; an ethnographic exploration into the relationship between diaspora and success. Book review 139
Arms control policy; a guide to the issues. Book review 115
Art history and visual studies in Europe; transnational discourses and national frameworks. Book review 183
Art in the offertorium; narcissism, psychoanalysis, and cultural metaphysics. Book review 190
Article 32; protection from economic exploitation. Book review 114
Artificial intelligence in the 21st century; a living introduction. (CD-ROM included). Book review 120
Artist of the revolution; the cartoons of Ernest Kavanagh (1884-1916). Book review 115
Arts and humanities. Book review 187
Aryl diazonium salts; new coupling agents in polymer and surface science. Book review 129
As the spider spins; essays on Nietzsche's critique and use of language. Book review 195
ASM handbook; materials for medical devices; v.23. Book review 120
Aspects of multilingual aphasia. Book review 130
Asperger syndrome in adulthood; a comprehensive guide for clinicians. Brief article 227
Asserting native resilience; Pacific rim indigenous nations face the climate crisis. Book review 122
Assessing 21st century skills; a guide to evaluating mastery and authentic learning. Brief article 148
Assessing and differentiating reading & writing disorders; multidimensional model. Book review 275
Assessing the requirements for sustained ocean color research and operations. Book review 147
ASTM standards for electrical protective equipment and occupational protective footwear. Book review 127
Astronautics; the physics of space flight, 2d ed. Book review 117
Asylums, mental health care and the Irish; historical studies, 1800-2010. Book review 133
At the forefront; illustrated topics in dental research and clinical practice. Book review 177
ATDD by example; a practical guide to acceptance test-driven data. Book review 121
Atlas of clinical gross anatomy, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 159
Atlas of normal roentgen variants that may simulate disease, 9th ed. (online access included). Book review 174
Atlas of oocytes, zygotes and embryos in reproductive medicine. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 125
Atomic assistance; how "atoms for peace" programs cause nuclear insecurity. Brief article 141
Atomic force microscopy in liquid; biological applications. Book review 120
Attachments; faces and stories from America's gates. Brief article 144
Audiovisual translation through a gender lens. Book review 106
Auditing beyond compliance; using the portable universal quality lean concept. (CD-ROM included). Book review 142
Auditory electrophysiology; a clinical guide. Book review 190
Augustine and Manichaeism in the Latin West; proceedings. (reprint, 2001). Book review 142
Augustine beyond the book; intermediality, transmediality, and reception. Book review 120
Australian economy and neo-liberalism; manufacturing, trade and bilateral links with Japan in the post-Keynesian age. Book review 117
Autism and understanding; the Waldon approach to child development. Book review 111
AutoCAD and its applications; comprehensive, 2013, 20th ed. Book review 118
Autogenic training; a mind-body approach to the treatment of chronic pain syndrome and stress-related disorders. 2d ed. Book review 158
Automotive buzz, squeak and rattle; mechanisms, analysis, evaluation and prevention. Book review 169
Bacterial spores; current research and applications. Book review 132
Bakhtin and 'interactive' advertising; a conceptual investigation of advertising communication. Book review 120
Balzac, Grandville, and the rise of book illustration. Book review 137
Banking and financial systems. Book review 127
Baseband receiver design for wireless MIMO-OFDM communications, 2d ed. Book review 134
Basic disaster life support; v.3.0, course manual. Brief article 222
Basic issues in EFL teaching and learning. Book review 167
Basic optics for the astronomical sciences. Book review 113
Bayesian biostatistics. Brief article 131
Be'er Sheva; an edition of a seventeenth century Yiddish encyclopedia. Book review 164
Beautiful floods; environmental knowledge and agrarian change in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Book review 131
Becoming a consummate clinician; what every student, house officer, and hospital practitioner needs to know. Book review 157
Beginning to see the light; sex, hope, and rock-and-roll. (reprint, 1981). Book review 151
Beginnings; the art and science of planning psychotherapy, 2d ed. Book review 140
Behavioral health response to disasters. Book review 204
Behavioural macroeconomics. Book review 182
Being a teen library services advocate. Book review 143
Being creative inside and outside the classroom; how to boost your students' creativity--and your own. Book review 115
Being human, becoming human; Dietrich Bonhoeffer and social thought. (reprint, 2010). Brief article 114
Belen Gopegui; the pursuit of solidarity in post-transition Spain. Book review 167
Best ever literacy survival tips; 72 lessons you can't teach without. Book review 157
Best practices for education professionals. Book review 136
Between the lines; Africa in western spirituality, philosophy, and literary theory. Brief article 172
Between the lines; Yang Lian's poetry through translation. Book review 136
Beyond deconstruction; from hermeneutics to reconstruction. Book review 117
Bible trouble; queer reading at the boundaries of biblical scholarship. Book review 155
Bibliography of art and architecture in the Islamic world; 2v. Book review 214
Bio-inspired materials and sensing systems. Book review 110
Biochemistry primer for exercise science, 4th ed. Book review 126
Biology of Hevea rubber. Book review 162
Biomaterials and applications; proceedings. Book review 157
Biomaterials and stem cells in regenerative medicine. Book review 159
Biomaterials in plastic surgery; breast implants. Brief article 116
Biomaterials science; an integrated clinical and engineering approach. Book review 113
Biopharmaceutical supply chains; distribution, regulatory, systems and structural changes ahead. Book review 157
Bioprocess engineering principles, 2d ed. Book review 138
Biorefinery; from biomass to chemicals and fuels. Brief article 129
Biotechnology; an introduction. Book review 122
Bipolar II disorder; modelling, measuring and managing, 2d ed. Book review 190
Black bag moon; doctors' tales from dusk to dawn. Book review 132
Black flags and windmills; hope, anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective. Brief article 163
Blasphemers & blackguards; the Irish Hellfire Clubs. Brief article 107
Blood expiation in Hittite and biblical ritual; origins, context, and meaning. (reprint, 2011). Book review 149
Blood, sweat, and tears; the changing concepts of physiology from antiquity into early modern Europe. Brief article 181
Blue Water Creek and the first Sioux war, 1854-1856. (reprint, 2004). Book review 157
BNF for children, 2012-2013. Book review 211
Body & soul; narratives of healing from Ars Medica. Book review 107
Body style. Book review 141
Books and travel; inspiration, quests and transformation. Book review 233
Boom and bust banking; the causes and cures of the great recession. Book review 191
Border rhetorics; citizenship and identity on the US-Mexico frontier. Book review 132
Boudicca. Book review 121
Boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods; proceedings. Book review 186
Boxing in America; an autopsy. Brief article 117
Brain injury medicine; principles and practice, 2d ed. Book review 283
Breast cancer sourcebook; basic consumer health information about the prevalence, risk factors, and symptoms of breast cancer .... 4th ed. Book review 167
Bringing innovation to school; empowering students to thrive in a changing world. Book review 141
Britain's empire; resistance, repression and revolt. Book review 153
Brokering access; power, politics, and freedom of information process in Canada. Book review 277
Bruce McDonald's Hard Core Logo. Book review 146
BSL3 and BSL4 agents; epidemiology, microbiology, and practical guidelines. Book review 134
Buckland Anglo-Saxon cemetery Dover; excavations 1994. Book review 118
Build, borrow, or buy; solving the growth dilemma. Book review 156
Building a European identity; France, the United States, and the oil shock, 1973-1974. Book review 210
Building and managing e-book collections; a how-to-do-it manual for librarians. Book review 148
Building brains; 600 activity ideas for young children. Book review 141
Building Ruskin's Italy; watching architecture. Book review 105
Building Taliesin; Frank Lloyd Wright's home of love and loss. Book review 108
Building with bamboo; design and technology of a sustainable architecture. Book review 117
Bullying hurts; teaching kindness through read alouds and guided conversations. Book review 212

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