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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (December 1, 2012)

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"Escape to Life"; German intellectuals in New York; a compendium on exile after 1933. Book review 160
"Rich Georgian strangely shot"; Eugene Grace, "Daisy of the Leopard Spots" and the Great Atlanta Shooting of 1912. Book review 124
"That fiend in hell"; Soapy Smith in legend. Brief article 182
"This terrible struggle for life"; the Civil War letters of a Union regimental surgeon. Book review 125
100 ideas for supporting learners with EAL. Book review 181
100 questions & answers about mesothelioma, 3d ed. Book review 140
100 ways to motivate others; how great leaders can produce insane results without driving people crazy, 3d ed. Book review 175
100% information literacy success, 2d ed. Book review 175
20 literacy strategies to meet the common core; increasing rigor in middle & high school classrooms. Book review 193
2052; a global forecast for the next forty years. Book review 116
26 views of the starburst world; William Dawes at Sydney Cove, 1788-91. Book review 113
30 days to better thinking and better living through critical thinking; a guide for improving every aspect of your life, rev. ed. Book review 199
8 keys to brain-body balance. Book review 101
A beginner's guide to doing your research project. Book review 124
A cabinet of rarities; antiquarian obsessions and the spell of death. Book review 131
A case manager's study guide; preparing for certification, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 132
A cognitive linguistics view of terminology and specialized language. Book review 104
A companion to political philosophy; methods, tools, topics. Brief article 122
A comprehensive guide to enterprise mobility. Book review 130
A course in abstract analysis. Book review 118
A cultural handbook to the Bible. Book review 118
A dignified life, revised and expanded; the best friends approach to Alzheimer's care; a guide for care partners. Book review 201
A disability history of the United States. Brief article 128
A dissociation model of borderline personality disorder. Book review 141
A Durkheimian quest; solidarity and the sacred. Book review 120
A general relativity workbook. Book review 143
A grammar of Bardi. Book review 119
A guide to modeling coastal morphology. Book review 123
A guide to school services in speech-language pathology, 2d ed. Book review 212
A guide to the wireless engineering body of knowledge (WEBOK), 2d ed. Book review 127
A handbook for classroom instruction that works, 2d ed. Book review 217
A heart of wisdom; life writing as empathetic inquiry. Book review 134
A history of the laws of war; v.1: the customs and laws of war with regards to combatants and captives. Book review 169
A journal of the English Civil War; the letter book of Sir William Brereton, spring 1646. Book review 154
A laboratory course in tissue engineering. Book review 171
A labyrinth of kingdoms; 10,000 miles through Islamic Africa. Book review 314
A land bright with promise; a refugee of World War II reflects on his life in America. Book review 133
A legal primer on managing museum collections, 3d ed. Book review 318
A level of Martin-Lof randomness. Book review 126
A look inside Alzheimer's. Book review 153
A matter of belief; Christian conversion and healing in north-east India. Book review 114
A matter of density; exploring the electron density concept in the chemical, biological, and materials sciences. Book review 133
A matter of principle. Book review 108
A measure of success; the influence of curriculum-based measurement on education. Book review 166
A model constitution for Scotland; making democracy work in an independent state. (reprint, 2011). Book review 129
A new history of documentary film, 2d ed. Book review 272
A new history of German cinema. Book review 236
A perfect fit; the garment industry and American Jewry 1860-1960. Brief article 149
A pioneer in Yokohama; a Dutchman's adventures in the new treaty port; from Book review 168
A practical guide to decontamination in healthcare. Book review 127
A presidential nation; causes, consequences, and cures. Book review 190
A primer on clinical experience in medicine; reasoning, decision making, and communication in health sciences. Book review 167
A register of English theatrical documents, 1660-1737; 2v. Book review 129
A research reader in universal design for learning. Book review 145
A research strategy for environmental, health, and safety aspects of engineered nanomaterials. Book review 211
A sociology of family life; change and diversity in intimate relations. Book review 248
A statistical guide for the ethically perplexed. Book review 151
A storm of spears; understanding the Greek Hoplite at war. Book review 127
A student guide to health; understanding the facts, trends, and challenges; 5v. Book review 193
A student's guide to estates in land and future interests; text, examples, problems and answers, 3d ed. Brief article 177
A sustainability challenge: food security for all; report of two workshops. Book review 107
A synthesis of qualitative studies of writing center tutoring, 1983-2006. Brief article 148
A to zoo; subject access to children's picture books; supplement to the 8th ed. Book review 162
A variorum commentary on the poems of John Milton; v.5, pt.8: Paradise Lost, books 11-12. Book review 122
A vertical empire; history of the British rocketry programme, 2d ed. Book review 122
A very British experience; coalition, defence and strategy in the Second World War. Book review 130
A woman's guide to pelvic health; expert advice for women of all ages. Book review 128
Abolition and plantation management in Jamaica 1807-1838. Book review 162
Aboriginal justice and the charter; realizing a culturally sensitive interpretation of legal rights. Book review 149
Academic careers and the gender gap. Book review 203
Academic entrepreneurship and technological innovation; a business management perspective. Brief article 117
Accounting information systems, 8th ed. Book review 177
ACLS for EMTs, 2d ed. Book review 125
Acoustics; sound fields and transducers. Book review 147
Activities for responsive caregiving; infants, toddlers, and twos. Book review 135
Adaptive numerical solution of PDEs. Book review 111
Adaptive web services for modular and reusable software development; tactics and solutions. Book review 114
Addictions and substance abuse; 2v. (online access included). Book review 185
Adiabatic shear localization; frontiers and advances, 2d ed. Book review 145
Adolescent brain development. Book review 134
Adsorption technology in water treatment; fundamentals, processes, and modeling. Brief article 103
Adult learners; professional development and the school librarian. Book review 122
Adult literacy and development; stories from the field. Book review 271
Advanced engineering mathematics, 5th ed. (online access included). Book review 151
Advanced manual for the lawyer's assistant, 11th ed. Book review 109
Advanced materials design and mechanics; proceedings. Book review 143
Advanced mechanical engineering II; proceedings. Book review 140
Advanced remote sensing; terrestrial information extraction and applications. Book review 146
Advanced research on civil engineering and material engineering; proceedings. Book review 148
Advanced research on energy materials and material application. Brief article 148
Advanced research on material engineering, chemistry, bioinformatics II; proceedings. Book review 117
Advanced RFID systems, security, and applications. Book review 136
Advanced silicon materials for photovoltaic applications. Book review 110
Advancement of materials and nanotechnology II; proceedings. Book review 153
Advances in abdominal wall reconstruction. (DVD included). Book review 174
Advances in abrasive technology XV; proceedings. Brief article 152
Advances in accounting education; teaching and curriculum innovations. Book review 194
Advances in chemistry research II; proceedings; 3v. Book review 178
Advances in electronic health records. Book review 211
Advances in engineering design and optimization III; proceedings; 2v. Book review 117
Advances in equine laparoscopy. Book review 131
Advances in fracture and damage mechanics XI; proceedings. Book review 136
Advances in hydrology and hydraulic engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 164
Advances in industrial heat transfer. Book review 113
Advances in intelligent and autonomous aerospace systems. Book review 135
Advances in intelligent transportation system and technology; proceedings. Book review 159
Advances in librarianship; contexts for assessment and outcome evaluation in librarianship. Book review 160
Advances in management accounting. Book review 155
Advances in missile guidance, control, and estimation. Book review 128
Advances in product development and reliability III; proceedings. Book review 128
Advances in rolling equipment and technologies II; proceedings. Book review 152
Advances in stem cell aging. Book review 188
Advances in the economic analysis of participatory and labor-managed firms. Book review 148
Advancing an ecosystem approach in the Gulf of Maine. Book review 128
Advancing information management through semantic web concepts and ontologies. Book review 127
Aerodynamic principles of flight vehicles. Book review 102
Aerosols handbook; measurement, dosimetry, and health effects, 2d ed. Book review 176
Aesthetics; the key thinkers. Book review 198
After spirituality; studies in mystical traditions. Book review 163
After the US shale gas revolution. Book review 171
Against democracy; literary experience in the era of emancipations. Book review 113
Agile and lean service-oriented development; foundations, theory, and practice. Book review 122
Agile data warehousing project management; business intelligence systems using Scrum. Book review 124
Aging, performance, and stardom; doing age on the stage of consumerist culture. Book review 133
Agriculture, rural banking and micro finance in India. Book review 102
AIAA aerospace design engineers guide, 6th ed. Book review 122
Air; the restless shaper of the world. Brief article 270
Aircraft and rotorcraft system identification; engineering methods with flight test examples, 2d ed. Book review 132
Aircraft finance; strategies for managing capital costs in a turbulent industry. Brief article 161
Ajax, the Dutch, the war; soccer in Europe during the Second World War. Book review 130
Alaska Natives and American laws, 3d ed. Brief article 132
Aligning enterprise, system, and software architectures. Book review 171
All in the family; the realignment of American democracy since the 1960s. Book review 192
Allylboration of carbonyl compounds. Book review 114
Always on; how the iPhone unlocked the anything - anytime - anywhere future--and locked us in. (reprint, 2011). Book review 152
America Invents Act; law & analysis. Book review 130
America's blind spot; Chavez, oil, and US security. Book review 218
America's top-rated smaller cities; a statistical handbook, 2012/13, 9th ed.; 2v. Book review 144
America's unwritten constitution; the precedents and principles we live by. Book review 123
American drug index 2013, 57th ed. Book review 131
American Indian history day by day; a reference guide to events. Brief article 105
American Indians and the American imaginary; cultural representation across the centuries. Book review 135
American literature and culture in an age of Cold War; a critical reassessment. Book review 137
American terrorism trials; prosecutorial and defense strategies. Book review 161
Amino acid metabolism. 3rd ed. Brief article 198
Amoeba management; the dynamic management system for rapid market response. Book review 133
Amy signs; a mother, her deaf daughter, and their stories. Book review 102
An artist and a writer travel Highway 1 north. Book review 162
An eighteenth-century Neapolitan crib in Malta; the evolution of the Italian crib; a threshold to the Bourbon crib. Book review 158
An empire of small places; mapping the southeastern anglo-Indian trade, 1732-1795. Brief article 181
An ethic of mutual respect; the covenant chain and aboriginal-crown relations. Book review 106
An extraordinary school; re-modelling special education. Book review 158
An illustrated history of Mayer, Arizona; stagecoaches, mining, ranching and the railroad. Brief article 119
An introduction to air law, 9th ed. Brief article 180
An introduction to analysis of financial data with R. Book review 128
An introduction to audio content analysis; applications in signal processing and music informatics. Book review 135
An introduction to derivatives and risk management, 9th ed. Book review 134
An introduction to dynamic meteorology, 5th ed. Book review 130
An introduction to the American legal system, 3d ed. Book review 187
An introduction to the New Testament; history, literature, theology. Book review 111
An introduction to Ugaritic. Book review 113
An open Internet for all; free speech and network neutrality. Book review 103
An unknown world; notes on the meaning of the earth. Book review 126
Analysis without paralysis; 12 tools to make better strategic decisions, 2d ed. Book review 107
Analytic methods in geomechanics. Book review 158
Analytical techniques for clinical chemistry; methods and applications. Book review 113
Analyzing English as a lingua franca; a corpus-driven investigation. Brief article 135
Anatomy for runners; unlocking your athletic potential for health, speed, and injury prevention. Book review 133
Ancestors of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Book review 110
Ancient symbology in fantasy literature; a psychological study. Book review 144
Andrew Jackson Downing; essential texts. Book review 130
Anecdotes in the Varakari Kirtana folk tradition of Maharastra. Book review 134
Anna Letitia Barbauld and eighteenth-century visionary poetics. Book review 120
Anne of Cleves; Henry VIII's discarded bride. Book review 118
Annual review of anthropology; v.41, 2012. Book review 131
Annual review of economics; v.4, 2012. Book review 125
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.13, 2012. Book review 116
Annual review of health care management; strategy and policy perspectives on reforming health systems. Book review 206
Annual review of microbiology; v.66, 2012. Book review 163
Annual review of phytopathology; v.50, 2012. Book review 112
Annual review of resource economics; v.4, 2012. Book review 146
Annual review of sociology; v.38, 2012. Book review 145
Answers for Aristotle; how science and philosophy can lead us to a more meaningful life. Brief article 201
Antebellum at sea; maritime fantasies in nineteenth-century America. Book review 132
Anthology; Museum of Letters and Manuscripts of Brussells. Book review 330
Antiplatelet therapy in ACS and A-Fib. Book review 140
AP microeconomics crash course. (online access included). Book review 121
APLS; the pediatric emergency medicine resource, 5d ed. (includes online access code). Book review 257
Appliable linguistics. (reprint, 2010). Book review 102
Applied energy; an introduction. Book review 108
Applied ethics; remembering Patrick Primeaux. Book review 146
Applied mechanics and civil engineering II; proceedings. Book review 150
Applied medical statistics using SAS. Book review 142
Applied population and community ecology; the case study of feral pigs in Australia. Brief article 147
Applying educational psychology in coaching athletes. Book review 168
Apprenticeship in literacy; transitions across reading and writing, K-4, 2d ed. Book review 244
Approximations and endomorphism algebras of modules, 2d ed.; 2v. Book review 150
Arbitrating under the 2012 ICC rules; an introductory user's guide. Book review 167
Arbitration; the next fifty years. Book review 121
Arc flash hazard analysis and mitigation. Book review 130
Archaeology, narrative, and the politics of the past; the view from southern Maryland. Brief article 246
Are you a stock or a bond?; identify your own human capital for a secure financial future, rev. ed. Book review 228
Aristotle Poetics; editio maior of the Greek text with historical introductions and philological commentaries. Book review 190
Arlie Latham; a baseball biography of the freshest man on earth. Book review 118
Aromaticity and other conjugation effects. Book review 140
Arts & crafts of the Native American tribes. Book review 319
AS level psychology, 5th ed. Book review 110
Asia Pacific education; diversity, challenges and changes. Book review 151
Asian and Pacific Islander Americans; 3v. Brief article 255
Asian Indian professionals; the culture of success. Brief article 125
Asian responses to the global financial crisis; the impact of regionalism and the role of the G20. Book review 189
Assessment of communication disorders in children; resources and protocols, 2d ed. Brief article 215
Assignments matter; making the connections that help students meet standards. Book review 147
Assistive technology for blindness and low vision. Book review 130
ASTM standards for limestone and lime products and their applications, 2d ed. Book review 143
ASTM standards on building economics, 7th ed. Book review 121
ASTM standards on erosion and sediment control technology, 3d ed. Book review 147
Asymmetric synthesis of natural products, 2d ed. Book review 103
At risk youth; a comprehensive response; for counselors, teachers, psychologists, and human service professionals, 5th ed. Book review 300
Athenia torpedoed; the U-boat attack that ignited the Battle of the Atlantic. Brief article 128
Atlantis. Book review 106
Atlas of laryngoscopy, 3d ed. Book review 154
Atlas of oculoplastic and orbital surgery. (online access included). Book review 150
Atomic force microscopy; understanding basic modes and advanced applications. Book review 121
Attack your day!; before it attacks you. Book review 127
Audiobooks for youth; a practical guide to sound literature. Book review 107
Augsburg during the Reformation era; an anthology of sources. Book review 123
Australian plants as Aboriginal tools. Book review 126
Austria (-Hungary) and its consulates in the United States of America since 1820; "Our nationals settling here count by the millions now...". Book review 178
Automatic manufacturing systems; proceedings; 2v. Book review 162
Automotive ergonomics; driver-vehicle interaction. Book review 124
Aviation law; cases, laws and related sources, 2d ed. Book review 185
AWWA water operator field guide, 2d ed. Book review 120
Ayn Rand explained; from tyranny to Tea Party. Book review 122
Back to school; why everyone deserves a second chance at education. Book review 154
Bader reading and language inventory, 7th ed. (DVD included). Book review 281
Bailout over Normandy; a flyboy's adventures with the French resistance and other escapades in occupied France. Book review 168
Bakers and Basques; a social history of bread in Mexico. Book review 121
Baltic yearbook of international law; v.11, 2011. Book review 123
Banking on self-help groups; twenty years on. Book review 149
Barbaric sport; a global plague. Book review 120
Baseball state by state; major and Negro league players, ballparks, museums and historical sites. Book review 159
Basic and advanced Bayesian structural equation modeling with applications in the medical and behavioral sciences. Book review 116
Basic documents on international trade law, 4th ed. Book review 212
Basic labor and employment law for paralegals, 2d ed. Book review 205
Basic legal research; tools and strategies, 5th ed. Book review 199
Basic stereology for biologists and neuroscientists. Book review 128
Basics of blood management, 2d ed. Book review 141
Battles, betrayals, and brotherhood; early Chinese plays on the Three Kingdoms. Book review 142
Bayesian statistics; an introduction, 4th ed. Book review 133
Be(com)ing human; semiosis and the myth of reason. Book review 139
Become the CEO of You, Inc.; a pioneering executive shares her secrets for career success, 2d ed. Book review 129
Becoming; an anthropological approach to understandings of the person in Java. Book review 132
Being and learning; a poetic phenomenology of education. Book review 103
Belfast taxi; a drive through history, one fare at a time. Book review 139
Belgians in the Waffen-SS. Book review 142
Bernstein functions; theory and applications, 2d ed. Brief article 147
Best friends at the bar; the new balance for today's woman lawyer. Book review 146
Better hearing with cochlear implants; studies at the Research Triangle Institute. Book review 150
Between fame and shame; performing women--women performers in India. Book review 154
Between feminism and Orthodox Judaism; resistance, identity, and religious change in Israel. Book review 397
Beyond discontent; "sublimation" from Goethe to Lacan. Brief article 162
Beyond His dark materials; innocence and experience in the fiction of Philip Pullman. Book review 146
Beyond human; from animality to transhumanism. Book review 226
Beyond patriotism; from Truman to Obama. Book review 146
Beyond standardized truth; improving teaching and learning through inquiry-based reading assessment. Book review 144
Beyond the Arab Spring; authoritarianism & democratization in the Arab world. Book review 134
Beyond the document. Book review 189
Beyond the five-paragraph essay. Book review 134
Bieke Depoorter; Ou Menya. Book review 143
Big Klu; the baseball life of Ted Kluszewski. Book review 113
Big skills for the common core; literacy strategies for the 6-12 classroom. Book review 153
Bilingual community education and multilingualism; beyond heritage languages in a global city. Book review 134
Bilingual deaf and hearing families; narrative interviews. Book review 132
Bill and Hillary; the politics of the personal. Brief article 120
Billionaires and ballot bandits; how to steal an election in 9 easy steps. Book review 146
Bioactive food as dietary interventions for diabetes. Book review 216
Biochemical pathways; an atlas of biochemistry and molecular biology, 2d ed. Book review 116
Biochemistry of foods, 3d ed. Book review 169
Biochemistry. (online access included). Brief article 105
Biofloc technology; a practical guide book, 2d ed. Book review 110
Biofuels and bioenergy; processes and technologies. Book review 131
Biofuels; meeting the energy and environmental challenges of the transportation sector. Book review 119
Biomedical engineering and cognitive neuroscience for healthcare; interdisciplinary applications. Book review 143
Biomedical materials and diagnostic devices. Book review 136
Biomedical optical phase microscopy and nanoscopy. Book review 139
Biomimetics in photonics. Brief article 114
Biomolecular information processing; from logic systems to smart sensors and actuators. Book review 109
Biopharmaceutical production technology; 2v. Book review 133
Biopharmaceutics modeling and simulations; theory, practice, methods, and applications. Brief article 132
Biopsy interpretation of the gastrointestinal tract mucosa; v.2: Neoplastic, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 126
Bioremediation of mercury; current research and industrial applications. Book review 166
Biosensors for medical applications. Book review 118
Biotechnology of plasma proteins. Book review 126
Bird-watcher's bible; a complete treasury; science, know-how, beauty, lore. Book review 127
Black woman redefined; dispelling myths and discovering fulfillment in the age of Michelle Obama. Book review 179
Blackfoot redemption; a Blood Indian's story of murder, confinement, and imperfect justice. Book review 220
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult clinical companion; small animal dentistry, 2d ed. Book review 174
Bloodlands; Europe between Hitler and Stalin. (reprint 2010). Book review 169
Bloody nasty people; the rise of Britain's far right. Book review 309

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