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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (June 1, 2012)

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"All shall be well"; explorations in Universalism and Christian theology from Origen to Moltmann. Book review 122
"For us it was heaven"; the passion, grief and fortitude of Patience Darton from the Spanish Civil War to Mao's China. Brief article 157
"Mathesis of the mind"; a study of Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre and geometry. Book review 117
"They do as they please"; the Jamaican struggle for cultural freedom after Morant Bay. Book review 131
'Gems of heaven'; recent research on engraved gemstones in Late Antiquity, c.AD 200-600. Book review 128
(Re)inventing the Internet; critical case studies. Book review 118
101 great, ready-to-use book lists for children. Book review 121
101 great, ready-to-use book lists for teens. Book review 178
11 September 2001; strategic implications of the World Trade Centre attack. Brief article 162
200 contractual problems and their solutions, 3d ed. Book review 113
2012; decoding the countercultural apocalypse. Brief article 217
3-D surface geometry and reconstruction; developing concepts and applications. Book review 118
31 days before your CompTIA A+ exams, 2d ed. Brief article 161
3D A-to-Z; an encyclopedic dictionary. Book review 126
3DIY; stereoscopic moviemaking on an indie budget. Brief article 117
75 quick and easy solutions to common classroom disruptions. Book review 137
802.1aq shortest path bridging design and evolution; the architects' perspective. Brief article 117
99 to 1; how wealth inequality is wrecking the world and what we can do about it. Book review 112
A bug hunter's diary; a guided tour through the wilds of software security. Book review 115
A casebook on contract, 3d ed. Book review 139
A community of disagreement; feminism in the university. Brief article 114
A companion to Javier Marias. Book review 140
A cultural history of physics. Book review 182
A field guide for immersion writing; memoir, journalism, and travel. Book review 160
A first course in applied mathematics. Book review 128
A first course in systems biology. Book review 126
A first guide to statistical computations in R. Book review 139
A foreign and wicked institution?; the campaign against convents in Victorian England. Book review 144
A guide to academia; getting into and surviving grad school, postdocs, and a research job. Book review 201
A guide to federal sector disability discrimination law and practice, 3d ed. Book review 149
A guide to Ospedali research; v.1: Appendices (CD included). Book review 177
A guide to psychiatric services in schools; understanding roles, treatment, and collaboration. (CD-ROM included). Book review 183
A handbook of globalisation and environmental policy, 2d ed.; national government interventions in a global arena. Book review 176
A history of marriage; from same sex unions to private vows and common law, the surprising diversity of a tradition. Book review 264
A history of state and religion in India. Book review 125
A history of the Jana Natya Manch; plays for the people. Book review 124
A leadership guide for today's disabilities organizations; overcoming challenges and making change happen. Book review 164
A mad, crazy river; running the Grand Canyon in 1927. (reprint, 1929). Brief article 133
A mental healthcare model for mass trauma survivors; control-focused behavioral treatment of earthquake, war, and torture trauma. Book review 156
A modern approach to quantum mechanics, 2d ed. Book review 116
A more imperfect union; how debt, inequity, and economics undermine the American dream. Book review 127
A never-ending groove; Johnny Sandlin's musical odyssey. Brief article 136
A new history of medieval French literature. Book review 119
A panchromatic view of galaxies. Book review 163
A persistent reformer; Jonathan Kozol's work to promote equality in America. Book review 137
A practitioner's guide to clinical occupational therapy, 2d ed. Book review 164
A psychodynamic understanding of modern medicine; placing the person at the center of care. Book review 165
A separate country; postcoloniality and American Indian nations. Book review 162
A sisterhood of suffering and service; women and girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War. Book review 201
A solutions manual for general equilibrium, overlapping generations models, and optimal growth theory. Book review 104
A student's guide to methodology; justifying enquiry, 3d ed. Book review 186
A tale of two transformations; bringing lean and agile software development to life. Book review 109
A tea reader; living life one cup at a time; an anthology of readings for tea lovers old and new. Book review 170
A theory of generalized Donaldson-Thomas invariants. Book review 109
A toast to Eclipse; Arpad Haraszthy and the sparkling wine of old San Francisco. Book review 155
A traveller's wine guide to California. Book review 149
A wild history; life and death on the Victoria River frontier. Book review 146
Abhaya; Burma's fearlessness. Book review 134
Above and beyond the bottom line; the extraordinary evolution of the education business manager. Book review 163
Academic archives; managing the next generation of college and university archives, records, and special collections. Book review 175
Access to health, 12th ed. (online access included). Book review 103
Action research for sustainable development in a turbulent world. Book review 126
Administrative law, 3d ed. Brief article 272
Adobe Acrobat X; classroom in a book; the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. (CD-ROM included). Book review 149
Advance in ecological environmental functional materials and ion industry 3; proceedings. Book review 143
Advanced building materials and structural engineering; proceedings. Book review 158
Advanced calculations for defects in materials; electronic structure methods. Book review 121
Advanced immediate loading. Book review 136
Advanced in nanoscience and technology; selected papers. Book review 131
Advanced interconnects for ULSI technology. Brief article 196
Advanced materials and engineering materials; selected papers; 2v. Book review 164
Advanced materials and its application; proceedings. Book review 135
Advanced materials in microwaves and optics; proceedings. Book review 172
Advanced materials research; proceedings; 2v. Book review 169
Advanced optical flow cytometry; methods and disease diagnoses. Book review 140
Advanced research on engineering materials, energy, management and control; proceedings; 2v. Book review 164
Advanced research on material engineering and its application; proceedings. Book review 123
Advanced structural and functional materials for protection; proceedings. Book review 156
Advances in discontinuous numerical methods and applications in geomechanics and geoengineering; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 180
Advances in machine learning and data mining for astronomy. Book review 116
Advances in manufacturing systems; proceedings. Book review 113
Advances in non conventional materials processing technologies; proceedings. Book review 115
Affect and emotion; a new social science understanding. Book review 121
African belief and knowledge systems; a critical perspective. Book review 157
African immigration to South Africa; francophone migrants of the 1990s. Book review 157
Afro-descendants, identity, and the struggle for development in the Americas. Book review 124
After violence; religion, trauma and reconciliation. Book review 122
Afterimages of slavery; essays on appearances in recent American films, literature, television and other media. Book review 210
Against the world; South Africa and human rights at the United Nations 1945-1961. Brief article 142
Agee at 100; centennial essays on the works of James Agee. Book review 122
Agricultural seed production. Book review 116
Agriculture, peasantry and poverty in Turkey in the neo-liberal age. Book review 162
Agrobiodiversity conservation; securing the diversity of crop wild relatives and landraces. Book review 188
Albert Camus aujourd'hui; de l'Etranger au Premier homme. Brief article 123
Alcamo's fundamentals of microbiology, 2d ed. (online access included). Brief article 159
Alcibiades and the Socratic lover-educator. Brief article 129
Algebraic groups and quantum groups; proceedings. Brief article 113
Alien phenomenology, or what it's like to be a thing. Book review 142
All in; how the best managers create a culture of belief and drive big results. Brief article 114
Alternative pre-mRNA splicing; theory and protocols. Book review 119
Altitudinal distribution patterns of alpine plants; studies along a coast-inland transect in southern Scandes, northern Europe. Brief article 115
America's first Great Depression; economic crisis and political disorder after the panic of 1837. Book review 122
America's war on sex; the continuing attack on law, lust, and liberty, 2d ed. Book review 237
American folk art: a regional reference; 2v. Brief article 275
American Indians and popular culture; 2v. Book review 152
American Indians and the mass media. Book review 168
American journal of numismatics; 22. Book review 123
American militarism and anti-militarism in popular media, 1945-1970. Book review 139
American nightmare; how government undermines the dream of home ownership. Book review 101
American reference books annual 2012 ed.; v.43. Book review 155
American Sign Language and early literacy; a model parent-child program. Book review 183
American slavery, Atlantic slavery, and beyond; the U.S. "peculiar institution" in international perspective. Brief article 126
Amino acid chelation in human and animal nutrition. Book review 128
Aminoff's electrodiagnosis in clinical neurology, 6th ed. (online access included). Book review 164
Amy Goldin: Art in a hairshirt; art criticism, 1964-1978. Book review 114
An accident of hope; the therapy tapes of Anne Sexton. Book review 109
An animate landscape; rock art and the prehistory of Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland. Book review 120
An introduction to exotic option pricing. Brief article 129
An introduction to intercultural communication; identities in a global community, 7th ed. Book review 151
An introduction to male reproductive medicine. Book review 141
An introduction to marine mammal biology and conservation. Book review 125
An introduction to network modeling and simulation for the practicing engineer. Brief article 156
An introduction to transactional analysis, rev. ed. Book review 111
An organizational learning approach to process innovations; the extent and scope of diffusion and adoption in management accounting systems. Book review 136
Analysis and application of analog electronic circuits to biomedical instrumentation, 2d ed. Book review 186
Analysis of antioxidant-rich phytochemicals. Book review 119
Analytical estimates of structural behavior. Book review 161
Analytical lexicon of New Testament Greek, rev.ed. Book review 131
Analytical methods for food and dairy powders. Book review 105
Anarchism today. Book review 136
Anasi's journey; a story of Jamaican cultural resistance. Book review 125
Ancestry and ethnicity in America; a comparative guide to over 200 ethnic backgrounds, 2d ed.; 2v. Book review 210
Ancient echoes; the Mark Gordon Collection of Southeast Asian indigenous art. Brief article 153
Anglo-America and its discontents; civilizational identites beyond West and East. Book review 130
Animal physiology, 3d ed. Book review 116
Anime's media mix; franchising toys and characters in Japan. Book review 158
Annual review of condensed matter physics; v.3, 2012. Book review 113
Annual review of food science and technology; v.3. Book review 106
Annual review of physiology; v.74, 2012. Book review 116
Annual review of public health; v.33, 2012. Book review 177
Anonymous security systems and applications; requirements and solutions. Book review 121
Antarctic ecosystems; an extreme environment in a changing world. Book review 145
Anticipating the Wealth of Nations; the selected works of Anders Chydenius (1729-1803). Book review 165
Apartheid vertigo; the rise in discrimination against Africans in South Africa. Book review 146
APhA's immunization handbook, 2d ed. Book review 202
Appalachian legacy; economic opportunity after the war on poverty. Book review 108
Apples and ashes; literature, nationalism, and the Confederate States of America. Book review 139
Application of atmospheric biomonitoring to epidemiology; issues in data quality, sampling, aggregation & confounding. Brief article 133
Application of hydrodynamic cavitation in environmental engineering. Book review 126
Applications of ion chromatography for pharmaceutical and biological products. (website access included). Book review 141
Applied statistics for network biology; methods in systems biology. Book review 128
Applied statistics; from bivariate through multivariate techniques, 2d ed. Book review 164
Approaches to Byzantine architecture and its decoration; studies in honor of Slobodan Curcic. Brief article 139
Approaching language transfer through text classification; explorations in the detection-based approach. Brief article 130
Aquanomics; water markets and the environment. Brief article 247
Archaeology and the cities of Asia Minor in late antiquity. Book review 157
Architects' data, 4th ed. Book review 134
Architects, angels, activists and the city of Bath, 1765-1965; engaging with women's spatial interventions in buildings and landscape. Book review 157
Are traditional media dead?; can journalism survive in the digital world?. Book review 209
Are we what we eat?; food and identity in late twentieth-century American ethnic literature. Book review 123
Armstrong's handbook of management and leadership; developing effective people skills for better leadership and management, 3d ed. Book review 166
Art and copyright, 2d ed. Brief article 111
Art and multitude; Nine letters on art, followed by Metamorphoses; art and immaterial labour. Brief article 132
Art and visual culture on the French Riviera, 1956-1971; the Ecole de Nice. Book review 119
Art by the book; painting manuals and the leisure life in late Ming China. Book review 129
Art law & transactions. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 152
Arthritis in black and white, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 182
Artificial human sensors; science and applications. Brief article 140
Artificial materials. Book review 131
Artwriting, nation, and cosmopolitanism in Britain; the 'Englishness' of English art theory since the eighteenth century. Book review 149
As the world turns; implications of global shifts in higher education for theory, research and practice. Book review 257
As you like it; a frankly annotated first folio edition. Brief article 128
ASEAN and the institutionalization of East Asia. Brief article 111
Assessing Spanish-English bilingual preschoolers; a guide to best approaches and measures. Book review 164
Assessment and learning, 2d ed. Book review 145
Assisted reproduction techniques; challenges and management options. Book review 131
Astrodynamics 2011; proceedings; 4v. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 148
Asylum on the hill; history of a healing landscape. Book review 158
At home with the diplomats; inside a European foreign ministry. Book review 171
At war with PTSD; battling post traumatic stress disorder with virtual reality. Book review 160
Atlas of human infectious diseases. (online access included). Book review 130
Atlas of neural therapy with local anesthetics, 3d ed. Book review 139
Atlas of otologic surgery and magic otology; the international team approach based on pathogenesis; 2v. (DVD included). Book review 215
Atlas of pediatric and adolescent gynecology, 2d ed. Brief article 151
Atlas of radiologic-cytopathologic correlations. Book review 104
Atlas of surgery of the facial nerve; an otolaryngologist's perspective, 2d ed. (2 DVDs included). Brief article 160
Atomic comics; cartoonists confront the nuclear world. Book review 190
Attacking and defending marital agreements, 2d ed. Book review 159
Audel electrical trades pocket manual. Book review 112
Auditory cognition and human performance; research and applications. Book review 150
Augustine and the fundamentalist's daughter. Brief article 105
Autism all-stars; how we use our autism and Asperger traits to shine in life. Book review 116
Autism spectrum disorders in the college composition classroom; making writing instruction more accessible for all students. Book review 161
Automated option trading; create, optimize, and test automated trading systems. Brief article 217
Autoworkers under the gun; a shop-floor view of the end of the American dream. Book review 164
Axis of unity; Venezuela, Iran & the threat to America. Book review 142
Baba's kitchen medicines; folk remedies of Ukrainian settlers in Western Canada. Book review 144
Back to the beginning; reassessing social and political complexity on Crete during the early and middle Bronze Age. Book review 173
Balancing fundamental rights with the EU treaty freedoms; the European Court of Justice as 'tightrope' walker. Book review 131
Baldwin of The times; Hanson W. Baldwin, a military journalist's life, 1903-91. Brief article 114
Barbara Rogers; the imperative of beauty. Book review 151
Barn quilts and the American Quilt Trail movement. Brief article 114
Basic pharmacokinetics, 2d ed. Book review 106
Basic pharmacokinetics, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 137
Basketry technology: a guide to identification and analysis, rev. ed. Book review 169
Basque cooperativism. Book review 113
Bats of the United States and Canada. Book review 153
Becoming a teacher; using narrative as reflective practice, a cross-disciplinary approach. Book review 156
Becoming Dickens; the invention of a novelist. Book review 140
Becoming European; the transformation of third millennium northern and western Europe. Book review 169
Beginning African philosophy; the case for African philosophy past to present. Book review 145
Behaviour of material and composite structures. Book review 129
Being global; how to think, act, and lead in a transformed world. Brief article 109
Bending history; Barack Obama's foreign policy. Book review 136
Bennett; the rebel who challenged and changed a nation. (reprint, 2010). Brief article 155
Beowulf at Kalamazoo; essays on translation and performance. (DVD included). Brief article 134
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.4: Natural resources and sustainability. Book review 181
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.5: Ecosystem management and sustainability. Book review 187
Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability; v.6: Measures, indicators, and research methods for sustainability. Book review 167
Best practice; bringing standards to life in America's classrooms, 4th ed. Book review 154
Beyond behavior management; the six life skills children need, 2d ed. Book review 194
Beyond the comparative; advancing theory and its application to practice. Brief article 164
Beyond the global capitalist crisis; the world economy in transition. Book review 122
Bilingual language development and disorders in Spanish-English speakers, 2d ed. Book review 154
Bilingual thematic dictionaries. Brief article 117
Billionaires' ball; gluttony and hubris in an age of epic inequality. Brief article 128
Bindi; the multifaceted lives of Indo-Caribbean women. Book review 158
Biocomplexity of plant-fungal interactions. Brief article 105
Biodefense; research methodology and animal models, 2d ed. Book review 146
Biofluid mechanics; the human circulation, 2d ed. Book review 128
Biogas production; pretreatment methods in anaerobic digestion. Book review 126
Bioinorganic medicinal chemistry. Book review 153
Biomaterials for spinal surgery. Book review 109
Biomimetic, bioresponsive, and bioactive materials; an introduction to integrating materials with tissues. Brief article 104
Biorefinery co-products; phytochemicals, primary metabolites and value-added biomass processing. Book review 172
Bioremediation and sustainability; research and applications. Book review 111
Biotechnology and innovation systems; the role of public policy. Brief article 187
Birds in archaeology; proceedings. Book review 162
Birth control. Book review 149
Black/gay; the Harlem renaissance, the protest era, and constructions of black gay identity in the 1980s and 90s. Book review 151
Blood libel and its derivatives; the scourge of anti-semitism. Book review 117
Blue-collar pop culture; from NASCAR to Jersey Shore; 2v. Book review 193
Blueberries. Brief article 121
Blumgart's surgery of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas; 2v., 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 140
Bodies of discourse; sports stars, media, and the global public. Brief article 143
Bonanzas & borrascas; copper kings & stock frenzies, 1885-1918. Brief article 134
Bonanzas & borrascas; gold lust & silver sharks, 1848-1884. Book review 139
Bone health in children. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 124
Bones in the well; the Haun's Mill Massacre, 1838; a documentary history. (reprint, 2006). Brief article 127
Bono; a biography. Book review 135
Booker T. Washington rediscovered. Book review 166
Books; a living history. Brief article 132
Border crossings; a trilingual anthology of Caribbean women writers. Book review 161
Borderline personality disorder; new reasons for hope. Book review 152
Born with a junk food deficiency; how flaks, quacks, and hacks pimp the public health. Book review 134
Bought & sold; living and losing the good life in socialist Yugoslavia. Book review 134
Boundless salvation; the shorter writings of William Booth. Brief article 134
Bradley's neurology in clinical practice, 6th ed; 2v. (online access included). Book review 151
Brain-based parenting; the neuroscience of caregiving for healthy attachment. Book review 191
Brand real; how smart companies live their brand promise and inspire fierce customer loyalty. Book review 131
Brand together; how co-creation generates innovation and re-energizes brands. Book review 216
Breast cancer. Book review 179
Bridge engineering; design, rehabilitation, and maintenance of modern highway bridges, 3d ed. Book review 109
Bridging inferences; constraining and resolving underspecification in discourse interpretation. Brief article 114
Brief counselling in schools. Brief article 176
Brilliant on the skyline; General Aviation Terminal Schiphol. Brief article 113
Bringing communities together; connecting learners with scientists or technologists. Brief article 116
British abolitionism and the question of moral progress in history. Brief article 140
British cruisers; two World Wars and after. Book review 235
Broadband strategies handbook. Book review 150
Broadway musical MVPs, 1960-2010; the most valuable players of the past fifty seasons. Book review 107
Brochert's crush Step 2; the ultimate USMLE Step 2 review, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 154
Brock biology of microorganisms, 13th ed. (online access included). Book review 131
Bugs, drugs and smoke; stories from public health. Book review 110
Building outdoor gear; easy-to-make projects for camping, fishing, hunting, and canoeing, 2d ed. Book review 120
Building SPSS graphs to understand data. Book review 123
Bundu; Sowei headpieces of the Sande Society of West Africa; the Imperato family collection. Book review 137
Bureau of Indian Affairs. Book review 160
Bureaucratic ambition; careers, motives, and the innovative administrator. Book review 112
Burgoyne and the Saratoga Campaign; his papers. Book review 151
Buried lives; incarcerated in early America. Book review 143
Business strategy and corporate governance in the Chinese consumer electronics sector. Book review 224
Business-to-business marketing management; strategies, cases, and solutions. Book review 153
By invitation only; how we built Gilt and changed the way millions shop. Book review 138
By the vision of another world; worship in American history. Brief article 124
Caesar; selections from his Commentarii de bello gallico. Brief article 141
Cain's legacy; liberating siblings from a lifetime of rage, shame, secrecy, and regret. Book review 136
California family law for paralegals, 6th ed. Book review 172
Can emerging technologies make a difference in development? Brief article 139
Candidate without a prayer; an autobiography of a Jewish atheist in the Bible Belt. Book review 167
Canola; chemistry, production, processing, and utilization. Brief article 160
Cantate domino; early choir books for the Knights in Malta. Book review 158
Career counseling for people with disabilities; a practical guide to finding employment, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 169
Caring for the 'Holy Land'; Filipina domestic workers in Israel. Brief article 124
Carlo Mollino; with a naked eye; photographs 1934-1973. Book review 140
Caryl Phillips; writing in the key of life. Book review 164
Casanova, Stendhal, Tolstoy; adepts in self-portraiture. (reprint, 1929). Book review 138
Case reviews in ophthalmology. (online access included). Book review 171
Case studies in crisis communication; international perspectives on hits and misses. Book review 121
Case studies in dementia; common and uncommon presentations. Book review 115

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