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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (August 1, 2012)

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"News from the Republick of Letters"; Scottish students, Charles Mackie, and the United Provinces, 1650-1750. Brief article 142
"Phantom of fear"; the banking panic of 1933. Book review 176
"Sit & get" won't grow dendrites; 20 professional learning strategies that engage the adult brain, 2d ed. Brief article 195
'Gothic for ever'; A.W.N. Pugin, Lord Shrewsbury, and the rebuilding of Catholic England. Book review 158
100 Artists of Washington, D.C.. Book review 105
100 things every presenter needs to know about people. Brief article 101
15 disturbing things we need to know. Brief article 110
200 essential preschool activities. Book review 108
41 active learning strategies for the inclusive classroom, grades 6-12. Book review 192
50 literacy strategies; step by step, 4th ed. Book review 113
500 basic Korean verbs. Book review 104
A Black communist in the freedom struggle; the life of Harry Haywood. Book review 191
A book sale how-to guide; more money, less stress. Book review 130
A brief history of Chinese and Japanese civilization, 4th ed. Book review 143
A capitalism for the people; recapturing the lost genius of American prosperity. Book review 132
A city beautiful dream; the 1912 vision for Colorado Springs. Book review 121
A common frame of reference for European contract law. Brief article 116
A companion to Boethius in the Middle Ages. Book review 200
A conflict-of-laws anthology, 2d ed. Book review 160
A decolonizing encounter; Ward Churchill and Antonia Darder in dialogue. Book review 185
A dictionary of climate change and the environment; economics, science, and policy. Book review 148
A framework for K-12 science education; practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas. Book review 187
A guide to bearded irises; cultivating the rainbow for beginners and enthusiasts. Book review 147
A guide to drawing, 8th ed. Book review 147
A guide to practitioner research in education. Book review 143
A handbook for the assessment of children's behaviours; with Wiley desktop edition. (online access included). Book review 176
A history of African-American leadership, 3d ed. Book review 184
A history of Greek cinema. Brief article 110
A history of modern psychology, 10th ed. Brief article 172
A history of nationalism in modern Japan; placing the people. (reprint, 2007). Book review 115
A history of the Nation of Islam; race, Islam, and the quest for freedom. Brief article 119
A history of the Takarazuka Revue since 1914; modernity, girls' culture, Japan pop. Book review 115
A history of Wharram Percy and its neighbours. Brief article 189
A home away from home; international students in Australian and South African higher education. Book review 201
A leader's guide to mathematics curriculum topic study. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 221
A life in museums; managing your museum career. Book review 123
A new kind of bleak; journeys through urban Britain. Brief article 135
A people's guide to the federal budget; National Priorities Project. Book review 155
A people's history of environmentalism in the United States. Book review 188
A portrait of pacifists; Le Chambon, the Holocaust, and the lives of Andre and Magda Trocme. Brief article 114
A preface to philosophy, 9th ed. Book review 187
A psychobiography of Bobby Fischer; understanding the genius, mystery, and psychological decline of a world chess champion. Book review 158
A scientific autobiography; S. Chandrasekhar. Book review 128
A selective approach to establishing a human rights mechanism in southeast Asia; the case for a southeast Asian court of human rights. Book review 183
A shangri-la economy; exploring Buddhist Bhutan. Brief article 130
A silence of mockingbirds; the memoir of a murder. Book review 136
A South African censor's tale. Book review 111
A stranger's knowledge; statesmanship, philosophy, and law in Plato's Statesman. Book review 104
A student's guide to easements, real covenants, and equitable servitudes, 3d ed. Brief article 119
A teacher's guide for getting serious about the system. Brief article 187
A teaching subject; composition since 1966. Book review 162
A threat to public piety; Christians, Platonists, and the great persecution. Book review 132
A time for governing; policy solutions from the pages of National Affairs. Book review 132
A transition to advanced mathematics, 7th ed. Book review 142
A transition to mathematics with proofs. Book review 118
A walk through Jubilees; studies in the Book of Jubilees and the world of its creation. Book review 122
A woman's guide to living with HIV infection, 2d ed. Book review 116
ABC of epilepsy. Book review 141
Academic and behavior supports for at-risk students; tier 2 interventions. Book review 168
Accelerating progress in obesity prevention; solving the weight of the nation. Book review 105
Access to information. Book review 155
Ace the technical pilot interview, 2d ed. Book review 104
Achieving federated and self-manageable cloud infrastructures; theory and practice. Book review 124
Achieving nutrient and sediment reduction goals in the Chesapeake Bay; an evaluation of program strategies and implementation. Book review 141
Acropolis restored. Brief article 118
Active interviewing; branding, selling, and presenting yourself to win your next job. Book review 111
Acupuncture for insomnia; sleep and dreams in Chinese medicine. Book review 106
Adam as Israel; Genesis 1-3 as the introduction to the Torah and Tanakh. (reprint, 2011). Book review 150
Adam, Satan, and the King of Tyre; the interpretation of Ezekiel 28:11-19 in late antiquity. Brief article 153
Adaptability; the art of winning in an age of uncertainty. Book review 109
Adaptation and cultural appropriation; literature, film, and the arts. Book review 126
Adaptive and functional polymers, textiles and their applications. Book review 104
Adhesives in marine engineering. Book review 127
Administration of wills, trusts, and estates, 5th ed. Book review 186
Advanced accounting, 11th ed. Brief article 103
Advanced composite materials; proceedings; 3v. Brief article 213
Advanced manufacturing technology and systems; proceedings. Book review 128
Advanced materials and engineering applications; proceedings. Book review 148
Advanced materials and structures; proceedings. Book review 133
Advanced mechanical design; proceedings; 3v. Book review 231
Advanced thermoforming; methods, machines and materials, applications and automation. Book review 103
Advances in fish tagging and marking technology; proceedings. Book review 120
Advances in fruit processing technologies. Book review 170
Advances in global leadership. Book review 152
Advances in intelligent structure and vibration control; proceedings. Book review 122
Advances in management accounting. Book review 130
Advances in materials processing technologies; proceedings. Book review 124
Advances in social work practice with the military. Brief article 146
Adverse actions and performance-based actions; process, law and cases, guidance, and pitfalls. Book review 134
Adverse actions; a guide for federal managers and personnel specialists, 4th ed. Book review 144
Adverse effects of vaccines; evidence and causality. Book review 172
Aeschylus; Prometheus bound. Book review 103
Afghanistan; a cultural history. Brief article 101
Africa human development report 2012; towards a food secure future. Book review 146
Africa inside out; stories, tales and testimonies: a time of the writer anthology. Book review 102
African American students in urban schools; critical issues and solutions for achievement. Book review 156
Africans in China; a sociocultural study and its implications for Africa-China relations. Book review 133
After imperialism; Christian identity in China and the global evangelical movement. (reprint, 2011). Book review 155
After words; suicide and authorship in twentieth-century Italy. Brief article 115
Agaves; living sculptures for landscapes and containers. Book review 112
Agon culture; competition, conflict and the problem of domination. Brief article 118
AIA guide to the architecture of Washington, D.C., 5th ed. Book review 143
Aim for the heart; write, shoot, report and produce for tv and multimedia, 2d ed. Book review 168
Air pollution XX; proceedings. Book review 175
Airway management in emergencies, 2d ed. Book review 205
Alan S. Milward and a century of European change. Brief article 140
Aleister Crowley; the biography; spiritual revolutionary, romantic explorer, occult master--and spy. Book review 185
Algebra; introductory and intermediate; an applied approach, 5th ed. Book review 122
Algorithmic and architectural gaming design; implementation and development. Book review 145
All hell broke loose; American race riots from the Progressive Era through World War II. Book review 150
Alone in the mirror; twins in therapy. Book review 112
Alternative energy, 2d ed.; 3v. Book review 184
Alternative media in Canada. Book review 138
Alternative therapies for epilepsy. Book review 147
Ambiguous pleasures; sexuality and middle class self-perceptions in Nairobi. Book review 136
America at the mall; the cultural role of a retail utopia. Book review 151
America's public schools; from the common school to "No Child Left Behind", rev. ed. Book review 141
America's top rated cities; a statistical handbook, 19th ed., 2012; 4v. Brief article 260
American corrections, 10th ed. Book review 154
American corrections; theory, research, policy, and practice, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 186
American land planning law; cases and materials; v.1. (reprint, 1978). Book review 208
American popular song composers; oral histories, 1920s-1950s. Brief article 106
Among the powers of the earth; the American Revolution and the making of a new world empire. Book review 241
An American adventure; from early aviation through three wars to the White House. Book review 125
An atlas of hair pathology with clinical correlations, 2d ed. Book review 124
An encyclopedia of cultivated palms, 2d ed. Book review 107
An examination of prehistoric stone bracers from Britain. (CD-ROM included). Book review 155
An integrated approach to health sciences, 2d ed. (online access and DVD-ROM included). Book review 167
An introduction to international human rights law. (reprint, 2010). Brief article 123
An introduction to physical science, 13th ed. Book review 137
An introduction to zoology; investigating the animal world. (online access included). Book review 160
An invitation to health; build your future, 15th ed. Book review 217
An invitation to q-series; from Jacobi's triple product identity to Ramanujan's "most beautiful identity". Book review 106
Analysis of queues; methods and applications. Brief article 114
Analytic number theory; exploring the anatomy of integers. Book review 141
And they lived happily ever after; norms and everyday practices of family and parenthood in Russia and Central Europe. Book review 118
Andrea Camilleri; a companion to the mystery fiction. Brief article 190
Android application development for Java programmers. Book review 129
Angels & ducats; Shakespeare's money & medals. Book review 121
Animal eyes, 2d ed. Book review 143
Animal feed contamination; effects on livestock and food safety. Book review 120
Animal research in a global environment; meeting the challenges; proceedings of the November 2008 international workshop. Book review 201
Annual report on China's financial development (2012). Brief article 115
Annual review of clinical psychology; v.8, 2012. Book review 115
Annual review of Earth and planetary sciences; v.40, 2012. Book review 131
Annual review of immunology; v.30, 2012. Book review 110
Annual review of physical chemistry; v.63, 2012. Book review 103
Annual review of plant biology; v.63, 2012. Book review 120
Antenna theory and applications. Book review 124
Antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications, 2d ed. Brief article 134
Antitrust and the Supreme Court. Book review 182
APA addiction syndrome handbook; 2v. Book review 202
APA handbook of research methods in psychology; 3v. Book review 195
Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius; an Alexandrian world chronicle. Book review 158
Applications of management science. Book review 158
Applied mineralogy of cement & concrete. Book review 110
Applied science; 5v. (online access included). Book review 226
Approaches for community decision making and collective reasoning; knowledge technology support. Book review 215
Approaches to early childhood education, 6th ed. Book review 166
Aquaculture pond fertilization; impacts of nutrient input on production. Book review 144
Aquaculture production systems. Brief article 106
Arabic languages and linguistics. Brief article 112
Aramaic and Hebrew inscriptions from Mt. Gerizim and Samaria between Antiochus III and Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Brief article 153
Archaeology of the Southwest, 3d ed. Brief article 143
Archaeology, 6th ed. Book review 135
Arms control; history, theory, and policy; 2v. Book review 163
Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice, 12th ed. Book review 188
Arrangements of hyperplanes--Sapporo 2009; proceedings. Book review 123
Art and science in breeding; creating better chickens. Book review 126
Art's way out; exit pedagogy and the cultural condition. Book review 130
Article 5; the child's right to appropriate direction and guidance. Book review 162
Asian Logic Conference; in honor of Professor Chong Chitat on his 60th birthday; proceedings. Book review 114
Aspekte des Menschseins im Alten Mesopotamien; eine Studie zu Person und Identitat im 2. und 1. Jt. v. Chr. Book review 135
Assessment accommodations for classroom teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students, 2d ed. Book review 218
Assessment in special and inclusive education, 12th ed. Brief article 157
Astronomical polarimetry 2008; science from small to large telescopes; proceedings. Brief article 145
Asymptotic analysis of differential equations, rev. ed. Book review 109
Athletic training and sports medicine; an integrated approach, 5th ed. Book review 177
Atlas of anatomy, 2d ed. (online access included)*. Book review 177
Atlas of craniomaxillofacial trauma. Brief article 123
Atlas of urban expansion. Book review 161
Attaining an academic appointment. Book review 138
Audiovisual archives; digital text and discourse analysis. Book review 156
Audiovisual translation and media accessibility at the crossroads.; media for all 3. Book review 186
Australian art and artists in London 1950-1965; an antipodean summer. Book review 133
Authority and control in international communism, 1917-1967. (reprint, 1966). Book review 171
AutoCAD 2012 tutor for engineering graphics. Book review 128
Automation equipment and systems; proceedings; 4v. Book review 167
Back to the roots; security sector reform and development. Book review 168
Ballet and modern dance, 3d ed. Brief article 150
Banished babies; the secret history of Ireland's baby export business, rev.ed. Book review 142
Bank architecture in Dublin; a history to c.1940. Brief article 116
Barns of New York; rural architecture of the Empire State. Brief article 108
Basic mathematics for college students, 4th ed. Book review 118
Basic written Chinese; move from complete beginner level to basic proficiency. (CD-ROM included). Book review 179
Bayerlein; the denazification trial of Rommel's chief-of-staff, and Panzer Lehr division commander, Generalleutnant Fritz Bayerlein. Brief article 130
Beating the indexes; investing in convertible bonds to improve performance and reduce risk. Book review 175
Becoming a counsellor; a student companion. Book review 146
Becoming an academic writer; 50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing. Book review 101
Becoming Belize; a history of an outpost of empire searching for identity, 1528-1823. Book review 138
Becoming multicultural; immigration and the politics of membership in Canada and Germany. Book review 139
Behavior and organizational change. Book review 129
Behavioral sciences STAT, student ed. Brief article 132
Behavioural economics and policy design; examples from Singapore. Book review 140
Berliner gramophone records in America; a discography. Brief article 130
Beyond malice; the media's years of reckoning. (reprint, 1988). Book review 115
Beyond point-and-shoot; learning to use a digital SLR or interchangeable-lens camera. Book review 114
Beyond the browser; Web 2.0 and librarianship. Book review 134
Beyond the knowledge trap; developing Asia's knowledge-based economies. Book review 117
Beyond the screenplay; a dialectical approach to dramaturgy. Book review 196
Beyonders; transcending average leadership. Book review 167
Bids, tenders and proposals; winning business through best practice, 4th ed. Book review 211
Bilingual higher education in the legal context; group rights, state policies and globalisation. Brief article 131
Bio-nanotechnology; concepts and applications. Book review 145
Bioactive natural products; opportunities and challenges in medicinal chemistry. Book review 135
Biodiversity and insect pests; key issues for sustainable management. Book review 124
Biography and memory; the generational experience of the Shoah survivors. Brief article 152
Biological oceanography; an early history, 1870-1960. Book review 105
Biological psychology, 11th ed. Brief article 117
Biological sludge minimization and biomaterials/bioenergy recovery technologies. Book review 104
Biologically-inspired computing for the arts; scientific data through graphics. Book review 134
Biology of sharks and their relatives, 2d ed. Book review 169
Biology of women, 5th ed. Book review 151
Biomedical computing; digitizing life in the United States. Book review 160
Biomedical sciences instrumentation; proceedings. (CD-ROM). Audiovisual review 117
Biomedical signal and image processing, 2d ed.*. Brief article 176
Biopolicy; the life sciences and public policy. Book review 147
Biopolymer engineering in food processing. Book review 116
Biotechnology; in context; 2v. Book review 202
Biting the moon; a memoir of feminism and motherhood. Brief article 103
Black swan; a Koorie woman's life. Book review 115
Blake, Deleuzian aesthetics and the digital. Book review 128
Blended learning environments for adults; evaluations and frameworks. Book review 144
Blessing la politica; the Latino religious experience and political engagement in the United States. Brief article 127
Blue-ribbon papers; behind the professional mask: The autobiographies of leading symbolic interactionists. Book review 116
Bo, Jenny, and I. Book review 134
Boots, bikes, and bombers; adventures of Alaska conservationist Ginny Hill Wood. Brief article 132
Borders among activists; international NGOs in the United States, Britain, and France. Book review 130
Born to battle; Grant and Forrest; Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga; the campaigns that doomed the Confederacy. Book review 164
Both English and Latin; bilingualism and biculturalism in Milton's neo-Latin writings. Book review 123
Botulinum neurotoxin for head and neck disorders. (online access included). Book review 139
Bovine genomics. Book review 106
Bowling, beatniks, and bell bottoms; pop culture of 20th- and 21st-century America, 2d ed.; 6v. Book review 146
Breadmaking; improving quality, 2d ed. Brief article 163
Breaking ice for Arctic oil; the epic voyage of the SS Manhattan through the Northwest Passage. Brief article 130
Breakout nations; in pursuit of the next economic miracles. Book review 172
Breast cancer and the environment; a life course approach. Book review 149
Brief principles of macroeconomics, 6th ed. Book review 106
Bringing outdoor science in; thrifty classroom lessons. Book review 138
British idealism; a guide for the perplexed. Book review 121
British interior house styles; an easy reference guide. Brief article 125
British-controlled Trinidad and Venezuela; a history of economic interests and subversion, 1830-1962. Book review 118
Broken markets; how high frequency trading and predatory practices on Wall Street are destroying investor confidence and your portfolio. Book review 201
Bruce Springsteen, cultural studies, and the runaway American dream. Brief article 159
Buffy and the heroine's journey; vampire slayer as feminine chosen one. Book review 145
Build awesome command-line applications in Ruby; control your computer, simplify your life. Book review 157
Build your own free-to-air (FTA) satellite TV system. Book review 120
Building better policies; the nuts and bolts of monitoring and evaluation systems. Book review 181
Building bridges; between the Orthodox and Evangelical traditions. Book review 108
Building comprehension in adolescents; powerful strategies for improving reading and writing in content areas. Book review 166
Building museums; a handbook for small and midsize organizations. Book review 180
Building prosperous knowledge cities; policies, plans and metrics. Book review 159
Building the 21st century; U.S.-China cooperation on science, technology, and innovation; summary of a symposium. Book review 132
Building your business through export. Brief article 124
Bullying of staff in schools. Brief article 124
Business & professional ethics for directors, executives & accountants, 6th ed. Book review 233
Business marketing management; B2B, 11th ed. Book review 210
Business strategy and sustainability. Book review 127
Butterflies and sweaty palms; 25 sure-fire ways to speak and present with confidence. Brief article 134
Butterflies of Vietnam; v.3: Nymphalidae; danainae, amathusiinae. Brief article 117
Buzz into action; the insect curriculum guide for grades K-4. Book review 125
By poetic authority; the rhetoric of panegyric in Gaelic poetry of Scotland to c.1700. Book review 149
Bye the beloved country; South Africans in the UK 1994-2009. Brief article 130
C++ for engineers and scientists, 4th ed. Book review 133
Cable television prime time programming, 1990-2010. Book review 141
Cacti and succulents for cold climates; 274 outstanding species for challenging conditions. Book review 108
Calculus of a single variable, 9th ed., hybrid. (online access included). Book review 114
Calculus, 7th ed. Book review 118
Calculus; early transcendentals, 7th, alternate ed. Book review 122
Calendrical variations in Second Temple Judaism; new perspectives on the 'Date of the Last Supper' debate. Book review 171
Capital punishment in East Asia. Brief article 148
Care of children exposed to the traumatic effects of disaster. Book review 150
Caroline Munro, first lady of fantasy; a complete annotated record of film and television appearances. Book review 144
Carving devotion in the Jain caves at Ellora. Book review 141
Case studies for ethics in academic research in the social sciences. Book review 146
Cases and materials on civil procedure, 6th ed. Book review 145
Cases on public information management and e-government adoption. Book review 112
Cases on technologies for educational leadership and administration in higher education. Book review 165
Catholic legal perspectives. Brief article 139
Caves in context; the cultural significance of caves and rockshelters in Europe. Book review 159
Celebrating the Dead Sea Scrolls; a Canadian collection. Brief article 156
Cell therapy for lung disease. Book review 111
Cerebellar disorders in children. Brief article 116
Challenges for the Singapore economy after the global financial crisis. Book review 130
Challenges of the housing economy; an international perspective. Brief article 169
Change for the better; self-help through practical psychotherapy, 4th ed. Book review 202
Changing contours of work; jobs and opportunities in the new economy, 2d ed. Brief article 270
Chapter 11 for individual debtors. Book review 116
Character development in Blender 2.5. (DVD included). Book review 146
Cheese; identification, classification, utilization. Book review 127

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