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Articles from Reference & Research Book News (April 1, 2012)

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!Darwinistas!; the construction of evolutionary thought in nineteenth century Argentina. Book review 144
"Look up and stay in touch". Book review 173
"So there it is"; an exploration of cultural hybridity in contemporary Asian American poetry. Book review 126
"this rugby spellbound people"; rugby football in nineteenth-century Cardiff & South Wales. Brief article 117
"Those who labor for my happiness"; slavery at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Book review 134
'What else could I do?'; single mothers and infanticide, Ireland 1900-1950. Book review 117
(Un)knowing diversity; researching narratives of neocolonial classrooms through youth's testimonios. Book review 132
10 steps to repair American democracy; a more perfect union, 2012 election ed. Book review 165
2011-2013 national jail and adult detention directory. Book review 174
2012 Sweets directory. Book review 136
30 lessons for living; tried and true advice from the wisest Americans. Book review 116
365 ways to raise funds for your nonprofit; practical ideas for every not-for-profit organization. Book review 123
50 early childhood literacy strategies, 3d ed. Book review 162
50 popular beliefs that people think are true. Book review 111
95 strategies for remodeling instruction; ideas for incorporating CCSS. Book review 154
A beginner's guide to autism spectrum disorders; essential information for parents and professionals. Brief article 174
A business model for entrepreneurship. Book review 104
A child's journey through placement. (reprint, 1991). Book review 114
A chosen people, a promised land; Mormonism and race in Hawai'i. Book review 116
A community-based approach to the reduction of sexual reoffending; circles of support and accountability. Book review 110
A concise introduction to programming in Python. Book review 130
A contemporary in dissent; Johann Georg Hamann as a radical enlightener. Book review 142
A Cretan healer's handbook in the Byzantine tradition; text, translation and commentary. Brief article 142
A critical psychology of the postcolonial; the mind of apartheid. Book review 111
A culturally proficient society begins in school; leadership for equity. Book review 214
A different god?; Dionysos and ancient polytheism. Book review 116
A different view of urban schools; civil rights, critical race theory, and unexplored realities, rev.ed. Book review 213
A forest history of India. Book review 102
A gaffer's perspective on independent filmmaking; practices, techniques, and tricks of trade revealed. Book review 119
A girl's path to prostitution; linking caregiver adversity to child susceptibility. Book review 178
A grammar of the Thangmi language; with an ethnolinguistic introduction to the speakers and their culture; 2v. Book review 182
A guide to advanced linear algebra. Book review 114
A guide to assessing needs; essential tools for collecting information, making decisions, and achieving development results. Brief article 114
A guide to insurance; combining governance, compliance and regulation. Book review 169
A guidebook of Canadian coins and tokens. Book review 172
A guided science; history of psychology in the mirror of its making. Book review 141
A handbook of transport economics. Book review 146
A history of management thought. Book review 114
A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom; from Creation to the victory of scientific and literary methods; v.1. (reprint, 1896). Book review 181
A journal of travels into the Arkansas territory during the year 1819. (reprint, 1980). Book review 173
A kind of archeology; collecting American folk art, 1876-1976. Book review 136
A kit bag for promoting positive behaviour in the classroom. Book review 154
A laboratory of liberty; the transformation of political culture in republican Switzerland, 1750-1848. Book review 144
A labour history of Ireland, 1824-2000. Book review 153
A lethal inheritance; a mother uncovers the science behind three generations of mental illness. Book review 200
A line in the sand; the Anglo-French struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948. Book review 169
A Lutheran plague; murdering to die in the eighteenth century. Book review 154
A massage therapist's guide to pain management. (DVD included). Book review 150
A Moscow math circle; week-by-week problem sets. Book review 158
A parent's guide to defeating eating disorders; spotting the stealth bomber and other symbolic approaches. Brief article 107
A poet's reich; politics and culture in the George Circle. Book review 165
A political theory of identity in European integration; memory and policies. Brief article 158
A postcolonial reading of the Acts of the Apostles. Book review 132
A practical guide to delivering personalisation; person-centred practice in health and social care. Book review 221
A practical guide to leadership and management in academic radiology. Book review 149
A practical guide to transformative supervision for helping professions; amplifying insight. Book review 165
A primer on policies for jobs. Book review 125
A professional's guide to decision science and problem solving; an integrated approach for assessing issues, finding solutions, and reaching corporate objectives. Book review 143
A real presence; religious and social dynamics of the Eucharistic conflicts in early modern Augsburg, 1520-1530. Book review 173
A revolving door of language; repetition in American experimental writing. Brief article 125
A school in every village; educational reform in a northeast China county, 1904-31. Book review 167
A short history of ethics and economics; the Greeks. Book review 107
A state of peace in Europe; West Germany and the CSCE, 1966-1975. Book review 123
A street survival guide for public safety officers; the cop doc's strategies for surviving trauma, loss, and terrorism. Book review 157
A tale of two taxes; property tax reform in Ontario. Book review 162
A transportation archive from fourth-century Oxyrhynchus; (P. Mich. XX). Book review 153
A vexing gadfly; the late Kierkegaard on economic matters. Book review 138
A Von Neumann algebra approach to quantum metrics/quantum relations. Book review 143
A wider trecento; studies in 13th- and 14th-century European art presented to Julian Gardner. Book review 198
A workbook on human spermatozoa and assisted conception. Book review 144
A workbook on planning for urban resilience in the face of disasters; adapting experiences from Vietnam's cities to other cities. Book review 159
A.N. Whitehead and social theory; tracing a culture of thought. Book review 124
AAC strategies for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities. (CD-ROM included). Book review 118
Abortion under state constitutions; a state-by-state analysis, 2d ed. Book review 160
Abraham Lincoln and treason in the Civil War; the trials of John Merryman. Book review 188
Abraham Manievich. Book review 106
Academic entrepreneurship in Asia; the role and impact of universities in national innovation systems. Brief article 141
Acceding to the WTO from a least-developed country perspective; the case of Ethiopia. Book review 128
Acceptance and commitment therapy; the process and practice of mindful change, 2d ed. Book review 149
Accountability theory meets accountability practice. Book review 118
Accounting in Asia. Book review 145
Acharnians, Knights, and Peace. Brief article 137
Achieving global convergence of financial reporting standards; implications from the South Pacific region. Book review 166
Achieving the single European sky; goals and challenges. Book review 227
Acne and rosacea; epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. Book review 106
Across the Pacific; from ancient Asia to precolombian America. Book review 156
Acting on HIV; using drama to create possibilities for change. Brief article 116
Action learning in healthcare; a practical handbook. Book review 112
Action, contemplation, and happiness; an essay on Aristotle. Book review 118
Actions and insights; Middle East North Africa, v.2: Managing in uncertain times. Book review 116
Actions speak louder than words; community activism as curriculum. Book review 225
ActionScript developer's guide to PureMVC. Book review 120
Active citizen participation in e-government; a global perspective. Book review 124
Active learning exercises for research methods in social sciences. Brief article 113
Acts of visitation; the narrative of J.M. Coetzee. Book review 108
Acupuncture for dogs and cats; a pocket atlas. Book review 102
AD/HD homework challenges transformed!; creative ways to achieve focus and attention by building on ad/hd traits. Book review 158
Adaptation and the avant-garde; alternative perspectives on adaptation theory and practice. Book review 116
Adaptive design methods in clinical trials, 2d ed. Book review 141
Adaptive motion compensation in radiotherapy. Book review 145
Addiction neuroethics; the promises and perils of neuroscience research on addiction. Book review 119
Adequate wisdom; essays on the nature of existence; a layman's observations of life & the cosmos. Book review 114
Administrative law, 4th ed. Book review 156
Adobe digital imaging how-tos; 100 essential techniques for Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, and Camera Raw 6. Book review 110
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5; designing and developing for mobile with jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3; studio techniques. Book review 142
Adobe Fireworks CS5 classroom in a book; the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. (CD-ROM included). Book review 134
Adobe photoshop elements 9 classroom in a book; the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. (CD-ROM included). Book review 133
Adolescent psychology around the world. Book review 156
Adoption and fostering in Scotland. Book review 195
Adult basic education in the age of new literacies. Book review 200
Advanced automated software testing; frameworks for refined practice. Book review 105
Advanced design technology; proceedings. Book review 139
Advanced engineering design; an integrated approach. Brief article 121
Advanced materials and manufacturing technology I. Book review 107
Advanced materials; proceedings; 3v. Brief article 116
Advanced research on advanced structure, materials and engineering; proceedings. Book review 144
Advanced research on material engineering, architectural engineering and informatization; proceedings. Book review 183
Advances in biodiesel production; processes and technologies. Book review 127
Advances in chemical engineering; proceedings; 3v. Book review 196
Advances in civil engineering and architecture innovation; proceedings; 6v. Book review 116
Advances in engineering design and optimization II; proceedings; 2v. Book review 188
Advances in materials and systems technologies; proceedings. Book review 220
Advances in mergers and acquisitions. Book review 181
Advances in metallic materials and manufacturing processes for strategic sectors; proceedings. Book review 173
Advances in metallurgical and mining engineering; proceedings. Book review 162
Advances in nanofibre research; v.2. Brief article 124
Advances in nanomaterials and nanostructures. Book review 111
Advances in precision instrumentation and measurement; proceedings. Book review 179
Advancing oral health in America. Book review 124
Advancing technologies for Asian business and economics; information management developments. Book review 133
Advancing the next-generation of mobile computing; emerging technologies. Book review 193
Advancing the service sector with evolving technologies; techniques and principles. Book review 104
Adventure therapy; theory, research, and practice. Book review 150
Aerial photography and image interpretation, 3d ed. Brief article 133
Afghan endgames; strategy and policy choices for America's longest war. Book review 180
Africa speaks, America answers; modern jazz in revolutionary times. Book review 151
African American almanac; 400 years of triumph, courage and excellence. Book review 145
African American consciousness; past and present. Book review 140
African development; making sense of the issues and actors, 2d ed. Book review 215
African media and democratization; public opinion, ownership and rule of law. Book review 142
After appropriation; explorations in intercultural philosophy and religion. Book review 129
After taste; expanded practice in interior design. Book review 128
Afterimage of empire; photography in nineteenth-century India. Book review 176
Against the grain; advances in postcolonial organization studies. Book review 131
Agents, games, and evolution; strategies at work and play. Book review 145
Aggressive fictions; reading the contemporary American novel. Book review 123
Aging populations, globalization and the labor market; comparing late working life and retirement in modern societies. Book review 161
Agricultural innovation systems; an investment sourcebook. Book review 116
Agricultural salinity assessment and management, 2d ed. Book review 151
Alcohol. Book review 158
Algebra in the Stone-Cech compactification; theory and applications, 2d ed. Brief article 147
Algebraic aspects of Darboux transformations, quantum integrable systems, and supersymmetric quantum mechanics; proceedings. Book review 120
Alice Milligan and the Irish cultural revival. Book review 167
Alien & invasive animals; a South African perspective. Book review 173
Alker and IR; global studies in an interconnected world. Brief article 123
Alternative and bio-medicine in Israel; boundaries and bridges. Brief article 137
Amber and the ancient world. Brief article 112
Ambiguous locks; an iconology of hair in medieval art and literature. Book review 124
America and the world; culture, commerce, conflict. Book review 156
America in decline. Book review 108
America in the forties. Book review 122
America on the eve of the Civil War. (reprint, 2010). Brief article 193
American encounters with Islam in the Atlantic world. Book review 173
American government; power & purpose, 12th ed. Brief article 130
American privateers in the war of 1812; the vessels and their prizes as recorded in Niles' weekly register. Book review 174
American sheikhs; two families, four generations, and the story of America's influence in the Middle East. Book review 111
American windmills; an album of historic photographs. (reprint 2006). Book review 160
Amino acids in human nutrition and health. Book review 169
Amy Lowell, Diva Poet. Book review 115
An aesthetic education in the era of globalization. Book review 139
An arid eden; a personal account of conservation in the Kaokoveld. Book review 137
An economic history of Indonesia, 1800-2010. Book review 132
An economic history of modern China. Book review 145
An Eerdmans reader in contemporary political theology. Book review 101
An Enlightenment statesman in Whig Britain; Lord Shelburne in context, 1737-1805. Book review 133
An evolutionary approach to entrepreneurship; selected essays by Howard E. Aldrich. Book review 167
An introduction to coaching. Book review 125
An introduction to geopolitics, 2d ed. Book review 108
An introduction to international law. Book review 161
An introduction to statistical concepts, 3d ed. Book review 127
Analysis and strategies to counter the terrorism threat. Book review 116
Analysis of generalized linear mixed models in the agricultural and natural resources sciences. Book review 153
Ancient loons; stories David Pingree told me. Book review 117
Andre Bazin and Italian neorealism. Book review 119
Anesthetic management of the obese surgical patient. Book review 127
Animal architects; building and the evolution of intelligence. (reprint, 2007). Book review 115
Animal farming and environmental interactions in the Mediterranean region. Book review 121
Anion coordination chemistry. Book review 101
Anne Charlotte Leffler and modernist drama; true women and new women on the fin-de-siecle Scandinavian stage. Brief article 138
Annual review of entomology; v.57, 2012. Book review 115
Annual review of marine science; v.4, 2012. Book review 101
Annual review of medicine; v.63, 2012. Book review 108
Annual review of pathology; mechanisms of disease; v.7, 2012. Book review 115
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.52, 2012. Book review 136
Annual review of psychology; v.63, 2012. Book review 114
Antebellum Jefferson, Texas; everyday life in an East Texas town. Brief article 171
Antenna systems and electronic warfare applications. Book review 114
Anti-fatigue design and manufacturing technologies I. Book review 161
Antico; the golden age of Renaissance bronzes. Book review 138
Antimicrobial polymers. Book review 180
Antimicrobial resistance in the environment. Book review 129
Antipatterns; managing software organizations and people, 2d ed. Book review 119
Antislavery and abolition in Philadelphia; emancipation and the long struggle for racial justice in the City of Brotherly love. Brief article 222
Antisocial behavior and crime; contributions of development and evaluation research to prevention and intervention. Book review 135
Antiviral drug strategies. Book review 122
APIs; a strategy guide. Book review 121
Apocalyptic futures; marked bodies and the violence of the text in Kafka, Conrad, and Coetzee. Book review 142
Applications of combinatorial matrix theory to Laplacian matrices of graphs. Book review 119
Applied behavior analysis for teachers, 9th ed. Book review 177
Applied materials and electronics engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 129
Applied mechanics and civil engineering; proceedings. Book review 129
Applied operational research with SAS. Book review 112
Applied veterinary clinical nutrition. Book review 125
Aquaculture and behavior. Book review 163
Aquaculture biotechnology. Book review 159
Aquaculture; farming aquatic animals and plants, 2d ed. Book review 120
Arbitration advocacy in changing times. Book review 147
Arbitration with the Arab countries, 3d rev.ed. Book review 137
Archaeological theory in practice. Book review 121
Architectural photography; composition, capture, and digital image processing, 2d ed. Book review 144
Arduino cookbook, 2d ed. Book review 134
Argonauts of the desert; structural analysis of the Hebrew Bible. Book review 143
Arms control and missile proliferation in the Middle East. Book review 157
Army of the sky; Russian military aviation before the Great War, 1904-1914. Book review 151
Art and social justice education; culture as commons. Brief article 177
Art therapy and creative coping techniques for older adults. Book review 147
Artful stories; the teacher, the student, and the muse. Book review 142
Arthur Ransome's long-lost study of Robert Louis Stevenson. Book review 168
Article 17; access to a diversity of mass media sources. Brief article 151
Ascent after decline; regrowing global economies after the great recession. Book review 175
Asking Angela Macnamara; an intimate history of Irish lives. Book review 142
Aspects of Apuleius' Golden Ass; v.3; the Isis book; a collection of original papers. Book review 153
Assembly language programming; ARM Cortex-M3. Book review 149
Assessment in special education; a practical approach, 4th ed. Book review 182
Asset protection through security awareness. Book review 137
Asthma sourcebook; basic consumer health information about allergic, exercise-induced, occupational, and other types of asthma, including facts about causes, risk factors, symptoms, and diagnostic..., 3d ed. Book review 116
At home on the slopes of mountains; the story of Peggy Pond Church. Book review 151
Atlas of European values; trends and traditions at the turn of the century. Book review 139
Atlas of hematology. Book review 127
Atlas of neuroanatomy for communication science and disorders. (online access included). Book review 138
Atlas of vascular medicine; a case-based approach to current management, 2d ed. Book review 119
Atomic layer deposition of nanostructured materials. Book review 111
Atomic nanoscale technology in the nuclear industry. Book review 158
Attaching in adoption; practical tools for today's parents. (reprint 2002). Book review 178
Auditory communication for deaf children; a guide for teachers, parents and health professionals. Book review 182
Autism spectrum disorders through the life span. Book review 153
Autoethnography, self-narrative and teacher education. Book review 121
Automate image editing in Adobe Photoshop CS5; learn by video workshop. DVD (book included). Book review 120
Autonomic networking-on-chip; bioinspired specification, development, and verification. Book review 117
Ayurvedic healing; contemporary Maharishi Ayurvedic medicine and science, 2d ed. Book review 179
Banking and financial services law; cases, materials, and problems, 3d ed. Brief article 144
Banking regulation and the financial crisis. Book review 120
Basic actinide science and materials for nuclear applications; proceedings. Book review 109
Basic real estate and property law for paralegals, 4th ed. Book review 123
Basics of stage combat; unarmed. Book review 130
Batch distillation; simulation, optimal design, and control, 2d ed. Brief article 144
Be a changemaster; 12 coaching strategies for leading professional and personal change. Book review 154
Beautiful no-mow yards; 50 amazing lawn alternatives. Book review 116
Before and after the economic crisis; what implications for the 'European social model'? Book review 113
Behavioral disorders; identification assessment, and instructions of students with EBD. Book review 138
Behavioral disorders; practice concerns and students with EBD. Book review 128
Behind the shield; anti-riot operations guide. Book review 165
Being middle-class in India; a way of life. Book review 140
Beloved child; a Dakota way of life. Book review 110
Benjamin Franklin's autobiography; an authoritative text, contexts, criticism. Book review 148
Best practice in team excellence; using the international team excellence award framework to improve your organization's results. Brief article 129
Best practices in data cleaning; a complete guide to everything you need to do before and after collecting your data. Book review 115
Best practices of literacy leaders; keys to school improvement. Book review 143
Betting on biotech; innovation and the limits of Asia's developmental state. Brief article 109
Bewigged and bewildered?; a guide to becoming a barrister in England and Wales, 2d ed. Brief article 159
Beyond biopolitics; theory, violence, and horror in world politics. Brief article 119
Beyond fragmentation and interconnectivity; public governance and the search for connective capacity. Book review 156
Beyond the nation-state; the reconstruction of nationhood and citizenship. Book review 137
Big picture thinking; using central coherence theory to support social skills; a book for students. Book review 156
Bio-guided music therapy; a practitioner's guide to the clinical integration of music and biofeedback. Brief article 173
Bioactive food proteins and peptides; applications in human health. Book review 121
Bioceramics; v.23; proceedings. Book review 202
Bioelectrochemistry; fundamentals, applications and recent developments. Book review 102
Biography today; profiles of people of interest to young readers; v.20--2011 annual cumulation. Brief article 169
Biologically inspired cognitive architectures; proceedings. Book review 154
Biomaterials science; processing, properties, and applications. Book review 148
Biostatistics; a computing approach. Book review 148
Biotechnology and software patent law; a comparative review of new developments. Book review 137
Biotechnology, chemical and materials engineering; proceedings; 3v. Book review 229
Bittersweet destiny; the stormy evolution of human behavior, 2d ed. (reprint, 1996). Book review 150
Black female undergraduates on campus; successes and challenges. Book review 139
Black internationalist feminism; women writers of the black left, 1955-1995. Brief article 164
Blackness and disability; critical examinations and cultural interventions. Book review 130
Blarney Castle; an Irish tower house. Book review 162
Blood and beauty; Manhattan's meatpacking district. Book review 122
Blood and bone; truth and reconciliation in a Southern town. Book review 173
Blood pressure management and stroke prevention. Brief article 152
Blood will tell; vampires as political metaphors before World War I. Book review 137
Blue collar, theoretically; a post-marxist approach to working class literature. Book review 159
Blue-green province; the environment and the political economy of Ontario. Book review 160
Bodies and/as technology; counter discourses on ethnicity and globalization in the works of Alejandro Morales, Larissa Lai and Nalo Hopkinson. Book review 162
Bodies that remember; women's indigenous knowledge and cosmopolitanism in South Asian poetry. Book review 150
Bodily expression in electronic music; perspectives on reclaiming performativity. Book review 140
Bodine's city; the photography of A. Aubrey Bodine. Brief article 110
Boolean functions in coding theory and cryptography. Book review 155

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