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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (February 1, 2012)

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"Obscene fantasies"; Elfriede Jelinek's generic perversions. Brief article 148
"Pouring Jewish water into fascist wine;" untold stories of (Catholic) Jews from the archive of Mussolini's Jesuit Pietro Tacchi Venturi. Book review 169
"They say/I say"; the moves that matter in academic writing; with readings, 2d ed. Book review 250
10x10/3; 100 architects, 10 critics. (reprint, 2009). Book review 178
360 degrees of text; using poetry to teach close reading and powerful writing. Book review 164
3D math primer for graphics and game development, 2d ed. Book review 135
403(b) answer book, 8th ed. Book review 155
9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; a chronology and reference guide. Book review 152
A brief history of psychology, 5th ed. Book review 152
A career companion to becoming a GP; developing and shaping your career. Book review 162
A catalogue of Egyptian cosmetic palettes in the Manchester University Museum collection. Book review 140
A civil society deferred; the tertiary grip of violence in the Sudan. Brief article 138
A coat of many colors; dress culture in the young state of Israel. Book review 103
A companion to Marsilius of Padua. Book review 128
A companion to the Eucharist in the Middle Ages. Book review 206
A contemporary introduction to sociology; culture and society in transition, 2d ed. Book review 176
A dynamic systems approach to adolescent development. Book review 123
A foundation for evidence-driven practice; a rapid learning system for cancer care; workshop summary. Book review 132
A friendly rest room; developing toilets of the future for disabled and elderly people. Book review 177
A geek in Japan. Book review 154
A good example of peaceful coexistence?; the Soviet Union, Austria, and neutrality, 1955-1991. Book review 185
A guide to the economic removal of metals from aqueous solutions. Brief article 110
A hermeneutic on dislocation as experience; creating a borderland, constructing a hybrid identity. Brief article 120
A history of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Book review 153
A liberal world order in crisis; choosing between imposition and restraint. Brief article 154
A life of leadership; Eli Zborowski, from the underground to industry, to Holocaust remembrance. Brief article 121
A multidisciplinary introduction to information security. Book review 128
A perpetual menace; nuclear weapons and international order. Book review 108
A practicum turn in teacher education. Book review 160
A prosopography of Byzantine Aphrodito. Brief article 103
A railroad atlas of the United States in 1946, v.4: Illinois, Wisconsin & upper Michigan. Brief article 135
A republic of Europeans; civic potential in a liberal milieu. Book review 131
A revolution in military adaptation; the US Army in the Iraq War. Book review 128
A road less travelled; tales of the Irish missionaries. Brief article 154
A singular vision; architecture, art, landscape. Brief article 143
A sixth-century tax register from the Hermopolite Nome. Book review 149
A student's guide to hearsay, 4th ed. Book review 159
A taxonomy of office chairs; the evolution of the office chair, demonstrated through a catalogue of seminal models and an illustrated taxonomy of their components. Book review 182
A teacher for all generations; essays in honor of James C. VanderKam; 2v. Brief article 160
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about coaching and mentoring. Book review 104
A Wild West history of frontier Colorado; pioneers, gunslingers, and cattle kings on the eastern plains. Book review 114
A wilder West; rodeo in western Canada. Book review 140
A workbook for arguments; a complete course in critical thinking. Book review 104
A world of beasts; a thirteenth-century illustrated Arabic book on animals (the Kitab n'at al-hayawan) in the Ibn Bakhtishu tradition. Brief article 176
AAGBI core topics. Book review 108
ABC of colorectal cancer, 2d ed. Book review 107
About criminals; a view of the offenders' world, 2d ed. Book review 141
Accelerated reliability and durability testing technology. Brief article 123
Accent matters; papers on Balto-Slavic accentology. Brief article 119
Accident reconstruction science, 4th ed. Book review 136
Accident/incident prevention techniques, 2d ed. Book review 178
Achieving success with your leadership project. Brief article 164
Achieving world-class education in Brazil; the next agenda. Book review 121
Acid gas injection and related technologies. Book review 113
Acoustics and audio technology, 3d ed. Brief article 134
ACS essentials, 3d ed. Book review 101
Action research for school leaders. Book review 229
Action research in nursing and healthcare. Book review 159
Acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart disease. (DVD included). Book review 194
Ad critique; how to deconstruct ads in order to build better advertising. Book review 116
Adaptive sampling with mobile WSN; simultaneous robot localisation and mapping of paramagnetic spatio-temporal fields. Brief article 139
Adobe After Effects CS5 visual effects and compositing studio techniques. Book review 161
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium; classroom in a book, the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 145
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 classroom in a book; the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. (DVD included). Book review 132
Adolescence, 14th ed. Book review 177
Adriaan Koerbagh; A Light Shining in Dark Places, to Illuminate the Main Questions of Theology and Religion. Book review 150
Adult literacy in a new era; reflections from the Open Book. Book review 200
Advanced design technology; proceedings; 3v. Book review 114
Advanced electron microscopy and nanomaterials; proceedings. Book review 105
Advanced manufacturing systems; proceedings. Book review 142
Advanced manufacturing technology; 3v. Brief article 180
Advanced materials and nanotechnology; proceedings. Book review 137
Advanced materials and processes; proceedings; 3v. Brief article 132
Advanced materials for applied science and technology; proceedings. Book review 181
Advanced research on intelligent materials and mechanical engineering; proceedings. Book review 137
Advanced research on material science, environmental science and computer science; proceedings. Brief article 143
Advanced textile materials; proceedings; 3v. Book review 172
Advanced therapy for hepatitis C. Book review 130
Advanced transportation; proceedings; 2v. Book review 185
Advances in abrasive technology; proceedings. Book review 205
Advances in business and management forecasting. Book review 125
Advances in combination therapy for asthma and COPD. Book review 109
Advances in dynamics and control; theory methods and applications. Brief article 110
Advances in economic forecasting. Book review 113
Advances in food extrusion technology. Book review 186
Advances in fracture and damage mechanics X; proceedings. Book review 164
Advances in group processes. Book review 125
Advances in innovative materials and applications; proceedings. Book review 152
Advances in materials manufacturing science and technology; proceedings. Book review 217
Advances in materials science; proceedings. Book review 183
Advances in power transmission science and technology; proceedings. Book review 133
Advances in structural engineering; proceedings; 3v. Book review 168
Advances in textile engineering; proceedings. Book review 204
Advancing collaborative knowledge environments; new trends in e-collaboration. Book review 154
Advancing education with information communication technologies; facilitating new trends. Book review 127
Adventure sports photography; creating dramatic images in wild places. Book review 115
Aerodynamic measurements; from physical principles to turnkey instrumentation. Book review 127
Aesthetic theory; essential texts, for architecture and design. Book review 116
Africa South; viewpoints, 1956-1961. Book review 116
African American poets. Book review 104
Against thrift; why consumer culture is good for the economy, the environment, and your soul. Book review 104
Agency, partnerships, and LLCs, 4th ed. Book review 103
Aggression replacement training; a comprehensive intervention for aggressive youth, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 215
Aging together; dementia, friendship, and flourishing communities. Brief article 201
Aging; concepts and controversies, 7th ed. Book review 135
Air transportation; a management perspective, 7th ed. Book review 112
al-Kitab al-mufid; an introduction to modern written Arabic. (CD-ROM included). Book review 131
Alcamo's microbes and society, 3d ed. Book review 156
Alcohol, tobacco and obesity; morality, mortality and the new public health. Book review 186
Alcoholic beverages; sensory evaluation and consumer research. Book review 146
Algebraic graph theory; morphisms, monoids, and matrices. Book review 115
Aligning your curriculum to the common core state standards. Book review 113
All over the map; writing on buildings and cities. Brief article 139
All the justice money can buy; corporate greed on trial. Book review 145
All together different; Yiddish Socialists, garment workers, and the Labor roots of multiculturalism. Book review 165
Allergy-hormone links. Brief article 107
Alternative dispute resolution; the advocate's perspective; cases and materials, 4th ed. Book review 122
America votes 29; election returns by state, 2009-2010. Book review 117
America's sexual transformation; how the sexual revolution's legacy is shaping our society, our youth, and our future. Book review 119
American dissidents; an encyclopedia of activists, subversives, and prisoners of conscience; 2v. Book review 124
American doctors in Canton; modernization in China, 1835-1935. Book review 174
American drug index 2012, 56th ed. Brief article 141
American Evangelical Protestantism and European immigrants, 1800-1924. Brief article 161
American exceptionalisms; from Winthrop to Winfrey. Brief article 141
American historians in war and peace; patriotism, diplomacy and the Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1919, updated ed. Book review 148
American idyll; academic antielitism as cultural critique. Book review 108
American menswear; from the Civil War to the twenty-first century. Book review 141
American painters on technique; the colonial period to 1860. Book review 115
American public education law primer, 2d ed. Book review 115
American Scots; the Scottish diaspora and the USA. Brief article 121
American veterans on war; personal stories from World War II to Afghanistan. Book review 182
Amino acids, peptides and proteins in organic chemistry; v.5: Analysis and function of amino acids and peptides. Book review 124
An autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt. Book review 101
An inconvenient deliberation; the precautionary principle's contribution to the uncertainties surrounding climate change liability. Brief article 116
An inquiry into science education, where the rubber meets the road. Brief article 126
An introduction to biomaterials, 2d ed. Book review 171
An introduction to landscape. Book review 125
An introduction to numerical methods; a MATLAB approach, 3d ed. (CD included). Book review 132
An introduction to petroleum technology, economics, and politics. Book review 120
An investigation into early desert pastoralism; excavations at the Camel site, Negev. Book review 131
Anaesthetic and perioperative complications. Book review 117
Anaesthetic crisis manual. Book review 123
Analogs for planetary exploration. Brief article 139
Ancient Israel; highlights from the collections of the Oriental Institute of the Univeristy of Chicago: Featuring objects from the Haas and Schwartz Megiddo Gallery. Book review 140
Ancient trees in the landscape; Norfolk's arboreal heritage. Book review 132
Ancoats; cradle of industrialization. Brief article 125
Angiogenesis; biology and pathology. Brief article 217
Animal welfare in animal agriculture; husbandry, stewardship, and sustainability in animal production. Book review 219
Annual review of cell and developmental biology; v.27, 2011. Book review 141
Annual review of ecology, evolution and systematics; v.42, 2011. Brief article 101
Annual review of environment and resources; v.36, 2011. Book review 147
Annual review of financial economics; v.3, 2011. Book review 105
Annual review of law and social science; v.7, 2011. Book review 175
Annual review of nuclear and particle science; v.61, 2011. Book review 113
Annuals and perennials; a gardener's encyclopedia. Book review 143
Anonymous noblemen; the generalization of hidalgo status in the Basque country (1250-1525). Brief article 139
Anthem critical thinking and writing skills; an introductory guide. Brief article 102
Anthropologists in the securityscape; ethics, practice, and professional identity. Book review 123
Antisemitism on the campus; past & present. Brief article 140
Anxiety and evil in the writings of Patricia Highsmith. Book review 109
Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents, 2d ed. Book review 131
Apollo & Vulcan; the art markets in Italy, 1400-1700. Book review 135
Applied equine nutrition and training; proceedings. Book review 171
Applied ethology; scientific evaluation of behavior, welfare and enrichment; proceedings. Book review 118
Applied exercise & sport physiology; with labs, 3d ed. Book review 128
Applied mechanics and manufacturing technology; proceedings. Book review 132
Applied meta-analysis for social science research. Book review 136
Applied natural language processing; identification, investigation, and resolution. Book review 106
Applied polymer rheology; polymeric fluids with industrial applications. Book review 107
Applied social psychology; understanding and addressing social and practical problems, 2d ed. Brief article 147
Applied time series analysis. Book review 177
Applied urban ecology; a global framework. Book review 154
Applying anthropology in the global village. Book review 125
Applying MBA knowledge and skills to healthcare. Book review 153
Applying quality management in healthcare; a systems approach, 3d ed. Book review 161
Apprentice in a changing trade. Brief article 206
Approach to pediatric emergency. Brief article 152
Approaches to teaching the works of Naguib Mahfouz. Book review 154
Apps for learning; 40 best iPad/iPad Touch/iPhone apps for high school classrooms. Book review 130
Aquaculture and fisheries biotechnology; genetic approaches, 2d ed. Book review 102
Arab and Arab American feminisms; gender, violence, & belonging. Brief article 173
Archaeology 2.0; new approaches for communication and collaboration. Brief article 125
Architectural diagrams; construction and design manual; 2v. Brief article 133
Architecture and biology of soils; life in inner space. Brief article 143
Architecture and building materials; proceedings; 2v. Book review 147
Architecture, liturgy and indentity; liber amicorum Paul Crossley. Book review 123
Arctic mission; 90 north by airship and submarine. Book review 112
Argentina's economic growth and recovery; the economy in a time of default. Brief article 129
Arizona; a celebration of the Grand Canyon State. Book review 172
Art Deco house styles. Book review 119
Artful lives; Edward Weston, Margrethe Mather, and the Bohemians of Los Angeles. Book review 139
Artificial intelligence research and development; proceedings. Book review 177
Artificial intelligence special session on advances in artificial intelligence and applications; proceedings. Book review 224
Artisan/practitioners and the rise of the new sciences, 1400-1600. Brief article 111
Artistic impressions; figure skating, masculinity, and the limits of sport. Book review 161
As I run toward Africa. Book review 143
As You Like It; authoritative text, sources and contexts, criticism. Brief article 139
ASEAN regionalism; cooperation, values and institutionalisation. Book review 144
Asia 2050; realizing the Asian century. Book review 174
Asian language processing; proceedings. Book review 136
Assessment in drama therapy. Book review 129
Assessment of animal welfare at farm and group level; proceedings. Book review 137
Assumption dialogues. Brief article 118
Astrocytes; wiring the brain. Brief article 120
Astrophysics of galaxy clusters; proceedings. Book review 139
Atlas of histopathology. Book review 115
Atlas of injection therapy in pain management. Brief article 140
Atlas of nuclear cardiology; imaging companion to Braunwald's heart disease. (online access included). Book review 220
Atopic dermatitis in childhood and adolescence. Book review 138
Attack of the theocrats!; how the religious right harms us all, and what we can do about it. Book review 108
Attention, representation, and human performance; integration of cognition, emotion, and motivation. Book review 184
Audio engineering 101; a beginner's guide to music production. Book review 135
Audiovisual regulation under pressure; comparative cases from North America and Europe. Book review 147
Auditing IT infrastructures for compliance. Book review 140
Australia, 4th ed. Book review 138
AutoCAD 2012 3D modeling. (DVD included). Book review 112
AutoCAD 2012 beginning and intermediate. (DVD included). Book review 135
Axes in outer space. Brief article 130
Bacillus; cellular and molecular biology, 2d ed. Brief article 123
Back to Bizkaia; a Basque-American memoir. Book review 138
Bacterial glycomics; current research, technology and applications. Book review 132
Balance of payments statistics; 2v. Book review 138
Balancing work and family; a practical guide to help organizations meet the global workforce challenge. Book review 155
Bankruptcy litigation and practice; a practitioner's guide, 4th ed.; 2v. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 184
Barns; a close-up look. Book review 122
Basic counselling skills; a helper's manual, 3d ed. Book review 174
Basic statistics and epidemiology; a practical guide, 3d ed. Book review 161
Basic training for residential childcare workers; a practical guide for improving service to children. Book review 106
Bears of the last frontier; the adventure of a lifetime among Alaska's black, grizzly, and polar bears. Book review 119
Beating melanoma; a five-step survival guide. Book review 107
Becoming Mapuche; person and ritual in indigenous Chile. Book review 126
Behavioral business ethics; shaping an emerging field. Book review 130
Behavioral research and analysis; an introduction to statistics within the context of experimental design, 4th ed. Book review 209
Being female; the continuum of sexualization. Book review 120
Being rational; reflections on relational theory and health law. Brief article 155
Belfast and Derry in revolt; a new history of the start of the troubles. Book review 149
Berkshire manual of style for international publishing. Book review 153
Best books for high school readers; grades 9-12. Supplement to the second edition. Book review 224
Best books for middle school and junior high readers; grades 6-9, supplement to the 2d ed. Book review 198
Best music writing 2011. Brief article 108
Between peril and promise; the politics of international law, 2d ed. Brief article 155
Between philology and radical Enlightenment; Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694-1768). Book review 157
Between terror and tolerance; religious leaders, conflict, and peacemaking. Brief article 120
Beyond knowledge management; what every leader should know. Brief article 117
Beyond notes; improvisation in western music of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Brief article 146
Beyond redundancy; how geographic redundancy can improve service availability and reliability of computer-based systems. Book review 174
Beyond the blogosphere; information and its children. Book review 158
Beyond the curse; policies to harness the power of natural resources. Book review 138
Beyond the lean revolution; achieving successful and sustainable enterprise transformation. Book review 157
Beyond words; 200 years of illustrated diaries. Book review 125
Bicycle commuting. Brief article 111
Bioarchaeology and climate change; a view from South Asian prehistory. Book review 136
Bioethics and biolaw through literature. Book review 148
Biohybrid systems; nerves, interfaces, and machines. Book review 106
Biologically inspired robotics. Brief article 146
Biology after the sociobiology debate; what introductory textbooks say about the nature of science and organisms. Book review 126
Biology and breeding of food legumes. Book review 108
Biology, computation and linguistics; new interdisciplinary paradigms. Book review 105
Black educational choice; assessing the private and public alternatives to traditional K-12 public schools. Book review 107
Black politics in a time of transition. Brief article 176
Blackwater draw; three lives, Billy the Kid, and the murders that started the Lincoln County War. Book review 129
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult clinical companion; canine and feline infectious diseases and parasitology, 2d ed. Book review 198
Blind goddess; a reader on race and justice. Book review 177
Blog, podcast, Google, sell; the complete guide to making online profit. Book review 141
Blue revolution; unmaking America's water crisis. Book review 131
Boat accident reconstruction and litigation, 3d ed. Book review 116
Body parts on planet slum; women and telenovelas in Brazil. Brief article 123
Boethius on mind, grammar and logic; a study of Boethius' Commentaries on Peri hermeneias. Book review 144
Boomerang; travels in the new Third World. Book review 134
Boronic acids; preparation and applications in organic synthesis, medicine and materials; 2v. Book review 255
Botanical keys to Florida's trees, shrubs, and woody vines; a guide to field identification. Book review 109
Bra Gib; father of South Africa's township theatre. Book review 143
Brain imaging. (online access included). Book review 149
Branding and sustainable competitive advantage; building virtual presence. Book review 163
Brands and branding geographies. Book review 190
Brazil today; an encyclopedia of life in the republic; 2v. Book review 157
BRB's guide to county court records; a national resource to criminal, civil, and probate records found at the nation's county, perish, and municipal courts. Book review 212
Breaking the code; a father's secret, a daughter's journey, and the question that changed everything. Book review 127
Breeding Latin American tigers; operational principles for rehabilitating industrial policies in the region. Brief article 171
Bringing Carthage home; the excavations of Nathan Davis, 1856-1859. Book review 114
Britain and Kenya's constitutions, 1950-1960. Brief article 144
British missionaries and the end of empire; East, Central, and Southern Africa, 1939-1964. Book review 136
Broadband optical modulators; science, technology, and applications. Book review 121
Brokers of empire; Japanese settler colonialism in Korea, 1876-1945. Book review 137
Brothers in arms, partners in trade; Dutch-indigenous alliances in the Atlantic world, 1595-1674. Book review 134
Bruno Leti; the matrix: Remembering Giorgio Morandi; equilibrium and strength. Brief article 137
Build your own ASP.NET 4 website using C# & VB, 4th ed. Book review 152
Building a WordPress blog people want to read, 2d ed. Book review 119
Building hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node. Brief article 125
Building small cabinets. Book review 124
Bullet proof ... I wish I was; the lighting and stage design of Andi Watson. Book review 149
Business and nonproliferation; industry's role in safeguarding a nuclear renaissance. Book review 182
Business liability insurance answer book 2011-12. Book review 128
Business planning for digital libraries; international approaches. Book review 152
Business schools and their contribution to society. Brief article 182
Butrint 3; excavations at the Triconch Palace. Book review 125
By sword and plow; France and the conquest of Algeria. Book review 117
Byzantine religious culture; studies in honor of Alice-Mary Talbot. Book review 120
C++ plus data structures, 5th ed. Book review 143
Caiaphas the high priest. Book review 107

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